"Darn good game!"

The only reason I took off a point from the Overall score is because of the announcing and the graphics. Although it is better then Madden 99, it still doesn't qualify as play-by-play. And John Madden! His comments get so annoying! He actually has a rather big number, but he almost never uses a lot of them! If you skip replays, you'll never hear ''Let's see who missed the block on that play.'' I have heard at least three only once. And you can still run through the post, the pylons, and the people. That glitch should be removed!

The rest of the game is spectacular! The gameplay is good, the controls are well laid out, and it is much more realistic! For example, there are cheerleaders. Also, the referee picks up and puts down the ball in a more realistic way. I am so glad that now you can choose which direction you juke. Z jukes left, R jukes right. The rather hard button to reach, UpC, now controls the lateraling. I like this much better then R, because I practically don't lateral.

There is only one stiff-arm button now, but juking, in my opinion, is more effective, so they put two buttons on that instead of stiff-arming, and I like that. UpC is still the jump button on defense, RightC is the spin move, and, overall, the controls are much better.

Now I will move on to the aspects of the game.

Controls: 10/10

There is nothing wrong. Practically. But not enough to take off a point. Read the third paragraph.

Gameplay: 10/10

Good. Very good. Great. Excellent! Fantastic! Pretty much not altered from 99, and that is good. I also like the new token addition, in which you have to complete certain tasks
to get tokens so you can buy cards. If you get a player card, and that player plays in the game, it improves the player's ability. Get an ancient player and you can add this player to your roster, and you can also unlock whole new teams. Excellent.

Graphics: 7/10

You can still run through the post, the pylons, and the people.

Audio/Music/Announcer: 9/10

Good sound. I like the grunts. Great music. The menu tune no longer gets repetitive. Decent announcer. Madden's comments are annoying, and Pat Summerall's play-by-play announcing is not play-by-play announcing, although it is better then 99. Pretty great.

Overall: 9/10

The graphics and the announcing. That's what took off a point. Other then that, this game is excellent!

Thank you.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/03/02, Updated 03/03/02

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