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    Mario Tennis
         This FAQ/Walkthrough is © 2000 by Matt91486. Mario Tennis is © 2000 by 
    Nintendo. All of the characters, items, and absolutely everything else about 
    this game is © Nintendo in some year or another. I am in no way related to 
    Nintendo, or do I have anything to do with Nintendo.
         If you wish to use this guide on your site, e-mail me at matt91486@aol.com. 
    This guide will never be allowed to be used for profit. What I mean by this 
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    track of this guide, so do not think you can get away with it.
         I know this all probably sounds like a confusing waste, but it has to be 
    done to keep people from using those who spend their hard work and time 
    writing these guides.
    I. Copyright Information
    II. Table of Contents
    1. Revision History
    2. Controls
    3. A Brief Mario Tennis Review
    4. Game Modes
    5. Doubles Tournament Partners
    4. Tennis Terminology
    5. The Rules of Tennis (Coming Soon!)
    6. Character Types
    7. Character Rankings
    8. Character Critiques
    9. Court Information
    10. Frequently Asked Questions
    11. Codes
    12. Game Shark Codes
    13. Special Thanks
    Here is a brief history of this guide.
    Version 4.2: Added Game Modes, one again submitted to GameFAQs.
    Version (1)4. September 14, 2000: This is really version 4, but today is my 
    birthday, so I thought I'd spruce it up a little. Major character work 
    Version 3.7.3: September 13, 2000: Fairly important update, a few sections will
    be coming, hopefully after this guide is first posted at GameFAQs.
    Version 3: September 11, 2000: Formatting overhaul, lots of information added 
    across the boards.
    Version 2.5.4 September 8, 2000: Some information here and there.
    Version 2: September 7, 2000: Substantial court, and character information. 
    Decided to do a tennis rules section.
    Version 1.3.7: September 6, 2000: Added a little bit to characters, and Court 
    Information. Finished the Character Types.
    Version 1.2: September 6, 2000: Added and completed Codes, Game Shark Codes 
    and Special Thanks. Began Court Information.
    Version 1.1: September 6, 2000: Began the Controls, FAQ, and progressed on the 
    Character Types and Critiques.
    Version 1: September 5, 2000: This Mario Tennis guide was born.
    A (On the Menus): Confirm selection
    B (On the Menus): Cancel selection, return to the window before the one you 
    were looking at Control Stick (On the Menus): Select an option, a character, 
    A (In the Game): Top Spin Hit
    A, A (In the Game): Powerful Top Spin Hit
    B (In the Game): Slice Hit
    A, B (In the Game): Lob Hit
    B, A (In the Game): Drop Hit
    B, B (In the Game): Powerful Slice Hit
    A+B (In the Game): Strong (Smash) Hit
    Control Stick (In the Game): Move your character
    R (In the Bowser Stage): Uses your weapon
    L (At the Player Select Screen): Make the character you choose left-handed
    Z (At the Player Select Screen): Make the character you choose left-handed
    R (At the Player Select Screen): Handicaps a player
    I'm not going to give you a full review of Mario Tennis, but you can still 
    read my full review at GameFAQs. I will just give you a brief basic overview 
    of the important scores included.
    Here are the modes of play in Mario Tennis, all coupled with brief descriptions.
    They are organized by number of players.
    Demo Mode: This is an utterly useless mode after you have played the game once.
    It is Mario Tennis's version of a Tutorial Mode, so all beginners should watch 
    and learn however. You will learn something, and you will learn how to be a 
    better player.
    Tournament: This is the meat and potatoes of Mario Tennis. This is how you 
    unlock almost all of the courts, and both of the hidden characters. (Read on
    for details about them.) You can play in either a single or doubles tournament.
    One problem I found with the Doubles Tournament, is that you cannot choose 
    your Doubles partner...Mario Tennis decides for you. Still, this is where you 
    will probably spend most of your Mario Tennis hours.
    Piranha Challenge: This is an interesting mode. The Piranha Plants 'spit' a 
    certain amount of tennis balls at you. You must return them, without having 
    your opponent on the Piranha Plant's side return them to you. This is very 
    difficult, and, if you can earn the hidden court here, you will have completed 
    a great feat.
    Ring Shot: This is an interesting, and very fun mode. This is the perfect place
    to go to practice your accuracy. You need to aim the tennis balls through 
    rings, with one of a choice of four or five hazards, or something going 
    against you. Like the clock, the amount of tennis balls you have, etcetera.
    Ring Tournament: This is the mode where you can play in tournaments sponsored 
    by Nintendo. You can obtain the tournament passwords and codes later on in 
    this guide. When you are finished with your tournament, you can post your 
    results at Mario Tennis dot-com. (http://www.mariotennis.com).
    Bowser Stage: This could be the most bizarre stage in Mario Tennis. The court 
    is tilting. All four characters in play (No matter what the Bowser Stage is 
    Doubles play only.) can have weapons straight from Mario Kart. This is truly 
    bizarre, but it is also excellent. It is the perfect mode to go into to waste 
    a couple of fun minutes.
    Exhibition Mode: This is the mode that you all knew was in Mario Tennis. You 
    can choose Singles or Doubles, the game and set limit, and then you go in and 
    play that match. This is probably the mode you will use the most if you play 
    lots and lots of multiplayer.
