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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Psychopulse75

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    FAQ #1  (UPDATED)
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                    --------------             ---------------
                     \    '  /  ----  ' \   ' \   \   /     /
                      \   ' /    ''   ' /   ' /    \ /     /
                       \  ' \    ''   ' \   ' \     '     /
                        \ '  \  ----  '  \  ' /     '    /
                         \                              /
                          \       /        '    '      /
                          /      /         '    '      \
                         /      / \        '----'       \
                        /       \  /    .       '        \
                       /         \/.         .  '         \
                      /       .                   .        \
                     /   .                             .    \
                    /    The Crystal Shards walkthrough!     \
                        Author: Cedric Oda (Psychopulse75)
                       E-mail address: cedricoda@gmail.com
    Hello, all you happy people.  This is my first FAQ.  And honestly, this
    happens to be a FAQ for a new game released, called, Kirby 64.  Heck,
    this game is so darn fun, I decided to write one for this game! Sweet,
    yes?  Good.  Let's get this party started!
    *Audience cheers Jerry Springer Style*
    Wait, maybe a bit less uh........hardcore?
    *Audience cheers Jenny Jones style*
    Much better.  By the way, controls and items are in the manual, but I'll
    explain the power combonations to you.
    Table of Contents
    1. The story
    2. Skills
    3. Characters
    4. Walkthrough
    5. Crystal Shard Locations
    6. Mini Game Guide
    7. Enemy Guide
    8. Boss Battle Walkthrough
    9. Credits
    10. Disclaimer
    Revision History
    Done with the crystal shards locations guide, good thing too!
    Fixed a few errors.
    You know, I'll revise it A lOT!  More humor, more detail, etc.  You name
    it, I'll have it.
    Done with the abilites section.
    I got a lot done today!  I finshed off Planets 1-3, and is halfway on
    level 4!
    I'm finished with everything!
    MAKEOVER TIME!!  I'm adding the mini games and Boss Battle to the guide.
    Yesterday was my birthday!  JOY!  Anyways, I've added more multiplayer
    strategies.  Also added are how often abilites will appear.
    Probably my final update to this FAQ, it includes an enemy guide.
    So much for my last update.  I'm update the contact info for this and my
    other guides.  This and the others will get a makeover shortly.
    1. Story
    A peaceful star, Ripple Star, has been a home of many fairies and a
    giant crystal.  However, a unknown force known as Dark Matter came here
    to take the crystal.
    Thankfully, a fairy named Ribbon took it away, because bad things would
    happen if Dark matter grabbed it.  But she soon drops the crystal while
    being chased by Dark Matter's forces, and it breaks off into tiny pieces
    and scattered off throughout other planets.
    Meanwhile, Kirby is looking at the sky, and he sees Ribbon falling from
    above.  After she tells him of her plight at Ripple Star, Kirby decides
    to help out, and is off on his current adventure.
    2. Skills (Special abilities)
    1. Fire ability (Fireball)
    Kirby becomes a fireball, literally burning anything in his path.  To
    speed up (I not sure if you can do this), press the control pad in the
    direction he's moving.  Slowing down is the opposite (I think.).  Plus,
    you can also speed through areas quickly.  But the effect is a little
    2. Needle ability (Porcupine)
    Tons of needles stick out of his body.  In midair, he does a flip.
    Great in almost every situation!  Too bad it lasts for a while.....
    3. Spark ability (Electric Shield)
    A small electrical field surrounds Kirby, anyone who touches him gets
    zapped.  He can also move, but it's pretty slow.  Best used when he
    stands on the ground.
    4. Cutter ability (Body Boomerang)
    In the previous Kirby games, Kirby's cutter attack is where he takes out
    a boomerang of sorts and throws it at his enemies.  In this one, he
    takes out half of his body and uses it as a Boomerang!  How weird.....
    The ability is a little limited in use, as you can't fly with it, but
    you can jump, and you can't attack from behind with it.  Plus, he needs
    the other half of his body anyway.
    5. Ice ability (Ice Blower)
    Here, he spins around and breathes ice in all directions.  It's a pretty
    useful ability, and he can move with it, however, it's a little slow
    when he's moving.  An all around good ability for when enemies are
    coming from both sides.
    6. Stone ability (Rock)
    Just like his previous exploits, he becomes a invulerable piece of rock,
    only he can walk in this form!  Plus, when he turns back to normal, the
    rocks spread out (Leaving a blast radius of sorts), damaging enemies.
    However, he can't fly in this form.
    7. Bomb ability (Bomber Kirby)
    You know what he does with this ability..........admit it......and you
    should know that by holding B, he'll throw the bomb farther.  Another
    handy skill!
    8. Fire + Fire (Phoneix Fireball)
    He becomes an even bigger fireball (Almost Pheonix-like, might I add),
    the effect lasts longer, covers an even wider range, and is even
    quicker!  Treat this like the regular fire ability and you'll be fine.
    9. Needle + Needle (Sharp and Pointy Objects)
    WHAT THE?! Kirby's a living swiss army knife (You know, the kind boy
    scouts carry?)!  I mean, surely you'll freak out after seeing this
    ability, and just like the needle ability, he can stay in one place or
    move in midair while using it!  Don't stop playing until you've tried
    this out!
    10. Spark + Spark (An even Bigger Electric Shield)
    Just like the normal spark ability, but bigger.  Plus, lighting comes
    out after an enemy touches it!  Weird........ again, it's best used if
    you stay in one place, since if you move, it'll shrink.
    11. Cutter + Cutter (Bigger Body Boomerang)
    Again, like the regular cutter, just bigger and with more spikes.  Also,
    it travels farther (I think).
    12. Ice + Ice (Rolling Giant snowball)
    He becomes a snowball, literally rolling over anything in his path.
    Best used on straightforward areas.  Plus, like the stone ability, the
    snow and the enemies he's rolled over (If any) can damage enemies after
    he changes back to normal.  Unfortunately, you can't jump, and you can't
    control it, either.
    13. Stone + Stone (Boulder)
    Just like the normal Stone ability, but even bigger, plus he moves
    quicker when he walks!  Still, you can't jump in this form, however.
    14. Bomb + Bomb (Missile Launcher)
    Here's something you don't see everyday-Kirby being a missile launcher!
    By holding B, he can launch up to three missiles!  A handy move for
    airborne enemies.  Plus, it's that one ability he used in the commercial
    for his game!
    15. Fire + Needle (Fiery Bow and Arrow)
    Kirby becomes a bow and arrow, launching arrows at his enemies.  Hold B
    to shoot farther and higher.  Unfortunately, you can only aim in the
    direction Kirby's facing.  Flying enemies will not enjoy this move if
    you use it on them.
    16. Fire + Spark (Static Flame)
    Kirby will take out a cloth and rub it on his head.  He'll then be
    engulfed in flames as he runs toward enemies.  He can also jump in this
    form.  However, I wouldn't use it mush unless you want to run away from
    17. Fire + Cutter (Flaming Sword)
    Now this is original!  He wields a sword that's on fire!  He can't fly
    while using it, though.  To get rid of it, press up while holding the
    sword, then press the control pad left or right and B.  He'll then throw
    it!  To take out another one, press B.  This is a REALLY useful ability
    for many stages.
    18. Fire + Ice (Flaming Ice Cube)
    HA!  This ability will have you laughing real hard (If not make you say,
    "Is this really useful?), as this ability is really useless.  He becomes
    an ice cube, and eventually melts after a second or two because of the
    fire.  The only way an enemy can be harmed is if an enemy touches you
    before the attack ends.  However, if you want to try it at least once,
    go ahead, but don't say I didn't warn you!
    19. Fire + Stone (Volcano)
    Kirby transforms into a volcano, and he always stands in one place.  The
    only thing you can control are those short-ranged lava blasts.  The plus
    is that projectile attacks will stop if a blast touches it, and is handy
    for attacking overhead enemies!
    20. Fire + Bomb (Fireworks)
    Kirby becomes a living set of fireworks, and each time you press B, he
    can do this three times!  Also, they cover a wide area, and is perfect
    for flight enemies.  The downside is, once you use it, you can't fly or
    jump, as he'll already bounce, so unless you know what you're doing, be
    careful when using it to get across gaps.
    21. Needle + Spark (Lighting Rod)
    Kirby transforms into a weird looking lighting rod, and it'll strike
    him.  Any enemies that touch while he's being hit will also be struck as
    well.  Sadly, it's more of a up close move, but the shockwave it makes
    can also harm enemies, so remember that!
    22. Needle + Cutter (Spike Trap)
    This one's weird.  He becomes a bear trap.  Hold B and he'll have those
    two arms with spikes ready.  Release to close the trap.  However, he
    only does this upwards, plus it's a little slow.
    23. Needle + Ice (Snowflake)
    Who would've thought a snowflake could be deadly?  Yes, that's what
    Kirby does with this power combo.  Although slow, the pointy tips
    sticking out are huge, as well as the snowflake!
