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"Whatever you do, don't buy this game."

Polaris Snocross 2001 is quite possibly the worst game for the Nintendo 64. There are some very weird graphics problems, the music is annoying, and the game just isn't that fun. It might amuse a new player for a few hours, but veterans will be bored after their first game.
If the game had come out in 1995, people would be thinking, ''Wow! Amazing!'', but because it didn't, the graphics just look bad. It's very easy to get your snowmobile stuck in the snow or ice, resulting in the inability to move or win the race. In the middle of a race, you might find yourself stuck in a big snowbank. Despite your efforts to press the A button and remove yourself, the computer opponents will zoom past you at 100 miles an hour, crushing you. The snowmobiles are at least 3D, but they look choppy at best.
SOUND: 1/10
The sound blows. The sound effects are unrealistic, and the music sounds like it came out of a bad Japanese anime cartoon show. That's not necessarily a bad thing; but in this case, it most certainly is. If whatever company made Polaris Snocross 2001 were aiming for realistic sound, they failed miserably.
FUN: 1/10
What do you get when you cross a game with bad sound, bad graphics and a bad multiplayer mode? Not a lot of fun, that's for sure. This game will entertain for about an hour, then you'll be wishing you'd rented something more worthwhile. There are very few courses and snowmobiles to choose from, limiting the fun value even more.
It's not that the game is too easy, but it's also not that the game is too hard. Sometimes the enemy snowmobiles will barely move, allowing you to plough past them and into first place. Occasionally, though, the AI's speed will increase so much that you can't pass them; and no, it's not the controller's fault.
MULTIPLAYER: Less than 1 out of 10
The multiplayer mode is like the single player mode: bad. Don't invite friends over to play this one; they'll likely just become enraged, trash your house, and eat all of you Doritos.
REPLAY VALUE: Less than 1 out of 10
There is no replay value. You'll probably donate the game, or else just return it.
This game is terrible. It's no fun to play, the graphics are mediocre, and the music is awful. Buy something else instead. Almost anything would be better.

Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 12/14/03

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