    Quick Game: This is a multiplayer, single or doubles, game up to 5 points. The 
    game has its version of Deuce if you tie at four. This is great for people who 
    do not want to sit through an entire Exhibition match with their friends, and 
    they just want some quick fun. Its also great for those who only have a minute 
    or so.
    Tie Breaker Game: This is a multiplayer, single or doubles, game up to 7 
    points. It is called 'Tie Breaker' because that is what it is used as in the 
    tournaments. This is a mode I prefer over Quick Game, even though they are 
    very, very similar. This game's version of Deuce occurs if you tie at six. 
    Unless you do not have the extra thirty seconds, choose the Tie Breaker Game 
    over the Quick Game.
    This will be where I list each character's Doubles partner in the Tournament 
    IF YOU ARE...                                        YOUR PARTNER IS...
    Mario                                                Luigi
    Luigi                                                Daisy
    Daisy                                                Birdo
    Birdo                                                Yoshi
    Yoshi                                                Baby Mario
    Baby Mario                                           Donkey Kong
    Donkey Kong                                          Toad
    Toad                                                 Peach
    Peach                                                Mario
    Wario                                                Waluigi
    Waluigi                                              Paratroopa
    Paratroopa                                           Bowser
    Bowser                                               Boo
    Boo                                                  Wario
    Donkey Kong Jr.                                      Shy Guy
    Shy Guy                                              Donkey Kong Jr.
    Notice how the good characters are only paired up with the good characters, 
    the evil characters are only paired up with the evil characters, and the hidden
    characters are only paired up with the hidden characters.
    Here I will do my best to give you some basic terms from the game of tennis. 
    They will be in alphabetical order.
    ACE: An in-bounds serve that is not returned by the opposing player.
    ALLEY: See Doubles Alley.
    BASELINE: The lines at the each end of the court, where serving is done from.
    CENTER MARK: The mark along the baseline that shows where the court is divided 
    in half. When serving, a player cannot cross this line.
    DOUBLES: Tennis play with two person teams. The Doubles Alley is in play if
    you use doubles.
    DOUBLES ALLEY: The strip on the right and left sides of the court that is only 
    in play in doubles matches.
    NET: The net is halfway through the court, stretching from left to right.
    SERVICE ACE: See Ace.
    SINGLES: Tennis play with a single player versus another. The Doubles Alley is 
    not in play if you use singles.
     |    |        5--->|               |      |        
     |    |                             |      |         The
     |    |                             |      |         Tennis
     |    |-------------|---------------|      |         Court
     |    |             |               |      |
     |    |             |               |      |            
     |    |             |               |      |       1. Doubles 
     Alley|             |               |      |
     |====|=============================|======|       2. Fore Court
     |    | ^           |               |      |       3. Back Court
     |    | |           |       2       |      |       4. Net
     |    | |           |               |  1   |       5. Center Mark
     |    | 4           |               |      |       6. Baseline
     |    |-------------|---------------|      |
     |    |                             |      |
     |    |                     3       |      |
     |    |             |               |      |
    Characters: Mario, Luigi
    Traits: Above average ability in everything
    The Instruction Booklet says: "These brothers stay cool no matter what the 
    opponents serve up!"
    Matt91486 says: Mario and Luigi are perfect for beginners. They excel on Hard 
    Courts, but the Clay Court can be difficult for them. Luigi is the better of 
    the two brothers due to his height. Prior to my belief before playing Mario 
    Tennis, Mario is not a step faster. Once a player gets good, however, I suggest
    they move on to a player with a specialty they prefer.
    Characters: Peach, Daisy, Toad, Waluigi
    Traits: Fairly weak hits, excellent accuracy
    The Instruction Booklet says: "Their accurate shots ensure victory!"
    Matt91486 says: This group is a mixed-bag. Waluigi is a completely useless 
    character, whose only excuse is that this is his first game. Peach is one of 
    the better characters, while Toad and Daisy are a bit above average. Waluigi 
    is the slowest of this quartet, but he barely, if at all, hits harder than any 
    of the others. Peach is the best of this group, and Toad and Daisy are good 
    characters, especially in some key situations.
    Characters: Baby Mario, Birdo, Yoshi
    Traits: Very fast, average hits, above average accuracy
    The Instruction Booklet says: "This group can chase down balls no matter where 
    they're hit."
    Matt91486 says: This is probably the best group in Mario Tennis. Yoshi could 
    be the best character in the game. Baby Mario really lives up to his group's 
    name. Birdo is by far the worst character in this pairing. Yoshi is perfect 
    for most matches.
    Characters: Bowser, Donkey Kong, Wario
    Traits: Great power, horrible speed
    The Instruction Booklet says: "These guys deliver shots with tremendous power."
    Matt91486 says: This is a grouping that I tend to avoid. Sure, there power 
    shots are nice sometimes but there lack of speed and consistent accuracy makes 
    them as a whole a group to avoid. Wario is the fastest, Bowser the most 
    powerful, and Donkey Kong the most accurate. Still, the only time I can 
    recommend these characters is in the Bowser Challenge Mode, where their weight 
    helps keep their balance on the tilting board.
    Characters: Boo, Paratroopa
    Traits: The ability to create shots that will startle your opponents, flying
    The Instruction Booklet says: "They fly through the air with the greatest of 
    Matt91486 says: These characters should never be used by beginners. Once you 
    get good, especially with Paratroopa, these characters can be far and away the 
    best in the game. On kind of a side note, the computer likes to be really cheap
    with these characters, especially Boo, so watch out when you play one of them 
    in a tournament.
