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"Doc Ock reprogrammed all Spider Man 64 games to suck!"

Uh oh, Spidey fans! Doctor Octopus broke into Nintendo HQ and messed with all the Spider Man 64 games! He programmed all the Spider Man games to suck! Will Spidey travel around the world in time to stop sales of this bad game, or will Doc Ock prevail, making Spider Man one of the worst games on Nintendo 64? Only time will tell!

STORY (6/10)
Peter Parker is at a Science Expo, taking pictures for the Daily Bugle. Doctor Octavius, better own as Doc Ock, is running the Expo, and he is “reformed”. He is talking to the reporters when Spider Man breaks into the Expo and steals one of the inventions on display! But, how can that be, since Peter Parker is in the crowd? That Spider Man is a phony! Parker rushes off to stop that phony Spider Man, and bumps into Eddie Brock, a fellow reporter who is also taking pictures of the fake Spidey. Fake Spidey steals his camera and crushes it. Brock grumbles and complains about how JJ, the head of the Daily Bugle, will fire him for this. Parker, on the other hand, changes into real Spidey and looks for fake Spidey. Spidey decides to climb on top of a building to get better view, and bumps into Black Cat. Black Cat tells him of a bank robbery in progress, and that the robbers have hostages. Spidey wonders if fake Spidey is there, and heads off! The story is original, and okay, but that isn’t why this got a 6… read on…

First, let me gripe about the story and how it is told. It is told in a comic book form, and that is pretty much how most of the cut scenes take place. The story has a feel of it like Saturday Night Live. The stories and subplots seem to be sketches, all brought together awkwardly to make a game. Plus, some of the comic panels seem to “skip”. Lets take a subway level for example. While sitting on a speeding subway train, Venom appears behind Spidey and surprises him. The next panel you see, though, shows Spidey falling into some sort of hole. Where did this hole come from? Did Venom make the hole appear? I remember that there were more plot holes, but I cannot remember what they were exactly. Spidey has his usual powers, such as Spider Sense, crawling on walls, etc. Spidey crawls on almost anything, and if you aren’t careful when walking near an item such as a plant Spidey crawls on the plant, making him look stupid. The fighting system is clunky, and awkward. I remember a part in the game where Spidey must flip a switch to open a door. Near the switch, however, were bad guys trying to kill him. You flip switches by pressing the punch button. I go to flip the switch, but Spidey turns and punches the bad guy! I keep trying to punch the switch, but I end up punching the bad guys instead! Speaking of punching, you get to choose from 3 ways to dispatch of your enemies. You got the web shooter, a few punches, and a few kicks. Spidey’s kicks are clunky, and hard to control. They are stronger then the punches, which do crap damage to bad guys. The web shooting, on the other hand, is a pain in the ass. Aiming the webbing is hard as hell, and controlling the special things you can do with it is a pain too. The real enemy is the camera. You CANNOT control the camera. In almost every level, the camera is fixed behind Spidey. This makes you take leaps of faith and is hell when trying to fight bad guys. The game is based more on the comic then the show, I think. The subplots and levels are true to the show and comic, filled with dry wit and action levels. Speaking of the comic, you can hunt down comic book covers in the game and then view them. The comic book covers are old, classic Spidey covers, and they show the cover and have a brief description of the comic itself. Speaking of covers, the levels are introduced by comic covers. This is neat, but not great.

They put all their work into audio and graphics, and forgot to make the game fun. The character models are excellent, detailed and without slowdown. The women’s breasts don’t seem to be affected by gravity, though. The women are spectacular looking, in particular. Black Cat and Mary Jane look HOT, no bones about it. The other character models look equally as good. Scorpion looks like he was taken directly from the cartoon and placed in the game, as do Venom and Doc Ock. The buildings are okay, but look kind of phony. The insides of the buildings look okay, but not spectacular. The stars of the graphics are the character models and comic book artwork on the comic covers.

AUDIO (10/10)
Great! Mostly guitar tunes and rock music, but it sounds sweet! At times you’ll be listening more to the music then paying attention to the game. The best things from the audio department are the voice actors. I’m pretty sure that they got most of the voice actors from the cartoon to do the game, so that is a plus. Stan Lee narrates some levels, and that was a wise decision. His presence makes the game seem more like the comic and the game. Some of the one liners in the game made me chuckle. As Spidey works to solve a puzzle Venom makes him do, Venom quips “What are you, stupid?” As Spidey fights an overgrown Mysterio, he mutters “Capes are out this year!” During the battle, Mysterio yells “Time for a little pest control!” The voice acting and the music is nothing short of excellent.

CONTROL (4/10)
Nope. Not happening. You can control Spidey by use of BOTH the D-Pad and Control Stick. Sure, it sounds good, but read on. Spidey gets to use special webbing powers, such as making a shield, making web fists, and making web balls to shoot at his enemies. To use these, you must press C-UP to shoot the web while holding one of the directions on the D-Pad or Control stick. Let’s say that there is a thug standing below Spidey, and Spidey is standing on a block above the thug. You press C-UP and forward on either the D-Pad or Control Stick to shoot a ball of web at the bad guy, but in doing so you accidentally move forward and fall off the block. That is not the only problem… control is far too touchy. Tap the stick or the pad, Spidey moves a mile. This clunky control pretty much ruins this game.

Hell yes! Learning the controls is hard, some of the bad guys are nigh-impossible to beat.

Die hard Spidey fans will get a kick out of finding the comic covers and replaying the levels while the other people will get sick of it in about 3 days.


*Spider Man swings down and shoots webbing at Mega, trapping him in a ball of web*
“Don’t diss my game!”

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 08/16/01, Updated 08/16/01

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