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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Thiradell

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 10/09/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Mario Party 3
    Alias: The Return of Raken
    Version 1.00
    Table of Contents
    I: Copyright Information
    II: Introduction
    III: Version History
    IV: Main Controls
    V: Menus
    VI: Characters
    VII: Items
    VIII: Battle Royal Maps
    IX: Mini-Games
    X: Story Mode
    XI: Duel Maps
    XII: Duel Partners
    XIII: Mini-Game Room
    XIV: Game Guy Room
    XV: Questions You Might Ask
    XVI: Credits
    XVII: Conclusion
    I: Copyright Information
    This FAQ may not be reproduced or reformatted in any way without prior 
    written permission from me. This FAQ is copyright 2002-2004. It may not 
    be used for profitable purposes, such as magazines, books, etc. It may 
    not be used for ads. All rights reserved. 
    I am not in any way associated or affiliated with any companies who 
    were involved in the making of this game. Copyright their respective 
    owners. All rights reserved.
    II: Introduction
    Hello. The primary purpose of this FAQ is to help you through the game 
    of Mario Party 3. You should look at this FAQ for one of the following 
    1. You want to be stupid and spoil the game.
    2. You are stuck on a certain point of the game, and need help.
    3. You have already beaten the game, and want to read the FAQ just for 
    fun, or, look for things that you may have missed.
    Let me explain to you how to read the Mini-Games section.
    When I explain a Mini-Game, first, I will list the controls for that 
    specific Mini-Game. There are groups of Mini-Games. There are 4-Player 
    Mini-Games, 2 vs. 2 Mini-Games, 1 vs. 3 Mini-Games, Duel Mini-Games, 
    Battle Mini-Games, Item Mini-Games, ??? Mini-Games, and Game Guy Mini-
    Games. All these will be explained in the Mini-Games section in their 
    respective groups.
    After the controls of the Mini-Game, I will list some strategies and 
    things like that for the Mini-Game. Then, I will proceed to the next 
    Mini-Game. Here is the one site that this guide may appear on.
    If you would like to recommend a different site, send an e-mail to 
    twishall@hotmail.com with the name of the site you're recommending in 
    the e-mail. I'll check it out to see if it's okay, then I'll get back 
    to you.
    That done, I hope the FAQ helps you. Thank you.
    III: Version History
    Version 1.00: The initial release of this guide. Never made it online, 
    Version 1.10: Proofread the guide. Added some stuff like...
    -Took away hyphenations.
    -Added the number of each type of space on the first three Board Maps.
    -Added the shark torpedo thing on Deep Bloober Sea.
    -Took away as many coins as you may lose like when you hit a Red Space 
    and just listed one number instead.
    -Changed some words to different words.
    IV: Main Controls
    NOTE: All the buttons are followed by information on what they do, and 
    that is followed by a number. If you see a 1, then that means that this 
    is for In The Menu. A 2 means During Game Play.
    A: Confirms a selection/goes forward a screen. 1. Hits the Dice Block, 
    confirms the usage of an item. Does things in certain Action Times. 2.
    B: Cancels a selection/goes backward a screen. 1. Goes to the Item 
    Menu. Views Partners on Duel Mode. 2.
    Down C: N/A. 1 and 2.
    Left C: Goes to the previous item in item explanations and goes to the 
    previous partner in partner explanations. 1. N/A for 2.
    Right C: Goes to the next item in item explanations and goes to the 
    next partner in partner explanations. Goes to the next part of Mini-
    Game Explanations. 1. N/A for 2.
    Up C: View item explanations if you are about to use an item, and view 
    partner explanations if you are about to play Roulette on Duel mode. 1. 
    N/A for 2.
    R: Choose Practice for Mini-Games. 1. View Map. 2.
    L: N/A. 1 and 2.
    Z: Stop viewing Board on Battle Royal. 1. View Board on Battle Royal. 
    Control Pad: N/A. 1 and 2.
    Start: Confirms a selection/goes forward a screen. 1. Begins a Mini-
    Game at the Explanation Screen. 2.
    Control Stick: Moves the cursor. 1. Moves you in the Woody Woods Action 
    Time. 2.
    V: Menus
    At the beginning, push Start to display the Title Screen. Press Start 
    again to enter the Main Menu.
    Here, you have five choices.
    Choose from one of the three files listed. If the treasure chest is 
    white, then, you will proceed to the Name Entry screen. Enter any name 
    with a maximum of five characters and then push A. If the treasure 
    chest has a starry sky, then there is already data saved on that file. 
    Push A on it. You will proceed to the Mode Selection Screen #1. Now, 
    you can choose from either Party Mode or Story Mode. Party Mode is 
    multiplayer fun! Story Mode is a single-player mode. Story Mode is 
    explained in more detail in the Story Mode section. After this, you 
    will proceed to the Mode Selection Screen #2.
    Erase any file you wish. Please note that after a file has been erased, 
    its data cannot be recovered.
    Copy any file's data to a different file.
    Mode Selection Screen #2
    There are many options here.
    The Blue Star
    Go to the Battle Royal Map Setup Screen. Explained later.
    The Red Star
    Go to the Duel Map Setup Screen. Explained later.
    The Yellow Star
    Go to the Mini-Game Room Setup Screen. Explained later.
    The Cannon
    This will only appear if data has been saved. How to save data is 
    explained later. This cannon will "shoot" you back to the point where 
    you saved.
    Peach's Castle
    Enter here to view and listen to some things and change one option, 
    Stereo or Mono sound.
    Stone Images
    There can be up to six of these, one of each character. Once you are 
    given the title of Superstar in Story Mode, the character's head that 
    you used will be engraved in the stone up there. You can move up to 
    these, and see how they did in their adventure.
    Millennium Star
    The Stardust Battle mini-game. This only appears after collecting all 
    seven Star Stamps (explained in the Story Mode section).
    Millennium Star #2
    He's in a star hole in the middle. He'll suggest Board Maps and Duel 
    Maps if you select him on Party Mode, and he'll also say which 
    character has won the most times on that board on this file, provided 
    the Board Map has been won and has a record untied for most times won. 
    On Story Mode, he'll explain Star Rankings. If you say No when he asks 
    you if you want him to explain them, he'll ask if you want to view the 
    Star Chart. This shows you what is required for each ranking.
    Peach's Castle
    There are two side doors on the bottom floor, where you can listen to 
    sounds and music from the game, and switch sound between Stereo and 
    Mono. There is a door on the top floor, where you can view records 
    recorded at Battle Royal Maps, Duel Maps, and Mini-Games.
    That's all. The rest is explained in different sections. Know something 
    I forgot? twishall@hotmail.com is my e-mail.
    VI: Characters
    NOTE: Not just the characters you can play as are in here. Everybody's 
    2nd NOTE: This is where the spoilers come, badly.
    This is divided into sections...
    Characters Appearing at One Battle Royal Map
    Characters Appearing Anywhere
    Characters Appearing at One Battle Royal Map
    #1: Snowman
    Yes, the snowman from Chilly Waters! The lazy one who rolls a snowball 
    for 5 coins, or for a prompting from one of those ? spaces. Of course, 
    every now and then, the snowman doesn't wake up. 
    #2: Baby Blooper
    It's the underwater animal from Deep Bloober Sea! He gets his mommy to 
    move you to a space on the other side if prompted by a certain green 
    space that has a blue shape on it...
    #3: Mommy Blooper
    The one who moves you to a space on the other side.
    #4: Blowing Jellyfish
    Ah, yes, the long string of ? spaces! He blows if you don't swim! What 
    a stupid catchphrase. Anyway, this guy plays quite an insignificant 
    #5: Guy Cactus
    He is on Spiny Desert. Getting hit by him could prove smart...
    #6: Girl Cactus
    She is on Spiny Desert. Getting hit by her could prove smart...
    #7: Friendly Tree
    He drops a Plus Coin Fruit and a Forward Fruit at Woody Woods. Which 
    will you nab?
    #8: Unfriendly Tree
    He drops a Minus Coin Fruit and a Reverse Fruit at Woody Woods. Which 
    will you nab?
    #9: Monty Mole
    He's at Woody Woods. He's in charge of the arrow signs.
    #10: Whomp King
    The laziest one at Creepy Cavern, it's gonna take random items to get 
    him to move. 
    #11: Thwomp
    They couldn't forget Thwomp! He's in charge of the mine cart at Creepy 
    Characters Appearing Anywhere
    #1: Mario
    They couldn't forget Mario, either! This guy has been around for so 
    long! Anyway, he's the host of this strange party. Red is his theme 
    color, and he wears blue overalls. He has an M on his hat.
    #2: Luigi
    They also couldn't forget Mario's little bro, Luigi! He's been around 
    really long too! Blue is his theme color, and he wears blue overalls. 
    He has an L on his hat.
    #3: Peach
    Peach hasn't been around all that long. I think she started in N64. She 
    has blonde hair with a beautifully made pink dress. She has a blue 
    jewel in the middle of it, along with earrings. She is the princess of 
    the Mushroom Kingdom.
    #4: Daisy
    The Princess of Sarasaland, I don't know when Daisy started. Brown hair 
    and a yellow dress with a jewel makes Daisy beautiful as well.  
    #5: Yoshi
    He's been around awhile. The lizard that seems to follow everyone 
    everywhere, this little guy is my favorite character! He's mostly green 
    with red shoes.
    #6: Wario
    This guy has purple shoes with yellow overalls and a yellow hat with a 
    W on it. Mario's archrival in some games, but, pretty much a friend of 
    Mario's now, Wario has an evil laugh. He started...um...
    #7: Donkey Kong
    An ape, with a red tie that has DK on it. This animal is really strong, 
    and you can tell by his size, and the way he holds things. He started 
    as Mario's rival, but, soon became a friend of that Italian guy. He 
    started in Donkey Kong, a game made long ago, in which, yes, he was 
    Mario's rival.
    #8: Waluigi
    With much more of an evil laugh then Wario, this purple guy started in 
    Mario Tennis. He has a deformed face with elf-like shoes. He is also 
    Luigi's archrival. He has a hat with an upside-down L on it. 
    #9: Tumble
    Introduced in this game, Tumble is a die with arms and legs. Weird, 
    huh? Anyway, SHE is the hostESS of many things. SHE and ESS are 
    correct, I think.