    Characters: Donkey Kong Jr., Shy Guy
    Traits: Largely above average in everything, hidden at the first play
    The Instruction Booklet says: "You can use these characters, too...but how?"
    Matt91486 says: This is just a stupid category. The Instruction Booklet gives 
    you no information, so you will have to base this completely off mine. Shy Guy 
    is basically belongs in the Tricky Shots group, and Donkey Kong Jr., all though
    he is kind of all-around, I would put in the Blinding Speed Group. Both of them 
    are the best in their groupings, and I suggest you read those groupings for 
    more information.
         For those of you who do not wish to read my in-depth character critiques 
    below, but you still want to know how I would rank the sixteen players, this 
    is the perfect category for you.
    1. Paratroopa
    2. Yoshi
    3. Baby Mario
    4. Daisy
    5. Luigi
    6. Donkey Kong Jr.
    7. Shy Guy
    8. Peach
    9. Mario
    10. Boo
    11. Donkey Kong
    12. Wario
    13. Toad
    14. Waluigi
    15. Bowser
    16. Birdo
    This is the hardest section to write of this guide. Before you get into the 
    critiques, I'll show you an example.
    *Type: This is where I will say what type of character they are
    *Strengths: This is where I will say the character's strengths
    *Weaknesses: This is where I will say the character's weaknesses
    *Best Starting Court: This is where I will say the character's best starting 
    *Worst Starting Court: This is where I will say the character's worst starting 
    *The Instruction Booklet says: This is where I will repeat what is said in the 
    Instruction Booklet.
    *Matt91486 says: This is where I will voice my opinion about the character.
    *Strategy: This is where I will give some specific strategy for the character.
    *On the GameFAQs one to ten scale Name rates: This is where I will rate the 
    character, one through ten.
    That was my example, now below, in alphabetical order, are my entries for the 
    characters. Donkey Kong Jr. and Shy Guy will not be included yet, because I 
    feel I have used them enough to rate them, but not enough to write strategy 
    for them. Expect them a few days after my guide is put up though.
    *Type: Blinding Speed
    *Strengths: Surprisingly strong, accurate, and very fast
    *Weaknesses: Height, reach
    *Best Court: Hard Court
    *Worst Court: Grass Court
    *The Instruction Booklet says: "His small size lets him zip all over the 
    *Background: Baby Mario starred in Super Mario Land 2: Yoshi's Island, but he 
    has not been seen in a game since his resurrection for Mario Golf.
    *Matt91486 says: Baby Mario could very well be the best character in Mario 
    Tennis. He is stronger than three/fourths of the characters, one of the most 
    accurate characters, and by far and away the fastest character.
    *Strategy: Stay very far back with Baby Mario, about the baseline. You can 
    occasionally go up, but do not too often. The Drop Hits are very effective 
    with Baby Mario, but the Lob Hits can be deadly, because they are too easy to 
    return high. Smash Hits you do not have to worry about going out of bounds, 
    because you are on the baseline, and Baby Mario is classified as Blinding 
    Speed, which is supposedly the weakest group.
    *On the GameFAQs one to ten scale Baby Mario rates: 9
    *Type: Blinding Speed
    *Strengths: Her blinding speed
    *Weaknesses: Most everything else
    *Best Starting Court: Composite Court
    *Worst Starting Court: Grass Court
    *The Instruction Booklet says: "Her speed lets her move around the court with 
    *Background: To be perfectly honest, I have absolutely no clue whatsoever. I 
    believe she has something to do with Yoshi romantically, but I am not certain 
    by any means.
    *Matt91486 says: Birdo is awful. She almost beat out Waluigi for the worst 
    player in the game. Sure she is fast, but she could very well be the weakest 
    character in the game, and her accuracy is not up to par. Plus she sounds 
    annoying. Only use Birdo if you REALLY like fast characters, or you are trying 
    to unlock her secret court.
    *Strategy: Birdo needs to say about halfway between the baseline and the back 
    of the fore court to be effective. I recommend lobbing whenever possible, as 
    it can sometimes cause your opponent to drill the tennis ball into the net. 
    Take advantage of Birdo's speed, and aim for the corners closest to the net. 
    NEVER hit it into the middle unless you absolutely have to, as it is to easy 
    to return it.
    *On the GameFAQs one to ten scale Birdo rates: 2
    *Type: Tricky Shots
    *Strengths: Excellent Shot Manipulation
    *Weaknesses: Not all that strong, balls can occasionally bounce under him
    *Best Starting Court: Clay Court
    *Worst Starting Court: Hard Court
    *The Instruction Booklet says: "He uses his spin shot to manipulate the ball 
    however he likes."
    *Background: Boo has been a fixture enemy in the Mario series for quite some 
    time, although he played his biggest role in Super Mario 64.
    *Matt91486 says: Boo is a situational character. I would always choose 
    Paratroopa over Boo, unless you are trying to figure out how to best utilize 
    his manipulation skills. Better manipulation techniques are Boo's only 
    advantage over Paratroopa. Boo is still one of the better characters, there 
    is just a very similar, and better, option.