    24. Needle + Stone (Drill)
    Kirby unleashes a drill by pressing B, and he'll continue to go in that
    direction until you release the button.  Good thing, too, as this helps
    Kirby get around a little quicker, and the drill, when released, can go
    through walls (They must be thin enough to pass through).
    25. Needle + Bomb (Exploding Spikes)
    Kirby turns into a Gordo (A common enemy with spikes in the Kirby
    series) and after awhile, he explodes, sending the spikes in 8
    directions.  I wouldn't use it much, as it's a little slow, but you can
    move with it, at least.
    26. Spark + Cutter (Beam Sword/Lance)
    Kirby + Star Wars: Episode 1: The Phantom Menace = this fun ability (No,
    I did not see that movie, I've seen one of those used in the commercial,
    though).  By pressing down, he'll put his beam lance away.  it has a
    long range and is easy to pull off, but like the flaming sword, he can't
    27. Spark + Ice (Refrigerator)
    HILARIOUS!  Kirby becomes a refrigerator!  He actually throws food at
    his enemies, and he can use that to heal himself!  This is so funny, you
    have to try it out for yourself.
    28. Spark + Stone (Electrical Stone)
    Okay, this one's odd-a stone that's connected to an electrical chain
    constantly bounces around Kirby.  He can't control it, and it'll stop if
    he's entering another room/area or if it hits him.  It can also be
    stopped manually by pressing B. It's a good idea to have this when there
    are lots of enemies.
    29. Spark + Bomb (Lightbulb)
    Kirby becomes a lightbulb, and after a awhile, he explodes.  Some
    secrets can be uncovered in dark rooms, but that's really it.  Oh, I
    wouldn't use it much as a weapon, either.
    30. Cutter + Ice (Skater)
    He becomes a figure skater, and he can only attack (His spin move is how
    he attacks) in midair.  Though not that useful, it can be a big help in
    certain areas.
    31. Cutter + Stone (Friend Sculpture)
    He sculpts into one of his animal friends-Rick the Hamster, Coo the Owl,
    Kine the fish, and three more friends.  Coo and that one bird can fly
    (Press A, of course), Kine doesn't do anything (HUH?), That blob can
    only jump (THAT'S IT?) This one character (A raccoon, I guess?) can
    double jump, and Rick can climb walls (Stand near a wall, press the
    control pad in the direction you're facing, then keep pressing A.).
    It's not that useful as it looks, though.
    32. Cutter + Bomb (Exploding Star)
    I love this one!  He throws a shruiken of sorts, and if it hits someone,
    they get stuck, then.........BOOM!!!  It's very perfect for bosses, but
    the problem is that you can't see excatly where it is, and it's hard to
    time, but with practice, you'll have good accuracy.
    33. Ice + Stone (Gliding Puck)
    He becomes one of those curling pucks, and along the way, he freezes
    enemies.  And unfortunately, that's all he does.  Still if you want to
    try it out, do so.
    34. Stone + Bomb (Dynamite)
    He throws some dynamite.  The blast will damage him, so to counter this,
    put on your hard hat (Press down.) and the blast won't harm him.  The
    blast radius is also wide, so it can harm some enemies, but don't forget
    to put on your hat!
    35. Bomb + Ice (Snowman Time Bomb)
    He becomes a snowman, and it'll explode.  He can't detonate it, so he
    can either get hit or wait until the fuse is out.  Don't forget that the
    snow freezes enemies after it explodes.
    Here's a table I've made for the main 7 abilites and which ones show up
    on the planet, as well as each stage.
    *= It's there
    Blank Space= None
                Fire   Needle   Spark   Cutter   Ice   Stone   Bomb
    Pop Star          '       '       '        '     '       '
    1             *   '   *   '       '   *    '     '       '  *
    2             *   '   *   '   *   '   *    '  *  '   *   '  *
    3             *   '   *   '       '   *    '     '       '  *
    Rock Star         '       '       '        '     '       '
    1             *   '   *   '   *   '        '     '   *   '
    2             *   '   *   '   *   '   *    '     '   *   '
    3             *   '       '       '   *    '  *  '   *   '
    4                 '       '   *   '        '     '       '  *
    Aqua Star         '       '       '        '     '       '
    1              *  '       '   *   '   *    '  *  '   *   '  *
    2              *  '       '   *   '   *    '  *  '   *   '  *
    3                 '       '       '   *    '     '   *   '  *
    4                 '       '   *   '        '     '       '  *
    Neo Star          '       '       '        '     '       '
    1              *  '       '       '   *    '     '   *   '
    2              *  '       '   *   '        '     '       '
    3              *  '   *   '       '        '     '       '
    4              *  '   *   '   *   '        '     '       '
    Shiver Star       '       '       '        '     '       '
    1              *  '   *   '       '   *    '  *  '   *   '  *
    2                 '   *   '   *   '   *    '     '       '
    3                 '       '   *   '   *    '     '       '
    4              *  '       '   *   '   *    '     '       '
    Ripple Star       '       '       '        '     '       '
    1              *  '   *   '   *   '   *    '     '   *   '  *
    2                 '   *   '       '   *    '     '       '
    3              *  '   *   '   *   '   *    '  *  '   *   '  *
    I know I messed up on some parts, so E-mail me.
    3. Characters
    Kirby: our hero from Popstar who's saved Dreamland a countless number of
    times.  Here, his current exploit is to find all of the crystal pieces
    and defeat Dark Matter should he restore peace to Ripple Star and all of
    Since you're playing as him, I don't have to tell you what he does!
    Ribbon: A fairy from Ripple Star, who accidently drops the crystal and
    it shatters into pieces.  She turns to Kirby for help after her plight.
    What she does: Gets crystal pieces after Kirby touches them.
    Adenline: A young artist who goes to Pop star to study art.  But when
    she comes across a crystal piece, she gets pulled into Kirby's adventure
    after you save her.
    What she does: Provides puzzles for Kirby to solve (art-wise), and
    paints helpful items for Kirby.
    Waddle Dee: Waddle Dees are usually common enemies in the Kirby series,
    but this particular one is his friend.  He comes across a crystal piece
    also, but becomes possessed by a Dark Matter scout.  Saving him, of
    course, will let him join the adventure.
    What he does: Usually you have to ride something with him (A mine cart,
    raft, etc.), plus, he leads you into the next area (Even though you know
    you're going to go there anyway.).
    King Dedede: A rival and longtime enemy of Kirby, a crystal piece falls
    on his castle grounds.  Will he reluctanly join in Kirby's adventure, or
    will he keep it to himself?  Decsions, decsions..........
    What he does: Mostly you'll have to get on his back and he'll break
    pillars or strong doors for Kirby, but other times, he'll pound switches
    or break objects for Kirby to progress through.
    4. Walkthrough
    Pop Star: This is Kirby's home planet, and the beginning of his
    adventure.  Here, he'll meet a friendly Waddle Dee, Adenline, and the
    infamous King Dedede.
    Part 1: The grasslands
    The first stage is so easy, you can just plow your way through!  On the
    way you'll find crystal shard #1.  Get the flaming sword (See combos up
    above) before you enter the cabin.  To beat the mini boss, and the
    others like this, use your special ability or suck in the smaller
    enemies back at it.  I will no longer mention how to beat these from
    here on out.
    After running some more, get rid of your current ability & inhale a
    Poppy Bros. Jr. for the bomb ability.  Blow up that black rock in the
    pond and go to where it was for crystal shard #2!
    Now, you must deal with a possessed, yet completely idiotic Waddle Dee.
    Use your ability to defeat it, or suck in the stars and spit it back at
    him.  Shard #3 is yours, and the stage is complete!
    Part 2: The forest
    Take your bomb ability and combine it with a Sir Kibble for the
    Exploding Star ability (See Skills for more details).  And you'll need
    this for the entire stage.  Keep going until you enter the tree trunk.
    Work your way up, avoiding enemies, then enter the door ahead.  Now,
    you'll ride on a platform (Waddle Dee will help move it, since someone
    needs to roll that log.) to the other side.  Near the end, you'll see
    stars going downward, go down for Shard #1.
    After dropping through the trunk in this next area (If nesscessary,
    collect some items), you'll face another mini boss.  Beat him for Shard
    After that, it's on to a possessed Adenline!  First, attack the pictures
    she makes (Which are common enemies in this game, and rather badly might
    I add), then, she'll paint the Ice Dragon from Kirby's Dreamland 2.
    Attack him from afar with your exploding cutter.  Then, she'll Paint
    Dark Matter.  Use the same tactic as before, and she'll try to run into
    you.  Slide into her and get shard #3.
    Another nice trick is to attack her pictures with the Spark/Cutter
    Ability.  It'll still give you the distance you need to attack, but it
    will also drastically hurt them! About 3 swings and they are gone.