    #10: Toad
    This weird mushroom kid started in Super Mario Bros. He is short, and 
    not a playable character, but, he hosts the Item Games, and the Mini-
    Game Room. He also is sometimes in the Item Shop.
    #11: The Fake Millennium Star
    I TOLD you there were going to be spoilers! Yes, the Millennium Star, 
    or at least the one who pretends to be for almost all of the game, is 
    not real! This is his premiere game.
    #12: The Millennium Star
    You will be given the title of Superstar by the real Millennium Star, 
    who is truly a newborn. He lives inside Tumble's head. Or, inside the 
    die. You hardly see him. This game is his start. He doesn't appear 
    anywhere, but I didn't want to make a separate section just for him.
    #13: Bowser
    Yes, it's Bowser, the Koopa King! Bowser's been around since SMB, and 
    he is a dragon with nasty fire breath and big spikes on his green back. 
    He is also very annoying, but, can actually help you in this game!
    #14: Baby Bowser
    Bowser's children; they serve him; sometimes, however, confused by the 
    Koopa King's strange behavior. He mammoths over them. That's probably 
    why they serve him. Don't know when they started. He is also sometimes 
    in the Item Shop.
    #15, #16: The Two Koopa Troopas
    These Koopa Troopas keep track of records for Battle Royal maps and 
    Mini-Games in Peach's Castle. Koopas started in Super Mario Bros. 
    They're only in one place, though. Who cares?
    #17: The Bank Owner
    Who else would own the Koopa Bank but another Koopa?
    #18: Sound Room Goomba
    This guy is listening to music with earphones. Goomba started in SMB 
    #19: Mimicking Parrot
    Go to him at Peach's Castle to hear character voices. He began in Mario 
    #20: Battle T
    His premiere game, he is the host of Random Battle.
    #21: Goomba
    This guy collects coins for Battles and Battle Royal Map Duels.
    #22: Game Guy
    Sometimes, he's really annoying, sometimes, he's fine, sometimes, he's 
    really cool. This guy takes all of your coins. If you win, you will get 
    your coins doubled, at least, unless you have too many to be doubled. 
    The maximum amount of coins is 999, so if you win and get x2 and had 
    650 coins before, you won't have 1300; your total will only go up by 
    349. If you lose, you lose all of your coins. I believe this is his 
    first game.
    #23: Lakitu
    Yes, it's the guy on a cloud that started in Super Mario Bros.!
    VII: Items
    #1: Barter Box
    Use it to trade all your items for another person's items. Can be 
    gotten from Toad after answering a question with a certain answer, can 
    be gotten from an Item Bag or a Hidden Block.
    #2: Boo Bell
    Call Boo. Remember, you must have at least 5 coins to steal coins, and 
    at least 50 coins to steal a Star. Can be bought for 15 coins at Baby 
    Bowser's Shop.
    #3: Boo Repellant
    Good for one use. If somebody attempts to use Boo to steal coins or a 
    star from you, you will automatically use this item, and Boo won't 
    steal anything. Can be bought from Toad's Shop for 10 coins.
    #4: Bowser Phone
    Use it to send somebody to Bowser. Bowser is explained in Section VIII. 
    Can be bought at Baby Bowser's Shop for 10 coins.
    #5: Bowser Suit
    Use it, and, if you pass somebody, you will steal 20 coins from them! 
    Or, 0-19, depending on how many they have. Only lasts for 1 turn. Can 
    be bought at Baby Bowser's Shop for 10 coins.
    #6: Cellular Shopper
    Call either Toad's or Baby Bowser's shop, your decision, and buy any 
    item, so long as you have enough coins. At any time. Can be bought at 
    Toad's Shop for 5 coins.
    #7: Dueling Glove
    Can be bought for 10 coins at Toad's Shop. If you use it, you can duel 
    someone else for as many coins as you want to that are available.
    #8: Golden Mushroom
    Hit 3 dice blocks instead of just 1. If you match all three numbers, 
    you get 20 coins! Nothing happens if you match 2 numbers. Can be bought 
    at Toad's Shop for 10 coins. Cancels the effect of Poison/Reverse 
    Mushrooms/Bowser's (Reverse) Curse.
    #9: Item Bag
    Buy it, and you get to keep hitting it until you're full of items. 
    Random items come out. Can be bought at Toad's or Baby Bowser's Shops 
    for 30 coins.
    #10: Koopa Kard
    Use it, and, even if you pass by the Bank space, you'll still get the 
    coins. Remember, Koopa will ask you if you want to use it, so, don't 
    just use it. Can be gotten from Toad after answering a question with a 
    certain answer, can be gotten from an Item Bag or a Hidden Block.
    #11: Lucky Charm
    Use it, and, you can send anyone, including yourself, to Game Guy. Can 
    be gotten from Toad after answering a question with a certain answer, 
    can be gotten from an Item Bag or a Hidden Block.
    #12: Lucky Lamp
    Use it to call the Mushroom Jeanie, who will move the Millennium Star's 
    location. Can be bought at Baby Bowser's Shop for 10 coins.
    #13: Magic Lamp
    A SUH-WEET item! Use it, and the Mushroom Genie will immediately take 
    you to the Millennium Star's location. On Spiny Desert, he will always 
    take you to the real one. Can be bought at Toad's Shop for 20 coins.
    #14: Mushroom
    This item allows you to hit 2 Dice Blocks instead of just one. Cancels 
    the effect of Poison/Reverse Mushrooms/Bowser's (Reverse) Curse. Match 
    the numbers to get 10 or 20 coins! Can be bought for 5 coins from 
    Toad's Shop.
    #15: Plunder Chest
    Can be bought for 10 coins at Baby Bowser's Shop. Use it, and you can 
    choose who you steal an item from, but, you can't choose which item you 
    steal from that person. If they've only got one item, that's better.
    #16: Poison Mushroom
    Use it on anybody, including yourself, and, next turn, unless they have 
    an item that will cancel the effect, they will only be able to move up 
    to 3 spaces. Can be bought for 5 coins at Baby Bowser's Shop.
    #17: Reverse Mushroom
    Use it on anybody, including yourself, and, next turn, unless they have 
    an item that will cancel the effect, they will move backwards. Can be 
    bought at Baby Bowser's Shop for 5 coins.
    #18: Skeleton Key
    Use it to open certain doors. Can be merely thrown away. Can be bought 
    at Toad's and Baby Bowser's Shops for 5 coins.
    #19: Wacky Watch
    Use it, and, no matter what the number of turns remaining currently is, 
    on the next turn, there will be 5 left! Can be gotten from Toad after 
    answering a question with a certain answer, can be gotten from an Item 
    Bag or a Hidden Block.
    #20: Warp Block
    Can be bought for 5 coins at Toad's Shop. Baby Bowser can also give it 
    to you if you answer one of his Item Questions a certain way. Use it, 
    and you will switch places with another player, although you don't get 
    to choose who you switch with. It cancels the effect of the curses and 
    bad mushrooms.
    VIII: Battle Royal Maps
    This is divided into sections.
    The Setup
    The Maps
    The Spaces 
    The Setup
    First, you must determine if 1 Player and 3 Computer Characters are 
    playing, 2 Players and 2 Computer Characters, 3 Players and 1 Computer 
    Character, or 4 Players. 
    Then, you must choose characters, both for human players and computer 
    players. Two people cannot choose the same character. After this, if 
    there are two or more computers, you will set All Equal or Individual. 
    All Equal, all computer opponents will have the same difficulty. 
    Individual, you can individually choose their difficulties. However, if 
    there is only one computer, all you will do is select his/her 
    difficulty. If there are no computers, you won't go to the Difficulty 
    Setting Mini-Screen. 
    After this is the choosing of a Board Map. Pick any one of them, then, 
    set the number of turns. You can choose from 20, 35, or 50. I would 
    seriously recommend not selecting 35 or 50 unless you want a long game. 
    You can also choose ?, in which you can select any amount that is 
    between 10 and 50 that ends in 5 or 0. 
    Then, select if anyone will have any Handicaps. With Handicap, you can 
    increase the number of Stars a player starts with. Then, you will set 
    Bonuses to Bonus or No Bonus.
    Bonuses are things that are awarded at the end of the game. There are 
    three bonuses. Mini-Game Star, which goes to the character who won the 
    most coins in Mini-Games. Coin Star, which goes to the character who 
    had the highest number of coins at any one time. And the Happening 
    Star, which goes to the player who landed on the most ? spaces. If two 
    or three players won the same amount of coins in Mini-Games, both/all 
    had the same most number of coins, or landed on the same number of ? 
    spaces, they will both/all be awarded Bonus Stars. However, if all four 
    people tie, no Bonus Star for that category will be awarded, because, 
    there is no point in giving EVERYBODY another Star. You can also select 
    No Bonus, which will not award these Bonus Stars.
    After this, you will be asked Are these settings OK? If you choose No, 
    you will have to set up everything again. If you choose Yes, you will 
    proceed to the Battle Royal Map!
    The Maps
    You start with five. You can have up to six.
    Chilly Waters
    Difficulty: *
    Blue Spaces: 52
    Red Spaces: 12
    Item Spaces: 9
    ? Spaces: 9
    Bowser Spaces: 6
    Battle Spaces: 6
    Chance Time Spaces: 3
    Bank Spaces: 2
    Game Guy Spaces: 2
    Action Time: Okay, I'll explain what Action Time is. It's when you have 
    to do something, that's kind of frantic sometimes, and, that Action 
    Time is only for that board, but, there's an Action Time on every 
    board. On this one, you must jump over a snowball, or you will run to 
    the nearest intersection. You jump with A. Sometimes, it's better to 
    miss, because your character might automatically run closer to the 
    ? Space: A snowball will roll, Action Time will ensue. Rarely, the 
    snowman doesn't wake up, so no snowball is rolled. This happens when 
    there can be no one in the snowball's path.
    Passing the Snowman: You can pay him 5 coins to roll a snowball, which 
    might help you get closer to the Star faster, or, you could try and get 
    opponents further away from the Fake Millennium Star. Passing the Snow-
    man doesn't count as a space.
