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    FAQ by Dr. Omicron

    Version: 2.5 | Updated: 08/10/98 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Date: Sat, 28 Nov 1998 15:04:05 EST
           ***The only Snowboard Kids FAQ! ver. 2.5***
    # <--detonator mines to separate the sections
    Snowboard Kids was ATLUS's first time on the N64,
    the  developer's  greatest  hit,  and  N64's  first
    snowboarding game. This game is quite a toughie, and
    I can tell you every strategy I know in this game! Also,
    there will be codes and other stuff. Oh, and they're 
    making a sequel that should be out by summer '99. Are
    you gonna get it?
    How to read trick explanations:
    Slash's      Banzai      Bash<---name
     (A)      <-        ->     (A)
    250G<---how much money you earn for pulling it off
     hold |move control stick
      A   | left, then right.
    button|hold last of these 
          |moves until you near the jump.
          |Then release A and
          |see your trick in motion.
    -> right
    <- left
    U  up
    D  down
    o> rotate full circle counterclockwise
    <o rotate full circle clockwise
    U< upper left
    U> upper right
    D< lower left
    D> lower right
    First, we'll start with the characters:
    Slash Kamei:
    He's well rounded. Good for beginners. One thing bothers
    me: what's that Thailand flag doing on his cheek? Oh
    yeah, it also means "I'm number 1!"
    Slash's Banzai Bash
    (A)   <-   ->   (A)
    The Slash Spin
    (A) U D U (A)
    The Slash Dynamite
    (A)-> <-  -> <-(A)
    Nancy Neil:
    She's slow. However, she's a master at the tricks and
    handling. She's good too. However, it looks like she has
    a tattoo and she's wearing pajamas! What's with this
    Nancy's Spinning Star
    (A)   <-     ->   (A)
    The Nancy Cross
    (A)  U<  U> (A)
    The Nancy Grab
    Nancy's Best
    (A)U D <-(A)
    The Nancy Groove
    (A)<- -> U D (A)
    Jam Kuehnemund:
    The majority picks him the best of the nonsecret bunch.
    He's second in handling and trick abilities and second
    worst in speed. The perfect combination.
    Jam's Spinning Moon
    (A)   <-   ->   (A)
    The  Jam   Jam
    The Strawberry Jam
    (A) U  D  U  D (A)
    The Blueberry Jam
    (A)  D  U  <- (A)
    The Boysenberry Jam
    (A)  D <o <o D  (A)
    Linda Maltinie:
    Stranger. She's so darn rich! She's the opposite of
    Jam, being second at top speed and you know the rest.
    Like Slash and Tommy, she's only got three tricks up
    her sleeve...if she had sleeves.
    Linda's Whirlagig
    (A)  <-   ->  (A)
    Linda's   Spinner
    (A) <- -> U D (A)
    Linda's      Leap
    (A) U D U D <-(A)
    Tommy Parsy:
    This guy is the one you must avoid. He blazes fast only
    because he eats a whole lotta hamburgers. That keeps his
    handling and trick ability down, though. That sucks. Oh
    well. Better not try him with the expert ice board.
    Twirling   Tommy
    (A) -> <- -> (A)
    The Tommy Shake
    (A)<--> <-->(A)
    The Tommy Tumble
    (A) U  o>  U (A)
    That new guy can be won by beating him in Ninja Land
    (very difficult). He has his own three boards. He can do
    four tricks with these guys.
    Shinobin's   1080 (yes, they have 'em here too)
    (A)-> <-  -> <-(A)
    Shinobin's Quick Draw
    (A) ->  <o <o  -> (A)
    Shinobin's Special Flip
    (A)  U  o>   o>  U  (A)
    Shinobin's Double Dash
    (A)  <-  U  ->  D  (A)
    3    6    0    *
    (A) <- or -> (A)
    360   flip*
    (A) U< or U>
    board  grab:
    any C button
    *<--- if the trick is marked with that, then it means
    you can grab your board during the trick
    Let's move on to the controls:
    A jump
    hold A while approaching a jump and do the right moves.
    Release A as you near the edge and you'll have done a
    trick! Press A to hop. If you time it right you can
    hop over certain weapons and accelerate once you lose
    B use item
    when something appears in the second box, press the B
    button to use it.
    Z use weapon
    when something appears in the first box, use the Z
    button to fire it. You get 3 of each weapon.
