Review by MONSTERMAN1960

Reviewed: 01/27/01 | Updated: 01/27/01

Better than QB Club!!!

The reason I got this game is because it sounded like an awesome game and the only other football game I have is really really old!!! Not to get your hopes down, but this is an awesome game!!!!!

Gameplay: This game has a great passing mode. It's so easy to figure out the controls!!! I figured out what most of the controls are very easily. The controls make this such an easy game. If you push left, you go left. If you push right, you'll go right ect. Rating; 9


Audio: The music at the beginning is DA' bomb. The beginning is about the only part with music though. The bad part about the announcing is that they don't talk as much as they do in real life. They really need to improve on that aspect. I also like when the players get hit how they make a grunting sound Rating; 7

Video: THESE GRAPHICS ARE GREAT. They stadiums look so realistic. The rain, snow, ect. look very realistic also!!! It also looks very cool when the players helmets fly off!!! I also like all the different camera views. It's also neat how you can costomize your own camera veiw. Blitz, BLOCKY QB Club, So-So Madden, Oh yeah.

Replayability: Yes, this game is addictive if you like football!!! Up to four players, Some mini-games, and any team you want plus secret teams!!! Rating,8

Rent or Buy: If you have already bought any Nintendo64 football games don't bother renting this, go ahead and buy it!!! If you haven't bought any Nintendo64 football games and you want one that is realistic...... go ahead and buy it!!! So I think if you want a realistic football game for the Nintendo64...... go ahead and buy this game right...wait....NOW!!!!!

Final Thoughts: This game is pretty good. I gave it a nine out of ten witch is pretty good..... well, I think it is. So If you want a down to earth, realistic,and great graphics in a football game. I suggest you get this game about any way you can other than stealing it!!!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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