    *Strategy: Aim for the upper corners. Boo will be able to bend the shot to go 
    there with ease. If you do not take advantage of his manipulating techniques, 
    than you should simply not play as Boo at all. Those techniques are the only 
    reason you should play has him. Make sure to stay far enough back, because if 
    you get too close to the net, the tennis balls are much more apt to bounce 
    under Boo, and cause your opponent to win the points. And, as luck would have 
    it, those points can be a momentum changer, and they could turn the tides and 
    cause you to lose the match.
    *On the GameFAQs one to ten scale Boo rates: 7
    *Type: Powerful Plays
    *Strengths: The most powerful character in Mario Tennis
    *Weaknesses: The slowest character in Mario Tennis, not all that accurate
    *Best Starting Court: Grass Court
    *Worst Starting Court: Composition Court
    *The Instruction Booklet says: "His impressive serve may be too strong to 
    *Background: Bowser has been a fixture in almost ever Mario game ever made. He 
    has made appearances in each of the semi-Mario games, except for Super Smash 
    Brothers. (Mario Kart, Super Mario RPG, etcetera.)
    *Matt91486 says: I really hate Bowser. He is one of the worst characters in 
    Mario Tennis. He maybe the strongest, but his lack of speed and accuracy 
    quickly nullify that advantage. I would never recommend being him, unless you 
    are participating in the Bowser Challenge.
    *Strategy: If you decide to be Bowser, here is what you should do. Try to get 
    as many service aces as you possibly can. If you cannot, try to get as many 
    smash hits as you can. As cheap as it may sound, aim for the opposing 
    characters head, where it will bounce harmlessly to the ground and it cannot 
    be returned.
    *On the GameFAQs one to ten scale Bowser rates: 3
    *Type: Technical Precision
    *Strengths: Perhaps the most accurate player in the game
    *Weaknesses: Average in the other two categories
    *Best Starting Court: Clay Court
    *Worst Starting Court: Composite Court
    *The Instruction Booklet says: "She rarely misses when playing close to the 
    *Background: Daisy has been splitting the princess duties with Peach for as 
    long as I can remember. Although Peach was the most recent, and has been the 
    star of late, Daisy has always been there lurking.
    *Matt91486 says: And as a celebration of their shared position Daisy and Peach 
    were made almost identical. I believe that Daisy is a little bit more powerful,
    though. Which makes her my selection over Peach.
    *Strategy: Daisy is best aiming for the corners, with normal Top Spin and 
    Slice Hits. He should stay about halfway up the court, staying in the center 
    whenever possible so she does not get burned by a Powerful Smash Hit along the 
    opposite sideline. Daisy does not really need a strategy, though. She is one 
    of the few characters that you can just go out and play with and be very 
    *On the GameFAQs one to ten scale Daisy rates: 8
    *Type: Powerful Plays
    *Strengths: Very strong, fastest of the powerful players
    *Weaknesses: Very, very, very slow
    *Best Starting Court: Grass Court
    *Worst Starting Court: Hard Court
    *The Instruction Booklet says: "He can return even high balls with incredible 
    *Background: Donkey Kong was Nintendo's first real star, in the arcade game 
    Donkey Kong. Since then, he has had many hit games on the Super Nintendo, and 
    a so-called 'hit' on the Nintendo 64, plus the many updates and ports of those 
    games, and his arcade original.
    *Matt91486 says: Donkey Kong is the perfect player for the Bowser Challenge. 
    Other than for that there is very little reason for using him except for 
    unlocking his hidden court. The Grass Court is Donkey Kong's best due to the 
    great combination of ball speed and bounce. Great for a Powerful Player that 
    is. Ironically enough, never use Donkey Kong on the hidden Donkey Kong court.
    *Strategy: Donkey Kong should stay as far back as possible, as his hits will 
    still easily sail over the net, unless you use the Drop Hit, due to his amazing
    power. If you get closer than even three fourths of the way a Smash Hit can 
    easily drop the ball out of bounds. So use the Smash Hit sparingly.
    *On the GameFAQs one to ten scale Donkey Kong rates: 4
    *Type: All-Around
    *Strengths: Height, pretty good at everything
    *Weaknesses: A little slow on his feet, can get beaten by those with a 
    *Best Starting Court: Hard Court
    *Worst Starting Court: Clay Court
    *The Instruction Booklet says: "His height lets him hit even the balls that 
    look like they're out of reach."
    *Background: Luigi is the often over-shadowed, but ever-popular brother of 
    Mario. Luigi has been around since the beginning, but, as of yet, his shining 
    moment was as a playable character in Super Mario Brothers 3.
    *Matt91486 says: Luigi is one of the best characters in this game. Although he 
    does not have a specialty, he is probably the best character at the game for 
    beginners. He is the character I first used when I began playing Mario Tennis, 
    and he is better than Mario due to the size difference.
    *Strategy: Luigi's height, and lack of a true strength mean you should stay 
    close to the net, about half way between the net and the baseline. He still 
    will have a chance to back up to hit the occasional ball that will fly over 
    his head, but he can also go up close to the net and slam it home. Another 
    good strategy with Luigi, however cheap it is, is to aim for the opponents so 
    it can strike them, and bounce harmlessly to the court.
