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Reviewed: 11/16/00 | Updated: 11/16/00

This game's da bomb.

This game really does rock! One reason, I'm a pretty big fan of those Crusin' Games. But this one is the hottest game in town. Awesome graphics, awesome detail, awesome challenges, Everything! 28 cars (once their all unlocked), 60 tracks (well, actually 12 tracks in different variations. You do the math.), and 3 types of awesome stunt tracks. (Heli, Flip, and the roller) What's cool about those tricks is that you can do flips on oncoming cars too for bonus time. That has always been helping me get the best times in both the home version and the arcade version. Anyway, here's the scoop on what I think.

Graphics- 9-
Oh man! The graphics are awesome! However, Exotica mode, found in the options menu, is terrible and it will give you an eyesore after a few seconds of racing. But other than that, the graphics are great!

Gameplay- 9-
It's pretty good. Choose from several cars, from 12 tracks in 5 different forms, get racing, do flips, rolls, helis, then cross the finish line.

Sound- 10-
From music from Mexico to music that makes you feel you're in the 1970s, the music and the vrooms and honks from the cars are top notch.

Replay- 10-
You'll never get enough of this game. (I think) It'll make some of you, like me, want to play over and over so you can get ALL of the 28 cars unlocked! A few will get bored with it but that's okay. And by the way, there's a car that needs to be unlocked that looks kinda like and airplane. It goes real fast but it doesn't fly like the plane. Anyway, the name of the car is 'Rocket.'

Satisfaction- 9.5-
Very good game! Some, like me, will never get enough. And some other people will get bored after a few races. Anyway, it's cool.

Challenge factor- 10-
Very challenging. You can drag race to earn boosters for future races by doing a trick then beating the car. If you wanna see what the 'Rocket' looks like. Play drag race in Mars.

Anyway, this game's awesome! But I highly recommend that you rent first and find out how to do tricks, find shortcuts, find out which car is fast and so on.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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