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"It's John Madden, sans the 12 legged turkey."

John Madden NFL 2001 is the Madden football game for the year 2000. In this review, I am gonna review it as I see it today, July 1st, 2004. This Madden game has lots of cool features and game play modes, and is a very good football game for the money. Can be a good game to play if your low on dough or have no current generation gaming systems.

Graphics 6/10

Players are clunky and block like. But..."in the year 2000" these were the norm and above average. Enjoy what the N64 puts out with this game. Players look like football players, refs look like refs, and you can tell your playing on a football field. Although the game isn't overly beautiful, it gets the job done.

Game Play 8/10

The game truly shines in the game play department. Like any other Madden game, it is just fun to play. After playing a few games you'll soon learn the basics and will have the controls down straight dawg. The game makes it easy to select plays too. You can easily navigate formations and choose a running back sweep or hail mary, depending upon the situation.

This game also shines with its Franchise Mode. Although this mode was in its infancy compared to what we see now in games. You don't have the options like you have in Madden 2004 where you can relocate your team and charge 3.50 for hot dogs. However, this game puts out a pretty solid Franchise mode. You can pick up players, drop players, and draft future Mike Vick's. Definitely a great fantasy football experience.

Sound 6/10

The sound is decent in the game, but soon gets repetitive. You can only hear John Madden say the same 5 comments about how your team plays so many times before you want to go crazy. You'll soon find yourself tuning into the radio, or putting your favorite MP3s on with WinAMP. Just remember this is a football game, not Dance Dance Revolution.

Overall 7/10

The game has some flaws, and doesn't even compare to the latest Madden installments. The good news is, you can find this game used for about 2 bucks. I got my copy over a year ago for $1.99. If your waiting for Madden 2005 and don't want to put down $25 for Madden 2004, this is a great way to tune up those futbol northamericano skills.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/01/04

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