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"SpiderMan is the best comic-based video game there is."

This game is expansion pack-enhanced, so for maximum gameplay, make sure you have one. :-)


Having played both the N64 version and the PSX version, I would say that the N64 version has the best gameplay quality. The PSX version has the animations instead of slideshows, but N64 version relies more on gameplay. The controls are smooth, and you stay in control. For gameplay, I give a 9.


This game does have a story behind it, no matter what you say. This game is based on the comics, and really follows the storylines of the comics. It mixes up the different happenings in the comics, and compiles it into one big cause-effect story. Although I think it's a great story, it does lean toward the comics a little too much sometimes, so I'll have to give it a 7.


For those of you who read this and believe I'm lying, just realize...for best graphics, you need the expansion pack. I've not played the game without the expansion pack, but I've played it with it, and the graphics are top notch. Spiderman himself is smooth, not choppy, and the other characters look just like the cartoons. Remember, this is not a movie game, it's a cartoon/comic based game, so realism is of no relevance here. The levels include many extras ''nothings'' (such as dripping slime, running water, etc.) that most people don't appreciate, but think how bad a level would be without things like that. For graphics, I give this game a 10.


You're probably wondering what this category is, but just read on. This is a comic/cartoon based game, so the characters already exist, and viewers/readers like the characters to stick to their personalities. So when a comic-based video game character is changed, this shatters the storylines. Well, in SpiderMan, every character is the exact same. No characters deviate from their original selves, and this keeps the storyline on solid ground. For character usage, I give it a 10.


This game is based on an existant series of comics and cartoons. This score is void.


This game has the best music. I really can't explain it. It has very heavy rock riffs and a little techno beats to it. I love the music. For music, I give it a 10.


This game has little replay. Once you complete the game, you can go through it again with a different suit. You earn different suits and other things by doing some of the side missions. But, because you can't really replay it, I give it a 4


The only gripe I have is that there is no replay. That's the only one.


Overall, I give SpiderMan an 8.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/06/01, Updated 05/06/01

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