    3. Part 3: Dedede's Castle
    You no longer need your current ability, so lose it, then the upgraded
    cutter ability (Combine the same power, e.g. Ice + Ice).  Continue until
    you enter the castle.  Go up the stairs and in the next room, a platform
    moves while Bronto Burts come toward you.  Then, scale the small tower,
    avoiding the Gordos, and you'll be back outside.  Continue going through
    *Yawn* until you reach another hole.
    Inside, break the green block with your upgraded Cutter, and drop down
    for crystal shard #1.  This next room contains Adenline painting you a
    1up (She's too kind, I tell you!), and when you enter this next room, go
    above the enterance for crystal Shard #2.  Get rid of your current
    ability, and suck in a Sir Kibble or a whirling blade for the Cutter
    ability (Again.), then go on up, and combine that ability with the fire
    ability, and.........ta da!  A flaming sword!  Go up the chain rope with
    light shining on it, because it's time for.............
    Okay, since you have the flaming sword, this battle should be a piece of
    cake.  Throw the swords at him and get out of the way when he attacks.
    After that, he'll fly over you and try to attack you.  To get around
    this, stand under him while holding your flaming sword up high.  Now,
    it's only 5 more seconds before he's no longer possessed.....*Chuckles*
    Now grab crystal shard #3 and leave.
    Boss: Whispy Woods
    Oh, look!  It's Whispy Woods from Kirby's Dreamland 1, 2, well...almost
    every Kirby game in existence.  However, he's still the same old
    stationary tree he's always been.  So, to defeat him, here's how it
    goes..........keep your Flaming sword ability, and attack those smaller
    trees that encircle him.
    After that, he'll go mad.  He'll drop lots of apples and make his roots
    pop up from the ground.  Attack those with your flaming sword.  Keep
    this up until he's defeated.  And you'll have the big crystal piece!
    It is possible to hit him 3 times on his second phase, which requires
    the flaming sword.  When he releases his roots, stand ahead of it, and
    the sword he carries behind him will obviously harm the root.  After the
    second hit, immediately throw it, it should hit the next one ahead
    before it goes back into the gorund.  That'll speed up the fight some.
    By the way, I'm surprised he doesn't cry on this one.  Could he be
    holding back his sap tears (Yes, sap tears, it's not a typo.  He's a
    tree, after all.)?
    2. Rock Star: This is a deserted planet with lots of sand, rocks, and
    even A UFO is found in the middle of nowhere!
    Part 1: The desert
    Get rid of your current ability and look for an enemy with the stone
    ability, and work your way through the stage, killing everything in your
    path.  After entering the building, fly up to the top, and you should
    spot some platforms.  By landing on those platforms and following them,
    you'll find crystal piece #1.
    Fly up to the top, and face your next mini boss, then collect the
    crystal piece he leaves behind.  In this next room, you have to climb
    all the way up to the top while sand is quickly coming up.  Use those
    weird looking blocks for ladders and you'll be out in one piece.  Waddle
    Dee will make a hole for you, allowing to exit.
    Now you can't get back inside again, as the sand will have filled up to
    it's highest point.  Go forward until you spot a lightbulb enemy,
    combine it with that for the Spark/Stone combo.  Go back to that striped
    rock and use your combo on it for the final crystal piece.
    Exit, stage right.
    Part 2: The ruins
    Okay, get rid of your current ability and pick whatever ability you need
    for the moment-then go forward.  Soon, rock enemies will drop on you,
    run like heck to avoid them.  Now, you are in a maze-like area, go
    around, searching for the exit, and watch out for those mumbies that'll
    be chasing you!  On your way out, walk around on the floor, part of it
    will break, allowing you to get first shard below.
    The next room has these weird looking guys in the background throwing
    fireballs at you.  Drop down in the center of this room for Shard #2.
    Another room will have platforms that has crush you when you stand on
    them.  Move back when that happens, then start moving again.  After a
    straightforward route with lots 'o enemies and cannons attacking you in
    the background.........
    Dedede will give you a piggyback ride (HUH?).  Explore the upper left
    hand corner hand of the maze for the final shard!  Now find your way out
    of this maze and the stage is finished!
    Part 3: The caverns
    Do you have that stone ability with you?  Good, you'll need it for shard
    #1. (If not, go back and get one, silly!)  Go forward until you see a
    skelton.  Use the stone ability on the brown bone and go to the jaws for
    the first piece.  Keep going until you see a hole, drop down.
    Now you're in a room with 2 holes.  One hole leads to a path with stars
    and a hole ahead, while the other hole leads to another crystal shard,
    but you'll have to beat a mini boss for it!  After collecting it, drop
    down the hole.
    Okay, the next room is just your average enemy filled room, get any
    abilities you need and go until you reach another hole.  Then, after
    blasting through more enemies, you'll enter a underwater tunnel.  The
    first half has you swimming down, avoiding enemies, the second half
    wants you to swim up, avoiding bones that fall on you!  They should be
    easy to avoid, since they fall slow.  At the very top, you'll find the
    last crystal shard, but you'll have to duck in the stage's exit (Don't
    enter it completely-yet.) to avoid it.
    Part 4: The UFO
    Prepare for a fun stage, everyone!  Here, get rid of your current
    ability and inhale the missile for the bomb ability.  Go forward and
    board the ship.  As you are listening to this catchy music, you'll be
    greeted by cannons firing at you, avoid those.  In the next room,
    carefully move up the platforms that move back and forth.  Don't go up
    to the top yet-instead, drop down the center and go down for crystal
    piece #1.  Hit one of those eyeball turret enemies with your bomb
    ability for the Spark/Bomb ability.
    Okay, in this next room, Adenline wil be Standing near 3 panels.  Using
    your lightbulb ability (See combos), you'll light up the 3 panels.
    These picutures, I'm assuming, have some compatibility with the weather.
    In the next room, step on the swicthes according to the 3 pictures you
    revealed for the second shard.
    After going up the ladder, get rid of your current ability and continue
    going on up the platforms to the top, and now, time for another round
    of......dun dun dun dun.... Fight the Mini Boss! *audience applauds*
    Tell them the prize if they win, Rod.  *Goes to Rod Roddy's voice*  The
    last crystal piece!  *Audeince appalauds* It's a shiny piece from a 16
    karat crystal which is currently broke into pieces.  This, and all the
    other pieces is worth......$15,775! *Goes to normal voice* Thanks, Rod.
    After the battle, go up the ropes while avoiding those sparks and you're
    (NOTE: I'm not offending Rod Roddy in any way.  So don't sue!)
    Boss: Pix
    Use the bomb ability for this boss.  Unfortunately, It'll introduce you
    by attacking you before they show it's life meter!  Avoid the red cube,
    then a green one will join in.  Avoid those two, and a blue one will
    join in.  Avoid all three and the battle will FINALLY start.
    Use the bombs or those molecules to attack them.  When they appear,
    they'll do one of their three attacks:
    1. Fire blasts at you.  This attack is easy to avoid.  Run under it,
    then bomb the cube several times.  If you're lucky, you may have enough
    time to finish off the second one!
    2. Attack with it's laser lances in a unusual pattern, plus, it'll move
    back and forth.  A little tricky to avoid, unless you know the pattern.
    Red-Random Directions. (In other words, it moves back and forth while
    moving up and down.  You'll see what I mean when it does it.)  Very hard
    to avoid unless you are far away.
    Green-Back and forth. (In other words, it spins around
    clockwise/counter-clockwise depending on the direction they move.)  Very
    easy to avoid, just stay under.
    Blue-Up & Down. (In other words, the lance spins around the floor, then
    goes back up, and repeats in a clockwise/counter clockwise direction.)
    Best to run away.
    3. They spin around the arena in a group.  VERY hard to avoid.  The only
    way to avoid it is to keep running.  Oh, and each time a cube is
    destroyed, it will become transparent and you can pass through it.  Use
    this to your advantage when they do this.
    You obviously have to bomb all three.  Thankfully, you can pass through
    a destroyed cube and not take any damage.  Once all three are gone, you
    get another big shard!
    3. Aqua Star: As the name implies, it is a water planet.  And there are
    lots of it, too.  But in one set of underwater caverns, they tend to
    have strong currents.
    Part 1: The Islands
    Keep your bomb ability, and start off by working your way to the caves,
    bombing everything in your way.  Next, enter the green balls inside this
    one room.  Along the way, you'll pass up the first crystal shard!  No
    problem, just drop down under the platform to get it.
    As you enter the caves, you should be looking for a penguin (Who'll run
    away from you) in the next 2 rooms.  If you have the bomb ability,
    combine it with that for the Ice/Bomb ability.  Continue going until you
    reach the mini-boss.  Now, you need this ability, so drop through the
    platform and use your ability to hit him from below.
    Adenline will paint you a Maxim Tomato.  Good thing, too, this final
    area is though!  Go forward 'til you spot some platforms, and drop down
    until you get to the bottom.  After that, stand on the block and use
    your exploding snowman ability to break it.  Enter the green ball, and
    you'll blast up to the shard!  Lose your ability and continue on forward
    to exit.
