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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Perfect Light

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                           <<Game Guide>>
                   Copyright (c) 2001, Perfect Light
                        All rights reserved
                            Version 3.5
    Author: Perfect Light
    E-Mail: Jetstorm777@aol.com
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      \__ \| |\/| |  T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S
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    1) Introduction
    2) Disclaimer
    3) Version History
    4) Our Hero
    5) Characters*
    6) Controls & Pick-Ups
    7) Game Display
    8) Walkthrough***
          Level 1
          Area 1. Get To The Bank
          Area 2. Bank Approach
          Area 3. Hostage Situation
          Area 4. Stop The Bomb!
          Level 2
          Area 1. Race To The Bugle
          Area 2. Spidey vs. Scorpion!
          Area 3. Police Chopper Chase
          Area 4. Missile Attack
          Area 5. Building Top Chase
          Area 6. Scale The Girders
          Area 7. Police Evaded
          Level 3
          Area 1. Spidey vs. Rhino!
          Level 4
          Area 1. Catch Venom
          Area 2. Spidey vs. Venom!
          Area 3. Sewer Entrance
          Area 4. Sewer Cavern
          Area 5. Subway
          Area 6. Sewage Plant
          Area 7. Hidden Switches
          Area 8. Tunnel Crawl
          Area 9. Venom's Puzzle
          Area 10. The Lizard's Maze
          Area 11. Spidey vs. Venom Again!
          Level 5
          Area 1. Symbiotes Infest Bugle
          Area 2. Elevator Descent
          Area 3. Stop The Presses!
          Area 4. Bugle's Basement
          Area 5. Spidey vs. Mysterio!
          Level 6
          Area 1. Waterfront Warehouse
          Area 2. Underwater Trench
          Area 3. Stopping The Fog
          Area 4. Spidey vs. Doc Ock!
          Area 5. Spidey vs. Carnage!
          Area 6. Spidey vs. Monster-Ock!
    9) How To Get ALL The Costumes (without cheats)**
    10) Costume Powers**
    11) Cheats & Ultimate Code
    12) Comic Collection*
    13) Weird/Cool Stuff
    14) Best Times
    15) Bank Thug Quotes*
    16) Favorite Quotes*
    17) Game Credits
    18) My Credits
    19) My Other FAQs
    20) A Fond Farewell!
    *= Minor Spoliers
    **= Spoilers
    ***= Massive Spoilers!!!
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      \__ \| |\/| | 1) I N T R O D U C T I O N
    ==|___/|_|  |_|=========================================================
    This game is so sweet, I decided to write a FAQ on it. Just shows you what the 
    life of a fifteen-year-old is like. Find cool games and write a FAQ on it. This 
    guide will show you all there is to know about Spider-Man!
    This is Perfect Light's rating on the game.
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                       |  _/| |_ |
                       |_|   \___|
    Spider-Man is an Action/Adventure game by genre, and it has a total of 32 
    levels, 8 bosses, and explosive play. The controls are easy to learn and are 
    easy to handle.
    All characters are copyright, and TM 2000 Marvel. Developed by Neversoft, 
    published by Activision, all rights reserved.
    OK, on to the basics, Spider-Man is the hero of this story, obviously, and the 
    main plot is that some Spider-Man copy made off with Dr. Otto Octavious' 
    technology. Now, Spider-Man must find out who. Well, here is Spidey himself's 
    intro to it.
    "Last time I checked, I was Spider-Man.
        So there I was, attending a lecture at the Science Expo given by the now-
    reformed Dr. Otto Octavius (better known as Doctor Octopus). Just as Octavious 
    finished lecturing on his latest technological innovation, the entire auditorium 
    was thrown into chaos.
        Somebody dressed to look like Spider-Man took out the security guards and 
    stole Octavius' new piece of technology. As if that wasn't bad enough, I bumped 
    into Eddie Brock during all the commotion. Since Brock is the human half of the 
    symbiotic pair known as Venom, I'm thinking his presence at the Science Expo can 
    only mean more trouble.
        Isn't that just my luck? Octavius' technology has been stolen, and the 
    police and everyone else in New York think it was me that took it. But there has 
    to be more to this than meets the eye. Why would someone want to steal Octavius' 
    technology and pin the theft on Spider-Man?
        Well, I know one thing for sure: New York City is only big enough for one 
    And that's me."
                                                     Peter Parker
                                                     New York City
    Well, let's get on to the Guide itself!
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      \__ \| |\/| | 2) D I S C L A I M E R
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    Copyright (c) 2001 by Perfect Light
    All rights reserved
    The following sites have my personal permission to post this:
    That's it! If I catch you with it on your site if you're not gamefaqs, 
    neoseeker, or psxcodez, you'll be in for serious trouble. I WILL catch you, you 
    WILL be sorry, and you WILL pay the consequences! There! I said it.
    If you do not plan on posting this on gamefaqs.com, neoseeker.com, or 
    psxcodez.com, but some other whatever.com, I will write out a polite e-mail 
    asking you to please remove it. If you fail to do so, I will be forced to take 
    it to court and press carges. GameFAQs even states that suing a webiste for 
    posting your FAQ without permission is easy, and the owner of the FAQ can easily 
    win. Plagerism is already bad, so don't add to the problem. Got it? You're 
    smart, intelligent people, so just be smart.
    Also, certain e-mails I won't accept. If you scream and shout at me, writing 
    something like: You (insert explicitive here), you said you can kill (insert 
    enemy here) in (insert #) shots and it took me (insert another #) you little 
    (insert various explicitives here)!!! You're not cute, not one's laughing, and 
    you're obviously not very mature. And I don't have anything to say to you if you 
    talk to me like that. However, if you have anything DECENT to contribute, feel 
    free to drop me a line at Jetstorm777@aol.com anytime!
    If I do give you permission to put this up on your site, don't abuse the 
    previlage. You're not allowed to put advertising baners up, or anything else. 
    Just leave it as it is. You may spell-check or add things, put please please 
    please DO NOT take ANYTHING out, and this Disclaimer must remain intact.
    You may not sell this FAQ, or in any other way shape or form make money off this 
    FAQ at all. I believe that part is clear. Next!
    Plagerism is against the law. You know that. I know I repeat myself, but I 
    stress upon the fact that you leave my FAQ be and if you want to copy, go look 
    at a dictionary. Copying someone else's work without acknowledging he/she made 
    it is a crime and it will be forced, and you will pay the price if you choose to 
    If you see anything wrong in this FAQ, no matter how minute, e-mail me to 
    correct it. I like being corrected, but DO NOT be nasty, or I'll just delete 
    your message after having a few laughs about how dumb you are.
    RESPONSE FROM NOW ON! I'm sick of reading: "I need help but I'm not sure and by 
    the way your guide is cool sweet and lke it do you know how to help me?" No, 
    that's not going to cut it. I want neat, properly written letters so that I can 
    actually READ and UNDERSTAND it! NO MORE GIBBERISH! Also, please put "Spider-Man 
    FAQ" in the title to help me. I get too many guide questions from my other 
    guides to try to organize what question is for what game.
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      \__ \| |\/| | 3) V E R S I O N  H I S T O R Y
    ==|___/|_|  |_|=========================================================
    Ok, I've got two things to say. Firstly, that later I'm going to add a "What If? 
    Mode" section that will have things from What If? Mode. I'm not sure if this 
    will take place, but I'm gonna work on it. Secondly, I'm later going to make a 
    Spidey News section for things like Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro. I'll probably 
    write a guide on it once I get my hands on it. In the News section, I'll put 
    things like this in and Spider-Man 2 things in.
    Version 3.5
    I added a one-liner from Spidey, sent in by Gerardo Meza (Geram75@aol.com). 
    Thanks Gerardo! I also keep getting mail I can't read. So, I added a new rule to 
    E-Mail. If I can't read it, you won't get an answer!
    Version 3.4
    Added some one-liners from martijn_Lugten@hotmail.com, and changed the 
    Walkthrough into sections.
    Version 3.3
    Made some minor changes. Thanx to draygon777 for submitting some one-liners and 
    correcting me on what the Lizard says on The Lizard's Maze.
    Version 3.2
    I added my "Tomorrow Never Dies" FAQ to the "My Other FAQs" section, and I 
    changed the Disclaimer.
    Version 3.1
    I added "My Other FAQs" again, and put my other FAQ in it.
    Version 3.0
    I changed the version system, from going .2, .5, .7, 1.0, 1.2, etc. to going up 
    by .1 every time.
    Version 2.9
    I added the "Our Hero" section.
    Version 2.8
    I added three more Training Games.
    Version 2.7
    I added some Training Games.
    Version 2.6
    I edited EVEN MORE! But you know, this guide is about 70K at this point in time, 
    and you can't have that long of a guide AND keep adding without a few mistakes. 
    I even added where spoilers are in each section.
    Version 2.5
    I corrected and added some things that needed correction and addition!
    Version 2.4
    I worked on the "Best Times" section, but it still is not done. Don't worry, it 
    will be very soon.
    Version 2.3
    Started the "Best Times" section, but it has not been completed yet.
    Version 2.2
    Updated ASCII Art at the beginning of the document.
    Version 2.1
    Made a few more corrections, added some minor things, changed some things 
    around, renamed things, you know...the usual.
    OK, I have an idea, and I'm going to make a section where people can send in 
    their times and best scores to me for the training modes. Then, I'll put up the 
    best ones that are sent in. I'll make it within a few days, so look out for it! 
    And hey, nobody copy the idea!!! 
    Version 2.0
    Added the "Game Display" section. A big thanx to Kratt for the idea!
    Version 1.9
    Changed Section Banner. It looks a lot better now! A HUGE thanx to Kratt for the 
    idea from his Star Fox Walkthrough!
    Version 1.8
    Changed "Cast" to "Game Credits" and "Credits" to "My Credits".
    Version 1.7
    While playing on the Subway level, I discovered two NEW moves by total accident, 
    check 'em out in the "Controls" section!
    Version 1.6
    I changed the "Table Of Contents" format back again. Just tryin' out some 
    Version 1.5
    I added to the "Credits" section.
    Version 1.4
    I added the "Cast" section.
    Version 1.3
    Changed the "Table Of Contents" format.
    Version 1.2
    Added two more sites that have my Guide on them.
    Version 1.1
    I edited the "Legal Stuff" section, and changed the name to "Disclaimer". Why? I 
    don't know. I like "Disclaimer" better than "Legal Stuff".
    Version 1.0
    I removed the "My Other FAQs" Section.