    C buttons
    use them to grab your board in midair. The longer
    you grab it, the more money you get. It ranges from 20 G
    to 99 G, less than the most basic trick. However, it's
    very fun to do. Touch your toes!
    control stick
    steers. Need I say more?
    Boards are what you ride on. The snowboard is just like
    its many cousins, like the surfboard and the skateboard.
    Here there are a total of 15 boards, 6 of which are
    hidden. The hidden boards can't go in reverse, and the
    trick to turning sharp is to hold D> or D< while
    turning. This proves quite handy in Dizzy-Land or Quick-
    sand Valley:
    There are 3 types of nonsecret boards.
    Free Style
    LEVEL 1: You start with this. It's slow, but handles 
    well and is good at tricks. Definitely choose this if
    you select Tommy or Linda.
    0 G
    LEVEL 2: Same, but faster and handles better and better
    at tricks. Get this if you can.
    120000 G
    LEVEL 3: Earn enough bucks to buy the best. There's only
    three levels of each board. That's a relief.
    240000 G
    All Around
    LEVEL 1: Recommended for Slash. It's got no advantage
    over others, nor are there any disadvantages. After a
    while, though, you'll find this quite useless.
    0 G
    LEVEL 2: It's basically the same thing, only it makes
    the AI more stupid.
    10000 G
    LEVEL 3: Grab the moolah while you can to actually play
    as Slash on Night Highway and be a match. It gets that
    hard that quickly.
    20000 G
    LEVEL 1: If you're going to choose Jam or Nancy, you 
    gotta get this baby. It's fast, but the character's good
    handling  and  trick  ability  makes  up  for  its
    disadvantages. The only kind of board you can put in
    reverse, though that will severely make you lose speed.
    0 G
    LEVEL 2: Get this. It's the not expensive, so if you
    get through all the Skill Games, then race in Rookie 
    Mt., you'll be able to buy this board. It costs only
    11000 G
    LEVEL 3: Man, oh man, this has one heck of a good speed!
    Use this in Night Highway with Nancy or Jam. Good Luck!
    There are also known cases of getting 17 seconds using
    Tommy with this on Ninja Land, the game's shortest
    22000 G
    LEVEL 1: Also known as the Star Board, (not the Port or
    Stern) this can be received after you defeat Shinobin.
    Remember, this is a special board, and you get 10000 G
    alone when you come in 1st in Ninja Land, so it's quite
    expensive for a board.
    80000 G
    LEVEL 2: This is the Feather Board. It's a feather, and
    is great in Animal Land. However, it's super hard to do
    this, for you have to earn 2500 points there (Animal
    Land). Now you can get it for the low, low price of
    100000 G
    LEVEL 3: That was a lot of 0's up there! This is the Ice
    Board. You can get this by simply getting all nine
    nonsecret boards, and the Ice Board is yours. This price
    is a bargain, which is
    1000 G
    LEVEL 1: This board is recommended in Quicksand Valley,
    where there are a lot of sharp turns (you know that it's
    slow, and handles well and does tricks excellently now?
    Oh well). I call it the Scroll Board. It's a scroll.
    :beat Shinobin:
    LEVEL 2: Imagine a big-nosed ninja sliding down the 
    snowy slopes on an abacus. This Abacus Board is well
    rounded, and is recommended on Night Highway, Grass
    Valley, Dizzy-Land, and Silver Mt.
    :beat Shinobin:
    LEVEL 3: He's got a sword with a rectangular shadow. You
    can use this in every other course. Oh, and that's the
    board he's using when you race him. It's like the Alpine
    Boards, only it's Shinobin's.
    :beat Shinobin:
    Ooh, you'll need shots. Each cost 100 G and when you
    run into red Clown Shops, you get something good.
    Slap Stick: It'll make you flip!
    It's a fast heat-seeking thingy.
    Bomb: It's da bomb!
    Explodes on contact, wiping out anyone in the range. I
    hate it.
    Snowman: Snowman can't turn!
    They bounce around, and if they hit anyone they morph 
    into a snowman and can't turn. My favorite shot.
    Freeze Shot: This freeze is a breeze!
    Hit anyone and they will freeze in a slab of ice. Wait 
    for it to melt.
    Parachute: It'll lift your spirits!
    Brings one up into the air really high, then sets 'em 
    back down. By then he would be been in last.