    Part 2: The waterfalls
    Here, you'll have to find an enemy with a stone ability and an with a
    fire ability.  The stone, you probably would've gotten that in the
    star's first stage, as well as the fire ability.  However, you'll spot
    them along the way.  After crossing some bridges and entering the cave,
    keep running across the walkway that breaks apart.
    You know how to defeat mini-bosses, but now you have to break the
    red/brown block for Shard #1.  Then, you'll have a waterfall ride with
    Waddle Dee.  Remember, when "!" flashes, jump or you'll lose some
    health.  Along the way, you'll grab crystal piece #2, but you have to
    jump at the right time!  After you eventually fall off the raft........
    Run down the waterfalls and grab the invincibility, as you're going
    down, you'll find the final piece near a waterfall, hard to miss.  Scale
    up the waterfalls while avoiding spiked logs to exit.
    Part 3: The beach
    Before starting, get the Cutter/Bomb combo.  Once you've gotten that,
    proceed.  After a while of fighting, you'll get to an area with a wooden
    bridge, go up to the top and enter.  Inside, break the green/black block
    with your combo for crystal piece #1.  Lose your ability, and go back
    Return the the second part of the stage and inhale the green guy
    throwing spiked rings at you for the cutter ability.  After that,
    continue on forward again until you reach a stone enemy, combine the
    abilities for the Cutter/Stone Ability.  Step on the catapult and Dedede
    will pound it, so you'll enter the next area.
    Continue, and climb the cliff, and drop into the hole.  Defeat the mini-
    boss (But try not to get too close) for the second shard.  Drop down and
    use the sclupt ability until you you get Rick the Hamster.  Stand near a
    wall and press left on the control pad, then keep pressing A to climb
    the wall.  After that, you'll reach the final crystal piece.  Now all
    you have to do is leave the stage.
    Part 4: Underwater Caverns
    I'd say use the stone ability for this stage, it's a tad tricky.  Here,
    drop down and swim into the tunnel.  After that, keep swimming to avoid
    the rocks.  Then, stick to the left wall and when you reach the top,
    stick to the ceiling, because there is a crystal piece in that alcove up
    Inside this current filled tunnel, you'll find another crystal piece,
    just grab the pole, let go, then stand under the shard and grab it.  You
    must get this the first time or the currents will push you away.  After
    that, it's time for another mini boss.
    After he's defeated, you'll be in a straightforward tunnel, marking this
    stage's final area.  Stick to the bottom with your stone ability and
    search the alcoves along the bottom for the final crystal shard!  Now,
    it's time go.
    Boss: Acro
    This shark was on Kirby's Dreamland 3 (Heard of it, yes, seen it, yes,
    played it, no.), and now, it's revenge time!  I'd say use the
    Fire/Cutter combo or the Spark cutter Combo.  Whack him from above while
    avoiding this garbage (i.e. enemies) and move away when he tries to
    bellyflop you.  But wait........there's more!
    The camera will scroll up into a tunnel, stick to the sides and whack
    him with your ability (Trust me, he's too dumb to do anything about
    this.  Oh sure, he'll swim into the background, but that's not much of a
    threat.) and collect the big crystal after he dies.
    Another nasty trick is to bomb him from above in both phases.
    4. Neo Star
    A cavernous, volcanic planet, filled with lots of wildlife and traps.
    However, the heat will turn up for our group as they approach a HIGHLY
    active volcano..........
    Part 1: The Jungle
    Go forward, killing everything in your path.  Along the way, you'll
    encounter grass traps.  Some hold traps, others hold items.  One of them
    holds Shard #1, and that's between the second and third stumps of the
    first part of the area.
    Next, when you enter this area with vines to climb up, go down first, as
    you'll find Shard #2 over here!  Now, work your way up and move on.
    After killing another mini boss, I'd say from here on out you'll be
    jumping on lots 'o platforms.  When you get to a point where you jump on
    circular platforms that fall when you land, go up to the top of the
    first platform for Shard #3!  But it's hard to spot, because of the
    branches, but by following the trail of stars.........mmm hmmm.......and
    in the last area you'll find a powerup, grab it and plow your way
    through.   Now exit this place!
    Part 2: The Mines
    Make sure you have the Bomb/Stone ability before you enter this stage.
    First, fall to the left at the start for Shard #1.  Next, during the
    mine cart ride with Waddle Dee, jump up to the second set of tracks and
    time your jump for the second shard (Wow, how quick.....).  Only one
    more left!
    Now, you'll progress through your average enemy-filled room, use your
    Dynamite ability (Don't forget to put on your hard hat!) to blast the
    enemies along the way.  Next, you be in a area where cannons shoot from
    above and puddle-like enemies drop on you.  Take your time on this one,
    or keep running, you pick.  Either way avoid them as best as you can.
    After that, keep going until you reach a Brown/Black Rock, break it with
    your Dynamite ability for the final crystal piece!  Now, you just have
    to worry about getting out of here.  Kill all of the enemies in the next
    room to continue, and don't get squashed by the moving walls in the
    final area!  Stage complete!
    Part 3: The Mountains
    Getting the Needle ability shouldn't be a problem.  Good thing, too,
    because just ahead is a orange block you'll need to break with that
    ability for Shard #1.  Lose your ability and inhale one of those purple
    Propeller Bombs for the Ice ability.  Why?  Because the you need this
    for the next stage.
    Keep moving until you see Adenline.  Here, a picture of a hat, umbrella,
    or a pizza will appear on her canvas.  The next area has blocks for you
    to break so you can try to make it resemble that item she just painted
    for the next crystal piece.  However, you'll have to see Crystal Shard
    Locations for the solutions.  If you give up, return to the stage and
    hope for something easier.
    Now, from here on out it's all straightforward, but we haven't found the
    third crystal shard yet.  Well, somewhere near the end, it's above a
    bottomless pit where a star is above After scaling a wall. Go across the
    platforms that spell out KIRBY (Very creative, HAL!) and the stage is
    Part 4: The Volcano
    Okay, be prepared for a long stage here, folks.  First, run like heck,
    either avoiding the rocks or stopping to attack them with your Ice
    ability (You should have it, right?).  And enter inside.  Use your Ice
    ability and freeze the enemies along the way, and after that, it's time
    for another piggyback ride on Dedede!  Here, time your jumps carefully
    and break through the pillars.  At the end, one of the pillars has a
    breakable top.  It if cracks, you know what that means.......crystal
    piece #1 is collected!  Woo hoo!  After reaching the end, Dedede will
    throw you into the next room.
    Keep moving, freezing everything you come across (Don't be afraid to
    take your time on this stage, this is hard!), until you reach the next
    room.   Now, break the volcanic rock with your Ice ability (That's why I
    told you to bring it here!) for Shard #2.  Get rid of your ice ability
    and continue.  Swallow an enemy with a fire ability and continue
    until......uh oh.....lava's flowing toward you!
    No time to waste.  Run like heck!  The only time you should stop is to
    combine a fire ability with the bomb ability and obtain the firecracker
    ability, but that's it.  Thankfully, there are lots of food along the
    way.  Then, last but not least lava will gradually flow up to the top
    (Though it'll eventually speed up).  Stick to the left and kill the
    enemy guarding the final shard for this stage!  Break through the blocks
    with the firecracker ability (Needle ability will also work) and this
    insane stage is finally over!
    Boss: Magman
    When the battle starts, use the Bomb/Cutter ability.  He'll either
    (A) Have two lava pillars surround you, then the first one falls,
    followed by the other one (If you're not between them, they should be
    easy targets, but if you are, jump to the other side when the left one
    falls.), (B) Send three lava pillars toward you (Obviously, you must
    quickly jump to the platform which he did not send a pillar toward
    you.), or (C) Send one lava pillar after another and sends the platforms
    up to the ceiling (Easy to avoid, as long as you know which one comes
    toward which platform, although it is always random.).  Hit the lava
    pillars to wipe out the first boss meter.  Now, for Phase 2!
    Hit his face with your ability.  His attacks are easy to avoid, except
    for that one attack where he breathes fire.  No problem-stand close to
    him and the fire will miss you!  Then, the big Shard is yours for the
    TIP: The fireworks ability also works, especially in the first phase.
    That's because the spread of the attack (Depends on how many times you
    do it) can hit some of the pillars, dropping the damage like a hot
    5. Shiver Star: This is a Icy planet, hence the name "Shiver Star".
    Plus, somewhere up the the sky is a huge city in the clouds that no one
    has even seen before.
    Part 1: Snowy Hills
    Here, lose your current ability and go for the fire ability, and plow
    your way through, burning everything in your path.  Then, climb on up
    the ladders and keep on moving until you get to a raft ride with Waddle
    Dee.  The first Shard is found along the way, and it's very easy to get.