    Version 0.9
    I spell-checked what I added, and THIS is the initial release of the guide.
    Version 0.8
    I added some things.
    Version 0.7
    I changed a few things around.
    Version 0.6
    I fixed the "Table Of Contents".
    Version 0.5
    I added the "My Other FAQs" section.
    Version 0.4
    I added three Weird/Cool things.
    Version 0.3
    Spell checked the whole thing.
    Version 0.2
    I added the Ultimate Code.
    Wrote Version 0.1
    * Started 1/14/01
    * Finished 3/1/01
    I added some cheats. Thanks to Spitfire for introducing me to the freakin' game. 
    But, the guide has not been released yet.
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    ==/ __||  \/  |=========================================================
      \__ \| |\/| | 4) O U R  H E R O
    ==|___/|_|  |_|=========================================================
    This is straight out of the Instruction Booklet.
    Name: Peter Parker
    Age: Early to Mid-Twenties
    Identity: Secret
    First Appearance: Amazing Fantasy #15 (Aug. 1962)
    Relatives: Mary Jane Watson-Parker (wife), Mary & Richard Perker (Parents - 
    Deceased), Benjamin Perker (Uncle - Deceased), May Perker (Aunt), Anna Watson 
    Affiliates: Avengers
    Occupation: Scientist and Photographer at the Daily Bugle
    Friends: Harry Osborn (Deceased), Gwen Stacy (Deceased), Flash Thompson (if you 
    could call him a friend), Johnny Storm (Human Torch), Matt Murdock (Daredevil), 
    Liz Allen Osborn (Harry's wife), Betty Brant, Joseph "Robbie" Robertson
    Enemies: Green Goblin, Doc Ock, Venom, Carnage, Electro, Vulture, Sandman, 
    Lizard, Mysterio, Kingpin, Chameleon, Kraven, Scorpion, and many others!
    Height: 5' 10"
    Weight: 165 lbs.
    Eyes: Hazel
    Hair: Brown
    Place Of Birth: Firest Hills, Queens New York
    Usual Place Of Operations: Manhatten and all of New York.
    * Super-Human Strength (Class 10 = 10 Tons)
    * Super-Human Reflexes (Similar to a Spider)
    * Super-Human Agility (Similar to a Spider)
    * "Spider-Sense" that warns him of pending danger and gives him ability to 
    detect signals from his "Spider-Tracers" ~ Too bad you couldn't have Spider-
    Tracers in the game.
    * Ability to adhere to walls and most other surfaces with his extremeties.
    Other Abilities: Peter Parker is a gifted and inventive person who, even if he 
    wasn't bitten by that radioactive spider years ago, would have made a great 
    contribution to society as a scientist.
       ___  __  __
    ==/ __||  \/  |=========================================================
      \__ \| |\/| | 5) C H A R A C T E R S (MINOR SPOILERS)
    ==|___/|_|  |_|=========================================================
    Powers: Super strength, super agility, stick to walls, Spider-Sense
    First Appearance: Amazing Fantasy #15
    Peter Parker
    Bio: When not out fighting crime as Spider-Man he is a photographer for the 
    Daily Bugle.
    First Appearance: Amazing Fantasy #15
    Black Cat
    Bio: A skilled cat burglar. Felicia Hardy knows Spider-Man as well as anyone, 
    even his secret identity.
    First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #194
    Eddie Brock
    Bio: The journalistic rival of Peter and one half of the symbiote known as 
    First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #299
    Bio: The henchmen live only to serve out the will of their boss- and get paid 
    for it!
    Bank Thug
    Bio: A high tech thief and part of a crime unit known as the Jade Syndicate.
    J. Jonah Jameson (aka JJ or JJJ)
    Bio: Editor of the Daily Bugle, and Peter's boss- JJJ often writes editorials 
    about the threat Spider-Man poses on the citizens of New York.
    First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #1
    Bio: JJ put Mac Gargan through an experiment that transformed him into a 
    derranged Scorpion.
    First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #20
    Bio: Blinded as a youth, Matt Murdock developed a radar sense which he uses to 
    fight crime.
    First Appearance: Daredevil #1
    Bio: New York's finest! These guys are against Spider-Man almost as much as they 
    rely on his help!
    SWAT Cop
    Bio: Maybe these are New York's finest. This time they're hoping that more 
    firepower will be enough to capture Spider-Man. ~ But you know what, after 
    playing the game and beating it, I know they're wrong!
    Bio: A small time crook turned assassin. The Rhino has super human strength 
    wrapped in an armor suit.
    First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #41
    Human Torch
    Bio: A member of the Fantastic Four. Torch has the ability to generate flames of 
    great intensity.
    First Appearance: Fantastic Four #1
    Bio: A union of Eddie Brock and an ailen symbiote. Venom's goal: to  kill his 
    arch-nemisis, Spider-Man.
    First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #299
    Bio: Example of the Lizard's mad science- these creatures can be found lurking 
    in the sewers of New York.
    The Lizard
    Bio: A victim of his own genius - Curt Conners the man now spends his life as 
    the vicious Lizard!
    First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #6
    Mary Jane Parker
    Bio: Mary Jane must balance the roles of being a super model and the wife of 
    super hero Peter Parker.
    First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #42
    Bio: This creature is a part of the alien race that spawned the fearless 
    villians, Venom and Carnage!
    Bio: Quentin Beck uses the tricks of the trade to baffle Spider-Man with 
    illusions and robotics.
    First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #18
    Bio: His family was killed by a mob. Now, Frank Castle chooses to fight bad guys 
    using their rules!
    First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #129
    Doctor Octopus
    Bio: When four robotic arms were fused to Doctor Otto Octavius's (Peter's old 
    chemistry teacher) body, the resulting insanity gave birth to Doctor Octopus!
    First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #3
    Bio: Cletus Kasady was dangerous even before joining with the symbiote that 
    would later be called Carnage, who was supposedly Venom's offspring.
    First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #341 (he's one of the _later_ enemies, 
    Bio: The terrifying result of the symbiote from Carnage taking over the power of 
    Doctor Octopus!
    First Appearance: Amazing spider-Man #3056574639503. Hehehe. No, he's an 
    exclusive to the game!
    Captain America
    Bio: The Star-spangled Avenger who got his start battling Axis agents in World 
    War II!
    First Appearance: Cap Comics #1
    Bio: Namor - Prince Of Atlantis - has been both mankind's defender and its 
    greatest foe!
    First Appearance: Marvel Comics #1
    J. James Jewett
    Bio: A fearless man from Montana! Joel is the ruler of both the Spider-Man and 
    Tony Hawk teams and master of the Neversoft office.
    First Appearance: He actually DOES appear in the game. By entering "RULUR" as a 
    cheat code, Spidey's JJ will be replaced by Neversoft's JJ!
       ___  __  __
    ==/ __||  \/  |=========================================================
      \__ \| |\/| | 6) C O N T R O L S  &  P I C K - U P S
    ==|___/|_|  |_|=========================================================
          ___________                                    ___________
       L2:Stealth*   |                                  |           R2:Web Swing
          _________  |                                  |  _________
       L1:Web Aim  \ |        no use      pause         | /         R1:Zip-Line
                 _=====_        |           |         _=====_
                / _____ \       |           |        / _____ \
             .'  |     |  `.    |  S O N Y  |     .'  |   ___________triangle:fire
            / ___| /|\ |___ \   |           |    / ___| /_\ |___ \        trap 
    D Pad----|      |      | ;  |_          |_  ; | _         _ | ;
    (move)   |<---     --->| | |__|        |__> | ||_|-------(_)-----square:punch
           ; |___   |   ___| ;SELECT       START; |___       ___| ;  circle:kick
           |\    | \|/ |    /  _     ___      _  \    |  X-----------X:jump
           | `.  |_____|  .','" "', |___|  ,'" "',`.  |_____|  .' |
           |   `-._____.-' /       \ANALOG/       \ `-._____.-'   |
           |               |       |_====_|       |               |
           |              /\       /      \       /\              |
           |             /  `.___.'        `.___.'  \             |
           |            /      |                     \            |
            \          /       |                      \          /
             \________/      no use                    \________/
    (This magnificent controller was made by the great Ewok King, but I changed it 
    to fit the Spider-Man game controls, thanx Ewok King!)
    *Must be wearing the Spider-Man Unlimited suit
    Here are some descriptions of the moves (combos that can't be shown in the 
    controller above) and their uses.
    Triangle: Fire Trap webbing. Good for beginning enemies. Useless on later 
    enemies, symbiotes, and bosses.
    Triangle + Up: Fire Impact webbing. Better and stronger than trap webbing, 
    though still won't work on symbiotes.
    Triangle + Down: Web Yank. After firing, press right or left to throw in that 
    Triangle + Left: Web Spikes. Powers-up your punches.
    Triangle + Right: Web Dome. Defends you against all attacks. Breaks after a lot 
    of weak hits or one strong hit.
    X: This move is second to none when it comes to sheer destructive power, enemey 
    mangling...no, actually you just Jump.
    X + Square (must be near an enemy to do): Flying Punch.
    X + O (must be near an enemy to do): Flying Kick.
    []: Punch. Hit repeatedly to unleash a combo. Use Web Spikes to power up.
    [] + O: Punch Kick combo. First, Spidey punches normally, then he performs a 
    side kick that he does often times in the show.
    O: Kick. Same as punch, only not powered up with Web Spikes.
    O + []: Kick Punch combo. Spidey kicks normally, then he performs a quick punch 
    forward (instead of coming from the side like a normal punch) that he does often 
    times in the show.
    Triangle + [] or O: Grab. Once grabbed, hit Square again to jump onto their 
    shoulders. Press Square _again_ to punch them to death. Or press Circle to kick 
    O O or [] [] + Triangle: Web Grab-Flip Combo. You shoot out a web line then flip 
    the enemy over your back. Very cool.
    (HOLD) L1: Web Aim. A cursor appears. If it is yellow arrows, fire (press 
    Triangle)! You are shooting at an enemy! If it is light purple, fire! You can 
    interact with whatever you're aiming at. If it is red, don't fire. Nothing will 
    L2: Stealth, if you're wearing the Spider-Man Unlimited (PARALLEL) suit. This is 
    very useful in the two hostage levels, and on the Subway.
    R1: Zip-Line. You shoot to the ceiling, if it is climable. If you are on the 
    ceiling, you shoot to the floor. If you are on a wall, you shoot to the wall 
    across from you, if it is close enough.