    Items. You get one, just one. Run into a blue Clown Shop
    to get something cooler.
    Pan: It'll make you go FLAT out!
    This sucker falls on everyone's head but yours, giving
    you a chance to pull into 1st from 4th.
    Fan: Don't fan with me!
    This is a speed boost that lasts about 5 seconds.
    Ghost: Make the ghost out of this!
    Ghosties haunt the guy in 1st, making them slow down.
    You can tell if they got haunted or not by seeing their
    icon on the right turn blue.
    Rock: It'll rock you over!
    Anyone who slides into it will trip.
    Invisible: Also invincible too!
    You'll be immune to any weapon except the ghost and the
    Rat Face: This mouse is a steal!
    The rat steals everyone else's coins, leaving them broke
    and you wealthy.
    The modes:
    Battle Race: 
    It's the only mode available in multiplayer
    mode. However, you can only race in the courses you've
    opened. Otherwise, you won't even see it on the menu.
    Skill Game:
            Speed Cross: Pick up as many fans as you can to 
            hit a record and gain points. An extra 300 G is 
            rewarded for picking up every fan there is. If
            you run out of time you'll lose everything that
            you were supposed to earn.
            Shoot Cross: Shoot bunches of snowmen to gain
            some money. There will be another reward for for
            blasting all the snowmen. Don't worry, the time 
            left doesn't do anything. And guess what? If you
            blast all the snowmen, you get a 1000G bonus!
            Trick Cross: Go into Animal Land and perform 
            lots of cool moves to gain more money. The stick
            near the end here doubles your score, so it's
            vital to your success. Also, there'll be awards
            for every trick you do. Don't even think about
            beating my record of 5210! Okay, okay, I used a
            cool glitch. When the time remaining reads
            00' 03" 23 when you get on the stick, it doubles
            your score. But the cool part is it doubles
            again when you get off!
    Time Attack: Bust the AI's records and claim your 
    victory. Just pick a fast board and start zoomin'!
    Board Shop: Buy your boards here and paint them from 18
    different designs. Simple, huh? Just choose a design you
    like best or just leave it as a default.
    Exit/Save: The controller pak: Don't leave Snowboard
    Kids without it. If you haven't got one, then I guess...
    you can't save!
    The Courses:
      ROOKIE MT.
    There is basically five laps in this course. Use any 
    board you wish, they'll all be great here. There's not
    much to worry about here, just learn to use the weapons
    and items and you'll be fine. The course starts on a 
    straightaway, and after a heap of coins, you'll past by
    an Item Shop. Then it's an easy left, a right, then the
    first jump in the game. It's on to another straightaway.
    After that it's a slightly sharp right, then an S-curve,
    and you'll see the ski lift. Just enter the turnstile, 
    being careful not to bump into it. Once you enter the 
    turnstile, everything is automatic. After the chair, you
    start another lap at the beginning.
    541 m
    difficulty: Newcomer
    5 Laps
    Best Racer: Tommy (I know, Shinobin's best everywhere.
    I mean nonsecret character.)
    Best Board: Alpine (All Around with Tommy)
    This is the longest course in the game. Fortunately, 
    it's only 2 laps! You'll start with a bunch of S-curves,
    then a big drop. You'll go through the longest 
    straightaway so far, and into a tunnel. Now to the jump.
    After that, you'll have to dodge the many trees in the 
    forest. Pass the snowman and you'll enter a sharp turn.
    After that jump, be careful, for you're on a cliff with 
    a chance of falling off to the left. Don't worry, you'll
    be back in the race in 3 seconds. After another sharp 
    dip, you'll go through another cliff, this time 
    guardrailed and to the right. Pass the waterfalls, and
    across the two jumps, and you'll see more trees. Dodge
    them and you will see nother set of jumps. Now for the 
    ski lift! You'll exit on an offroad path, but you'll be
    racing again soon. The main tip here is to look FAR
    ahead. There are long straightaways and wide turns, so
    it's veyr easy to do that.