    Now, it's time for another mini-boss!  After he's dead, melt the ice on
    top for the Second Shard.  After that, you'll be in an area with lots of
    frozen ponds.  In the one of the ponds, go to the right and you'll be in
    a frozen pond where you can't enter.  Here, you'll find the last crystal
    Now, work your way to the end of the stage, watching out for little guys
    pushing rocks, snowmen, and who else knows what to the end.
    Part 2: The Cloud World
    Get the Needle/Spark combo ability, and enter the green ball.  Work your
    way through the stage, and under a cloud, you'll find crystal shard #1
    on the left side.  Soon after a while, you'll be in a green ball, aim it
    to the top left corner for the screen for Shard #2.  Then, fire the ball
    up to the top.
    Getting through this next area is hard with the Needle/Spark ability, so
    move carefully and take your time.  One of those clouds has a blue
    muncher at the top which is hard to work with, so be careful.  Then,
    you'll face a mini boss, Break the Yellow/Orange Barrier for Shard #3
    after he dies.
    Now, lose your ability and work your way to the exit!
    Part 3: The Shopping Center
    Welcome to one of my favorite stages.  Start off this fun stage by going
    up the conveyor belts and get the Bomb/Cutter ability along the way.
    Here, near the top, go to the left for the first crystal piece.  The
    next area is simply a matter of going up elevators after going through a
    room with enemies.
    After defeating another easy mini boss, and collecting the second
    crystal piece, Adenline in the next room will paint three foods on a
    mirror, each responds to a different flavor (e.g. Cherry is red, Apple
    is green, Chocolate is brown, etc.) Step on those switches related to
    those flavors for the final crystal piece!
    The next area is one room after another, avoid the plants, frogs, and
    other traps, and at the end, run like heck as cannons shoot at you,
    thus, ending this fun stage.
    Part 4: The Underground Factory
    Okay, get the Needle/Stone ability before coming to this stage, then
    jump down the manhole.  Move on down until you see boxes blocking a
    ladder, here, use your drill ability on the boxes (Stand near wall and
    fire it at them from there, silly) for the first Shard of this stage.
    For the moment, exit this stage (Don't worry, your shard will be saved)
    and get the Spark/Cutter ability, then go back here and continue.
    You'll be getting your final piggyback ride on Dedede and break through
    the doors, but these robots will smash you with the hammer.  Get back
    when they do it, then when they are lifting it up, run through again and
    smash the next door (DUH!).  Repeat until Dedede throws you to the next
    room.  After getting through an easy area with conveyor belts *Yawn*
    you'll face the next mini-boss.  After his death, break the cage with
    the Spark/Cutter ability and collect the second shard.
    Lose your ability, and after getting through a tricky area where ceiling
    tries to smash you (There are alcoves on the floor, but sometimes,
    you'll have to duck), the last room has you running from robots armed
    with walls that try to smash you.  On the fourth floor, you'll find the
    final crystal shard!  However, you might risk losing a life getting it!
    After that, this crazy stage is finished!
    Boss: HR-H
    Again, time for the for the Bomb/Cutter ability.  You'll have to stick
    to side to avoid most of his attacks.  Hit his badly animated arms to
    end phase 1.
    Now, he's gone crazy!  Again, run to the far end of the screen and fly
    away when he attacks.  Hit the front of his body and pick up the big
    Shard to end the Battle!
    6. Ripple Star: The home of the fairies is now being stolen by Dark
    Matter, and as the approach to Dark Matter gets closer, the sky will
    become completly dark...........
    Part 1: The Castle Grounds
    This is just like Pop Star's first stage.  The first Shard is easy to
    get.  However it's also a little different.  First off, Shard #2 is
    gotten by beating the last mini boss, and the final one is grabbed by
    using the Needle/Bomb Ability on the rock in the pond.  The exit
    shouldn't be far now.
    Part 2: Underground Tunnel
    Laides and Gentlemen, the game has officially stopped being cute.  Now
    where getting to a more serious side here.  First, get the Spark/Cutter
    (Or just plain spark) ability to break the rock after you fall in the
    pond for the first Shard of this stage.  After that, you'll keep going
    until a rock blocks your path, Dedede will break the rock for you.
    Then, you'll proceed through a maze of sorts.  At the bottom, stick to
    the left and search along the wall for the second shard.  Leave the
    stage for now, get the cutter ability, and come back here and continue.
    Adenline will paint you an invincibility powerup.  Break through the
    blocks and hit the green pillar for the third and final shard!  The exit
    is just a hop on the elevator.
    Part 3: Ripple Castle tower
    Okay, get the Needle/Fire ability.  This stage is linear, because for
    Shard #1, defeat the first enemy room, Shard #2, use the Needle/Fire
    ability on the Orange/Red carpet in the third enemy room (The arrow must
    hit the carpet), and the final shard is grabbed by beating the last
    enemy room.  Now, it's time to face.......
    Boss: Miracle Matter
    Okay, to deal with this nut, turn his own ability against him.  For
    example, suck in those sparks and spit it back at him in spark form,
    spit the ice crystals back at him in star form, and so forth.  This
    works for every ability he does.  Oh, yes, you can also have Kirby
    swallow the abilites use them on him.
    Here's how to avoid each attack.
    Fire: He'll attack in 3 three ways.
    1. He goes to a corner and shoots fire at you in four directions.  He
    only does this once.
    2. He attacks from the top and the bottom and shoots fire a you from two
    directions, and they go the side.  He does this twice.
    3. He attacks across the screen, by going to the right (Or left), then
    to the middle, and then the other side.  He attcks by shooting fire to
    the top and the bottom of the screen.  He does this three times.
    Needle: Very easy to avoid.  Just go in a corner.
    corner and jump over the lasers, and stay RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE and let
    the other lazers bounce around the rest of the room.  You shouldn't get
    hit once if done correctly.  They may attack from the area you're
    standing in, but that doesn't happen that often.  And if it does, be
    sure to move out of the way.
    Cutter: Again, stick to a corner.
    Ice:  Suck in the crystals, they'll give you more room to dodge the
    other ones.  That, or..........yep.........stay in a corner.
    Stone: Keep moving when he's above you, and fly over him when he rolls.
    Bomb: I can't give you any helpful strategies, it's all luck.  Just move
    around and anticipate where the bubbles will move next.
    Just learn how to avoid his attacks for each ability and you'll beat
    him!  And the final Crystal Piece is yours!  Now, you should have all of
    the crystal shards, so now it's on to...............DARK STAR!
    7. DARK STAR:
    The main base of Dark Matter is nothing more than a black cloud sailing
    throughout the entire system of Dreamland, and the final confrontation
    against Dark Matter has been triggered.  Kirby will have to destroy Dark
    Matter once and for all!
    Boss: 02 (That's his name?) After going through a short course, you'll
    face this nut.  Shoot him in the eye (Very hard to hit.........for the
    moment) with your crystal gun while circling to avoid his shots.  After
    several hits, you'll automatically fly up to his halo.  Fire through it
    to hit the bandage a few times, and he'll flap around, trying stay up.
    Hit both wings first, because this does 2 things: (1) His eye is easier
    to hit, and (2) it'll be easier to hit his tail under him, which is his
    Now, his eye is easier to hit!  After that, hit that bandage by firing
    through the halo, and now, he'll have a harder time getting up!  Shoot
    the tail from under him a lot of times while avoiding his poison blasts,
    and he'll eventually get back up.  Rinse and repeat to beat the game
    (And watch a VERY funny ending!)!
    This boss, is so easy, you may just beat him the first time you play
    using the above strategy!
    5. Crystal Shard Locations
    Sick of reading the walkthrough?  You've come to the right place.  I
    can't include bosses, because you eventually get the big shard after you
    beat them.
    Pop Star
    Part 1: The grasslands
    Shard #1: In plain sight at the beginning.
    Shard #2: Blow up the black rock with the bomb ability.
    Shard #3: Defeat Waddle Dee.
    Part 2: The forest
    Shard #1: While riding the platform with Waddle Dee, look down for a
    trail of stars.  You'll find the shard there.
    Shard #2: Defeat the mini-boss.
    Shard #3: Defeat Adenline.
    Part 3: Dedede's Castle
    Shard #1: Use the ugraded cutter ability to break the green block.
    Shard #2: Before ascending the spiral tower, look to the left and fly up
    for crystal shard #2.
    Shard #3: Defeat Dedede.
    Rock Star
    Part 1: The desert
    Shard #1: In the room with those blocks that try to flatten you, fly up
    to top.  In the middle of the room, shard #1 should be here.
    Shard #2: Defeat the mini-boss.
    Shard #3: Look for a striped yellow-brown rock, you'll need the
    spark/stone combo to break it for the final piece.
    Part 2: The ruins
    Shard #1: Explore the stone maze, you should drop through a loose floor
    which will lead you to it.
    Shard #2: In the room where the weirdos throw fire at you, look down in
    the center of the room for the next piece.