    The Ice: There are two things to this ice. There are places where your 
    character must quickly run to get off the ice. If he/she does, then, 
    you continue your move. However, if he/she doesn't, you slip and stay 
    on the ice. I don't like using Mushrooms or Golden Mushrooms on the 
    ice, because, if you slip, your move is over, even if you have 30 moves 
    left. The second thing is that if two people end up on the ice at the 
    same time, the ice cracks, and they run to the nearest bottom right 
    point, which is always the same. 
    Deep Bloober Sea
    Difficulty: *
    Blue Spaces: 44
    Red Spaces: 4
    Item Spaces: 12
    ? Spaces: 16
    Bowser Spaces: 5
    Battle Spaces: 5
    Chance Time Spaces: 3
    Bank Spaces: 2
    Game Guy Spaces: 2
    Action Time: There is a string of 6 ? spaces. Hitting any one of these 
    ? spaces causes a Blowfish to first decide where to blow you to. Once 
    he decides, quickly remember where the rock is that stops you. Does it 
    help you get closer to the Millennium Star, or something else you want 
    to go to? If it does, don't do anything during Action Time. If it 
    doesn't, then press A repeatedly to swim away. 
    ? Spaces: The one above, but, also, there are ? spaces not in that 
    string I told you about. If you land on one of the ? spaces that are 
    not in the string, Baby Bloober will call his mommy to move you to a 
    space on the other side. Sometimes, this can be advantageous, and, 
    sometimes, it can be annoying. And, sometimes, it can be, oh. I got 
    moved. Oh.
    Information: Near the big ? space line is a shark. He has four buttons 
    beside him. You reach the junction, you pick a direction, the shark 
    stops you. He tells you to push a button. If you pass safely, you get 
    to keep going. If you pick the button that shoots the torpedo, you get 
    hit by it and go to the other option in the junction. Buttons that were 
    depressed before the real torpedo button was pressed stay pressed until 
    someone pushes the torpedo button. Similar to the pick the seed and go 
    to either Toad or Bowser thing in Mario Party.
    Spiny Desert
    Difficulty: **
    Blue Spaces: 56
    Red Spaces: 6
    Item Spaces: 11
    ? Spaces: 9
    Bowser Spaces: 5
    Battle Spaces: 6
    Chance Time Spaces: 3
    Bank Spaces: 2
    Game Guy Spaces: 2
    The thing that is unique about this map, is that there are two places 
    where the Millennium Star is. But, one is a mirage, a fake! Once you 
    touch that location, it will be revealed if that Millennium Star is 
    real or not. Once someone has bought a Star or used a Lucky Lamp, two 
    more will come in to take their places.
    Action Time: There are two cactuses. You press A to jump over them. 
    Your character moves automatically. However, if you push A at the wrong 
    time, and you hit the cactus, the cactus will deflect you to where 
    there is a picture of that cactus.
    ? Spaces: Warping. You will warp from the light circle to the dark cir-
    cle, and from the dark circle to the light circle.
    Woody Woods
    Difficulty: **
    Action Time: There are two different locations where you can do Action 
    Time. Both have the same controls, but have different results. You pick 
    Left or Right with the Control Stick, and you get a fruit. With the 
    Friendly Tree, you will get either Plus Coin Fruit, which gives you 5 
    coins, or the Forward Fruit, which awards you another hitting of the 
    Dice Block. With the Unfriendly Tree, you will get either a Minus Coin 
    Fruit, which makes you lose 5 coins, or 4, or 3, or 2, or 1, or 0, if 
    you have that many, or a Reverse Fruit, which, you hit another Dice 
    Block, and you move backwards.
    ? Spaces: There are ? Spaces in front of the Friendly/Unfriendly Trees, 
    in which you play Action Time. Also, there are other ? spaces. Monty 
    Mole will reverse the direction of the arrow signs. Also, after every 
    turn, these arrow signs reverse direction. You can also pay Monty Mole 
    5 coins to reverse the arrow signs' direction.
    Creepy Cavern
    Difficulty: ***
    Action Time: You can pay Thwomp 5 coins, if you hit one of those pink 
    arrows, to try and get on the mine cart. Press A when you think you 
    should. Here's my advice. Do it before you think you should. Lead it by 
    a fair amount.
    ? Spaces: Near the Whomp King, he'll turn over in his sleep. Near the 
    Thwomp, the mine cart will come, and your character will flee.
    Must be Unlocked in Story Mode: Waluigi's Island
    Difficulty: ***
    There are four things. One is a circle. The number starts at 5. As you 
    hit ? spaces around this circle, the number decreases by 1. When the 
    number reaches 0, anyone who is currently on that circle will lose all 
    their coins. Another thing is an oval that you shouldn't like. It al-
    ways has all the same spaces, except for the Bank space. I mean, the 
    spaces switch every turn, but every single one is the same, except for 
    the Bank space. Also, near the top of the map is a trap thing. There 
    are two paths. One path is safe. If you get it, you will continue 
    moving. If you get the one with the trap, it will warp you to the pipe 
    that you always go to. Also, there are pipes that take you to the pipe 
    I just talked about.
    Action Time: You have to jump to a pad from the circle that can blow 
    and make you lose all your coins. When it goes slow, push A to jump 
    when the arrow is highlighting the one you want. When it goes a medium 
    speed, do the same thing. When it goes fast, push A and hope for the 
    ? Spaces: In that circle, it decreases the number by 1. Near the draw-
    bridges leading to the Oval of Random Same Spaces, hitting a ? Space 
    lowers one drawbridge and raises the other.
    The Spaces
    Blue Space 
    Landing on one makes you blue for the current Mini-Game, and you gain 3 
    coins. In the last 5 turns, you gain 6 coins.
    Red Space 
    Landing on one makes you red for the current Mini-Game, and you lose 3 
    coins. In the last 5 turns, you lose 6 coins.
    Bank Space
    A green space with a blue bag on it. If you don't directly land on this 
    space, then you have to deposit 5 coins. However, if you land directly 
    on this space, you get all the coins that other players have deposited 
    so far. If you don't directly land on the Bank space, but have a Koopa 
    Kard, you can use it and still take the money. If you directly land on 
    this space, you will be green for the Mini-Game, and you will be 
    randomly decided to be red or blue for the Mini-Game.
    ? Spaces:
    Adds one ? Space to your total, which increases your chance of getting 
    the Happening Star. Different things happen for these at each board. If 
    you land on these, you will be green for the Mini-Game, and you will be 
    randomly decided to be red or blue for the Mini-Game.
    Item Arrow
    This isn't a space, and it doesn't count as a space. You visit the item 
    Blank Section for Boo 
    This isn't a space, and it doesn't count as a space. You go to Boo. You 
    can steal coins for 5 coins, or a Star for 50 coins. 
    Bowser Space
    You will be red for the Mini-Game. You will go to Bowser and play his 
    Roulette. Here are all the possible events.
    Bowser Revolution
    Bowser will evenly divide the coins that everyone has. 
    10 Coins for Bowser
    The player who hit the Bowser Space gives 10 coins.
    15 Coins for Bowser
    The player who hit the Bowser Space gives Bowser 15 coins.
    20 Coins for Bowser
    The player who hit the Bowser Space gives Bowser 20 coins.
    30 Coins for Bowser
    The player who hit the Bowser Space gives Bowser 30 coins.
    Bowser's Coin Potluck
    Everybody gives Bowser either 10, 20, or 30 coins, or however many they 
    can give him.
    Bowser's Curse
    Bowser will cast a curse on everybody that will force them to move at a 
    maximum of three spaces next turn, unless they have a cancellation 
    Bowser's Reverse Curse
    Bowser will cast a curse on everybody that will force them to move 
    backwards next turn, unless they have a cancellation item.
    Bowser Phone Giveaway
    Bowser gives you either one or two Bowser Phones. No strings attached!
    Bowser Suit Giveaway
    Bowser gives you a Bowser Suit. No strings attached!
    The ones that have yellow text (10,000 Coin Present, 100 Star Present,) 
    well, if the cursor lands on one of these, Bowser will run away!
    Bowser Shuffle
    Bowser will randomly switch players' positions.
    Ah, yes, if you visit Bowser with no coins, he'll give you either 20, 
    30, 40, or 50 coins! No strings attached!
    Battle Space
    This makes a battle ensue. First, the roulette will decide if everybody 
    gives up 0, 10, 20, 30, or 50 coins. If it lands on 0, there is no 
    Battle. After everyone gives up the correct amount, or, as many as they 
    can give up, a Battle Mini-Game will begin. Whoever wins gets the 
    majority of the coins, the 2nd place winner gets some of the coins, 
    and, sometimes, 1 coin is dropped to who got 3rd or 4th. You'll see 
    what happens if you tie...
    Game Guy Space
    A green space with a picture of a Shy Guy-looking guy on it. Go to Game 
    Guy! No coins, no visit.
    ! Space
    This is Chance Time. Somebody gives something to someone else. You stop 
    the blocks by pushing A. Here are all the possible prizes.
    1 Coin
    10 Coins
    20 Coins
    30 Coins
    All Coins
    1 Star
    2 Stars
    3 Stars
    All Stars
    Basic Space
    On Duel mode, landing on one of these makes that space yours. If the 
    other person lands on that space, they have to pay you a certain amount 
    of coins, depending on how far you are into the game. If you land on 
    your own space, you get coins. There are no Basic Spaces on Battle 
    Royal Mode.
    Happening Space
    This is for Duel. A Roulette comes, and, stop it, and, the effect is 
    shown. Here are all the possible effects.
    Restore Heart Pieces
    Plus 10 Coins
    Plus 20 Coins
    Minus 10 Coins
    Return to Start
    Switch Places
    Switch Partner Positions
    Get Opponent Spaces
    Clear All Spaces
    Power Up
    Power Down
    Reverse Space
    Hit these, and you hit another dice block to move backwards. They only 
    appear on Duel Maps, and they don't appear on Backtrack.
    Backtrack Space 
    These only appear on the Duel map Backtrack. These switch the direction 
    of movement until another is hit.
    Mini-Game Space
    Only Duel mode. Hit one, and a mini-game begins.
    Power Up Space
    Everything about your partners will double. Only on Duel Mode.
    That's all! twishall@hotmail.com.
    IX: Mini-Games 
    Here are all the types of Mini-Games.
