Review by sknmak

Reviewed: 10/04/04

Better than nothing.

Madden 2001 for the N64 is a good game. Although the game was released years ago, it still is enjoyable to play. Of course the graphics are N64 material, Madden 2001 doesn't look too bad at all. Well the crowd is as ugly as possible, but the players look good for an N64 game. The controls are easy to use. Although the meter for kickoffs and field goal kicks could have been better. N64 does have commentary and crowd cheering. John Madden commentary sounds completely MONO, in other words no stereo. The crowd sometimes sounds like their all screaming in a bottle, which can be very annoying! John Madden does, however, tell all your plays, sometimes before the play even starts!! John Madden also says the same things over and over and over! The commentary is so boring, it should have been used in a golf simulator game! John Madden also says the same lines over during replays. The game engine is pretty good. The game has some funny looking animations also. Some of the animation in Madden 2001 is a little too slow! The game has different speeds; And a o.k Franchise Mode. So you will have to buy a memory card in order to save your profiles and your seasons. The play maker is really good. The play maker allows you to make and create your own play (duh). You can customize alot of things about the game in the option menu. The N64 port was a little less exciting than the Playstation port, but don't get me wrong the N64 version is worth playing.
Madden 2001 for the N64 receives a 6 out of 10.

Graphics: 7/10
The graphics are decent for a N64 game. Since games today look a whole lot realistic, some people might have different feelings. Madden 2001 does try it's best to make a good looking game. The field as well as weather effects looks very good. Some players dive for the ball, for a beautiful catch. The game plays good though. Now, the crowd is flat, and plain out ugly! But I guess no one cares about the crowd anyway. The bench players on the sidelines, all have the same number own their jersey! Plus they look like cardboard cutouts. The players look o.k though. Don't even try to look at the players face's behind the helmet, (ugly!).

Controls: 9/10
The controls is a very strong point for Madden 2001. The controls are easy and very responsive. The controls take a little use too, in order to get use too!! In order words if you go to the Practice Mode, you'll have no problems with the control. I thought the analog stick was going to be a problem, but I was wrong; The analog stick was perfect for this game! Great controls!

Gameplay: 6/10
This part was kinda hard to determine (a grade for gameplay). Well the game is not as good as the Playstation port, but it's still a decent game. The players move real enough for any person who loves football. Some animations looks a little shabby; And some animations are re-done too many times! For instance, you'll see a different player dive for the ball 5 or 6 plays in a row! Other small animation glitches does make the game a little less enjoyable. The animations are a big factor in this game, because most of them looks incomplete and/or just downright stupid! The commentary did effect the gameplay a little, which made the game fell a little more realistic, but really did nothing to help out, with all the dull and boring commentary.

Fun Factor: 8/10
An 8 out of ten, No way some people might be thinking, but Yes Way! Because Madden did introduce gamers with new things such as the play maker and commentary on the N64! At least EA Sports tried to utilize the N64 abilities. Players from the year 2000 are all present and ready to play. There are different camera mode also. Players grunts and animations are laughable at times, but does little to help the game. If you like football you'll like Madden 2001.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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