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"Better than the first, not as good as the second."

The Cruis'n series was never hailed as a favorite part of the racing genre by many gamers, but it does have some of the best landscapes and music, in my opinion. Cruis'n Exotica is the third installment in the series, and while not as good as Cruis'n World, it still has it's moments.

Story: 3/10

Racing games normally don't have stories, but I'll give it a little credit just for not glitching on me (too much, that is). I guess if it had a story, it would go something like this: a bunch of cars with invisible drivers enter races to win trophies. The end (yes, it's the normal cliche of most all racing games).

Graphics: 5/10

Well, the series never had great graphics, so this isn't a surprise. The cars as well as the landscapes and scenery are very pixilated. The people at the finish line are also badly designed...they almost look like limp scarecrows in a way (okay, I guess you have to use your imagination for that one). However, the animals do look how they're supposed to, only pixilated as if there was no tomorrow. I guess the only thing that really looks decent is the road itself....yep, it's a road. What saves this section and gives it a five is the colors, they're bright and colorful, but not to the point where it distracts you from the race.

Gameplay: 9/10

Like most racing games, your sole purpose in life is to drive from start to finish, and pushing any opposing cars off the road while you're at it. The controls do take a while to get used to (especially with turning and doing tricks), but once you've master them then there's no problem at all. What brings this score down is the fact that sometimes you'll be driving along and suddenly your car will start spinning for no reason...WITHOUT EVEN HITTING ANYTHING! This rarely happens, but it's annoying when it does.

Sound: 7/10

I wish there was more of a variety in the dialog, but nooooo, they always have to use the perky girl's voice and make it shout out annoying little comments during the race. Oh well, at least the music is somewhat good. Like all the previous games, you have a limited music selection to play during the race. There are also animal sounds that can be heard on certain tracks, including that of elephants and dinosaurs. For the most part the sound effects are very good, it's just annoying to hear that ditz spit out random inane comments every now and then.


I suggest rent first if you can still find it at your local video store, and if you like it enough then, of course, buy it. If you're a diehard racing fan and/or liked the first two Cruis'n games then you should have no problem deciding whether or not to check this one out.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 11/02/02, Updated 11/02/02

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