    2 vs. 2
    1 vs. 3
    Duel (2-Player)
    Item (1-Player)
    ??? (Appears in Mini-Game Room only, 1-Player)
    Game Guy (1-Player, appears in Game Guy Room, not Free Play Room)
    71 new mini-games! 20 4-Player, 10 2 vs. 2, 10 1 vs. 3, 10 Duel, 8 
    Battle, 6 Item, 3 ???, 4 Game Guy!
    4-Player Mini-Games
    NOTE: I do not list games in the order they appear in the Free Play 
    Room. However, I do list them in alphabetical order. Before I get to 
    the 4-Player Games, there is something you should know. 3 of the Mini-
    Games have yellow text when the roulette in Battle Royal maps chooses. 
    In these games, the point is not to win, but to merely collect coins. 
    Thank you.
    #1: Aces High
    Control Stick: Steer, ascend, descend
    A Button: Accelerate
    B Button: Brake
    Z Button: Fire Missile. Hold and release once the homing missile in the 
    bottom is blinking to release a homing missile at the nearest opponent
    Objective: Be the last surviving airplane pilot!
    Strategy: Yes, it's an airplane game, and a fun one at that! Everyone 
    begins with two hearts, their life. You can get blasted by missiles. 
    Each missile takes away one heart. If you get both hearts blasted, your 
    airplane goes down, and you are eliminated from the mini-game. Don't 
    panic if your airplane starts flashing and rapidly turning around. This 
    means you have reached the edge of the map, and your airplane is 
    automatically turning to get back on course. There is a radar in the 
    middle of the screen. Sometimes, a warning noise will sound, and, 
    someone will get a little missile icon on their screen. At this point, 
    that person should try to swerve a lot, because, a missile is homing in 
    on them. Once the icon disappears, the person will either have gotten 
    blasted, or, they will have evaded the missile. Also, when a homing 
    missile is fired, a little arrow appears on the screen, which has the 
    same color as the person who fired it. A draw can be announced, but, 
    if, for example, two characters are remaining at the end, but, one has 
    two hearts remaining, and the other one has one heart remaining, then 
    the character who has two hearts remaining will win. For a draw to be 
    announced, both/all characters remaining must have an equal amount of 
    hearts left.
    #2: Awful Tower
    Control Stick: Move
    A Button: Jump
    Objective: Be the first to reach the top of the tower
    Strategy: Using blocks that automatically descend and ascend, you must 
    get to the top of the tower first. The blue block with an arrow on it 
    is the last block. On the way, there are coins placed in places where 
    you must fall to collect them. I recommend not going for these coins. 
    Also, there are 3 different Hammer Brothers. Just wait until they throw 
    their hammers, then go. There is one coin, at the very top of the 
    tower, that you can reach without falling, but, if you miss, don't feel 
    absolutely horrible. Well, that's Awful Tower.
    #3: The Beat Goes On
    A Button: Hit the A Drum
    B Button: Hit the B Drum
    Z Button: Hit the Z Drum
    Objective: Be the last person left to perfectly recite the order
    Strategy: At the beginning, the leader Shy Guy will pound a pattern on 
    the drums. The person who is next should then pound that same pattern, 
    on the prompting of the blue square at the top of the screen. Once 
    he/she completes the pattern that Shy Guy did, he/she should then add 
    another note to the end of the pattern. The game continues like this 
    until only one character remains. You get eliminated by waiting too 
    long or hitting the wrong drum at the wrong time. If the entire musical 
    scale is filled up, a Draw will take place.
    #4: Bounce 'n' Trounce
    Control Stick: Move
    A Button: Jump high. Hold to jump HIGHER
    Z Button: Attack. You must have jumped before you can attack
    Objective: Be the last person left on the arena
    Strategy: Okay. At first, the arena is made up of nine blocks, five 
    blue, four purple. But, as you progress, blocks will fall, making the 
    arena smaller and smaller. Blocks will begin falling after ten seconds 
    have passed. My advice is to pretty much attack constantly, or as much 
    as you can. Be the last person remaining and win! If two or more 
    characters are remaining when time runs out, or if everyone falls off, 
    a Draw will take place.
    #5: Cheep Cheep Chase
    A Button: Press repeatedly to swim
    B/Z Buttons: Dive
    Objective: Swim away from the Cheep Cheep and be the first to reach the 
    Finish Line! Don't get eaten!
    Strategy: Swim away from the Cheep Cheep by pressing A repeatedly. Get 
    too close, and you will get eaten! An exclamation mark will appear 
    above your head if you are close to Cheep Cheep. Every now and then, 
    there are bombs in the water. Press B or Z to dive under them. The 
    first one to reach the Finish Line wins. If everybody gets eaten, there 
    is a Draw. The Cheep Cheep swims at different speeds every time you 
    play the game. When underwater, you must continue tapping A to continue 
    swimming, or you'll come up and hit a bomb.
    #6: Chip Shot Challenge
    Control Stick: Increase/decrease distance of hit, aim to the left and 
    A Button: Swing
    Objective: Get your ball closest to the hole, or, hit the ball in!
    Strategy: You are on a tee. There is a green over there, sometimes flat 
    at the edges and humped at the top, sometimes humped at the edges and 
    flat at the top. There is a hole with a flag in it. Try to get your 
    ball in the hole, or very close to the hole. Push and hold down on the 
    Control Stick to increase how far you hit the ball, and hold up to 
    decrease. Press A to hit your ball. The character who is closest to the 
    hole wins. You can hit it in the hole, and you get a Nice! sign display 
    from Lakitu, although there is no special bonus. If you hit it, and it 
    goes off the green, Lakitu will display a Miss sign. If you don't hit 
    it in the hole, but, it stays on the green, how far you are away from 
    the hole will be displayed by meters, and, on the next character's 
    turn, a half visible flag will be shown, and it will have your 
    character's face on it. Multiple people can win. However, if all four 
    are exactly the same distance away, or, if everybody got it in the 
    hole, or, if everyone missed, a Draw will be announced.
    #7: Curtain Call
    Control Stick: Move left to move right, move right to move left
    A Button: Confirm who you think it is
    B Button: De-confirm who you think it is
    Objective: Answer the questions correctly
    Strategy: Dancers, Koopa, Boo, and Goomba, to be exact, will appear on 
    the stage. The first time, there are three dancers. The second time, 
    five. The third time, six. After the dancers go off the screen, Toad 
    will ask you a question about where one of the dancers was. Choose who 
    you think is right. You don't have to press A, you can just stay on the 
    correct character. If you get the question right, you move to the next 
    round. If you get the question wrong, you are out. The last person left 
    is the winner. Multiple people can win. All four people can win!
    #8: Frigid Bridges
    Control Stick: Move
    Objective: Be the first to complete the bridge to the island and walk 
    onto the island
    Strategy: The path is made up of ice, so, walking is rather hard. There 
    is a fish at one point, and he jumps back and forth. If you get hit by 
    him, Lakitu will have to come and pick you up. Be the first to drop all 
    three purple blocks in the water at the end of the path and get on the 
    island! Just run into a block to pick it up, and just run into the 
    empty space at the end to drop a block. You can fall off, so be 
    careful. There is NO POSSIBLE WAY to make it to the island without all 
    three blocks in place.
    #9: Ice Rink Risk
    Control Stick: Move
    A Button: Jump
    Objective: Avoid the spiked Koopa shells and force the others into 
    Strategy: You are on an ice rink. One spiked Koopa shell falls. This 
    part is easy. Just make sure you don't get forced into it by other 
    characters. After 10 seconds, another falls. This makes it harder, but, 
    try not to jump. After 10 more seconds, another falls. This makes it 
    pretty dang hard, but, try to jump as little as possible, because, 
    while you are in the air, you can't move too well. A Draw can take 
    #10: Mario's Puzzle Party
    Control Stick: Move your current block side to side
    A Button: Flip your current block
    Z Button: Quickly drop your current block
    Objective: Be the first to reach the set number of points in a Tetris-
    style mini-game!
    Strategy: On Party and Story mode, the set number of points is 100, and 
    it is unchangeable. Same for the Random Battle room. In the Free Play 
    Room, you can set it anywhere from 100 to 1,000 by 100-point 
    separation. Blocks will drop, each with two blocks on them, and those 
    half blocks will be different colors. Make two of the same colors hit 
    each other to make those disappear, plus, you get 2 points. You can get 
    huge bonuses by lining up a huge stack, and, then, making one block 
    take it all out. Occasionally, without warning, bricks will drop. These 
    are just to hinder you. Every now and then, you'll get a Thwomp as 
    well. Thwomps are really cool. Thwomps smash half blocks so that they 
    are the size of quarter blocks. However, quarter blocks is the smallest 
    blocks can go, so, don't expect any 1/64th blocks or anything. Also, 
    say you get a match. You get two points. This makes two blocks come 
    together that are the same color automatically. This gives you four 
    points. It keeps increasing by two like this.
    #11: Messy Memory
    Control Stick: Move hand
    A Button: Grab/release items
    Z Button: Open/close curtain
    Objective: Get the most things correctly placed on the shelves
    Strategy: There are 10 things on the shelves. You get around 5 seconds 
    to look at them and memorize their locations. Then, Toads come and take 
    7 of the things off. Put the things that the Toads took off back where 
    you think they should go. Once you have all things in place, push Z to 
    close your curtain, so that no one can copy off your finished pattern. 
    The player with the most items in the correct place wins. All four 
    players could win. Two or three could win also. 
    #12: M.P.I.Q.
    A Button: Jump/select A answer
    B Button: Select B answer
    Z Button: Select Z answer
    Objective: Answer 3 questions correctly before anyone else does
    Strategy: M.P.I.Q. stands for Mario Party Intelligence Quota. You will 
    be asked a maximum of 10 questions about the Mario Party series. Press 
    A to "buzz in." Be the first person to buzz in, and you can choose 
    which answer you think is correct with A, B, or Z. If you answer 
    correctly, you move up 1. The objective is to be the first character to 
    reach 3. If you answer a question incorrectly, you will get smashed by 
    your "buzzer" and be out for one question. However, your current 
    questions-answered-correctly level will not drop. You can "buzz in" 
    before the entire question is asked. This mini-game can become stupid, 
    as one person can repeatedly buzz in as soon as the question begins its 
    text. If 10 questions are asked, and too many people get questions 
    wrong, then a Draw will ensue. However, for this to happen, at least 
    two people must be at the same questions-answered-correctly level.