    1750 m
    difficulty: Beginner
    2 laps
    Best Racer: Slash
    Best Board: Alpine
    This place is mysterious because of its perpetual
    sunset. Here is where you new guys can be stuck on 
    because of that stupid big jump. Level 2 boards are
    recommended. This course starts out normally on a good
    ol' straightaway but almost immediately after that the
    trouble begins. When you get to the rocks go either left
    or right of all of them. Then go to the middle of the 
    course as you negotiate the sharp left. Now stay in the
    middle again to dodge the dozen or so penguins, and 
    you'll get to a jump. I recommend one does their second
    power or third power tricks, like the Slash Spin ( (A)
    U D U (A) ). Then you'll encounter another problem. Stay
    to the far right, being careful not to fall off. Then,
    as soon as you see the jump, do the highest power trick
    your character has, like the Nancy Groove 
    ( (A) <- -> U D (A) ). Now, aim for the center once 
    again, and tap the A button as you near the stick. If 
    you get it just right, you'll go across the flimsy stick
    and gain 300 G! Now you have an option: choose the jump
    and gain some money, or don't and take it easy. Don't
    do any special tricks, not even first level, or you'll
    crash and lose time. After the falling rocks again, you
    will meet a snowman who wants company! Keep yourSELF 
    from joining the Snowman Group by aiming yourself just 
    to the right of him. Now, you'll meet the rocks again,
    but the banked turns force you to another technique: for
    the first four rows of rocks, go left, and then 
    gradually move right. Now for the big jump: as you slide 
    down hold the A button and maybe do a special trick! 
    You'll have nothing to worry about from the ice cave on
    except for the ski lift. Keep following this and you're
    on to Night Highway!
    1706 m
    difficulty: Rookie
    3 laps
    Best Racer: Linda
    Best Board: All Around
    Ooh man, you'll have to rustle up some dough before you
    even set foot here! You'll need your level 3 board if 
    you're using Alpine (Level 2 for Free Style or All 
    Around), and even then it's quite a challenge. Earlier I didn't
    mention about shortcuts, now I will, since you need 
    them. They are quite difficult to aim for, but they'll
    at least bring you closer to the bunch or get you 
    farther ahead. After the first jump here you'll face a
    left turn, and then veer right. Time it just right and 
    you'll hit the shortcut! Turn right and enter the 
    tunnel. Go left and pass a series of big jumps. After 
    the second veer right again and if you're lucky, you'll 
    enter a cave chock full of gold coins and come out 
    proud. Now you'll need to turn a sharp right across the
    hairpin, then a jump. Try not to get hit here the most
    because you're actually going uphill. You'll start going 
    down again around the middle of the suspension bridge.
    Do a plain flip on this jump. After the ice tunnel you
    will meet the biggest jump in the game: so big, that if
    you did a Boysenberry Jam ( (A) D o< o< D (A) ) you'll 
    still have enough time for another trick, but you can't.
    After the 90 it's the ski lift.
    1368 m
    difficulty: Intermediate
    3 laps
    Best Racer: Nancy
    Best Board: All Around
    This is the fifth course in the game, and what a 
    challenge it is! You're good even if you've made it 
    here! Well, let's get on with it. The race starts out
    innocently enough. However, the abandoned mine is where 
    it starts gettin' wild! (you might notice a suspension
    bridge next to the series of jumps, but it's a longcut
    and not worth it.) After an easy right there's a sharp
    left. Stay along the inside edges. After a few more 
    sharp turns in the mine you'll meet the grass. From here
    to the sunflower patch take the normal path and you 
    should not have much hassle except for the AI, which 
    does it all the time (aim all their stuff at you). After
    the patch, keep your speed up, for you'll be jumping 
    over a stream. Then you'll meet a steel bridge--don't
    fall off it! After the next left turn things really 
    start getting hectic. Sharp turns are found everywhere 
    in this section, but, after the vilage, there will be a 
    jump. Pass the "Snobow Kids" billboard and you'll see 
    the turnstile. Keep it up and you'll be ready for Dizzy-
    1490 m
    difficulty: Hard
    3 laps
    Best Racer: Jam
    Best Board: All Around
    Someone has been slacking off when they put in the
    attributes of Dizzy-Land. Just look below! Anyways, you
    will also need your level 3 board, for it is the last
    course--or is it? There's not much to worry here either,
    since most of the difficulty lies in the sharp turns, 
    and by now, you should be able to handle them quite
    easily. The teacup ride is a pain because if you hit one
    your board goes in reverse. There's well over a dozen
    teacups, so you better follow my advice! When you enter,
    go between the first two, right of the third, fourth, &
    fifth, you know, slalom! That way you're almost 
    guaranteed to get a 1st when you finish it because the 
    AI always hits the third one. Now into the tunnel. You
    MUST take the shortcut here. Near the beginning, as soon
    as you see the two apatosauruses, turn 90 left. You'll
    find an offroad path. You'll be almost out of the 
    winding cavern. (You'll have to find the jumps yourself
    because there's no indication. Besides, where, in a
    theme park, can you find a jump for snowboards?) After
    a few sharp turns, you'll meet the rapids. The turns 
    are sharper than you see because it's pushing you 
    against the turns. In the distance, if you find a ferris
    wheel, you've found the ski lift!