    R2: Web Swing. While in air, press and hold to start swinging.
    NOTE: Notice when he is swinging, he is attaching to the air!
    NOTE 2: In Kid Mode, pressing X twice will activate the web slinging.
    Forward + R2: Forward Pull. This pulls you forward to the wall in front of you 
    if it is climbable. Sometimes it is hard to do so keep trying!
    Blue Spider Symbols: Web Cartridge with a max of ten.
    NOTE: Three suits limit you to two cartridges.
    Red and White Spider Symbols: Health.
    Gold and Red Spider Symbols: Magnesium Webbing, which is useful against 
    symbiotes. It fills up your current cartridge, so once that cartridge is 
    depleted, you revert back to regular webbing.
    Gold Spider Symbols: Spider-Armor, very sweet. Spidey says he "doesn't use it 
    much, but it might be useful here". And it usually is extremely useful. The 
    armor takes its own damage, normal Health won't restore it, and whenit runs out 
    of health, you turn back to regular Spider-Man.
       ___  __  __
    ==/ __||  \/  |=========================================================
      \__ \| |\/| | 7) G A M E  D I S P L A Y
    ==|___/|_|  |_|=========================================================
                    Spidey's Health         Boss's Health (only while facing     
                           |                      |          bosses will this
                           |                      |               appear)
     Spidey's       _______|______________________|_________      
     Head----------|-- )___|__|           |_______|_______(-|-------Boss Head
      Here         |__/_                                    |        Here (only
                   | |(_)x07--.                             |       while facing
    Amount-----------|        |                             |       bosses will
    Of             |_|        |   __________                |       this appear)
    Fluid Left     |          |  |          |               |    
    In             |          |  |          |               |     
    Current        |          |  |          |               |    
    Cartridge      |          |  |       ---|---------------|--------Spidey will
                   |          |  |          |               |        most likely
       # of________|__________|  |          |               |        be here
    Cartridges     |             |          |               |    
    Spidey is      |_____________|__________|_______________|    
     (10 max) 
    I hope that that did not confuse you too much. I read Kratt's excellent Star Fox 
    Boss Guide, and saw that he had a Game Display, and I thought, why couldn't I 
    add one too? So I did! And here it is! A big thanks to Kratt for the idea! 
    (although, I think he saw it from someone else) Thanx to whoever had that idea!
    NO! Don't go to Kings Island! Keep reading!!!
       ___  __  __
    ==/ __||  \/  |=========================================================
      \__ \| |\/| | 8) W A L K T H R O U G H (MASSIVE SPILERS!!!)
    ==|___/|_|  |_|=========================================================
    ================================Level 1=================================
    Area 1. Get To The Bank
    It starts out with you crawling up the wall. Then, you flip up and talk to Black 
    Cat. She tells you that the bank is being robbed and that the robbers have 
    hostages. Swing forward to the nearest building. If you don't know how, go to 
    the nearest Question Mark. Run forward and grab the web cartridge. Swing to the 
    next building. Your Spider-Sense will tingle, and you must handle your first 
    henchman. Swing to the next building, climb up, and take care of the Henchmen. 
    Keep going while following the Spidey-Compass and eventually you'll end the 
    level. :)
    Area 2. Bank Approach
    <Comic #1>
    Swing to the building ahead of you. Climb up, and you find out the robbers are 
    the Jade Syndicate. Climb to the top of the building and engage in battle as the 
    cool music starts. Sometimes I engage in battle on purpose even if I can avoid 
    it, just to have that awesome music. But then again, I'm just a dork... Take out 
    all the Bank Thugs and the level ends with you entering the bank.
    Comic Location: On top of the Fantastic Four Building
    Area 3. Hostage Situation
    <Comic #2>
    Exit the room you're in and web up the Bank Thug. Don't engage with your fists 
    or they'll yell and the other Thugs may execute their hostages. Turn the corner 
    as your Spider-Sense goes off. Fire off your webbing to web up the Thug. (If you 
    want/need some webbing, there is some in the elevator to the left, it will open 
    when you get near it) Take two lefts. Deal with the two Thugs and go forward. Go 
    to where the ventilation cover is on the floor and your Spider-Sense goes off. 
    Zip up with R1 and crawl through the ventilation shaft. Take out the Thug and 
    activate the three switches. Exit through the now open door and web up the two 
    oncoming Thugs. Turn the far corner and fist fight the three Thugs after the 
    hostages escape. Go forward, make a right, and run forward till the level ends.
    Comic Location: Under the chair in the first cubicle at the end of the level.
    Area 4. Stop The Bomb!
    <Comic #3>
    Go forward and your Spider-Sense will go off at full blast. Turn left and web up 
    the Thug. Keep going forward. At the first corner, turn and web up the Thug as 
    one hostage escapes. Go forward, and turn the next corner, taking out the Thug, 
    there, too. By this time, at the far side of the room, a Thug should have 
    appeared. Take him out and free the last hostage. Go straight and turn left. 
    There is a locked door there so use the vent to bypass it (go to the grating and 
    Zip-Line). Fight the two Thugs there and another Thug will come out of the door. 
    Take him out and go forward, not going through the security system (hey, if you 
    do it beeps, and the Thugs will execute the hostages, sometimes). Go to the 
    control panel and hit the panel on the right with your web to open the _safe_. 
    (trust me about the italics sign thing, as the safe will come in handy later.) 
    Spidey makes a comment on it. Then, hit the other panel with some web. You have 
    2:01 to Stop The Bomb (hey, where'd you think they got the name)! Enter the 
    opened door, kill the three Thugs, and pick up the bomb. Now, you gotta put the 
    bomb in a _safe_ place. HINT HINT! ;) Once you put the bomb in a _safe_ (people, 
    I'm practically giving the answer away here) place and _lock_ it in, the level 
    will end. 
    Comic Location: After all the hostages are freed, run back to the hall before 
    the first security door.
    ================================Level 2=================================
    Area 1. Race To The Bugle
    <Comic #4>
    If you still aren't sure about web swinging, touch the Question Mark. Basically, 
    just follow your Spidey-Compass. If you don't, Spidey will say, "Oookay. News 
    Flash. Gotta follow the Spidey-Compass." When you come to the building with the 
    two henchmen that are anxious about the boss paying them, climb up and take care 
    of the Henchmen, and go forward to the next building. Take care of that 
    Henchman, then swing forward to the bugle to the end of the level. If you don't 
    make it there before Scorpion kills Jameson, you lose, so go as fast as you can, 
    but go slow enough so that you don't slip and fall.
    Comic Location: Go around the side of the building with the two henchmen that 
    want their money, then press X to detach. You will fall onto a platform with the 
    Comic on it.
    Area 2. Spidey vs. Scorpion!
    <Comic #5>
    This guy is one of the easiest bosses in the game. Web him up at the beginning. 
    Pelt him with a few Impact Webbing shots, then web him up again. Follow this 
    pattern until JJ runs away like a weener. Then, when Scorpion attacks you, JJ 
    calls for your help. After you a save him and the level ends, he turns the cops 
    against you! What a loser!
    Comic Location: If you destroy all the furniture in the first room (either by 
    throwing it or letting Scorpion whip it) the comic will appear in the middle of 
    the room.
    Area 3. Police Chopper Chase 
    <Comic #6>
    Don't stop moving! Web swing whenever you can. The missiles hurt a lot and you 
    need to stay away from them. Just keep moving and try to avoid those missiles. 
    Another tip, when the missiles blow things up, like electrical boxes, you can 
    find useful things inside, like Health and Web Cartriges.
    Comic Location: On the last rooftop hang around until the chopper blows up the 
    front box on the right side, and the comic will be there.
    Area 4. Missile Attack
    Always go up! Avoid the boarded up sections, because that's where the police 
    shoot their missiles. Also, they try to pelt you with machine gun fire, so don't 
    stop moving. Near the start, you'll see a billboard saying that there will be a 
    Wolverine interview on Channel 7. Keep climbing upwards, never down. Later on, 
    there's a sign for the radio channel WHLK 96.6, which wants you to "Wake Up To 
    WHLK 96.6"! When you reach the top of the building, the level ends. Near the 
    end, there is also a poster for Fantastic Four Live!
    Area 5. Building Top Chase
    <Comic # 7>
    Turn around and kill the policeman. Go down the side of the building that has 
    the billboard on it. Climb up and when you reach the billboard, you see is is 
    for Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2. When you climb up onto it Spidey will say "Tony 
    Hawk. Hey, I skated with that guy." Get off onto the building and keep going 
    forward. When you get to the Hotel (third building), head to the right for some 
    armor and Comic #7 in the crane. This is a lot like Police Chopper Chase. Just 
    use the same tacticts.
    Comic Location: Inside the Goblin crane lair.
    Area 6. Scale The Girders
    <Comic #8>
    Do as Spidey says and go up. When you get to the top, scale the girders. A 
    sniper will try to shoot you on the outside, so crawl from side to side to aviod 
    him. On the inside, BEWARE OF FALLING GIRDERS AND ARMED COPS. You'll even see a 
    sign that says "Hardhat Area". When you reach the top of that, your Spider-Sense 
    goes off. Head for the crane, grab the Health Icon, and run down the crane. 
    Swing to the box to end the level.
    Comic Location: Go around the left side of the building and drop down. The comic 
    will be on that ledge.
    Area 7. Police Evaded
    <Comic #9>
    Keep going forward, like level 7 & 9. Go to the gossip building for a little 
    message of the future. Follow your Spider-Compass and evade as many missiles as 
    you can. These levels are just too similar, you need the same advice. When you 
    get to the building with the towers, the level is over.
    Comic Location: When the chopper blows out the skylights, go in and hit the 
    yellow glass with Impact Webbing. "Look what I found!"
    ================================Level 3=================================
    Area 1. Spidey vs. Rhino!
    <Comic #10, Scarlet Spider costume>
    Rhino is, what are the words? Oh yeah, easy, easy, easy! Lure him into the 
    electric canister in the center by standing in front of one. Rhino will charge 
    at you. When he's close, jump away. BBBZZZZZZZT! "Rhino burgers, comin' up!" 
    Keep this up. You can use each canister twice. If you run out of those, use the 
    barrels in the same manner. If you run out of barrels, which you shouldn't, you 
    can stand in front of the wall, and make him charge you. Jump away, and peg him 
    with Web Spikes while he is stuck to the wall.
    Comic Location: If you destroy all the barrels (either by letting Rhino bash 
    them or destroying them yourself) the comic appears in the center.