    #13: <<<Parasol Plummet>>>
    Control Stick: Move while parasol is open
    A Button: Open/Close parasol
    Objective: Collect a bunch of coins
    Strategy: I put three left arrows to the left of the title and three 
    right arrows to the right of the title because Parasol Plummet is one 
    of the three games where the objective is to collect coins, instead of 
    winning. A opens your umbrella and makes you go up. A also closes your 
    umbrella and makes you go down. If you hit the top of the screen 
    because you went up a lot, then the umbrella will automatically close. 
    If you hit the bottom of the screen, then the umbrella will 
    automatically open. Watch out for the hammers, aim mainly for the Money 
    Bags, which are worth 5 coins, and try and get a bunch of coins! 
    Everybody wins, so long as they collect at least 1 coin!
    #14: Picture Imperfect
    A Button: Jump
    Objective: Get the most correct things on the face of Toad, Wiggler, or 
    Strategy: At the beginning, a pattern will be shown. This will be 
    either Toad, for 30 points, Wiggler, for 40 points, or Mario, for 50 
    points. Toad, you have to get 3 things correct to get perfect. Wiggler 
    is 4, Mario is 5. I've gotten 30 on Toad, 40 on Wiggler, and 47 on 
    Mario. This game seems dumb at first, but, play it a bunch, and, you'll 
    see that it's not that bad. Multiple people can win.
    #15: Pipe Cleaners
    A Button+Up: Whack the upper right pipe
    A Button+Down: Whack the lower right pipe
    B Button+Up: Whack the upper left pipe
    B Button+Down: Whack the lower left pipe
    Objective: Whack the most Baby Bowsers!
    Strategy: This is a fun game. Baby Bowsers come out of the pipes, and 
    you have to whack them by pushing the same controller combination. 
    Usually, Baby Bowsers stay out for awhile. Sometimes, they come out, 
    and then go back in very quickly. At the end, when the timer reaches 3 
    seconds, Baby Bowsers come out of all the pipes, and stay out until 
    time runs out. The best possible score is 30. The worst possible score 
    is 0. You'll be able to tell if you hit a Baby Bowser that came out and 
    went back in really quickly, because, stars will appear near there if 
    you did, and nothing will appear if you didn't. Plus, a different noise 
    will sound if you made contact with the Baby Bowser.
    #16: Rockin' Raceway
    A Button: Rock back
    B Button: Rock forth
    Objective: Rock back and forth on your horse, and be the first to cross 
    the Finish Line!
    Strategy: It's like track and field, only on horses! Push A and B, 
    alternating, to rock on your horse to the Finish Line! However, watch 
    the carrots by your character's head, because, if those carrots run out 
    all the way, you spin out, and that costs you time. Try to keep your 
    last carrot blinking. Now, on the course, for each lane, there are two 
    discs with carrot pictures on them. If the carrot is orange, getting 
    that carrot will give you unlimited carrots for awhile. If the carrot 
    is blue, getting that carrot will spin you out. They alternate. The 
    first one alternates slowly, the second one alternates fast. This is a 
    REALLY fun game.
    #17: Snowball Summit
    Control Stick: Move/Make snowball bigger
    A Button: Release snowball
    B Button: Gather snow
    Objective: Kill your opponents with snowballs, and avoid theirs!
    Strategy: First, press B rapidly to gather snow. Once your character 
    stops gathering snow, roll the snowball around by moving to make the 
    snowball bigger. Once you think it's big enough, you can either try to 
    run the snowball into somebody, or, release it with A to try and hit 
    them. Avoid their snowballs! Any snowball, no matter what size, can 
    stop any other snowball if they collide. Also, it will destroy both 
    snowballs. This game is okay. It'd be more fun if multiple people could 
    #18: Toadstool Titan
    Control Stick: Move
    A Button: Jump
    B Button: Attack
    A+Z Buttons: Ground Pound
    Objective: Nab the mushroom and destroy your opponents
    Strategy: There are 7 blocks above the arena. Jump into one. If it 
    breaks, then, go to another block. However, if it makes a different 
    noise, and it doesn't break, stay there, and a mushroom will start 
    coming out. Grab it, and you will become big. Now, when you're big, 
    once you push the Control Stick, you can't move another direction until 
    you hit the wall. If you run into another player while big, you will 
    make them fly out of the arena. Be the last person remaining! A Draw 
    can take place if the time runs out. You cannot win if you don't get 
    the mushroom sometime. Avoid another player when they have the mushroom 
    by running and jumping when they get close to you. To Ground Pound, 
    which is flip over and slam on the ground extra hard, push A, and, 
    while in the air, push Z. Attack means punch, or nose-whack with Yoshi. 
    Your mushroom power doesn't last very long. 
    #19: Treadmill Grill
    Control Stick: Move
    A Button: Jump
    B Button: Attack
    A+Z Buttons: Ground Pound
    Objective: Be the last person remaining on the treadmill. Avoid the 
    Strategy: DON'T Ground Pound, when the treadmill is small. It takes way 
    too much time, and you slide a lot. As you progress, every 10 seconds, 
    the treadmill will shrink. A Draw can ensue if 2 people make it to the 
    end. Jump over all people, and avoid orange Podoboos that enter the 
    treadmill. This game is pretty hard, but very fun.
    #20: Water Whirled
    Control Stick: Steer your motorboat
    A Button: Accelerate
    B Button: Brake
    Objective: Complete 5 laps first in a motorboat race!
    Strategy: I REALLY like this game. I recommend never using the brake 
    button on this oval track, and never push the Control Stick unless 
    you're approaching a turn or turning. Controls are kind of hard to get 
    used to, but, you can do it. I recommend pushing the Control Stick 
    about 1/4 of the way before you get to the turn, that way, you should be 
    able to take the turn tight. You can cut other players off, or, you can 
    just go backwards and stop characters who you do not want to win, or, 
    just to be mean.  
    2 vs. 2 Mini-Games
    #1: Baby Bowser Broadside
    Control Stick: Turn cannon
    A Button: Fire cannonball
    Objective: Hit the Baby Bowser balloon the most times!
    Strategy: This is a difficult game. You are all on the sides, and a 
    Baby Bowser balloon is tied down in the middle. Fire cannonballs and 
    hit it. Sometimes, walls will block you from hitting the balloon. After 
    a little while, the platform that everybody is on will start turning. 
    This makes it a lot harder! You will have to adjust your controls as 
    you turn.
    #2: Cosmic Coaster
    Control Stick: Left to move your cart left, right to move your cart 
    Objective: Avoid Bowser pictures to make it to the end of the track 
    Strategy: First of all, DO NOT go for the coins, unless you have a hor-
    rible partner, and you know you're going to lose. You're going along a 
    track very fast, and, you have to avoid the Bowser pictures, or, they 
    slow you down, temporarily. The best possible time is 17"96, hitting no 
    Bowser pictures. Some are one wide, some are two wide. That's really 
    all there is to say.
    #3: Eatsa Pizza
    Control Stick: Steer through pizza
    A Button: Tap repeatedly to eat pizza
    Objective: Eat the most of your half of pizza before time runs out!
    Strategy: Each team has one half of a pizza. Push into the pizza and 
    tap A repeatedly to eat through it. You get 30 seconds. Don't go for 
    little specks, it's best to go for the big parts of the half. It is 
    possible to eat the entire half. Whoever eats their half first, or, 
    whoever eats more of their half before time runs out, wins.
    #4: Etch 'n' Catch
    Control Stick: Steer character and magic crayon, make line with magic 
    Objective: Circle the most Toad stamps
    Strategy: The blue team vs. the red team. The circles around the Toad 
    stamps don't have to go all the way around. You can cut in a little 
    bit. After a little bit, the line from your magic crayon will start to 
    disappear. The best way to do this game is to have both players go the 
    same direction around the Toad stamp. A Draw can be announced. If one 
    team circles 5 Toad stamps, the game will stop, and that team will win.
    #5: Hyper Hydrants
    A Button: Push pump down
    B/Z Buttons: Pull pump up
    Control Stick: Steer hose
    A Button: Spray in all directions. You don't get too much distance
    Objective: Put out the most fires
    Strategy: The pumper's job is to pump up and down with either an A-B 
    combination or an A-Z combination, whichever they prefer. The sprayer's 
    job is to spray the fires with water, to put them out. Try to aim 
    mostly for the small fires, as they'll go out faster. You must hold A 
    to spray in all directions. It is best to do this when a lot of fires 
    are close, but, all in different places. This way, the water hits all 
    of them at the same time. Whichever team totally extinguishes more 
    fires wins. If both teams have the same amount of fires put out when 
    time runs out, a Draw will ensue.
    #6: Log Jam
    A Button: Place A log
    B Button: Place B log
    Z Button: Place Z log
    A Button: Cut A log
    B Button: Cut B log
    Z Button: Cut Z log
    Objective: Chop the most logs!
    Strategy: First, errors explained. If the placer pushes the wrong 
    button to place a log, they will strain for a little bit. If the cutter 
    tries to cut before the placer places, then, it'll take them a little 
    while to get their ax out of the stump. If they push the wrong button 
    to cut a log, they won't be able to cut it. Push the right button to 
    cut it. You can see how many logs you've cut above your team. Piles are 
    5 logs. A smooth team should get at least 17 logs chopped. If both 
    teams get the same amount of logs, a Draw will take place.
    #7: Picking Panic
    A Button: Push and hold to grab cherry (no y, ies), release to release 
    cherry (no y, ies)
    A Button: Push and hold to catch cherry (no y, ies), release to release 
    cherry (no y, ies)
    Objective: Transfer the most cherries from the tree to the container
    Strategy: Both of you are swinging on your own vines. One will grab 
    cherries from the tree and pass them to the other character, who will 
    drop them in the container and add to the cherry count. If the team is 
    good. Now, remember, one cherry is light, so, release it early. Two 
    cherries are medium, so, release them when you're fairly close. Three 
    cherries are pretty heavy, so, release them when you're close. A good 
    team should be able to get at least 15 cherries, if not 20.