    *On the GameFAQs one to ten scale Luigi rates: 8
    *Type: All-Around
    *Strengths: Just being Mario, pretty good at everything
    *Weaknesses: Is exactly like Luigi but shorter, for once his brother outshines 
    *Best Starting Court: Hard Court
    *Worst Starting Court: Clay Court
    *The Instruction Booklet says: "His fancy footwork lets him cover the court 
    *Background: Here he his. The star of the show. Mario is undoubtably the 
    biggest fixture, marketing tool, and money maker in all of video games. Any 
    game with his mug on it is sure to sell at least a million copies. I would 
    have to say that this guy is one of the most recognizable features in the 
    *Matt91486 says: Mario is a character that should probably never be used, 
    except for by those who only bought the game to play as Mario. He is exactly 
    like Luigi but shorter, as I said before, and that makes him utterly useless, 
    because he is basically Luigi without Luigi's strengths. I can never recommend 
    being Mario.
    *Strategy: If you do not listen to me, and you still play as Mario, here is 
    some strategy. Mario's all-around ability means that he should play close to 
    the net. He has a pretty good chance of returning all of the volleys even 
    though he is without Luigi's arm length or height. The only reason to every 
    play as Mario, is because he unlocks more hidden courts than any other 
    *On the GameFAQs one to ten scale Mario rates: 6
    *Type: Tricky Shots
    *Strengths: Fairly strong and fairly fast and fairly accurate
    *Weaknesses: Balls can bounce under him
    *Best Starting Court: Hard Court
    *Worst Starting Court: Clay Court
    *The Instruction Booklet says: "With his ability to react quickly to any type 
    of shot, he can return the ball anywhere he wants."
    *Background: A famed villain straight out of the original Super Mario Brothers,
    and almost every Mario game after that. Paratroopa is the only one of the 
    three most common (in my opinion) enemies in the Mario universe. (Goombas and 
    Koopas being the other two.)
    *Matt91486 says: Paratroopa surprised me more than any other character in 
    Mario Tennis. I was not expecting Paratroopa to be good. Instead, Paratroopa 
    is exceptional, one of the three best characters in Mario Tennis. He is strong,
    fast, and accurate, perhaps even more well-rounded than Mario. And, although he
    may not be as accurate as Daisy or Peach, he can better manipulate shots to go 
    to harder to hit locales than anyone else but perhaps Boo.
    *Strategy: Be very wary on courts with a weak bounce, especially those with a 
    fast ball speed. The ball can bounce harmlessly under Paratroopa. To make up 
    for this, stay about three/fourths of the way back, when the first bounce has 
    usually passed, and the ball is reaching the peak of its second bounce. Lob 
    Hits are not as effective with Paratroopa as Drop or Slice Hits. Use Drop Hits 
    especially frequently.
    *On the GameFAQs one to ten scale Paratroopa rates: 10
    *Type: Technical Precision
    *Strengths: Just as accurate as Daisy
    *Weaknesses: Not quite as strong as Daisy
    *Best Starting Court: Clay Court
    *Worst Starting Court: Composite Court
    *The Instruction Booklet says: "She can blast the ball right down the line."
    *Background: She seems to have become the main princess in town, being the 
    rescued in almost all of the recent Mario games. She has been included in all 
    of the Mario spin-off titles, excluding the cliquey Super Smash Brothers, as 
    *Matt91486 says: Peach is at the core a slightly faster, slightly weaker, and 
    a slightly worse Daisy. While Daisy is a better overall character, Peach may 
    be more versatile due to her tiny speed advantage. Peach still is one of the 
    better characters in Mario Tennis. I just will always select Daisy over her if 
    at all possible.
    *Strategy: I would do about the same thing with Peach as with Daisy. Stay about
    three/fourths of the way back. Aim for the corners, except use Powerful Smash 
    Hits to make sure it goes all of the way there. If you are playing in Doubles, 
    take advantage of being able to hit it in the alley as much as possible.
    *On the GameFAQs one to ten scale Peach rates: 7
    *Type: Technical Precision
    *Strengths: Fairly fast and accurate
    *Weaknesses: Short, weak, basically a dumbed-down Baby Mario
    *Best Starting Court: Clay Court
    *Worst Starting Court: Hard Court
    *The Instruction Booklet says: "His speed gives him more time to plan his 
    *Background: Toad has been Mario's faithful mushroom friend since the days of 
    Super Mario Brothers 2. He has always been one of my favorite characters. Toad 
    played his most popular role in Super Mario 64, as the bringer of very, very 
    good news.
    *Matt91486 says: Toad is by far and away the most overrated character in Mario 
    Tennis. He is basically a Baby Mario, except for slower, weaker, the same size,
    and equally accurate. The equally accurate part is bad because Toad is 
    classified as Technical Precision (very accurate) while Baby Mario is 
    classified in Blinding Speed. Do not ever use Toad unless you absolutely have 
    *Strategy: Stay not quite all of the way to the baseline, but very close to it.
    Use the Smash, Lob, and Drop hits whenever possible, because Toad is so weak, 
    he must fool the opponents with harder to return shots, instead of the same 
    old, everyday shots. Those everyday shots just will not cut it with Toad. Also,
    try very hard to predict where your opponent will be locating their next hit, 
    because Toad is not all that fast, and staying in the center will not always 
    cut it. Predicting takes practice, but once you master it you will be nearly 
    unstoppable with every character, because that split second a prediction saves 
    could bring you the Star Cup in forty-five less minutes.
    *On the GameFAQs one to ten scale Toad rates: 3
    *Type: Technical Precision
    *Strengths: Longest reach in the game
    *Weaknesses: Most everything else
    *Best Starting Court: Clay Court
    *Worst Starting Court: Hard Court
    *The Instruction Booklet says: "His long arms and legs let him return any type 
    of shot."