    Scarlet Spider Costume: Just beat him. 'Nuff said. :)
    ================================Level 4=================================
    Area 1. Catch Venom
    <Comics #11 & 12>
    The Human Torch just flies away like nothing is happening! Symbiotes hate fire, 
    why can't he lend a hand? I mean, he expects Spidey to handle EVERYTHING? Come 
    on! He's so irritable. Where's a flamethrower when you need it? Anyway, your 
    Spider-Compass is your best bet here. Follow it as carefully as possible. If 
    Venom gets too far ahead of you, it's game over. Here's a small guide: Run 
    straight forward, jump, and swing after Venom. Venom should swing to the 
    building ahead and to the left. This is where you may make a mistake. Instead, 
    go slightly to the right to gain some ground on him. This roof is double-
    layered, so jump to the top layer and swing forward, you should see Venom up 
    ahead. Land on the building behind Venom, with a bridge connecting the 
    buildings. Jump and swing forward once more. Venom will go to the left and go 
    forward to cut in front of him. You should land just as Venom does and darts 
    toward the right. Spin right, jump, and swing again to the open building ahead. 
    Venom lands in an unfinished building and here is where you get a breather. 
    Quickly grab the Spidey Armor to the left and pursue Venom. He'll jump into a 
    building and you'll automatically follow if you go to the edge he jumped off. A 
    rather humorous cinematic follows. Venom exits the far side and you follow. You 
    land on a building, and here you regain control. Climb to the roof to see Venom. 
    Don't run straight at him, turn left and head for the corner, then swing to the 
    building ahead to gain some more ground on him. Venom will keep going so you 
    need to, too. Almost done. Follow Venom and after two roofs, he'll go to the 
    right. Follow him to end the level. You'll know you're done if he says: "If you 
    wanna fight, follow me." Whew! Long level! :)
    Comic Locations: 
    11: On the girder building
    12: On building rooftop after the in-game sequence (the one in the building)
    Area 2. Spidey vs. Venom!
    <Comic #13, Ben Reilly costume>
        "Where'd Spider-Wuss go? Spider-Wuss! Come out and play!" ::Looks around:: 
    ::Spider-Man comes down and bashes his head:: "Tag!" 
        Anyhoo, when the level begins, you automatically put on a pair of Web 
    Spikes, which will come in handy. Venom appears and disappears, and if you're 
    far from him when he re-appears, he'll pull you in and hit you with a grab-lick-
    throw combo. But if you're close, he'll web you up and throw you. So when he 
    does appear, jump towards him and unleash a punch combo while wearing the Web 
    Spikes. When he disappears, re-new your Web Spikes and reapeat the process until 
    you win.
    Comic Location: Under the car.
    Ben Reilly Costume: Again, just beat him.
    Area 3. Sewer Enterence
    <Comic #14>
    Follow Venom into the hole. You'll soon run into Lizardmen with your Spider-
    Sense tingling. After they have departed, go forward into a large open cavern. 
    Swing from one pipe to the other. Grab the Health Icon at the opening and go 
    forward as the door slams shut. Run forward toward the door, while taking care 
    of the four Lizardmen, and the level will end.
    Comic Location: In the first hallway. After going out into the cavern, spin 
    around and go back.
    Area 4. Sewer Cavern
    <Comic #15>
    Venom opens the door and you run in. Swing from the platform to the pipe. Go out 
    to the second pipe and go to the left. The game tells you to use L1 targeting. 
    Swing to the pipes ahead. Aim behind the water fall after swinging from the 
    first pipe and swing when the aimer turns green. Grab the Power-ups (two Health 
    and Spidey Armor). After you navigate all the pipes, you'll swing to an opening. 
    Go through it and put on your Web Spikes and fight the four Lizardmen. Walk 
    forward to the Subway to end the level.
    Comic Location: Behind the waterfall with the power-ups.
    Area 5. Subway
    Put on your Web Spikes and prepare for battle. Just stay on the Subway and fight 
    off any Lizardmen that drop for the ceiling. A good strategy to do is to run to 
    the front, spin around, trap any on-coming Lizardmen, allowing you to run to the 
    back. When you get to the back, spin around and trap any on-coming Lizardmen. 
    Run back to the front and repeat. If you stay on and live, you win! Also, keep 
    collecting Web Cartridges because a lot come along.
    Area 6. Sewage Plant
    <Comic #16>
    Move forward and face off against the three Lizardmen. Take them out and 
    continue onward. When you reach the intersection, take care of the baddies, and 
    make a right. Pick up the goodies, and prepare to face four more Lizardmen. 
    Jumping over them would be advisable, cuz the best fight is no fight, right? 
    Hey, that rymes! :p Now, Zip-Line up at the grate, and turn right and dispatch 
    the Lizardmen. Make an about-face and keep going. When you see the switch, flip 
    it. Hurry now, jump down and enter the passageway. Go up and walk forward. Flip 
    the three switches, activating a cinematic, then turn around and go back down 
    the hall. Fight the Lizardmen and then flip the switch. Hurry back through and 
    clamber out. Go back and this room is reverse of the other room with the 
    switches. Except, there will be Lizardmen waiting for you. Take care of them, 
    hit the switches, then leave. Go to the grate that opened when you hit the last 
    three switches and hit this switch (man, a lot of switch flippin'!). Wait till 
    the water is gone and jump down. Go forward a ways then jump up through the 
    ceiling to be done with the level. ;)
    Comic Location: Located at the end of the first hallway and making a left turn, 
    instead of right.
    WARNING: Water is fatal to Spidey!
    Area 7. Hidden Switches
    <Comic # 17>
    Itty bitty teeny weeny level. Go forward and when you get to the water, swing 
    over to the left side. Look left and hit the switch. Upon doing so, your Spider-
    Sense goes off, and Lizardmen creep from the depths. Ignore them and swing over 
    to the other side of the water. Again, face left and hit the switch. This time, 
    the water goes down a little. Go back over, turn right and hit the switch, 
    lowering the water a little more. Go back over, face right, and hit the switch. 
    Jump into the now drained area and move into the opening. Note, there are gaps 
    in the wires in the pit where the water was. Three that are near the sides.
    Comic Location: Near Switch #3 after Switch #4 is pressed.
    Area 8. Tunnel Crawl
    <Comic #18>
    Move forward to see Venom flash by. Take out the two Lizardmen and turn left. 
    Keep going and go through the hole Venom made. Go forward. Move right next to 
    where you see a water line. Wait for the water to rise. After it begins to go 
    down, move to the next rise and repeat. After you get out of the tunnel, you'll 
    face two Lizardmen. Kill them and keep going forward. You'll see a big pool with 
    a huge pipe in the middle. The water is going up and down, so swing to it when 
    the water is starting to go down. Don't even TRY to stick to the walls, they are 
    too slick and wet for Spidey to attach to. Once you make it to the other side, 
    flip the switch and turn around. Venom will run you down and run off. Go down 
    into the now drained pool, and hit the switch in the middle. Beware though, 
    Lizardmen wait for you in the drained pool. Then, go back through the tunnel you 
    started in through the water part and out the exit. Just keep going forward, and 
    you'll be done in no time.
    Comic Location: After flipping the switch to open the gate, move around to the 
    back of the second box to find the Comic.
    Area 9. Venom's Puzzle
    This is a small puzzle level. Venom taunts you and runs behind four closed 
    doors. You have to figure out the puzzle and unlock all four doors. Turn around 
    and run into the big chamber. Stand on the platform in front. Notice all the 
    switches. Don't hit any! The one you need to hit is two platforms below you. 
    Step off the ledge and to a 180o spin and press R2. If you did it right you 
    should land on the platfrom two floors down. Go to the switch and hit it. Turn 
    and face the main area and go into L1 Targeting Mode. Aim a little to the left 
    and up. You should be aiming near the waterfall. Hit that switch and then return 
    to where you first jumped off. Go through the now open doors and continue to 
    follow Venom.
    Area 10. The Lizard's Maze
    <Comic #19>
    Run forward down the hall. When you reach the opening, Venom may appear, 
    depending on the difficulty you chose. If so, make him vanish with two web 
    balls. Zip-Line to the ceiling and go through the opening. Follow the path and 
    when you come to the slamming walls, get close to where they slam, wait for them 
    to slam, then go through. When you coe to an intersection, turn right. Keep 
    going straight until you encounter Venom. Make him vanish the same way. Keep 
    going and eventually you'll find The Lizard! Venom has caged him, and if you 
    follow his directions, you'll get out. Here they are as best I can remember: 
    "Follow this path past two waterways. At the third waterway, turn right.Follow 
    it around the corners, and past the machinery.Skip the first intersection and go 
    right at the next. You will find the woman there." If anyone knows what he 
    really says, E-Mail me and I'll change it.
    Comic Location: Near Lizard after talking with him.
    Area 11. Spidey vs. Venom Again!
    Immediately after you regain control, turn off the switch Venom activated, the 
    one you are facing. After that, put on some Web Spikes and wait for Venom. When 
    he comes, get to him quickly and whack him down. Rinse and repeat. This process 
    of protecting the switches and whacking him will eventually wear the symbiote 
    down. Course, during the battle, Venom is Neversoft (pun intended) on you if 
    you're in the harder difficulties, so you'll have plenty of time to Marvel 
    (another pun intended) at his moves and strength. But, if you follow what's 
    here, you should be in OK shape!
    ================================Level 5=================================
    Area 1. Symbiotes Infest Bugle
    <Comic #20>
    ::lets out a long sigh:: We're getting into the more...ermmmm ...annoying 
    enemies of the game, the hard-to-kill Symbiotes. Any kind of webbing, except Web 
    Spikes, doesn't affect them, and they are just plain stupy! (not a typo) Oh, 
    well. Anyhow, take out the symbiote (with your feet) and then turn to the broken 
    glass. Fire in some webbing at the switch inside to free a hostage (there are 
    three I think). Zip-Line to the ceiling and crawl diagonally right. Turn the 
    corner and drop down. Run forward and beware of the symbiote. Move around the 
    corner, past the desks, and go to the glass. It will shatter when you get near, 
    and frees another hostage. There's a symbiote there, give him a pounding, and 
    climb up into the vent in the far corner of the once-glassed in room. You'll 
    hear, "Help. Help. Heeeeelp." quietly said from the hostage up there. He'll tell 
    you how to free him, grab the Health, then drop down the vent in front of the 
    Health. Web the switch in front of you to free the last hostage, then follow 
    your Spidey-Compass to the elevator, take care of the symbiotes, and flip the 
    switch. Then, you'll automatically jump down the elevator. :P
    Comic Location: Located inside the first vent with a hostage.