    #8: <<<Puddle Paddle>>>
    Control Stick: Steer raft
    A Button: Tap repeatedly to paddle
    Objective: Collect a bunch of coins!
    Strategy: I put three left arrows to the left of the title and three 
    right arrows to the right of the title because Puddle Paddle is one of 
    the three games where the objective is to collect coins, instead of 
    winning. There is a Hammer Brother, on a platform in the middle of the 
    small pond. He throws out coins, money bags, and hammers. Avoid the 
    hammers, get the coins, paddle like crazy for those 5-coin money bags. 
    Please note that one team does not divide evenly how many coins they 
    got, but, instead, both team members get the amount shown. A hammer 
    causes the raft to blink for a second or so, and you won't be able to 
    move during that time. 
    #9: Pump, Pump, and Away
    A Button: Push pump down
    B/Z Buttons: Pull pump up
    Objective: Pump more gas into your rocket to make it go higher!
    Strategy: Two teams of two are competing against each other. Pump your 
    pump up and down with an A-B combination or an A-Z combination, 
    whichever you prefer, and, pump like crazy! When the 10 second time 
    limit runs out, the rockets will blast off. Whichever team pumped more 
    fuel will win, because their rocket will go higher. You can set records 
    and try to beat them.
    #10: Slot Synch
    A Button: Jump and stop block
    Objective: Get the most points with slot-machine style play!
    Strategy: First, the point values. Two Goombas give you 1 point, two 
    Koopa Troopas give you 2 points, two Toads give you 3 points, and two 
    Baby Bowsers give you -1 point. If you're playing with a computer, the 
    first time, get Toad, because it goes slow. Keep jumping almost immedi-
    ately every time, and you'll get Toad every time. This game is hard if 
    two people are playing. Watch for the corresponding fans to jump in the 
    background when you get a match! 
    1 vs. 3 mini-games
    #1: Boulder Ball
    Boulder Thrower:
    Control Stick: Steer to the left or right
    A Button: Throw boulder
    Control Stick: Move
    Objective: For the thrower, prevent the other people from getting up 
    the hill by flattening them. For the runners, avoid the boulders and 
    get to the top of the hill
    Strategy: For the thrower, aim as far to the left and right as you can, 
    and push A. It will bounce back and forth, and be hard to avoid. If 
    people get close to the top of the hill, aim at them directly. For the 
    runners, do your best.
    #2: Coconut Conk
    Barrel roller:
    Control Stick: Move
    People on Trees:
    Control Stick: Move
    A Button: Jump
    A+Z Buttons: Ground Pound
    Objective: For the barrel roller, evade the falling coconuts for 30 
    seconds. For the people on the trees, nail the barrel with a coconut
    Strategy: Get coconuts to fall by Ground Pounding. Coconuts can fall 
    from anywhere. I don't like this game. For the barrel roller, try to 
    avoid coconuts. Don't jump on each other if you're one of the team of 
    three. Jumping does nothing.
    #3: Crazy Cogs
    Lever handler:
    Control Stick: Left to spin the platform left, right to spin the plat-
    form right, do nothing to let the platform be still
    Control Stick: Move
    Objective: For the lever handler, get the other three players 
    eliminated by Bullet Bills. For the runners, evade the Bullet Bills for 
    30 seconds
    Strategy: For the lever handler, try and spin towards shadows. For the 
    runners, avoid shadows.
    #4: Hand, Line, and Sinker
    Control Stick: Down and left to aim right, down and right to aim left, 
    slightly go in these directions to go slightly the opposite direction, 
    hold down to go straight, the farther down you hold, the more power 
    will be given
    A Button: Cast
    Control Stick: Steer
    A Button: Press repeatedly to swim
    Objective: For the fisherman/fisherwoman, catch all the fish within the 
    time limit. For the fish, evade the hand of the line until time runs 
    Strategy: The fish are in the small pond, the fisherman/woman is right 
    below the pond. For the fisherman/woman, hold down to increase power. 
    For the fish, evade the hand. I hate this game.
    #5: Hide-and-Sneak
    Control Stick: Move back and forth
    A Button: Select hiding place
    Control Stick: Left to hide behind left hiding place, right to hide 
    behind right hiding place, up to hide behind up hiding place, down to 
    hide behind down hiding place
    Objective: For the seeker, to find the hiders. For the hiders, to evade 
    the seeker
    Strategy: Hiders, push left, right, up, or down to hide behind a hiding 
    place the first time. Remember, just push in that direction to hide 
    behind. Then, the hider will select a hiding place. If you make it into 
    the second round, one hiding place will be gone, the one the hider 
    selected. Same thing for third round. If the seeker finds all, he wins. 
    If at least one hider evades the seeker for all three rounds, the team 
    of three wins. This game is luck, but, it's still kind of fun. If you 
    don't push a direction within the 5-second time limit if you're a 
    hider, you won't hide, and will be automatically found when the curtain 
    opens. If you don't choose a button within the 10-second time limit if 
    you're the seeker, you won't pick, and you definitely won't find 
    anybody for the round, unless one or more hiders neglected to hide.  
    #6: Ridiculous Relay
    Control Stick: Right to speed up and move right, left to slow down and 
    move left, up to ascend, down to descend
    Boat paddler:
    A Button: Pull paddle back
    B Button: Push paddle forwards
    Weird thing controller:
    A Button+Up: Prepare to move
    A Button+Down: Prepare to move
    B Button+Up: Prepare to move
    B Button+Down: Move
    Motorboat pilot:
    A Button: Push repeatedly to progress
    Objective: Be the first to cross the finish line!
    Strategy: For the one player, he'll have some flying Goombas and Bullet 
    Bills hindering his flying. He'll have to fly 600 meters in that horri-
    ble road. For the three players, the paddler will start. Push A and B 
    as fast as you can, alternating, to progress. He'll have to go 200 
    meters before reaching the weird vehicle. This character must proceed 
    by pushing Up+A, Down+A, Up+B, Down+B, over and over. Once he goes 200 
    meters, the motorboat pilot will take over. Hammer on A to get your 200 
    meters done. Whoever finishes first wins.
    #7: <<<River Raiders>>>
    Motorboat character and turtle shell characters:
    Control Stick: Steer
    Objective: Collect a bunch of coins!
    Strategy: I put three left arrows to the left of the title and three 
    right arrows to the right of the title because River Raiders is one of 
    the three games where the objective is to collect coins, instead of 
    winning. River Raiders is fairly fun. There is one person in a motor-
    boat ahead, and three people behind, skiing on turtle shells. Everybody 
    wants coins. The threesome gets all the coins that are shown on their 
    tally thing. However, the skiing people can't get too far away from the 
    motorboat. Coins are worth 1, money bags are worth 5. Hitting a log 
    causes you to blink, and you won't be able to get any coins for a 
    second or two. The boat has slow turn response, the shells have fast.
    #8: Spotlight Swim
    Spotlight Controlling Characters:
    Control Stick: Move spotlight
    Control Stick: Move over water and underwater
    A Button: Press and hold to dive. You can move while underwater
    Objective: The swimmer wants to evade the spotlights until time runs 
    out. The spotlight people want to shine all three spotlights on the 
    swimmer at the same time
    Strategy: Well, the objective says a lot of it. The swimmer doesn't 
    want all three spotlights to shine on him/her while he/she is over 
    water, and the spotlight people want this to happen. If the swimmer 
    gets caught, a silver cage will imprison him/her. If the swimmer evades 
    the spotlights for 30 seconds, Lakitu comes and helps the swimmer out 
    with a ladder. When emerging from water, the swimmer won't be able to 
    dive for about a second. You can swim underwater, but, you must come up 
    #9: Thwomp Pull
    Lone Person:
    A Button: Move A thwomp
    B Button: Move B thwomp
    Z Button: Move Z thwomp
    Team of Three:
    A Button: For the right person, move A thwomp
    B Button: For the middle person, move B thwomp
    Z Button: For the left person, move Z thwomp
    Objective: Be the first one to cross the Finish Line! 
    Strategy: For the lone person, there is no pattern. For the three peo-
    ple, push when prompted. Snowballs will fall. If they hit a character, 
    you will temporarily stop. This is the only possible effect. There is, 
    however, something you can realize. At the very start, first comes B, 
    then comes A. You can be absolutely positive that the next will be Z, 
    and you can predict later on; just don't mess up or you might lose.
    #10: Tidal Toss
    Person in Boat:
    A Button: Jump
    A+Z Buttons: Ground Pound
    People in Water:
    Control Stick: Run around
    A Button: Jump
    Objective: For the person in the boat, get the other 3 people out of 
    the pond. For the people in the water, stay in the pond until time is 
    Strategy: For the person in the boat, jump to make small waves. Ground 
    Pound quickly to make fairly small waves. Ground Pound after a little 
    while to make medium-sized waves. Ground Pound at the peak of your jump 
    to make huge waves. For the people in the water, leap over the waves. 
    That's all. Leap over the waves. Run in towards the boat, too. That 
    way, if you get hit, the waves will sweep you back, but, they won't 
    push you out!
    Duel Mini-Games
    #1: Baby Bowser Bonkers
    Control Stick: Move around
    A Button: Jump
    Objective: Bop the most Baby Bowsers!
    Strategy: This game is in Whack-a-Mole style, only it's Jump-a-Mole 
    now. Well, more like Jump-on-Baby-Bowsers. There's a big board thing. 
    The true trick to this game is being able to bop multiple B-Bowsers 
    without jumping multiple times, just by bouncing along. A Draw can take 
    place, if each has the same amount bopped when time runs out.
    #2: Bowser Toss
    Control Stick: Aim up or down
    A Button: Tap repeatedly to spin Bowser
    Objective: Throw your Bowser the farthest!
    Strategy: You're both on a platform, and you have 10 seconds to spin 
    and angle your Bowsers! It doesn't just depend on how fast you tap, the 
    angle is also important. I don't know why, but, I LOVE this game, 
    except when I play it against a Hard or Super Hard computer, because, 
    they're really good at tapping.
    #3: Crowd Cover
    A Button: Select A picture
    B Button: Select B picture
    Z Button: Select Z picture
    Objective: Choose the correct picture first!