    1490 m
    difficulty: Hard
    3 laps
    Best Racer: Jam
    Best Board: All Around
    Ha! I bet you weren't expecting the Sahara Desert, were
    you? This is a far cry from the freezing previous
    courses, now it's scorching! After you start, turn 
    right, then left. The path leading "up" is the ski lift 
    part. I can't help you very much, just pick a good-
    handling person or board to manage through the quicksand 
    unharmed. Can you find the two shortcuts? At the end of 
    the second one, choose the right path. Do a 360 flip
    to gain some speed so you can pass that first place 
    player! Also, get the blue shop near the end, and if you
    are lucky, you might get pans or ghosts, in case he gets
    you instead.
    1638 m
    difficulty: Expert
    Best Racer: Nancy
    Best Board: Free Style
       SILVER MT.
    This course is shrouded in fog. This place is so complex
    that I shouldn't type all this stuff in! Don't let the
    many sights distract you, and when it says "JUMP!", it
    says "JUMP!". You didn't? Too bad. You fell off the 
    course. Something bothers me though, what (or who) are
    those guys leaping above me about 2/3 through the lap?
    Oh well. With all the jumps, do a flip, except for the
    fourth. Just before it, go left, then aim for the right
    wall, or you'll crash into the restaurant. Darn! Also,
    the characters themselves aren't affected by the fog.
    No shortcuts here. Darn again!
    1664 m
    difficulty: Very Hard
    3 laps
    Best Racer: Jam
    Best Board: All Around
    (MT. FUJI)
    Alright, time for the final showdown! Shinobin's here,
    and he can turn invisible whenever he wants to! The 
    course has no particularly sharp turns, so don't worry 
    about the course, worry about the competition! The best
    strategy is to get a weapon, fire it at Shinobin or 
    Slash, then fire it again as their invisibles wear off.
    You'll hit them. Also, near the end of the final lap, it
    is good to let someone pass you so you get into 2nd,
    then someone'll pull a ghost, and it'll haunt him 
    instead! You'll get into 1st, earn 10000+ G, see the
    credits, get Shinobin, and earn the Star Board! What a
    deal, what a deal, what a deal! It's worth the 
    difficulty, and it's much harder than Silver Mt. It also
    goes the fastest of the courses.
    382 m
    difficulty: Rookie
    9 laps
    Best Racer: Linda
    Best Board: Alpine
    This is the trick course. If you follow my directions
    you will be able to at least get 750 pts. When you get 
    to the halfpipe area keep doing the simplest special
    trick up and down the walls until you've got 50 seconds
    left. Do another special trick off the jump, then as you
    hit the shallow halfpipe, you'll go backwards. Do it
    again as you hit the cliffs. You should do it. Now do
    as the sign says, then release A as soon as you touch
    the part that says "GO!" If you did it successfully you
    should have just less than 20 seconds left. Hurry and do 
    a last special trick, then head for the pipe. If you 
    make it across the pipe you're done and ready for the 
    feather board!
    541 m
    difficulty: Intermediate
    1 lap
    Best Racer: Nancy
    Best Board: Free Style
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: How can I turn better? I always keep crashing into 
    Tommy knows.
    Tommy: I think that you should get a better-controlling 
    board or character. Also, pushing the stick D> or D< to
    turn better. Just be careful not to get your board into
    reverse with the Alpine.
    Where's the best places to do tricks?
    Nancy has an idea!
    Nancy: If you want to perform special tricks, head for
    Big Snowman, Sunset Rock, or Night Highway and practice
    them. Don't do tricks on banked turns or bumps, that'll
    usually make you crash and lose time. Still, my tricks
    are the coolest of them all.
    I keep losing. What is there to do?
    We think Jam should take over here.
    Jam:Yo! You've got to take advantage of the weapons or 
    you will be as doomed as Linda on a cold winter day...