    Area 2. Elevator Descent
    <Comic #21>
    Stay on the elevator, and take out the symbiote, by pushing him off. Symbiotes 
    will drop down, but you'll be able to handle them easily. After you break two 
    symbiote barriers, the elevator will soon stop. Crawl up the wall with your 
    elevator on it and get into the opening. Grab the Web Cartridge, and hit the 
    switch to get the elevator moving again. Jump back on top and keep going down. 
    when you get to the end, the elevator will stop once more. Apparently, the 
    Bugle's elevators are made from a frictionless steel. Spidey can't stick to 'em. 
    Get down to the symbiote barrier and hit the switch on the RIGHT side, walk in 
    the door and end the level. Note that if you dawdle too long at the end, the 
    symbiotes will cut the elevator cable, making it plummet to its destruction, and 
    you'll go with it if you're not on the wall when it does! Elelator go down 'da 
    Comic Location: Inside the last corridor, at the bottom left.
    Area 3. Stop The Presses!
    <Comic #22>
    Destroy the...Symbiote Generator? This will generate an infinite amount of 
    symbiotes until the two purple globs on the side are destroyed. Trap Webbing 
    won't work on the globs, but you can punch them, or shoot them with Impact 
    Webbing. Use punches to save webbing. Destroy the generator in front of you, 
    then take care of the symbiote. Zip-Line up to the ceiling and move to the far 
    left of the room. Over the presses, looking into the top-left wall, you'll see 
    two openings. Go into the one to the left. You'll immediately spot another 
    generator, so destroy it, along with any of the symbiotes in the room. Grab the 
    Web Fluid if need be. Exit the room and take the other opening. Go to the left 
    and go forward. Follow the wall until you come to an opening. Enter. Your 
    Spider-Sense will tingle and the symbiotes will push the ream of paper at the 
    top off, sending it down at you. Jump over it and land beside the last 
    generator. Destroy it and then, move to the 'garage door', flip the switch, and 
    pick up the Magnesium Webbing. Exit the room and turn left, going into the last 
    room. The symbiotes push another ream of paper at you, avoid it, take care of 
    the symbiotes, then go to the left side of the room. You'll see an open vent on 
    the floor. Jump down it to end the level!
    Comic Location: Under one of the stacks of paper. Press Square to pick it up, 
    and the Comic will appear.
    Area 4. Bugle's Basement
    <Comic #23>
    Run forward, take care of the Symbiote if provoked, then make your first left. 
    The door will shatter, and steam will start. It hurts, so jump over it. Run to 
    the switch, hit it, then run straight into the fire. Zip-Line up right away, 
    grab the Health, Web Cartridge, and Magnesium Webbing. Any Symbiotes that follow 
    will burn up in the fire. Jump out and destroy the generator, and any other 
    Symbiotes. Exit the room and then turn left. Keep going and go through the gate. 
    Careful of the fire. Go forward and some pipes will spring leaks. Go past them, 
    avoiding the gas, and taking care of any Symbiotes along the way. Make a right, 
    watch for the hole in the floor, then make another left. Go to the last opening 
    in the hall. A symbiote will drop down, punch him to death, then Zip-Line up to 
    the ceiling. Flame the Symbiote up here then flip the switch. Exit. Turn left 
    and go forward. Make your first left and destroy the last generator. The wall 
    behind the generator appears to be solid, but go through it, it is a hologram, 
    and collect the goodies. Exit the room and turn left, then keep going to end 
    this level.
    Comic Location: After you jump through the furnace, four pipes spring leaks. 
    Shoot the base of each, with Trap Webbing using L1 Targeting Mode. After that, 
    the furnace on the left will shatter, and there is the Comic!
    Area 5. Spidey vs. Mysterio!
    <Comic #24>
    Mysterio has finally found a suit the size of his ego! You'll automatically jump 
    to the top platform. Stay there and when he tries to grab you, jump away, then 
    fire two web balls at the conduits on his chest. Then drop down a level. Watch 
    out and after he tries to punch you, blast these conduits with two web balls 
    each. Go down one more level, and watch out for his spinning blades. Jump over 
    them and then watch out as he tries to stomp you. Fire off another round of web 
    balls. After that, he'll create a shock wave that brings you back up to the top 
    floor. STAY THERE! If you go down, prepare to be shocked. Mysterio will fire his 
    chest lasers at you. Blast them twice each to destroy them. Now, jump away as he 
    tries to grab you. Face him and blast him with Impact Webbing. Keep blasting his 
    head and he'll be history!
    Comic Location: After you take out the first-stage targets, it appears on the 
    level first from the bottom.
    ================================Level 6=================================
    Area 1. Waterfront Warehouse
    <Comic #25 & #26>
    Ahhhh, the cliche Waterfront Warehouse. Although, I'm guessing that this 
    particular warehouse may have a bit more in store for the web-head than even he 
    can imagine. Turn to the right and jump up two levels. Grab the Magnesium 
    Webbing. Turn around and Target a little down. Target the generator and fire 
    Impact Webbing (now fireballs) at the two purple globs. Pick off the symbiotes 
    from your point, then drop back to the floor. Run right an destroy the generator 
    and any remaining symbiotes. Climb up the wall towards the left and go through 
    the "secret passage" Punisher told you about. Drop down and destroy the 
    generator. Exit the passage and grab more Magnesium on the rafters if need be. 
    Go to the right this time and follow the passage. Enter the next warehouse, 
    destroy the generator dead ahead, and the one a little to the right. Go through 
    the tunnel an through the vents. You'll soon come to an enoumous fan. Jump down 
    to the platform below, and follow the vent until you reach another fan. Your 
    Spider-Sense will activate. This one has no floor, so if you miss, you're sunk. 
    Jump down, spin right, and hold R2. If you do happen to miss, there's a platform 
    right under it you can aim to get on. Follow the vent...and take a leap of 
    Comic Locations:
    25: In the crate alcove.
    26: When you approach the last drop in the vents, Zip-Line to the ceiling and 
    crawl over. Use Square to open the hidden door and get the comic.
    Area 2. Underwater Trench
    <Comic #27>
    Run forward through the door, it is unlocked. Note that there is a locked door 
    under the platform you're on. After that, jump and swing to the platform to the 
    right. Destroy the turret (preferably with your fists) and then swing to the 
    platfrom ahead. Quickly swing forward to the next one, then to the platfrom next 
    to the door. Enter, explore this room for some goodies, then exit. The next two 
    chambers are pretty similar. If you need Health/Webbing/both, go to the second 
    door, go through, and around the pipe. Flip the switch, and the locked door at 
    the beginning will unlock. After getting through all three rooms, you'll come to 
    a hallway. Go through it to end the level.
    Comic Location: At the beginning, under the first doorway, once you flip the 
    Area 3. Stopping The Fog
    <Comic #28>
    Walk forward onto the main platfrom. There are symbiotes waiting. Jump onto the 
    generator in the middle and scale it. There is some Spidey Armor at the top. 
    Return to the path that you came in on. Enter Security Control to speak with 
    Black Cat. After that's done, flip the switch to the right to unlock some of the 
    locked doors. Exit the room and enter Control Room A, flip the switch, then 
    exit. Enter Control Room B, flip the switch, then exit. Lastly, enter Control 
    Room C, and flip the switch. (If you need Health, there is some behind the 
    monitors that are in front of you when you flip the switch to close the pipes.) 
    Yay! You freed Cat and stopped the fog!
    Comic Location: Inside a small room inside the lower part of the main column.
    Area 4. Spidey vs. Doc Ock!
    <Comic #29>
    Run around in a circle around Ock's shield, and Ock will not be able to hit you. 
    If you keep going, he'll ALWAYS strike behind you. Be sure to collect A LOT of 
    webbing in this battle. Why? Just trust me. When a switch activates, stop to hit 
    it and then keep running. Don't go to the ceiling - I did that thinking, hmmm, 
    maybe he can't hurt me up here, but I was very disappointed - cuz it'll shock 
    you good. Once the four switches are pressed, smack the fallen Doc with a few 
    Web Spike combos. Then...the shield regenerates! Hit the switches again and 
    whack him more. Follow this pattern, and you'll eventually wear him down. (The 
    only way you can go onto the ceiling and _stay_ on it, is if you have the 
    Captain Universe suit on.)
    Comic Location: Appears for a few seconds after Doc Ock's shield regenerates.
    Area 5. Spidey vs. Carnage!
    <Comic #30>
    Remember all that webbing you got from Doc Ock? Now it's time to use it. At the 
    beginning, grab Carnage and kick him into the bubble. Now, use Trap Webbing to 
    hold him there until the Sonic Bubble kicks in. When it does, stop. Right after 
    he starts to escape, web him up again. Repeating this over and over will wear 
    this one down, too. If you're on Hard, this will not work. For Hard, stand on 
    the opposite side of the bubble he's on, and use the Web Yank to pull him into 
    the bubble. If the bubble doesn't catch him as he goes through, punch him a few 
    times to knock him in. Repeat this over and over to beat him.
    Comic Location: Appears periodically in the center of the Sonic Bubble, so grab 
    it when the bubble fades.
    Area 6. Spidey vs. Monster-Ock! 
    <Comic #31 & #32>
    (this should be more like Spidey Run Away From Monster-Ock!)
    Nope, I refuse to write a guide of this level. Maybe later. For now, you'll have 
    to settle with a few tips.
    Use the Forward Pull (see "Controls and Power-Ups" Section) as often as 
    possible. You have to gain as much ground as possible.
    Don't run. Web-Swinging or Jumping is about 10 times faster!
    Take corners tightly. You have to gain as much ground as you can.
    When you have to move up a level, jump and then Zip-Line. It goes faster.
    Comic Locations:
    31: At the first turn in the tube.
    32: At the bend 3/4 of the way through.
    All right, you can now sit back and watch the hilarious ending. You can give 
    yourself a pat on the back! You did well, and if you keep at it, you won't need 
    a guide next time!
                                           _          _
      ___  ___  _ ___  __ _  _ __  __ _  _| |_  ___  | |
     / __|/ _ \| '_  \/ _' || '__|/ _' ||_   _|/ __| | |
    | |__ |(_)|| | | | (_) || |   |(_) |  | |  \__ \ |_|
     \___|\___/|_| |_|\__  ||_|   \__'_|  |_|  |___/ (_)
                      __/ /
    OK, now that you've beaten the game, and if you followed everything, there 
    should be some rewards.