    Strategy: The picture will be either Boo, Toad, or Bob-omb. Many Boos 
    will be on the Boo picture, many Toads will be on the Toad picture, 
    many Bob-ombs will be on the Bob-omb picture. They will slowly reveal 
    more and more of the picture. There are details. Boos will have 
    different mouth openings, and their side things will be up or down. 
    Toads will have different mouth openings and different foot positions. 
    Bob-ombs will have eyes open or closed, feet up or down, and, maybe one 
    more, maybe their side things.
    #4: End of the Line
    Control Stick: Push left to select left route, push right to select 
    right route
    Objective: Be the first to reach the end by choosing paths in a train!
    Strategy: No! A luck game that IS NOT FUN! There are two people, in a 
    split-screen showing. There are three routes. There is one safe path to 
    the end. You can choose left or right. There is a combination. It can 
    be the same direction every time, or same direction twice, then the 
    other direction, or alternating. If you select the wrong route, you fly 
    off a cliff, and you have to start over. Whoever gets to the end first 
    wins. A Draw can be announced.
    #5: Fowl Play
    Control Stick: Run around
    A Button: Jump
    B Button: Grab
    Objective: Catch the chicken before your opponent does!
    Strategy: You both have 60 seconds to catch the chicken. It's split-
    screen action. The chicken runs around. Follow the fresh footprints to 
    find the chicken. Once you think you're close enough, push B to grab 
    it! You can push A to jump over the various fences, but, you can't jump 
    out of the pen. It's best to try and corner the chicken at a fence, 
    then, grab! If no one catches the chicken, a Draw will ensue.
    #6: Motor Rooter
    Control Stick: Move your turtle car around the pipe
    Objective: Be the first to the Finish Line in a unique pipe race!
    Strategy: This is a fairly difficult game. It's fun, though! You just 
    have to practice it once or twice to get the hang of the controls. 
    After that, it's not all that hard. There are 8 possible places that 
    you can put your turtle car at. Zippers will appear. Passing over them 
    increases your speed for a little bit. Every now and then, lightning 
    obstacles will come. If you hit them, you will slow down. If you get 
    around them, you won't slow down. The first one across the Finish Line 
    wins! By the way, you can check the standings in the middle, and, you 
    can see when lightning obstacles are. Many zippers in a row often take 
    you straight into a lightning obstacle, but not always.
    #7: Popgun Pick-Off
    Control Stick: Move target
    A Button: Fire bullet
    Objective: Shoot the most Baby Bowsers
    Strategy: There are nine windows. They open, and either Baby Bowser or 
    Toad comes out. DO NOT SHOOT TOAD. Ever. You lose 10 hits. Hitting a 
    Baby Bowser gives you 1. Each Baby Bowser can be hit up to 10 times. If 
    you don't push anywhere, you aim at the middle. By the way, not all the 
    windows open. In fact, this rarely happens. Usually, only 3-8 open. At 
    the very start, a Baby Bowser ALWAYS comes out of the bottom left 
    #8: Silly Screws
    A Button: Push repeatedly to push nut forwards
    B Button: Push repeatedly to push nut backwards
    Objective: Get across the 6-nut course to the end!
    Strategy: This game has easy controls. If an A thing appears above your 
    head, tap A repeatedly. If a B thing appears above your head, tap B 
    repeatedly. Once a red arrow appears, stop tapping. This means that you 
    are lined up with the next nut. You should try to lead a little bit. 
    You will progress from nut to nut. There is a star platform at the end. 
    Whoever jumps on it first wins! It's easier to tell when you're lined 
    up when you're pushing A. 
    #9: Tick Tock Hop
    Control Stick: Turn
    A Button: Jump
    Objective: Jump over the minute hand more than your opponent!
    Strategy: Turning is pointless. You are both on the hour hand. The 
    minute hand spins around. It can spin around both directions, and, 
    sometimes the hour hand spins around too. Sometimes just the hour hand, 
    sometimes just the minute hand spins, and, sometimes, they both spin! 
    For every jump that both of you complete, the counter in the top right 
    will advance by one. If you get over 100, then, a Draw will ensue. If 
    both are knocked off, same thing. If you stay for awhile, the game gets 
    #10: Vine With Me
    A Button: Let go of vine
    Objective: Swing to the end of the vine course to the final branch!
    Strategy: It's a long course with a bunch of vines! You can see 
    progress in the middle of the screen. When vines get close together, 
    push A to release from the vine. Be sure to release from vines when 
    you're still not quite to the vine. If you release when you're past it, 
    you'll fall, and falling costs you time. The first one to the final 
    branch wins! You have to do absolutely perfect to beat a Super Hard 
    computer, which means going as soon as you possibly can every single 
    time, except at the end. That's how you win. The Super Hard computer 
    waits when they could've jumped onto the final branch once. You may be 
    able to miraculously catch up if you fail at one point and they have to 
    wait a long time to get to the next vine, but, probably not.
    NOTE: The rules for Battle Mini-Games. At first, a Roulette will decide 
    if everyone has to contribute 0 (in which there would be no Battle), 
    10, 20, 30, or 50 coins, or as many as they can contribute. Then, the 
    roulette will decide what Battle game you will play. Once the Battle 
    game is over, whoever won will get the most coins, and whoever got 2nd 
    will win some of the coins. Every now and then, the 3rd or 4th place 
    people will get one coin, when there's an extra coin upon the division 
    of the coins between the 1st place and 2nd place people. Sometimes the 
    extra coin goes to the others also. You don't have to go through any of 
    the above in the Mini-Game Room.
    Battle Mini-Games
    #1: All Fired Up
    Control Stick: Move
    A Button: Jump
    Objective: Survive the attack of the Podoboos!
    Strategy: This is a challenging game, and it's fun! There are Podoboos. 
    If you get hit by one, you are out. The last person remaining wins. A 
    Draw cannot take place. A Draw can't take place for any Battle games. 
    The Podoboos have three "attacks."
    - They will make themselves into a circle and move in and out. Jump in-
    side the circle when you have the chance. If the circle moves so far in 
    that you have to jump out before they scatter, do so.
    - They will make themselves into two arches, randomly making the arches 
    in different places. Just keep running around. You can run under one of 
    the arches, if you want to be risky.
    - They will form into an X and move back and forth. You can jump over 
    this, and you can also run in between the flames.
    You can also jump on people, to make it harder for them. They don't 
    stay flattened for too long, though. While you're flattened, you can't 
    #2: Eye Sore
    Control Stick: Move
    Objective: Circle Mr. I in a clockwise direction fifteen times first!
    Strategy: Yes, that's what you have to do. You start at the bottom of 
    the eye, so, start to the left, then, go around. Just go the way the 
    arrows are pointing. You can hit the eye, which slows you down for a 
    second or so. After circling the eye three times in the correct 
    direction, Podoboos will begin falling, in sets of one. After circling 
    the eye eight times, I believe, they will start to fall in sets of two. 
    The eye gets smaller and smaller, and, when you complete the 15th lap, 
    the eye disappears with a POOF! 
    #3: Locked Out
    Control Stick: Run around
    A Button: Pick up key
    B Button: Attack
    Objective: Survive the process of elimination by always going through a 
    Strategy: At the beginning, there are three doors, each with the same 
    picture on them. Get the corresponding key, pick it up, and run against 
    a door to unlock it and proceed! Second round, two doors, third round, 
    two doors, one key. You can Attack someone to make them drop their key. 
    There are also a bunch of keys that are wrong. 
    #4: Merry-Go-Chomp
    A Button: Jump
    Objective: Don't get caught by the Chain Chomp!
    Strategy: NO! A luck game! Pick a color, hope you don't get caught.
    #5: Slap Down
    A Button: Activate hand
    Objective: Slap down first on the correct flower picture!
    Strategy: At the beginning, the big middle picture will display a 
    picture of a flower. There are many other blocks that spin and make 
    pictures. You should push A to slap your hand down when the big picture 
    and the small picture show the same flower. If you slap down when they 
    don't show the same flower, you are out, and play resumes. A 4-way 1st 
    place tie can take place, if all 4 people slap down on the wrong 
    #6: Stacked Deck
    Control Stick: Run around
    A Button: Jump
    A+Z Buttons: Ground Pound
    Objective: Don't flip over a Baby Bowser card!
    Strategy: Not a luck game! There are 12 cards to choose from. Six are 
    Toad cards, four are Baby Bowser cards, and two are Boo cards. Toad 
    cards let you stay in the game. Baby Bowser cards eject you. Boo cards 
    rearrange the order of the characters, and they let you stay in the 
    game. You have a 10-second time limit to decide which card you want to 
    Ground Pound on. Jumping does nothing. If your time limit runs out, the 
    game will automatically flip over a random card. THIS IS A LUCK GAME! 
    #7: Storm Chasers
    Control Stick: Run around
    Objective: Get the most water for your Piranha Plant!
    Strategy: There is a rain cloud. Everybody's in a bunch in a pretty 
    small circular pen. Get under the cloud to get water for your Piranha 
    Plant! If your pot is blinking, that means you are collecting water. 
    Whoever collects the most water wins. Watch out for Monty Mole! If you 
    hit him, you'll stumble, and won't be able to move for a little bit.
    #8: Three Door Monty
    A Button: Choose A door
    B Button: Choose B door
    Z Button: Choose Z door
    Objective: Push the right button the fastest!
    Strategy: At the beginning, Boo, Toad, and Koopa Troopa will all run 
    around and will eventually go in different doors. You then have 3 
    seconds to recall where each one is. When this is up, a character's 
    picture will be displayed, along with that character's noise. The 
    person who pushes the correct button the fastest wins. For example, if 
    Boo went in B, and Toad went in Z, and Koopa Troopa went in B, and came 
    back out, seeing that someone was already in there, and went in A, the 
    doors would shut. Now, say the Boo picture was displayed. Whoever 
    pushed B the fastest would win.
    Item Mini-Games (1-Player)
    NOTE: You might play one of these games if you land on a Toad space. 
    You might also be asked an Item Question from either Toad or Baby 
    Bowser. If you win the Item Game, you get the item shown.
    #1: Bobbing Bow-loons
    A Button: Shoot arrow
    Objective: Shoot a balloon to get an item!