    Linda: Hey!
    Jam: Sor-REE! Why do you dress like that then? As I was
    saying, weapons handle pretty badly when they seek out,
    so fire them only when you have room. Howeer, occasion-
    ally they can make up to 45 turns, especially the hand.
    Just fire away!
    (Yep. it's a different version of the instruction manual
    FAQ. This is more detailed, and also, some of you guys
    don't even read instruction manuals!)
    Which boards should I choose?
    Linda's an expert on these things.
    Linda: Above are all the boards recommended for each 
    course. In Speed Cross, however, use the Free Style
    board, despite the instruction manual thingy. I recom-
    mend also the Free Style Board in Shot Cross. In Time
    Attack, you should use...well...the boards listed above!
    What do they mean by "Trick"?
    Slash would like to answer.
    Slash: Good question! Trick ability is,......the ability
    to do tricks! A good handling character usually has more 
    tricks that average characters. Darn! I only have 3!
    Trick ability itself is how fast a character can do a 
    trick. Since mine is average, and if I get a Free Style
    board, I can do tricks in less time, thus having the
    ability to do it on much smaller jumps, especially the
    Slash Dynamite (Ooh, I LOVE that!)
    Shinobin, everyone has always pictured you as a "?".
    What do you really look like?
    It's time for Shinobin.
    Shinobin: It's a secret. I'm not really a question mark,
    how stupid can THAT be? Like the 5 other characters,
    this ninja dude has his own big nose (sorry if I was
    acting immortal, I'm much better than the bunch). Also,
    in case someone tries to act smart, I just get my
    trusty sword on my left. Yes, I'm a lefty.
    What are the character attributes?
    Oh geez! Here they are...
    Speed (fastest to slowest)
    Linda   \tie
    Shino   /tie
    J a m
    Handling (best to worst)
    J a m   \tie
    Shino   /tie
    Tricks (best to worst)
    J a m   \tie
    Shino   /tie
    Tricks (most to least)
    Nancy  5
    J a m  5
    Shino  4
    Slash  3
    Linda  3
    Tommy  3
    Course (hard to easy)
    Quicksand Valley  *   *   *   *
    Silver  Mountain  *   *   *  1/2  
    D i z z y - Land  *     *     *
    Grass  V al le y  *     *     *
    Night    Highway  *     *    1/2
    Sunset   R o c k  *           *
    N i n j a  La nd  *           *
    B i g    Snowman  *          1/2
    Rookie  Mountain        *
    This one is extremely hard to do, but if you manage to 
    do it, you'll get a great reward. Go to Animal Land, and
    do lots of tricks. Then, make sure your time is EXACTLY
    00'03"23 as you get on the sick at the end, and your
    score will double when you get on and again when you get
    (Dizzy-Land stitchlights turn on)
    (trumpets start playing victory music)
    J= control stick (J> J< JU JD)
    D-Pad = normal directions: (<- -> U D)
    C= c-buttons (C> C< CU CD)
    S= start button
    At the title screen, where there's "start", "lesson", &
    "option", press in:
    You'll hear Slash say "YEAH!" and you'll get:
    all the boards
    all the courses
    clone characters
    Info on Snowboard Kids 2
    This game is as mysterious as Shinobin himself. Not much
    is known at this point, except that it will star the
    regular kids, and you'll be able to race on the varied
    textures of the game that came before it. You know,
    sand, grass, brick, mud, ice, water, dirt, asphalt, clay,
    and, of course, snow. There will also be more tricks 
    that will be harder to perform and more kids to choose 
    from. Judging from other peoples' complaints, Atlus 
    heard them and added: MORE COURSES! That's right, there 
    will actually be more than 15! Uh oh, I gave out too 
    much information already!
    P.S. If you'd like to ask something or you find a typo,
    e-mail me at "PRAMAT@aol.com". I'll do what I can do.
    Also, how come I'm so good if I never actually bought
    the game, just rented it lots of times?
                         THE END
    2.0 completed 8:59 PM 5/29/98.
    2.5 completed 8:21 PM 8/10/98.
    P.S. I might not have much on Rookie Mt., Big Snowman, or 
    Sunset Rock, but can you find anyone who's actually 
    stuck on those courses?
    P.S.S. (c) Dr. Omicron. All rights reserved, whatever
    THAT is.

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