    Shard #3: Just explore the maze as Dedede.  The piece should be
    somewhere in the top left corner of the maze.
    Part 3: The caverns
    Shard #1: Use the stone ability (Upgrade it if nesscessary) to break the
    brown rock in the skeleton, you'll find it at the mouth.
    Shard #2: After defeating the mini-boss, drop down and go to the left.
    Shard #3: Near the end, swim up to the top and avoid the log, then grab
    Part 4: The UFO (How odd......)
    Shard #1: Jump up through the platforms, then go into the center for it.
    Shard #2: Use the Spark/Bomb ability to light up the pictures, and then
    in the next room, you'll find 8 switches, step on three according to the
    pictures you uncovered, and you'll get it.
    Shard #3: Defeat the mini-boss.
    Aqua Star
    Part 1: The island
    Shard #1: While using those green balls to launch you up, go up to  find
    a crystal shard under a platform.
    Shard #2: Defeat the mini-boss, then drop through the floor.
    Shard #3: Use the Bomb/Ice ability on the blue and black block after you
    drop through the platforms, and enter the green ball.
    Part 2: The waterfalls
    Shard #1: Use the Fire/Stone ability to break the block after the mini-
    boss is killed.
    Shard #2: That's gotten by riding the raft with Waddle Dee.  Time your
    jump to get it.
    Shard #3: Near a waterfall, while you're going down.
    Part 3: The beach
    Shard #1: Enter the hole at the top of the mountain (Where those wooden
    bridges that have boards popping up) and use the Cutter/Bomb ability.
    Shard #2: Defeat the mini-boss.
    Shard #3: Use the Stone/Cutter ability to break the rock.  Then
    transform into Rick.  Go to the wall to the left and while holding left
    on the Control Pad, climb up the wall by pressing A repeatedly.  (Also
    works for the wall on the right.)
    Part 4: Underwater caverns
    Shard #1: At the top of the room with air currents going to the left and
    right, you'll find it a the top in an alcove.
    Shard #2: In plain sight in the twisted tunnel, but grab it the first
    time or you won't get it again because of the strong currents.
    Shard #3: Ditto, but in a straightforward tunnel at the end.  It's in an
    alcove at the bottom in the middle of the tunnel.
    Boss: Giant Shark (Not it's real name)
    Neo Star
    Part 1: The jungle
    Shard #1: Under one of those grass traps.
    Shard #2: In the area where you climb the vines, go down the vine on the
    right, you find it.
    Shard #3: Above a platform that falls down when you touch it.
    Part 2: The Mines
    Shard #1: At the start, fall down to the left.
    Shard #2: During the mine cart ride with Waddle Dee, go up to the top
    set of tracks and time your jump to get it.
    Shard #3: Use the Bomb/Stone combo to break the rock for the crystal
    piece.  Don't forget to put on your hard hat by pressing down!
    Part 3: The Mountains
    Shard #1: Use the Needle/Fire combo to break the block.
    Shard #2: Adenline will have a picture shown up.  Here, it'll be either
    a hat or an umbrella.  Here's the solution to all three.
    * = Block
                                   * * *
                                 * * * * *
                               * * *   * * *
                                 * * * * *
                                 * * * * *
                                 * * * * *
                                 * * * * *
                                 * * * * *
                                 * * * * *
                               * * * * * * *
                                   * * *
                                 * * * * *
                               * * * * * * *
                               * * *   * * *
                               * * * *
                                 * * *
                                   * *
    Shard #3: Near the end, it's above a bottomless pit where a star is
    above after you scale the wall.
    Part 4: The Volcano
    Shard #1: As Dedede, break the pillar near the end.  Look for a pillar
    near the end that has a breakable top half (Bottom explains itself).
    Shard #2: Use your Ice power to break that volcanic rock in a small room
    (It has two fireball people and a guy shaking his (Her?) maracas.) to
    uncover it, but don't touch the lava!
    Shard #3: While going up to avoid the lava rising, go to the left for
    Shiver Star
    Part 1: Snowy Hills
    Shard #1: During the innertube ride with Waddle Dee.  Getting it should
    be no problem.
    Shard #2: Use the fire ability to melt the ice, and then defeat the
    mini-boss.  After that, grab it.
    Shard #3: Jump into the pool.  Swim to the right at the pond where there
    is no hole in the ice, here, you'll find it.
    Part 2: The cloud world (I knew there was going to be one sooner or
    Shard #1: Under a cloud.
    Shard #2: Aim the green ball to the top left of the screen.
    Shard #3: Use the Needle/Spark ability, then fight the mini-boss.  Grab
    it Afterwards.
    Part 3: The Shopping Center (How original!  This is also my favorite
    Shard #1: In the area where you ride the conveyor belts up, go up to the
    top and head to the left for crystal piece #1.
    Shard #2: Defeat the mini-boss.
    Shard #3: Okay, Adenline will paint three pictures of food, then there
    are colors in the next room.  When you step on a color, it'll pertain to
    a flavor of ice cream (I'm assuming).  For example, Red is cherry, brown
    is chocolate, etc.  Step on three of the flavor switches related to the
    flavors she paints for this Piece.
    Part 4: Underground Factory
    Shard #1: There are boxes blocking the ladder.  Stand on the wall near
    them and use the Needle/Stone ability to clear them all.  Then climb up
    the ladder for crystal shard 1.
    Shard #2: Defeat the mini boss, and use the Spark/Cutter combo to break
    the cage for the shard.
    Shard #3: on the fourth floor in the final room, go to the left for the
    crystal piece and go up to the next floor before you get smashed.
    Ripple Star
    Part 1: The Castle Grounds (Almost like Pop Star's first stage.)
    Shard #1: In plain sight.
    Shard #2: Defeat the mini-boss.
    Shard #3: Blow up the rock with a Needle/Bomb Combo.
    Part 2: Underground tunnel (What creepy music.....)
    Shard #1: At the bottom of the pool in the beginning, hit the rock with
    a Spark/Cutter combo. (On the chance that the plain cutter won't work.
    In reality, I learned that you only need the Spark ability, but hey, it
    still works.)
    Shard #2:  After dropping in the pool inside the maze, go to the left
    and search along the walls for shard #2.
    Shard #3: Use the cutter ability to break the pillar.
    Part 3: Ripple Castle Tower (Not that creepy....it's scary, but catchy.)
    Shard #1: Beat the first enemy room.
    Shard #2: In the third enemy room, use the Needle/Fire Combo on the
    center of the red/orange carpet.  The arrow must hit the carpet by the
    Shard #3: Beat the final enemy room.
    6. Mini Games
    Here, I'll explain the the rules of the mini game, as well as the
    strategies.  Also included are the differences between the difficulty
    100 Yard Hop
    Hop across from circle to circle while avoiding frogs, holes, and other
    traps to make it to the finish.
    A: Hop 2 spaces
    B: Hop 1 space
    Easy: Lots of mistakes are made, plus, they move slow. Plus, there are
    few hazards, so it can't be a problem.  Traps are frogs and puddles.
    Tips: This is where your first few strategies should develop.  Don't pay
    any attention to your opponents, and look ahead for any obstacles.
    Normal:  Just a few more hazards, and introduced are banana peels and
    grass traps.
    Tips: A new strategy should be inserted to your head right now-any
    suspicious space you see should be jumped over.
    Hard: Computer obviously gets smarter, along with lots of obstacles.
    Tips: Now you must learn never to overjump your spaces, since lots of
    obstacles are in your way.
    Intense!: Uh-oh.  Okay, here are a few differences in here. (1) You're
    skipping across rocks, and there are shells to help you across the
    water.  (2) Lots of traps await, and the CPU moves really fast, making
    little or no mistakes.  Traps are empty spaces with water, lilypads,
    frogs, and fish.
    Tips: Now it's serious!  Along with the other strategies you should've
    learned, here are the following others:
    1. Unless they're part of the course, never ever jump on blue shells.
    Because they go back into the water sometimes, they'll cost you the lead
    if you're not careful.  A perfect example includes stepping on the
    shell, then you unintentionally miss your jump, by the time the shell
    sinks, you'll fall in the water, making you go back some more!
    2. Don't let the CPU's head start (They get a head start if you don't
    press a button quick enough) discourage you, you'll eventually catch up.
    3. No careless mistakes!  If even one mistake is made, there's little or
    no chance of you winning the race (Exception: The CPU players mess up 2
    or 3 times, but that's rare.)!
    Bumper Crop Bump
    Control Stick: Move
    A + Control Stick: Bump
    Catch the fruits that fall from the tree.  Also, bumping your opponents
    can also help you get some points.  The most fruits wins.
    Easy: The CPU misses a lot, and they dont bump as often.
    Tips: Master the bump technique and practice here A LOT!  Also, bump
    when someone's about to catch something.
    Normal: CPU behaves regularly, and introduced are exploding fruits.  If
    you stupidly catch one, you lose everything you once had!
