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"A very fun, but short game."

Well one day I went to rent a game. They did not have my top 2 games I wanted to get so I started to look around. I then found Spiderman 64. Without looking around anymore I grabbed it and rented it. I have liked Spiderman ever since his old cartoon on Fox Kid and I used to watch it everyday, so I was hoping that a lot of character from that cartoon was in the game. And there sure was. All the bad guys I had seen in the cartoon(except some of the henchmen). It also looked very much like the cartoon so I was very happy. It is a very good game.

Gameplay: Well the controls are very confusing at first even with training, but after a few levels I got them down. The game has a Med. difficulty but it is still fun. Rating:8

Story: The story is told thru 6 ''comic books'' with quite a few levels in each comic. The overall story is the same in all the comics, but there is a different sub-story in each comic. The story is very cool. Rating:9

Video: This game looks like the old fox kids cartoon and I love the way it looks. Everything from the buildings to the final boss have a lot of detail. The game keeps a high frame rate with the rampack, and i'm sure it would be fine without one. Rating: 8

Audio: They used the voices from the old cartoon and if they are different people from the cartoon I would be surprised. The music is very nice and other sounds such as lasers and webbing are just right. Rating: 10

Replayability: This is where the game falls short. It has quite a few levels, but they go by very fast. Most times it takes 1 or 2 time to beat a level, except for some of the bosses and the harder levels which may take more than 4 times to beat. After you beat the game there is not much to do. You can find about 10 different costumes for Spiderman that make him do different things, comic book covers to collect in the levels, and time training to do you may think there is a lot to do, but there is not. And there is even a cheat code that lets you do all of that. Without a multiplayer mode this falls short. Rating: 6

Overall Score:8

Rent or buy: This game is short but very fun. If you rent it for 5 days you should be able to beat the game. Unless you are a die-hard Spidey fan I would rent it first.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/24/01, Updated 02/24/01

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