    You will get:
    All six Game Covers
    Every Comic
    Ben Reilly Costume
    Scarlet Spider Costume
    Symbiote Costume
    If you finished the game on the Hard difficulty, you will also get:
    the Captain Universe costume
    If you managed to snag all the comics, you will ALSO get:
    the Spider-Man 2099 costume
    But there's still so much more to do!!
       ___  __  __
    ==/ __||  \/  |=========================================================
      \__ \| |\/| | 9) H O W  T O  G E T  A L L  T H E  C O S T U M E S
    ==|___/|_|  |_|=========================================================
                                (MINOR SPOILERS)     | (without cheats) |
    Amazing Bag Man: So far, the only way I know of to get it is to use the code.
    Ben Reilly: Beat Venom the first time.
    Captain Universe: Beat the game on Hard.
    Peter Parker: In the Item Hunt training course, find the Kraven room. This suit 
    limits you to only two web catridges.
    Scarlet Spider: Beat the Rhino.
    Spider-Man: Duck into a convenient alley.
    Spider-Man 2099: Collect EVERY comic in the game!
    Spider-Man Unlimited (this guy has a TV show!): Beat the game twice on any 
    Symbiote: Finish the game, it doesn't matter which difficulty.
    Quick Change Spidey: In the Zip-Line training course, score over 10,000 points, 
    also limits you to two web cartridges.
       ___  __  __
    ==/ __||  \/  |=========================================================
      \__ \| |\/| | 10) C O S T U M E  P O W E R S (MINOR SPOILERS)
    ==|___/|_|  |_|=========================================================
    Amazing Bag Man: Limits you to two web cartridges
    Ben Reilly: None
    Captain Universe: Unlimited webbing, double damage, and invincibility (kinda 
    cheap, actually, I mean when you think about it. There is no challenge while 
    wearing this suit, except maybe for "Spidey vs. Monster-Ock!".)
    Peter Parker: Limits you to two web cartridges
    Spider-Man: None
    Spider-Man 2099: Double damage
    Spider-Man Unlimited: Stealth, press L2
    NOTE: The stealth power won't work on bosses, the police helicopter, or the 
    Symbiote: Unlimited webbing, and it seemingly does double damage too
    Scarlet Spider: None
    Quick Change Spidey: Limits you to two web cartridges
       ___  __  __
    ==/ __||  \/  |=========================================================
      \__ \| |\/| | 11) C H E A T S  &  U L T I M A T E  C O D E
    ==|___/|_|  |_|=========================================================
    Enter codes the exact way they are written. For example, if it is written "S 
    COSMIC", IT HAS A SPACE IN IT! PUT IT IN WITH A SPACE! OK, now for the codes.
    All Game Covers: "ALLSIXCC"
    Big Head Spider-Man: "DULUX" (This code is HILARIOUS to watch in the cinematics! 
    Like when Spidey talk with Black Cat in the beginning.)
        Amazing Bag Man: "AMZBGMN"
        Ben Reilly: "BNREILLY"
        Captain Universe: "S COSMIC"
        Peter Parker: "MJS STUD"
        Scarlet Spider-Man: "LETTER S"
        Spider-Man 2099: "TWNTYNDN"
        Spider-Man Unlimited: "PARALLEL"
        Symbiote: "BLKSPIDR"
        Quick Change Spider-Man: "ALMSTPKR"
    Debug Mode: "LLADNEK"
    Invulnerability: "RUSTCRST"
    J. James Jewett (add him to the character bio): "RULUR"
    Level Select: "XCLSIOR"
    Maximum Health: "DCSTUR" 
    NOTE: This code doesn't make you invulnerable. It increases your health bar.
    Random Word: "IDENTITY" or a curse/swear word
    NOTE: This makes Spider-Man pop up, hit "IDENTITY" or the swear word, and 
    another random word replaces it. This is for all you "potty-mouthed" gamers 
    lookin' for some fun with the game.
    Unlimited Webbing: "STRUDL"
    Unlock All Character Bios: "CVIEWEM"
    Unlock All Movies: "WATCH EM"
    Unlock All Storyboards: "CGOSSETT"
    What If? Mode: "GBHSRSPM"
    Ultimate Code
    Unlock Everything: "EEL NATS"
       ___  __  __
    ==/ __||  \/  |=========================================================
      \__ \| |\/| | 12) C O M I C  C O L L E C T I O N (MINOR SPOILERS)
    ==|___/|_|  |_|=========================================================
    Comic #1: Bank Approach
    (Amazing Spider-Man #1)
    Comic #2: Hostage Situation
    (Amazing Spider-Man #200)
    Comic #3: Stop The Bomb
    (Spider-Man #1: The Death Of Captain Stacy)
    Comic #4: Race To The Bugle
    (Amazing Spider-Man #25)
    Comic #5: Spidey vs. Scorpion!
    (Amazing Spider-Man #20)
    Comic #6: Police Chopper Chase
    (Amazing Spider-Man #16)
    Comic #7: Building Top Chase
    (Amazing Spider-Man #39)
    Comic #8: Scale The Girders
    (Amazing Spider-Man #400)
    Comic #9: Police Evaded
    (Amazing Spider-Man #14)
    Comic #10: Spidey vs. Rhino!
    (Amazing Spider-Man #41)
    Comic #11 & 12: Catch Venom
    (Peter Parker: Spectacular Spider-Man #42)
    (Peter Parker: Spectacular Spider-Man #76)
    Comic #13: Spidey vs. Venom!
    (Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #8)
    Comic #14: Sewer Entrence
    (Spectacular Spider-Man #229)
    Comic #15: Sewer Cavern
    (Spider-Man #1 <McFarlane-Silver>)
    Comic #16: Seweage Plant
    (Peter Parker: Spider-Man #1 <Reprint Version B>)
    Comic #17: Hidden Switches
    (Peter Parker: Spider-Man #1 <Reprint Version A>)
    Comic #18: Tunnel Crawl
    (Spectacular Spider-Man #158)
    Comic #19: The Lizard's Maze
    (Amazing Spider-Man #6)
    Comic #20: Symbiotes Infest Bugle
    (Amazing Spider-Man #42)
    Comic #21: Elevator Descent
    (Amazing Spider-Man #100)
    Comic #22: Stop The Presses
    (Amazing Spider-Man #50)
    Comic #23: Bugle's Basement
    (Amazing Spider-Man #13)
    Comic #24: Spidey vs. Mysterio!
    (Amazing Spidr-Man #311)
    Comic #25 & 26: Waterfront Warehouse
    (Amazing Spider-Man #129)
    (Amazing Spider-Man #15)
    Comic #27: Underwater Trench
    (Amazing Spider-Man #2)
    Comic #28: Stopping The Fog
    (Spider-Man 2099 #1)
    Comic #29: Spidey vs. Doc Ock!
    (Amazing Spider-Man #3)
    Comic #30: Spidey vs. Carnage!
    (Amazing Spider-Man #33)
    Comic #31 & 32: Spidey vs. Monster Ock!
    (Amazing Spider-Man #252)
    (Amazing Fantasy #15)
       ___  __  __
    ==/ __||  \/  |=========================================================
      \__ \| |\/| | 13) W E I R D / C O O L  S T U F F
    ==|___/|_|  |_|=========================================================
    1) Sleepy Spidey
    ~Submitted by: Fory9er88~
    "If you let the game sit while on, Spidey will lay down and begin to sleep! 
    Sometimes, he will sing, too!" ~ Try this on the ceiling...oh, the hilarity 
    never ceases to amaze me!
    PERFECT LIGHT'S NOTE: I have not tried this one and can not confirm it.
    NOTE 2: You must be in What If? Mode for it to work.
    2) Conversations
    Put on your Spider-Man Unlimited suit (cheat code "PARALLEL") and go to the 
    bank. Go stealth (L2) and walk up to a thug. You hear them say things such as:
    Guard A: "I have to go!"
    Guard B: "Just hold it!"
    And if you shoot stuff or throw stuff...
    Guard A: "What was that?"
    Guard B: "I don't know."
    Experiment, and send me any new ones and how to hear them. I'm sure there are 
    more, so send me any at Jetstorm777@aol.com and if I hear them, I'll post them 
    in the next update. Hey, maybe I'll make a section about that...
    3) Tony Hawk?
    On Building Top Chase, when you begin the level there is a billboard to the 
    side. Crawl on the fromt to see a advertisement for Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. And, 
    you'll hear Spidey say, "Tony Hawk. Hey, I skated with that guy!".
    On the Missile Attack level, near the end there is a billboard for the Jefry 
    Swinger show, on which Captain America is going to be a guest. (Jefry is NOT a 
    typo. It is spelled like that in the game.)
    5) Tony Hawk Game
    At the end of the Spidey vs. Scorpion level, when JJ is turning you in, the 
    knocked over TV is playing the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 game.
    6) Venom Or Spidey?
    In the credits, press all the Shoulder Buttons (the R's and L's) to make Spidey 
    go invisible just like Venom. Pretty pointless, but cool.
    7) Inviso Characters
    In the Character Viewer, press all the Shoulder Buttons (the R's and L's) to 
    make some of the characters go invisible. The ones that work are:
    o Spider-Man
    o Peter Parker
    o Black Cat
    o J. Jonah Jameson
    o Human Torch
    o Mary Jane
    o Sub-Mariner
    8) Inviso Characters 2
    You can do the previous trick in the Costumes section where you choose your 
    costume. Here is a neat trick I found that you can do with that:
    1. Select Peter Parker
    2. Hit all the Shoulder Buttons (to makle him invisible)
    3. Go up and select any other Spider-Man costume
    4. Hit all Shoulder Buttons again (to make him visible)
    It looks like Peter Parker disappeared then reappeared as Spidey! Cool!
    ~ That's all I've got, but if you have anything you like to do, send them to me 
    at Jetstorm777@aol.com and I'll try them. If they work, I'll post them in the 
    next update.