    *Background: Waluigi literally has none. Mario Tennis is his debut game. He is 
    Wario's evil brother, Luigi's evil twin cousin, if that makes sense to you. 
    That is the best I can describe it.
    *Matt91486 says: I hope Waluigi's horribleness is a testament to his 
    inexperience, because if it is not, Nintendo has created a horrible, useless 
    character. Waluigi will forever be classified in my mind as the player who had 
    the potential to be the best, but ended up being one of the worst.
    *Strategy: Waluigi should stay as close to the net as humanly possible. Stay 
    just far enough away that he can pull out his racket. Whether you are in 
    Doubles or Singles, this is the best strategy I have come up with. Waluigi, 
    in this strategy, can use his one advantage to almost nullify his numerous 
    *On the GameFAQs one to ten scale Waluigi rates: 3
    *Type: Powerful Plays
    *Strengths: Very strong, most accurate of the Powerful Players
    *Weaknesses: Seems to move in s l o w   m o t i o n
    *Best Starting Court: Grass Court
    *Worst Starting Court: Composite Court
    *The Instruction Booklet says: "Watch out for his forceful baseline stroke
    *Background: To the best of my knowledge, Wario debuted in the Super Mario 
    Land series on the Game Boy, and the Game Boy has been his platform of choice 
    since. Almost all of his starring roles have been on the Game Boy.
    *Matt91486 says: Ugh! Wario could have been great, but he is just not as strong
     as the other Powerful Players, and he is not all that fast, or that much more 
    accurate either. Donkey Kong is a character quite similar to Wario that I 
    prefer over him. Wario is a better character than Bowser though, if you should 
    wish to use a Powerful Player that is not Donkey Kong. But, other than to get 
    the Wario Brothers Court, I really do not see much of a reason to use Wario at 
    *Strategy: Wario should stay fairly close to the net, about one/fourth of the 
    way up the court. He should avoid Smash Hits at all costs, as ninety-five 
    percent of them, especially from this distance with Wario's power, will sail 
    harmlessly out of bounds. The Lob Hit is great with Wario, as is the Drop Hit. 
    The Top Spin Hit is not as effective as you think it would be though, so use 
    it as a situational hit.
    *On the GameFAQs one to ten scale Wario rates: 3
    *Type: Blinding Speed
    *Strengths: Great Speed, one of the best accuracy ratings, one of the strongest.
    *Weaknesses: He tends to slip and slide when he tries to stop, short
    *Best Starting Court: Composite Court
    *Worst Starting Court: Grass Court
    *The Instruction Booklet says: "Not only is he fast, but he's pretty accurate, 
    *Background: Yoshi has always been there when Mario needed him. He became more 
    than a bit character, though, in Super Mario Land 2: Yoshi's Island.
    *Matt91486 says: Yoshi is just a great character. He is more of an all-around 
    character than Luigi or Mario. He may be the most powerful of the characters 
    outside of the Powerful Players. He is more accurate than even some of the 
    Technical Precision Players. Yoshi is just all-around spectacular.
    *Strategy: Yoshi does not really need a perfect strategy to win. Try for the 
    service aces, and use the Smash Hit effectively. Lob Hits are not as important 
    with Yoshi as with some of the other characters. Stay about three/fourths of 
    the way from the net, and you should be fine. Just, never hit it at any of the 
    Powerful Players.
    *On the GameFAQs one to ten scale Yoshi rates: 9
    *Players to Use: Mario, Luigi, Yoshi
    *Players to Avoid: Boo, Paratroopa, Shy Guy
    *Ball Speed: Normal
    *Bounce: Strong
    *The Instruction Booklet says: "Concrete covered with rubber. A standard 
    composite court."
    *Matt91486 says: This is probably the most average of the courts. No one really
    is horrible or great here, the ones that fly seem to have a slight disadvantage 
    though. Mario and Luigi are great here as the court's lack of a strength bodes 
    well for those that do not have a strength.
    *Players to use: Peach, Daisy, Toad
    *Players to avoid: Luigi, Bowser, Donkey Kong, Wario, Mario
    *Ball Speed: Slow
    *Bounce: Weak
    *The Instruction Booklet says: "Covered with hard clay. A court with slow ball 
    *Matt91486 says: This could be the most difficult starting court to play on. 
    You need great accuracy, and most of the characters are bad here. The accurate 
    players, excluding Waluigi, are exceptional here, as the easiest way to win is 
    with Service Aces and shots around the baseline.
    *Players to use: Bowser, Wario, Donkey Kong
    *Players to avoid: Birdo, Toad, Baby Mario
    *Ball Speed: Fast
    *Bounce: Weak
    *The Instruction Booklet says: "Covered with natural grass. A court with fast 
    ball speed."
    *Matt91486 says: Do not let the Instruction Booklet fool you. The other courts 
    with fast ball speed are much faster. This one really only rates about average.
    This is the only court I can recommend the trio of Powerful Players for. The 
    grass court seems to bring out the best in them--and the worst in most of the 
    Blinding Speeders.
    *Players to use: Yoshi, Toad, Boo
    *Players to avoid: Donkey Kong, Wario, Bowser
    *Ball Speed: Fastest
    *Bounce: Weak
    *The Instruction Booklet says: "Covered with artificial turf. A court with very
    fast ball speed."