    Tips: Obviously, you'll need to avoid those so you won't lose
    Hard: CPU pushes you around a little more, more exploding
    Tips: Okay, now's the time to force someone to catch a fruit that
    explodes, though it's likely they'll move away.
    Intense!: Okay, now they aren't playing!  You'll be pushed around here
    and there, and exploding items will appear every few seconds!
    Tips: First off, you should've mastered that bump technique, as you'll
    need it to beat this diffculty level.  And here's a sign to see if
    you're winning.
    If you get 10 or more fruits, and they get 5 or less, you're on a roll.
    in order for that to happen, they either (A) accidentally caught the
    exploding gems (Which hardly happens), or (B) you've mastered the bump
    technique.  However, the last few fruits will make it come down to the
    Checkerboard Chase
    Control Stick: Move
    A: Drop blocks
    You'll chase your opponents on a checkerboard platform of sorts, and by
    creating a line, blocks corresponding to your color will fall.  If
    anyone stands on the line you made, they'll fall as well.  Once they
    fall five times, they're out.  Last one standing wins.
    Easy: They have little or no tricks, plus, they're stupid.  However,
    they're a little tricky the first time.
    Tips: The first few strategies should form in your head.  First off,
    attack when they attack (As long as you're not in the way of their
    attack.), beacuse, they won't be able to get away in time.  Next, before
    the battle starts, you and your opponents will move freely, giving you
    time to plan an attack and counter theirs.  Last, form an "Island".
    This is where you trap someone in a corner or another area with little
    space to move, giving you time to go for the kill.
    Normal: They get a little smarter.
    Tips: Another startegy!  Along with the others, try and get two (maybe
    three) people to attack each other.  As long as you're not in the
    crossfire, you're okay.
    Hard: And the CPU's AI gradually increases.............
    Tips: Now, because they'll attack more often, attack as less as
    possible.  Why?  Because you might trap yourself or someone will
    cheapshot you, giving you little or no time to run.  Only attack if
    you're certain you've got them right where you want them.
    Intense!: They attack a lot, and they are completely smart in their
    movements.  Uh-oh.
    Tips: This tip, along with the others, will help you win the intense
    level.  Unless you got nowhere else to go, or the middle area is
    becoming too crowded or dangerous for you, DO NOT GO TO THE CORNERS!
    You'll just get trapped.
    7. Enemy Guide (Bosses are also included!)  You need to collect all the
    info cards to get these.......
    Card 1: Whispy Woods
    This stupid tree is the end boss of Pop Star.  However, he has devolped
    a different strategy this time........
    Card 2: Whispy Woods Jr.
    Whispy's a proud father?  Who would've guessed?  They should be
    destroyed during phase 1 of Whispy Woods.
    Card 3: Pix
    You were expecting intergalactic multicolored dice?  These annoying
    cubes are the boss of Rock Star.
    Card 4: Acro
    The killer whale that spits out more garbage at you than a drunk person
    is Aqua Star's boss.
    Card 5: Magman
    The lava beast with very cool looking lava effects is Neo Star's boss.
    Scary looking, yes?
    Card 6: HR-H
    The big robot with the nasty arms is phase 1 of Shiver Star's boss,
    which is of course, a robot.  Cool Futuristic background.......
    Card 7: HR-E
    The second form of Shiver Star's boss, with better arms and tricky
    attacks.  Nice shifting animation.......
    Card 8: Miracle Matter
    Think of that one dice you roll on Scattergories, but it can shift to
    multiple elements (7 to be precise), and has lots of eyes.  Ripple
    Star's boss, and the last one if you didn't get all of the shards.
    That, and you get a scary "fake ending".......*Shudder*
    Card 9: O2
    The boss of Dark Star, and the final one if you find all of the shards.
    Do not say he's scary until you've seen him for yourself!
    Card 10: N-Z
    These black guys walk around like they own the place......yeah
    right....they have no abilites, and very easy to take down.
    Card 11: Rocky
    They try to land on you from high places most of the time.  Avoid it,
    then swallow it for the Stone ability.
    Card 12: Bronto Burt
    We figured those flying guys would return.  They have no abilites, and
    they always fly around.
    Card 13: Skud
    This missile locks on Kirby the moment he gets close.  Swallow one for
    the Bomb ability.
    Card 14: Gordo
    It just wouldn't a Kirby game with out those guys, wouldn't they?  These
    black balls with spikes can't be inhaled or destroyed.  Avoid them.
    Card 15: Shotzo
    And another popular enemy from Kirby returns!  They always fire shots at
    you in one direction and are invincible.
    Card 16: Spark-i 	
    These diamonds open up and fire at Kirby when he comes close.  Swallow
    for the Spark ability.
    Card 17: Bouncy
    They just bounce up and down for no reason.  They have no abilities,
    either.  Swallow and spit, they're a little hard to dodge.
    Card 18: Glunk
    These underwater creatures that cling to the surface (Or anywhere
    underwater) will fire at Kirby.  Some of them are out of the water.
    Card 19: Slushy
    These white blobs just float there.  They have no abilites whatsoever.
    Card 20: Chilly
    These snowmen will try to freeze Kirby.  Swallow one for an ice ability.
    Card 21: Propeller
    They usually hover in place, but if you have an ability, they'll come
    toward you!  Why you get an Ice ability when you swallow these guys
    instead of the Bomb ability is one of life greatest mysteries-they don't
    even try to freeze you.
    Card 22: Glom
    Aren't these frogs cute?  Yes they are......just don't let them swallow
    Kirby or you'll regret calling them cute!  You'll know when there's one
    when you see a pair or eyes sticking out of a hole.  Fool them or work
    around them, then move on.  Don't try to kill them, it doesn't work.
    Card 23: Mahall
    These yellow guys with green lids stick out and spit bubbles at you.  No
    abilites, just inhale, and don't step on the lid when it's on the
    Card 24: Poppy Brothers Jr.
    Surely you recognize these guys?  They throw bombs at you.  Swallow for
    the Bomb ability.
    Card 25: Splinter
    When they roll, get out of the way!  Don't even think about harming them
    or swallowing them, they have spikes which can hurt you!
    Card 26: Gobblin
    These plants in the background try to bite you, wait until they bite,
    then move on.
    Card 27: Kany
    A crab with claws:  ISN'T IS OBVIOUS NOW?!  Don't have them snap you!
    They have no abilities.
    Card 28: Bivolt
    These glowing light pulses appear when climbing ropes.  Jump off when
    you see one.  They can't be inhaled or destroyed.
    Card 29: Sir Kibble
    They throw a cutter at you, and when in the air, they'll get at an even
    height to throw it at you.  You'll have the cutter ability when you
    swallow one.
    Card 30: Gabon
    They throw bones at you.  Ouch.  They have no abilities, although it's
    funny to see them running around without their skeleton hat on.  He he
    he he......
    Card 31: Mariel
    A black spider that tries to bump into you.  No abilites, and it looks
    like it came out of a cross between another dimension and a pile of
    black sand.
    Card 32: I3
    I need to find out how they come up with weird names.  Anyway, this
    green block with one eye will try to smash you.  Odd, it doesn't kill
    you instantly unlike other times when Kirby gets smashed.........let it
    drop, then as it rises, continue.  No abilities, and they are
    Card 33: Snipper
    They come out of holes and try to pinch you.  Easy to avoid.  They have
    no abilites, and they can't be harmed.
    Card 34: Blowfish
    Once Kirby get close to this green fish, it'll explode.  Immediately
    swallow it before it explodes for the Bomb ability.
    Card 35: Bonehead
    Once Kirby gets close, they'll fly into him.  They have no abilites, but
    they shouldn't be hard to take of.
    Card 36: Squibby
    A very annoying underwater enemy, they stick out three stingers which
    can harm Kirby.  No abilities.
    Card 37: Bobo
    These fireballs just run around.  Perfect for getting the fire ability
    if you swallow it.
    Card 38: Bo
    Just black balls that float around.  No abilites.
    Card 39: Punc
    These green guys curl up into a ball and try to hit Kirby.  Once
    swallowed, you'll have the fire ability.
    Card 40: Mite
    They dig out of the ground to surprize you.  They have no abilites.
    Card 41: Sandman
    Small hills of sand that rise when Kirby gets close.  No abilites for
    these guys either.
    Card 42: Flopper
    They swim around like everyday fish, and some flop on land.  They have
    no abilites.
    Card 43: Kapar
    These green guys function just like the Sir Kibbles.  They too, have the
    cutter ability.
    Card 44: Maw
    Just as annoying as the Gloms, they try to swallow Kirby from floors and
    ceilings.  They can be killed, but the can't be swallowed.
    Card 45: Drop
    Just drops of water that fall from the ground.  No abilites.
    Card 46: Pedo
    Underwater torpedoes that come out of underwater alcoves.  One swallow
    will get you the Bomb Ability.