       ___  __  __
    ==/ __||  \/  |=========================================================
      \__ \| |\/| | 14) B E S T  T I M E S
    ==|___/|_|  |_|=========================================================
      __        _     | |                     
     / _\ _ __ (_)  __| | ____  _ __       /\/\    ___ _  _ ____
     \ \ | '_ \| | / _  |/ __ \| '__|___  /    \  /  _' || '__  \
     _\ \| |_)|| || (_| |   __/| |  |___|/ /\/\ \ | (_| || |  | |
     \__/|  __/|_| \__'_|\____||_|      /_/    \_\\___'_||_|  |_|
                  _____  _                        
                 |_   _|(_) _ __ __ _  ____  ___  
                   | |  | || '_ ' _' \/ __ \/ __| 
                   | |  | || | | | | |   __/\__ \ 
                   |_|  |_||_| |_| |_|\____||___/ 
    This is the section where you can send in your best times for the Training 
    modes. If they are the best I've had, I'll post them up with credit to you, of 
    Time Attack
    60 Seconds
    Henchmen: 32 (Perfect Light)
    Bank Thug: 31 (Perfect Light)
    Lizardmen: 30 (Perfect Light)
    Symbiote: 30 (Perfect Light)
    120 Seconds
    Henchmen: 62 (Perfect Light)
    Bank Thug: 
    Symbiote: 59 (Perfect Light)
    Survival Mode
    Henchmen: 9 minutes, 41 seconds (Perfect Light)
    Bank Thug: 6 minutes, 52 seconds (Perfect Light)
    Symbiote: 4 minutes, 53 seconds (Perfect Light)
    Speed Training
    <<Coming Soon...>>
    Target Practice
    Record: 20 (Spitfire)
    Item Collection
    Item Hunt Best Time: 0 minutes, 59 seconds (Perfect Light)
    Zip-Line Best Time: 
    OK, later, I'll custom design some of my own training levels, using the levels 
    in the game. But that will be later. For now, just send in your best times for 
    the training modes. I put up my times, then I'll put up times that anyone sends 
    in that beat mine that I put up! So start sending those times in! As a last 
    note, I'm going by the honor system, because I can't get proof (if anyone knows 
    how to send proof through E-Mail, tell me) so I'm relying on your word. Don't 
    lie to me, please. I know you're not that immature, so just don't lie to me and 
    give me mumbo jumbo.
    ~ I've custom designed some of my own Training Modes, and here they are:
    Subway Training
    (Level: Subway)
    Objective: The objective here is to kill as many lizardmen as you can before the 
    level ends. Have on person play and one person keep track of the kill count. I 
    tried this with my dad.
    Record: 76 (Perfect Light)
    Missiles and Guns and Boards, Oh MY!
    (Level: Missile Attack)
    Objective: The objective for this one is to see how many boarded section you can 
    crawl over before they are hit. I haven't done this, but maybe you guys can.
    Record: 15 (Spitfire)
    Speed Training...My Way
    (Level: Race To The Bugle)
    Objective: OK, what you do here is see how fast you can get to the bugle. Have 
    someone time you to see how quick you can make it there. Again, I did this with 
    my dad.
    Record: 3 minutes, 49 seconds (Perfect Light)
    Run, Run As Fast As You Can! You Can't Catch Me, I'm Spider-Man!
    (Level: Spidey vs. Carnage)
    Objective: The thing you need to do here is see how long you can avoid Carnage 
    and take no damage. Try it, it's great! I tried it once but my time...wasn't so 
    Speedy Chase
    (Level: Catch Venom)
    Objective: Here, you must see how fast you can catch Venom (complete the level). 
    Have one person play and have another person time you.
    Underwater Swinging
    (Level: Underwater Trench)
    Objective: Here, you must travel through the underwater trench without taking 
    any damage or destroying any of the turrets.
    People That Have Done It:
    Perfect Light
    Bungee Jumping
    (Level: Elevator Descent)
    Preparation: Before we get to the objective, there is a bit of preparation to 
    do. Ride the elevator all the way down, and wait for the symbiotes to snap the 
    cable. Then, kill the symbiotes so you're not interrupted. Now, scale the shaft 
    and go up as far as you can.
    Objective: First, you must detach from the wall (press X) to bungee jump without 
    a bungee (that could be dangerous, but not for Spidey!). Let's pretend that 
    Spidey is out of web fluid. Let's pretend that he has enough fluid for only one 
    web swing. So, you must time his swing right. When you reach the last hall on 
    the right (the one you use to end the level), you must time you one swing to 
    make Spidey land IN the hall to complete the task at hand. If you miss, Spidey 
    will plummet to his death.
    People That Have Done This:
    Perfect Light
    Speedy Defeat
    (Level: Spidey vs. ?????!)
    Objective: Pick a boss, any boss. Have someone time you to see how fast you can 
    defeat that boss.
    Scorpion: 0 minutes, 57 seconds (Perfect Light)
    Venom: 1 minute, 32 seconds (Perfect Light)
    Venom Again!: 
    Doc Ock: 
    Speedy Retreat
    (Level: Tunnel Crawl)
    Objective: The objective is to crawl through the tunnel as fast as possible. 
    Have someone time you.
    Record: 1 minute, 48 seconds (Perfect Light)
    ~ If you have any Training Games you'd like to send in to me, send them in at 
    Jetstorm777@aol.com. I'll post them here if I like them with credit to you, 
       ___  __  __
    ==/ __||  \/  |=========================================================
      \__ \| |\/| | 15) B A N K  T H U G  Q U O T E S (MINOR SPOILERS)
    ==|___/|_|  |_|=========================================================
    Go into "Stop The Bomb!", Zip-Line to the ceiling and crawl out to the guards by 
    each other or slap on your Spider-Man Unlimited suit (cheat code "PARALLEL") and 
    go stealth (L2) and walk up to a thug. You hear them say things such as:
    Guard A: "I have to go!"
    Guard B: "Just hold it!"
    Guard A: "Got a breathmint?"
    Guard B: "Na, man, I'm out."
    Guard A: "What was that?"
    Guard B: "I don't know."
    Boss: "Keep sharp."
    Guard: "Got it boss."
    Guard: "Mmmmmm, I don't feel right about this."
    Guard A: "You hear that?"
    Guard B: "Nope."
    ~ That's all I've ever heard, and I'm pretty sure that that is all there is. 
    But, if you've heard any others E-Mail me and I'll post them if I ever hear 
    them, or if I can get more than one person to confirm it. :)
       ___  __  __
    ==/ __||  \/  |=========================================================
      \__ \| |\/| | 16) F A V O R I T E  Q U O T E S (MINOR SPOILERS)
    ==|___/|_|  |_|=========================================================
    "Awwww, did you hurt you're little tusky wusky?"
    From: Spidey
    Where: Spidey vs. Rhino!
    "Wonder if all wolverine's bones are made out of adamantium."
    From: Spidey
    Where: Missile Attack
    "Where'd Spider-Wuss go? Spider-Wuss, come out and play!"
    From: Venom
    Where: Spidey vs. Venom!
    "Ooooh, look it's the big master of illusion!"
    From: Spidey
    Where: Spidey vs. Mysterio!
    "Rhino burgers, comin' up!"
    From: Spidey
    Where: Spidey vs. Rhino!
    "Tony Hawk. Hey, I skated with that guy!"
    From: Spidey
    Where: Building Top Chase
    "Monsters infest sewers, hehe, yeah right."
    From: Spidey
    Where: Police Evaded
    "So if any of you tight wearing freaks out there, hehe, I don't know whoooo, 
    would like to save little Miss Fashion Model, then BRING IT ON! As for the rest 
    of the city, the Venom marathon continues!"
    From: Venom
    Where: During the cinematic after Police Evaded
    "Freeze, or there'll be a load of webbing pinning you to that wall."
    From: Spidey
    During the cinematic after Police Evaded
    "I...don't think he works here."
    From: Spidey
    Where: Hostage Situation
    "Ewwwwww, get a breathmint!"
    From: Spidey
    Where: Spidey vs. Venom! & Spidey vs. Venom Again! In What If? Mode
    "Sad thing is, he'll probably get his own talk show for this."
    From: Spidey
    Where: Cinematic after Police Evaded
    "Jefry! Jefry! Jefry! Hoo hoo hoo hoo!"
    From: Spidey
    Where: Missile Attack
    From: Spidey
    Where: Spidey vs. Rhino!
    "The heating bill on this place must be enormous! And I thought crime didn't 
    From: Spidey
    Where: Underwater Trench
    "OK. Recap. I'm a few hundred feet underwater, with deadly turrets pointing 
    straight at me! My day just keeps getting better and better..."
    From: Spidey
    Where: Underwater Trench
    "Now you see us, now you don't!"
    From: Venom
    Where: Spidey vs. Venom! & Spidey vs. Venom Again!
    "Ooooh, are we gonna...surf the web?"
    From: Venom
    Where: During the cinematic after Spidey vs. Venom Again!
    "Surf the web, surf the web!"
    From: Venom
    Where: Symbiotes Infest Bugle
    "Geez, one little mistake. We said we're sorry."
    From: Venom
    Where: During cinematic after Spidey vs. Venom Again!
    "Bummer, you're in the dog house now, dude."
    From: Venom
    Where: During cinematic after Spidey vs. Venom Again!
    "Could you make a little more noise? I'm only breaking and entering here!"
    From: Spidey
    Where: During cinematic on Symbiotes Infest Bugle
    "Who mixes green and purple anymore? I don't know."
    From: Spidey
    Where: Spidey vs. Mysterio!
    "Capes are out this year, Mysterio!"
    From: Spidey
    Where: Spidey vs. Mysterio!
    "Hey, are you gonna pay for that tower?"
    From: Spidey
    Where: During cinematic after Police Evaded
    "Hey, Spidey. Do you think you could get us, Captain America's, autograph?"
    From: Venom
    Where: During cinematic after Spidey vs. Monster-Ock!
    "Hey, loosen up, kids! I'm on FIRE!"
    From: Human Torch
    Where: During cinematic after Spidey vs. Monster-Ock!
    "Who's your daddy, Doc Ock?"
    From: Rhino
    Where: During cinematic after Spidey vs. Monster-Ock!
    "Ooooh, you're HOT baby!
    From: Venom
    Where: The Lizard's Maze
    "What color do you bleed?"
    From: Carnage
    Where: Spidey vs. Carnage!
    "What is this? The bad guy Olympics?"
    From: Spidey
    Where: Cinematic after Police Evaded
    "Mary Jane looks a bit thirsty."
    From: Venom
    Where: Spidey vs. Venom Again!
    ~ Contributed by draygon777@yahoo.com
    "I would let you see your wife, but she's taking a bath right now."
    From: Venom
    Where: Spidey vs. Venom Again!
    ~ Contributed by draygon777@yahoo.com
    "Watch that first step Parker. It's a doosy."
    From: Venom
    Where: Spidey vs. Venom Again!