    *Matt91486 says: This is just a bad court for the trio of powerful players. It 
    nullifies their strength, and it makes their biggest weakness more apparent. 
    Avoid them at all costs. Boo could very well be the best on this court, because
    of his ability to manipulate shots better than other characters. Yoshi and Toad
    are also good choices.
    *How you get it: Win the Mushroom Cup with Yoshi
    *Players to use: Yoshi, Baby Mario, Birdo
    *Players to avoid: Donkey Kong, Bowser, Paratroopa
    *Ball Speed: Fastest
    *Bounce: Weak
    *The Instruction Booklet says: Nothing, this is a hidden court.
    *Matt91486 says: This could be the only court I recommend not using Paratroopa 
    on. The ball seems to bounce under him more often than on other courts due to 
    the high ball speed and weak bounce. That combination is deadly for Paratroopa.
    And Bowser and Donkey Kong are not recommended for the high ball speed. I did 
    not mention Wario since he is a step faster than that duo. You also get to hear
    the Yoshi's Story music.
    *How you get it: Win the Mushroom Cup with Donkey Kong
    *Players to use: Yoshi, Peach, Toad
    *Players to avoid: Donkey Kong, Bowser, Wario
    *Ball Speed: Fast
    *Bounce: Strongest
    *The Instruction Booklet says: Nothing, this is a hidden court.
    *Matt91486 says: Ironically enough, you should never use Donkey Kong here. The 
    Fast ball speed can be way too much for him. Even though the strongest bounce 
    possible can help him, it also helps Yoshi, Peach and Toad. Wario and Bowser 
    should also be avoided. This is a court that aiming Smash Hits to the corners 
    will always be deadly on.
    *How you get it: Win the Mushroom Cup with Mario
    *Ball Speed: Fast
    *Bounce: Weak
    *Players to use: Yoshi, Baby Mario, Toad
    *Players to avoid: Donkey Kong, Bowser, Wario
    *Ball Speed: Fast
    *Bounce: Weak
    *The Instruction Booklet says: Nothing, this is a hidden court.
    *Matt91486 says: This is basically the same court as the Yoshi and Baby Mario 
    Court except for a little bit slower. That tiny variance means Paratroopa is 
    not useless, and Birdo is not recommended. Yoshi, Baby Mario, and to some 
    degree Toad can use their speed to their advantage here, while the Powerful 
    Plays group is hurt by the weak ball bounce and the fast ball speed. Here, you 
    get to listen to the classic Super Mario Brothers music.
    In the Bowser Stage, items play a huge role. In this section, I will do my best
    to sum them up for you. Even though you have absolutely no say in what item you
    get. Unfortunately, you must use an item before you can pick up another one.
    *The Instruction Booklet says: "The banana will cause your opponent to slip if 
    he steps on the peel."
    *Matt91486 says: I am surprised Nintendo let that little sexist flub get into 
    their Instruction Booklet. The banana is an interesting weapon. If a character 
    steps on it, they will be unable to move for four or five seconds. This can be 
    very useful, and it can be very un-useful. Computer players seem to step on the
    bananas just as you let the tennis ball past you.
    *On the GameFAQs one to ten scale the banana rates: 5
    *The Instruction Booklet says: "Three shells will shoot out in straight lines 
    in three different directions. When one hits, your opponent will be temporarily
    unable to move."
    *Matt91486 says: For once I concur with the Instruction Booklet, so I do not 
    have a lot to say here. The Green Shell is very useful when your opponent is 
    on one of those three straight lines from you, but they never seem to be when 
    you fire it. They are unbelievably easy to dodge. They also stun you or your 
    opponent for about five seconds.
    *On the GameFAQs one to ten scale the green shell rates: 7
    *The Instruction Booklet says: "Lightning will temporarily lower the abilities 
    of all the other players, making their shots weaker."
    *Matt91486 says: Sure this sounds good...but you have to realize that this also
    lowers the stats of your Doubles partner, which can be deadly in the heat of a 
    difficult match. Only use this item if you are sure it will hurt your opponents
    more than yourself, and that you can cover for your teammate.
    *On the GameFAQs one to ten scale the lightning rates: 5
    *The Instruction Booklet says: "This item will speed up your player for a short
    amount of time."
    *Matt91486 says: Unfortunately, it does not speed them up all that much. The 
    only characters it seems to help in noticeable amounts are the three slow 
    characters: Bowser, Donkey Kong, and Wario. This is only a good item if you 
    have them.
    *On the GameFAQs one to ten scale the mushroom rates: 3
    *The Instruction Booklet says: "This shell will home in on your opponent. When 
    it hits, your opponent will be temporarily unable to move."
    *Matt91486 says: The only bad thing that I can think of about the red shell, 
    is that, in Doubles play, you cannot select for yourself which of your 
    opponents the red shell strikes. If we could do that, the red shell would be 
    the perfect weapon. Even with that slight problem, it is by far and away the 
    *On the GameFAQs one to ten scale the red shell rates: 9
    *The Instruction Booklet says: "The star will make your character more powerful
    for as long as your character is glowing."
    *Matt91486 says: Trust me. It is not as good as it sounds. The only way you 
    can see the difference is with the really weak characters like Toad and 
    Waluigi. Kind of like the mushroom with the really slow characters. This is a 
    power-up you should waste as soon as you get it.