    Card 47: Noo
    Appearing in the background, they throw fire at you when you get close.
    They can be harmed, but that counts a stun.  They'll only come back.
    Card 48: Tick
    Not the superhero "Tick", but these annoyances.  They appear from under
    the floor and will shoot their needle-like hair through it!  Swallow for
    the Needle ability.
    Card 49: Cairn
    Think of a snowman, but it's with stones.  They bounce up and down and
    when swallowed, they give you the stone ability.
    Card 50: Pompey
    These stones shoot volcanic rocks at you when you get close.  Swallow
    one for a Stone ability.
    Card 51: Hack
    A stone axe with no eyes will try to chop you.  Becuase it's a stone
    axe, you'll get a Stone ability, not the cutter (Which is more
    dangerous, getting cut in half or getting smashed?).
    Card 52: Burnie
    A fiery bird that drops volanic rocks on you, and some dive bomb you.
    These can be swallowed for the Fire ability.
    Card 53: Fishbone
    Weird triangle fish that spit triangles at you, swallow one for the
    cutter ability.
    Card 54: Frigis
    Same as Burnie, but it drops icy rocks on you and can be swallowed for
    the Ice ability.
    Card 55: Sawyer
    They remind me of those circular saw-like enemies in Super Mario World,
    but they go through the ground instead.  Cutter ability can be obtained
    once swallowed.
    Card 56: Turbite
    They float in place, and when Kirby comes, they'll run into him and zap
    him.  Dodge and swallow for the Spark ability.
    Card 57: Plugg
    Apropriately named for these guys, they plug into the ground and emit
    and electrical charge when Kirby gets close.  Also has the Spark ability
    when swallowed.
    Card 58: Ghost Knight
    They'll poke Kirby with their lance, and block any projectiles with
    their shield (Exception: Explosives, since they may go through it).
    It's better to swallow one for the needle Ability.
    Card 59: Zoos
    These Lakitu rip-offs throw electriciey at Kirby, and will drop
    raindrops on him.  Get in the air and swallow one for the Spark ability.
    Card 60. Kacti
    These cactus will roll into Kirby.  One swallow, and you'll have the
    Needle ability.
    Card 61. Rock'n
    A uh.......missile that come out of alcoves on the walls.  Like the
    Pedos, they can be swallowed for the Bomb ability.
    Card 62. Chacha
    They shake their maracas, occasionally at you!  They have no abilites.
    Card 63. Galbo
    These small dinosaurs are asleep, but when you get close, they wake up
    breathe fire at you!  The Fire Ability can be gotten if swallowed.
    Card 64. Bumber
    They float to the surface, then walk around.  No abilites.
    Card 65: Scarfy
    Uh.....not these guys.  If you try to swallow it, it'll freaky until it
    either (A)hits you, or (B) explodes by itself.  They'll also do this
    whenever your back is turned.  You can kill in other ways, like using
    your abilities, but it's better to run.  Obviously, they have no
    Card 66: Nruff
    These hogs just run around.  No abilites.
    Card 67: Emp
    Scamper the Penguin was more cuter than this.  This penguin runs away
    when you gets close.  For multiple laughs, swallow one for an Ice
    ability while it's running away.
    Card 68: Magoo
    A black fireball.  It'll give you the fire ability if you swallow it.
    Card 69: Yariko
    These jungle natives throw spears at you from high places.  They have no
    Card 70: Flutter
    These butterflies just fly in background.
    Card 71: Wall Shotzo
    Same as Shotzo, but is stuck to a wall and the cannon tracks your
    Card 72: Keke
    It's not that beautiful teenage witch that does a delivery service,
    rather, it's a witch that flies in the background.  I sometimes wonder
    why they put those there.
    Card 73: Sparky
    The infamous lightbulb enemy has returned to try and shock Kirby again!
    Swallow one for the Spark Ability.
    Card 74: Ignus
    These Volcanic rocks fall on you in the volcano stage on Neo Star.  No
    Card 75: Flora
    These flowers float toward Kirby when he gets close.  No abilites.
    Card 76: Putt
    This little fathead will push a boulder toward you on a slope.  Dodge
    the boulder, then harm him.  He has no abilites, and it kinda makes you
    wonder why a little weakling would push something this big....
    Card 77: Pteran
    These prehistoric birds fly back and forth, and they have no abilites.
    I know what bird they are, but I forgot how to spell it.
    Card 78: Mumbies
    When your back is turned, they follow you!  They can't be swallowed, so
    they have no abilites!  But they can be harmed.  I'd rather run from
    Card 79: Pupa
    They drop down in front of you.  They can't be harmed, but they can be
    killed by either hitting them with a ability or by touching the wire.
    Beware of the explosion, though.
    Card 80: Mopoo
    They come in and out of the clouds.  They have no abilites, and can be
    very annoying, since they appear out of nowhere.
    Card 81: Zebon
    These are more of "helpers", but who cares?  Jump in one and they'll
    launch you!  Some you'll have to aim manually on (Press A.).
    And these are all of the info cards.
    8. Boss Battle Walkthrough
    Okay, it's an option where you have to beat those bosses unarmed, with
    one life, and can't recover your health (Insane people........) here's
    the complete walkthrough for that, also.
    1. Whispy Woods
    You know what to do.  Suck in the tomatoes.  If you get hit even once,
    stop playing this game right now!
    2. Pix
    Suck in the molecules and spit those back at the cubes.  Again, try to
    remain untouched, especailly during the beginning.
    3. Acro
    Suck in the enemies (Except Gordo) and the rocks and........you get the
    idea, but try not to get hit even once again.
    4. Magman
    Same idea-rocks at the lava pillars in the first phase, rocks and his
    face the second phase.  If you get hit only make sure you get hit once,
    and only once!
    5. HR-H
    This guy's tricky!  Suck in the missiles and try to hit his arms, then
    run to the far end of the screen in his second phase.  Inhale the
    missiles from afar when they reach their highest point, and....you know
    what to do.  If you get hit again, make sure it is only once or twice.
    6. Miracle Matter
    You know what to do, see the walkthrough (I made a rhyme!).  You should
    have at least three or four pieces, but if you have all 6, you're better
    than I am at this (I usually have two when I reach him.)!
    7. O2
    Ditto, especailly if you dodge his shots 99.9% of the time (If not
    100%.).  If you have one piece on you life meter left, just dodge as
    best as you can (Although I have beaten him with one bar left, and that
    was luck!)!
    If you beat them all you get some cool art saying "Congratulations!"
    from the designers!
    9. Credits
    HAL/Nintendo: For making this game.
    Me: For writing it.
    CJayC: Created this oh-so fun site, www.gamefaqs.com
    Man, was that short, or what?
    10. Disclaimer
    1. You will print out this FAQ with my permission.  Besides, who wants
    to waste time going back and forth through the internet reading
    walkthroughs like these?
    2. You can post this on your site with my permission, but posting it
    directly without my permission will result in me taking lights, camera,
    and more importantly, action!  Well, just action, just joking about the
    lights and camera.
    3. You will not steal my FAQ!  That's including saying all of this is
    yours, messing with certain items (Such as a paragraph with helpful
    info, ASCII art, etc.), and besides, stealing is a cruel crime.  So do
    me.....well......us a favor and stop it with this stealing of other
    people's property!
    4. No selling my FAQ in any form whatsoever!  Remember, this is an FAQ,
    not a player's guide!  I'm not selling out, you know.
    5. The latest version (Even though I use no numbers) of my FAQ will only
    be found at www.gamefaqs.com.  NO WHERE ELSE!
    6. I will not accept any letters that involve working for your site, any
    idiotic questions, etc.
    7. You must update this when I update it.  Not doing so will only mean
    you're a greedy person who slaps in info which I didn't know about!
    Well, that's it!  My first guide is finished!  Any questions, comments,
    blah, blah, blah, can be sent me at cedoda@cs.com.
    One more thing before I go-this game took me 2 days to beat, including
    all of the crystal shards!  I've seen both endings, the fake one and the
    real one, and the fake one scared me at the end.  The real one, however,
    was pretty funny.  Plus, I've also played the mini games!  How nice!
    The only thing I didn't want to see (Besides Dark Matter) was that
    option where you fought the bosses in consectuive order, that got me
    very mad.
    Also, why isn't Kracko (That eyeball character) in this game?  He was
    the only other common boss besides Whispy Woods and King Dedede!  Plus,
    what happened to his "Traditoinal Victory Dance?" (You know, where he
    splits into three and starts dancing.)  And we could use more
    worlds/levels (Like 9 or 10 planets, or maybe 10 stages per planet.).
    Nevertheless, HAL should be given credit for such a short, yet fun and
    creative game.  (Don't forget to read my review at www.gamefaqs.com!)
    Until the next guide, everyone............
    Copyright 2000 by Cedric Cooks/Oda
    All rights reserved
                         -"And that's the end of that chapter!"-

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