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"Activision has created a wounderful game for Spider-man fans and everyone else."

Activision did an awesome job on Spider-Man as well as most other games they produced. This game is one of the best N-64 games. While limited in some parts the game has a long-lasting fun appeal. Activision hit the nail on the head again.

The thing I like about Spider-man is that you’re not limited.
Most games have boundaries that won't let you get to certain areas. Spider-man though with its wide boundaries gives the sense of exploration and excitement much like Zelda. This wide area of exploration gives the player a sense of freedom, and that is what I look for in a game.

Spider man takes place in New York. In the first levels it takes place on the rooftops of New York. Ahh... the classic Spider-man setting, it kinda gives you a warm feeling inside. The thing is Spider-man's many abilities give you a major sense of power and your own technique. Some prefer fist to fist, and some prefer snipering from afar. Spider-man has both!

The story thus far (from instruction booklet)
''Last time I checked, I was Spider-man.
So there I was, attending a lecture at the Science Expo by the now-reformed Dr.Otto Octavius (better known as Doctor Octopus). Just Octavius finished lecturing on his latest technological innovation, the entire auditorium was thrown into chaos.
Somebody dressed to look like Spider-man took out the security guards and stole Octavius's new piece of technology. As if it wasn't bad enough, I bumped into Eddie Brock during all the commotion. Since Brock is the human half of the symbiotic pair known as Venom, I'm thinking his presence at the Science Expo can only mean more trouble.
Isn't that just my luck? Octavius's technology has been stolen, and the police and everyone else in NYC think it was me that took it. But there has to be more to this than meets the eye. Why would someone want to steal Octavius's technology and pin the theft on Spider-man?
Well, I know one thing for sure: NYC is only big enough for one Spider-man.
and that's me.''

Ahh.. what a good story. You got an imposter running loose and a symbiot known as Venom. What to do, look for Venom and the Imposter the old fashion way web sling across the city. The game's story line gets more complex as we go. The story does keep you interested as you go with storyboards between each level. Playstation Spider-man has animated storyboards, but N-64 version does kinda have a comic book feel.

Audio and Sound-
The sound in Spider-man plays a big role. The sound really sets the tone of the situation. Softer city sound effects for exploring and harder rock for fight scenes. The sound effect goes as far as Spider-man talking to himself to the Boys in Blue trying to shoot him out of the sky.

The sound in Spider-man really adds to the excitement. You feel pumped up in the fight scenes and you fell smooth in the scene were you web-slinging around.

This is the downfall, but not really. The game isn't as long as others . However the many awards such as new costumes with special abilities keep you begging for more. The games many training modes are also a factor. I personally could play this game all the time. Some times I just pick up the controller and play.

As I said before the many moves he has helps. Finding knew ways to take down enemies is so fun you wouldn't believe it.

Buy or Rent? Definitely a buy. I love this game it is one of the best

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/08/01, Updated 04/08/01

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