    ~ Contributed by draygon777@yahoo.com
    "Sorry lady. Didn't see ya there."
    From: Venom
    Where: Catch Venom
    ~ Contributed by draygon777@yahoo.com
    "Time to heat things up here."
    From: Spidey
    Where: Warehouse 65
    ~ Contributed by martijn_Lugten@hotmail.com 
    "Special delivery for the slimeball!"
    From: Spidey
    Where: Warehouse 65
    ~ Contributed by martijn_Lugten@hotmail.com 
    "....The next thing I remeber is waking up here! They must given me some drug, I 
    cant stop dancing..."
    From: Black Cat
    Where: Stop The Fog (What If? Mode)
    ~ Contributed by martijn_Lugten@hotmail.com 
    "Sorry we can't help you Spidey, we're busy fighting Mole Man. If you need help, 
    meet me in the usual spot later."
    From: Human Torch
    Where: Get To The Bank (What If? Mode)
    ~ Contributed by martijn_Lugten@hotmail.com
    "Man, these feet stink!"
    From: Spidey
    Where: Spidey vs. Mysterio, if you go down to the bottom level.
    ~ Contributed by Gerardo Meza
    Spidey: "Open this door!"
    Venom: "Who is it?!"
    Where: Sewer Entrance
    Spidey: "Freeze, or there'll be a load of webbing pinning you to that wall!"
    Black Cat: "Well, it's not the most romantic proposition I've ever had."
    Where: Cinematic after Police Evaded
    Venom: "Hehehehehe."
    ::Venom licks Spidey::
    Spidey: "Ewwwwww, get a breathmint!"
    Where: Spidey vs. Venom! & Spidey vs. Venom Again!
    Venom: "Parker HATES it when I get the drop on him."
    Spidey: "GRRR. I HATE it when he gets the drop on me!"
    Where: Cinematic before Catch Venom
    Spidey: "So, we're partners. But only for for now. After we bust those tech 
    thieves it's payback time for kidnapping my wife."
    Venom: "Geez, one little mistake. We said we're sorry."
    Spidey: "Yeah, whatever. Now, the imposter had to have been a shapeshifter. So 
    that means it was either Mysterio or the Chameleon."
    Venom: "Hey, the Chameleon was our idea. We thought of that!"
    Spidey: "Tell me this, Einstein. Who coulda wanted to steal Octavious's 
    Venom: "Oooh! Oooh! We know! We know!"
    Spidey: "Who?"
    Venom: "Theeee, Sub-Mariner?"
    Spidey: "The Sub-Mariner? Get serious, will ya?"
    Venom: "The mighty Thor!"
    Spidey: "Are you outta your mind? Don't answer that."
    Venom: "Uhhh, Galactus."
    Spidey: "Forget it, Eddie. I need Jameson's help on this. Come on, we're going 
    to the Bugle."
    Venom: "JAMESON! We hate Jameson!"
    Spidey: "What do you mean, bonehead? We're not going to see Jameson, we're going 
    to use his computer database."
    Venom: "Ooooh, are we gonna, surf the web?"
    Spidey: "Let's just go, OK?"
    Where: During cinematic after Spidey vs. Venom Again!
    Punisher: "Nice of you to join us, for once Spidey!"
    Spidey: "Oh, I'm sorry. I was out saving the world. Beating you guys at cards 
    outta be pretty easy!"
    Daredevil: "Your Spider-Sense, won't save you."
    Punisher: "You should talk, Daredevil! You've been looking at my cards all 
    Daredevil: "I don't need to look at your cards, Punisher. Your bluffs are so 
    Captain America: "Hey, guys! Let's keep this a nice, friendly, clean game."
    Punisher: ::indicating Capt. America:: "Who keeps inviting this guy?"
    Spidey: "Hey, could you guys keep it down?!"
    Human Torch: "Hey, loosen up, kids! I'm on FIRE!"
    Where: Cinematic after Spidey vs. Monster-Ock!
    Scorpion: "Wait. Hold on. Time out. All of you guys were working together, and 
    you still couldn't take down Spider-Man?"
    Mysterio: "It's not my fault. Doc Ock's plan was horrible! Everyone knows you 
    can't control the symbiotes!"
    Rhino: "Hey, wait. I'm a rhino. You're a scorpion, and he's an octopus, but 
    what's a Mysterio?"
    ::Rhino sits down:: WHAM!
    Thug: "AHHHHH!"
    ::Thug jams into ceiling:: WHAM!
    Thug: "Ooooooh."
    Scorpion: "So, Rhino, you got any threes?"
    Rhino: "Hey, wait, hey, hey, I got a bingo! HAHAHA! You guys think you're SO 
    SMART, but I WON! Who's your daddy, Doc Ock? HAHA! You guys are always laughin' 
    at me, but who's cryin' now? Huh, uh, wait, I think I made a mistake."
    ::Doc Ock bangs head against bars:: DONG! DONG! DONG!
    ~ If you have any quotes, few liners, or conversations that you like, send them 
    to me at Jetstorm777@aol.com and I'll put 'em up in the next update!
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    ==/ __||  \/  |=========================================================
      \__ \| |\/| | 17) G A M E  C R E D I T S
    ==|___/|_|  |_|=========================================================
    This section is to give credit for everyone who was involved in the making of 
    ( N E V E R S O F T  E N T E R T A I N M E N T )
    Chad Finley
    Chris Ward
    Joel Jewett
    Peter Day
    Jason Uyeda
    Kendall Herrison
    Matt Duncan
    Alan Flores
    Brian Jennings
    Chris Glenn
    Aaron Skillman
    Edwin Fong
    Mark Scott
    Kevin Mulhall
    Jeremy Anderson
    Peter Day
    Christian Gossett
    Snakebite (mus' be a nickname)
    Johnny Ow (I hope he isn't in too much pain)
    Jeremy Pardon
    Mick West
    Jason Keeney
    Sandy Jewett (must be a relation to Joal Jewett)
    DOG   \_____What does THAT mean?!
    Logan /
    Activision Inc.
    ( R I N O  R O M A N O )
    Bank Thug 1
    ( E F R E M  Z I M B A L I S T  J R. )
    Doctor Octopus
    ( J E N N I F E R  H A L E )
    Black Cat
    Mary Jane
    ( D E E  B R A D L E Y  B A K E R )
    J Jonah Jameson
    The Lizard
    ( D A R A N  N O R R I S )
    Johnny Storm
    Captain America
    ( C H A D  F I N E L Y )
    Bank Thug 2
    Eagle-One Pilot
    ( C H R I S T O P H E R  C O R E Y  S M I T H )
    Police Pilot
    ( S T A N "T H E  M A N"  L E E )
       ___  __  __
    ==/ __||  \/  |=========================================================
      \__ \| |\/| | 18) M Y  C R E D I T S
    ==|___/|_|  |_|=========================================================
    * Thanx to Neversoft for making this great game.
    * Thanx to the Brady Games guide, because I got some comic locations from it.
    * Thanx to Jeff "CJayC" Veasy, for running his great site and posting my FAQ! 
    And thanx to all the GameFAQs staff, for making the site great!
    * A big thanx to Kratt, bcz I used his Game Display idea and the "SM" at the 
    beginning of the sections idea. Although, in his Walkthrough it was SF for Star 
    Fox, but that doesn't matter! Thanx Kratt.
    * Thanx to Spitfire for introducing me to this game.
    * Thanx to my site, GuideMasterz.com, cuz I love it a lot, and without it, I 
    never would've been able to post this for everyone to see, unless you're reading 
    this from gamefaqs.com or one of the other sites.
    * Thanx to me, Perfect Light, for writing this FAQ and being an FAQ writer.
    * Thanx to everyone at GameFAQs who ever helped me, gave me tips, or just 
    stopped to say hi, bcz I think that getting to know people is important.
    * Thanx to Neoseeker.com, for posting this FAQ on their site.
    * Thanx to draygon777@yahoo.com for submitting a one-liner and telling me what 
    the Lizard says on The Lizard's Maze.
    * Thanx to martijn_Lugten@hotmail.com, for submitting some one-liners and 
    blessing my FAQ!
    * Thanx to Gerardo Meza (Geram7@aol.com) for sedning in yet a third Spidey one-
    * Thanx to everyone that reads this FAQ, everyone that praised it, etc.
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    ==/ __||  \/  |=========================================================
      \__ \| |\/| | 19) M Y  O T H E R  F A Q S
    ==|___/|_|  |_|=========================================================
    1) Need For Speed: High Stakes Guide
    Where: gamefaqs.com
    This one doesn't help you beat the game, it is more of an intro to the game. So 
    check it out, now! GO!
    2) Tomorrow Never Dies Walkthrough
    Where: gamefaqs.com
    This is a complete walkthrough to TND, although four levels are not completed. 
    Is is pretty good though, if I do say so myself!
       ___  __  __
    ==/ __||  \/  |=========================================================
      \__ \| |\/| | 20) A  F O N D  F A R E W E L L !
    ==|___/|_|  |_|=========================================================
    I hope you liked my FAQ. Also, as a final note, just to show how obsessed with 
    this game I am, I completely made Spider-Man 2. That's right, all the details of 
    it, all the levels, everything. If you would like a copy of the information, E-
    Mail me at Jetstorm777@aol.com and if you ask nicely, I'll send it to you. Don't 
    freak out if it takes me a few days or even a few weeks. I may not check my mail 
    for a few days.
    I give you the Kirby salute: (>-.-)> 
    This is Perfect Light, signing off!
    This document was written by and is a property of, Perfect Light ;)
    Thanks for reading my Spider-Man Guide, from:
     ____   _____   ____    _____   _____   _____    ________
    | __ \ |  ___| | __ \  |  ___| |  ___| /  __ \  |__    __|
    ||__|| | |___  ||__||  | |___  | |___  | |  \_|    |  |
    | ___/ |  ___| | _  /  |  ___| |  ___| | |   _     |  |
    | |    | |___  | |\ \  | |     | |___  | |__/ |    |  |
    |_|    |_____| |_| \_\ |_|     |_____| \_____/     |__|
     _        ________    _____    __    __   ________
    | |      |__    __|  / ____|  |  |  |  | |__    __|
    | |         |  |    | |  ___  |  |__|  |    |  |
    | |         |  |    | | |_  | |   __   |    |  |
    | |____   __|  |__  | |___| | |  |  |  |    |  |
    |______| |________|  \______| |__|  |__|    |__|
    "Until next time, true believers..."
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