    *On the GameFAQs one to ten scale the star rates: 4
    In this section I will type the questions asked by my friends, and the answers.
    There is a 95 percent chance that if you e-mail me with a question not answered
    in this guide, I will add it to this section. As of now, there is a pathetic 
    number of questions, because the ones I have been asked are answered other 
    places in the guide.
    ANSWER: Go to the Pause Menu, and click on Save and Quit. Then, scroll down on 
    that screen to where it says End Game. Then press Back to Main Menu. You should
    end up there, and the game will have no recollection of what you have just 
    ANSWER: This information is found in two other places in this guide. In the 
    Codes section, and in the Character Critiques section. Look there.
    Nintendo Ring tournaments: Ring Tournaments are tournaments set up by Nintendo
    where you can compete, and then compare scores. Select the "Special Games" 
    option at the main menu, then choose the "Ring Tournament" selection. Enter 
    your code at the Code Entry Screen to begin the tournament. Another code will 
    be displayed after completing the tournament. The new code is not actually a 
    code for the game, but is for ranking you with other Mario Tennis players at 
    Nintendo's Mario Tennis web site. You can also enter J6M9PQJ6U as a code to 
    play as Donkey Kong Jr. vs. Bowser in another match.
    Enter A3W5KQA3C for the Mario Cup.
    Enter UOUFMPUOM for the Wario Cup.
    Enter M1C2YQM1W for the Luigi Cup.
    Enter LA98JRLAR for the Waluigi Cup.
    Enter MM55MQMMJ for the Donkey Kong Cup.
    Enter OF9XFQOFR for the Peach Cup.
    Enter N24K8QN2P for the Bowser Cup.
    Enter ARM6JQARU for the Blockbuster Cup.
    Enter J6M9PQJ6U for the Nintendo Power Cup.
    Enter 48HWOR482 for the MarioTennis.com Cup.
    Although most of the codes are found elsewhere in this guide, I decided to 
    make a place where they could be condensed and easier to find. Some of them 
    are not found anyplace else. If you find a code for Mario Tennis, please tell 
    me, and I will give you credit.
    Play as Shy Guy: Win with any character in the Star Cup Singles Tournament.
    Play as Donkey Kong Jr.: Win with any character in the Star Cup Doubles 
    Donkey Kong Court: Win with Donkey Kong in the Mushroom Cup Singles Tournament.
    Yoshi and Baby Mario Court: Win with Yoshi in the Mushroom Cup Singles 
    Birdo and Yoshi Court: Win with Birdo in the Star Cup Doubles Tournament.
    Mario and Luigi Court: Win with Mario in the Mushroom Cup Singles Tournament.
    Mario Brothers Court: Win with Mario in all of the Doubles Tournament Cups. 
    Mario and Luigi Castle Court: Win with Mario in the Star Cup Doubles and 
    Singles Tournaments.
    Wario Brothers court: Win with Wario in all of the Doubles Tournament Cups.
    Piranha Plant Court: This court only works in the Piranha Plant Challenge. 
    Complete any court by returning all 50 balls without having them returned to 
    you in the Piranha Plant Challenge with any character.
    Special Cups: Win all of the Tournament Cups with all the characters 
    (including Shy Guy and Donkey Kong Jr.) to unlock the Special Cups, which are 
    much harder than the previous ones. Press R while selecting a character at the 
    character selection screen to access the Special Tournament Button in the Menu.
    Enable Code (Which must be on):
    F1300290 3C01 
    F1300292 A005 
    F1300298 03E0
    F130029A 0008 
    F130029C AC20 
    F130029E 86A0
    Score Modifier (Player 1): 8015344A 00??
    Start Set With Score Modifier (Player 1): D015344A 0000
    8015344A 00??
    Games Won Modifier (Player 1): 8015344D 00??
    Sets Won Modifier (Player 1): 8015344F 00??
    Aces Modifier (Player 1): 81153454 00??
    Double Faults Modifier (Player 1): 8115345C 00??
    Return Winners Modifier (Player 1): 81153464 00??
    Smash Winners Modifier (Player 1): 8115346C 00??
    Score Modifier (Player 2): 8015344B 00??
    Start Set With Score Modifier (Player 2): D015344B 0000 8015344B 00??
    Games Won Modifier (Player 2): 8015344E 00??
    Sets Won Modifier (Player 2): 80153450 00??
    Aces Modifier (Player 2): 81153456 00??
    Double Faults Modifier (Player 2): 8115345E 00??
    Return Winners Modifier (Player 2): 81153466 00??
    Smash Winners Modifier (Player 2): 8115346E 00??
    Numbers that go with the Score Modifier Codes:
    00 - 0
    01 - 15
    02 - 30
    03 - 40
    To Iamnothing, who really is not nothing, as he showed me the ins and outs of 
    FAQ writing.
    To Dallas, for greatly helping this guide get up and running.
    To Gruel, who suggested I do the Rules of Tennis and Tennis Terminology 
    To SD3Magus for supplying the Mario Tennis ASCII art.
    To Inkhands for his daily inspiration.
    To Nintendo, for making such a great game.
    To my friends, who came up with some of the questions for the Frequently Asked 
    Questions section.
    To the readers, for making my writing of this guide worthwhile.
    To Toys R Us for having the Mario Tennis demo out that motivated me to buy 
    Mario Tennis.
    And to whomever assists me with this guide, which is no one yet.

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