    Strategy: You have a balloon of your own, and there are five balloons 
    to the left, each with different items inside. Shoot the arrow, which 
    doesn't go all that fast, when you think you should. Sometimes, the 
    prizes can be very valuable, such as, a Magic Lamp as one of the 
    prizes! Get an item to win the game! If you miss all five balloons, the 
    arrow will bounce off the wall, come back, and pop your balloon, 
    causing you to fall. Baby Bowser will appear in the tower and start 
    #2: Dorrie Dip
    A Button: Jump
    A+Z Buttons: Ground Pound
    Objective: Ground Pound on Dorrie's back to try and get an item!
    Strategy: Five items will fall onto five of the rafts. For the sixth, 
    Baby Bowser will fall. If you get Baby Bowser, you lose. Jumping does 
    nothing. I say, hit Dorrie's back with a Ground Pound two or three 
    rafts before the raft that has the item you want. It's not hard to get 
    an item on this game.
    #3: Hey, Batter, Batter!
    A Button: Swing bat
    Objective: Hit a sign to get an item!
    Strategy: There are five signs, each with a different item picture on 
    them. When Baby Bowser pitches, swing, and, hopefully, you'll get an 
    item! However, it is possible to pop out to Baby Bowser. Don't swing 
    too late or too early!
    #4: Swing 'n' Swipe
    Control Stick: Move around
    A Button: Swing hammer
    Objective: Hit a Baby Bowser to get that chest!
    Strategy: This is the easiest game to choose what item you get. At the 
    beginning, five items will fall into chests, and Baby Bowsers will pick 
    the chests up. Once the game starts, go over to the Baby Bowser that 
    has the chest that contains the item that you want, and hit him by 
    pressing A. Very, very easy.
    #5: Swinging With Sharks
    A Button: Jump from swing
    Objective: Land on a barrel to get an item!
    Strategy: You are on a swing. There are five barrels; each has a sign, 
    with an item on that sign. Push A to jump from the swing when you think 
    the momentum will carry you to the barrel that you want. However, if 
    you miss, Baby Bowser will mock you from a shark.
    #6: Winner's Wheel
    A Button: Stop wheel
    Objective: Get an item by stopping the wheel!
    Strategy: There are five prizes, and the other section of the wheel has 
    a Baby Bowser head on it. Press A when you want to stop the wheel. I 
    don't know any trick of any sort or anything.
    NOTE: For ??? games, you must do certain things to unlock them.
    ??? Mini-Games
    #1: Dizzy Dinghies
    WMBDTU (What Must Be Done To Unlock): Unlock every non-secret mini-
    Control Stick: Steer
    A Button: Accelerate
    B Button: Brake
    Objective: Set new records on this game! There are 3 courses!
    Strategy: It's just like Water Whirled! At the beginning, you have to 
    choose between Non-slip boat, which is bad, Normal boat, which is good 
    until you are pretty good, and Speed boat, which is the best. Before 
    this, you select which course. Course 1 is easy, Course 2 is pretty 
    hard, Course 3 is hard. Practice, and set new records!
    #2: Mario's Puzzle Party Pro
    WMBDTU: Get 1,000 coins or more in the Game Guy room.
    Control Stick: Move your current block side to side
    A Button: Rotate your current block
    Z Button: Quickly drop your current block
    Objective: Score as many points as you can in three minutes!
    Strategy: To get the Game Guy Room, you must get the rank of Miracle 
    Star on Story Mode. To do this, most of your Star Rankings must be S, 
    and you must have no more then one C or two B's. The better Star 
    Rankings you get, the better your rank will be. Mario's Puzzle Party 
    Pro is the same as Mario's Puzzle Party, except, you're by yourself, 
    and you can set records and try to break them. 
    #3: Stardust Battle
    WMBDTU: Beat Story mode
    Control Stick: Move
    A: Jump
    B Button: Pick up star/throw star
    Objective: Defeat the fake Millennium Star!
    Strategy: Okay, at the beginning, you're on normal terrain, and red 
    stars rain down. Five, to be exact. Pick them up once they turn blue, 
    and then throw them at the fake MS to hurt him! After one hit, if it's 
    on Easy, two for Medium, and three for Hard, it will turn to terrain 
    where you can't move too well. I believe 10-star sets come now. Hurt 
    him one, two, or three times with blue stars to make the ground turn to 
    ice. This makes it slippery. I'm pretty sure 15-star sets come now! 
    Hurt him once, twice, or thrice to defeat him!
    Game Guy Mini-Games (1-Player, appears in Game Guy Room, not Mini-Game 
    NOTE: To unlock the Game Guy Room, you must get at least 8 S Star 
    levels on Story mode to get the rank of Miracle Star. Also, there must 
    be no more then one C and two B star rankings, but there can be five 
    However, the Game Guy Room is different. You start with 10 coins, and 
    it randomly selects a game for you. You then choose how many coins you 
    want to wager and play the game. If you win, you get the amount of 
    coins you wagered multiplied by at least 2, and up to 64! Get 1,000 
    coins or more for a special mini-game!
    #1: Game Guy's Lucky 7
    A Button: Hit dice block
    Objective: Beat Game Guy on Lucky 7!
    Strategy: Here are the rules. There are 7 steps. If you go over 7, you 
    automatically lose. The highest possible number you can get on the dice 
    block is 6. Game Guy goes first. Suppose he got a 4. He would move up 4 
    steps. Then, suppose you got a 1. You would move up 1 step. Game Guy 
    would probably decide to stay where he is. Then, you would hit again. 
    Say you got a 3. So, at the end, Game Guy and you would both be on 4, 
    because, you can roll once, and then stop, or, you can roll twice. If 
    you and Game Guy end up on the same space, you win. If you go over 7, 
    then, you lose. If you end up on 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6, and you win, you 
    get your coins x2. If you end up on 7, you get your coins x10!
    #2: Game Guy's Magic Boxes
    Control Stick: Choose between chests
    A Button: Pick chest
    Objective: Find Toad, and not Baby Bowser!
    Strategy: At the beginning, Game Guy will show two chests. Then, they 
    will be randomly mixed up. You won't be able to see this. In other 
    words, this is a luck game, and it is NOT fun. Then, you choose a 
    chest. Then, you get either Toad or Baby Bowser. If you get Baby 
    Bowser, then, you lose. If you get Toad, then, you can choose whether 
    to keep the coins you have now, or, to keep going, and, try and win x2 
    of the coins that you had when you won the first time! If you get Toad 
    again, you can play one more time! However, if you get Baby Bowser at 
    any time, you lose everything! Meaning that it's double or nothing and 
    quadruple or nothing and octuplet or nothing!
    #3: Game Guy's Roulette
    Control Stick: Choose one of the things to bet on
    A Button: Pick one
    Objective: Bet on the right section of the wheel!
    Strategy: This game is complete and total luck, however, it's kind of 
    fun to play, unless there's a lot of coins on the line. This game is 
    really hard to win. You can bet on Koopa, which is the biggest, and, if 
    it lands on Koopa, and, you bet on Koopa, then, you get your coins, 
    however, they have been multiplied by 2. It keeps going up. Times 4 for 
    Bob-omb, times 8 for Goomba, times 16 for Boo, times 32 for Toad, and 
    times 64 for Game Guy. If you don't bet on the right one, then, you 
    lose. As the winnings get higher, the amount of spaces that the face 
    covers gets smaller.
    #4: Game Guy's Sweet Surprise
    Control Stick: Choose between Big Chain Chomp or Little Chain Chomp
    A Button: Pick one
    Objective: Bet on the correct Chain Chomp!
    Strategy: You're wagering all your coins on a Chain Chomp. Big Chain 
    Chomp always has x2 odds. Little Chain Chomp randomly has x4, x8, x16, 
    x32, or x64 odds. You should always check to see what they are saying 
    before you bet on one. They can say any one of the following things...
    "I'm so hungry I could faint..."
    "Love that cake!"
    "I haven't eaten since this morning."
    "I like mushrooms more than cake."
    "It's too sweet..."
    "Food! Food!!!"
    "Feed 'em faster!"
    "I'm starvin'!"
    There might be more. Anyway, once you've bet on one, they both proceed 
    to eat their cakes. If the one you bet on finishes first, then, you 
    win. If the one you bet on doesn't finish, then, you lose. Little Chain 
    Chomp will never win if he has x32 or x64 odds. That's my theory, 
    anyway. He can win with any other odds, however.
    X: Story Mode
    All right, here is the story. Every 1,000 years, a Millennium Star is 
    born. The Millennium Star was recently born, but, being only a newborn, 
    it fell from the sky, and, of course, landed near Peach's Castle, where 
    Mario and his friends were relaxing. 
    Now, the Millennium Star possesses great power. Whoever owned it would 
    be named Superstar of the universe. Mario and his friends began arguing 
    over who should keep it. Seeing this, Lakitu came flying in, with a toy 
    box hanging from his rod. He dropped it down to them.
    Inside the box was the answer to their problem! They could play Mario 
    Party to find out who should keep the Millennium Star. Suddenly, the 
    Millennium Star gave off a quite bright flash of light. And, Mario and 
    his friends were transported inside the toy box!
    The die that they were going to use to play Mario Party suddenly turned 
    into somebody! The being revealed its name to be Tumble. They would 
    still play Mario Party to determine who got to keep the Millennium 
    Okay. Here's how Story mode works. There are seven Star Stamps that you 
    must collect, and, then, after one more test, the Millennium Star will 
    name you Superstar of the universe! However, collecting the Star Stamps 
    is not easy...
    For the Wit Star Stamp, you must win Chilly Waters, and then defeat 
    Wario on Gate Guy.
    For the Kindness Star Stamp, you must win Deep Bloober Sea, and then 
    defeat Yoshi on Arrowhead.
    For the Strength Star Stamp, you must win Spiny Desert, and then defeat 
    Donkey Kong on Pipesqueak.
    For the Love Star Stamp, you must win Woody Woods, and then defeat 
    Peach on Blowhard.
    For the Courage Star Stamp, you must win Creepy Cavern, and then defeat 
    Mario on Mr. Mover.
    For the Beauty Star Stamp, you must defeat Daisy on Backtrack.
    For the Mischief Star Stamp, you must win Waluigi's Island.
    Don't forget beating the Fake MS on Stardust Battle!
    If you are the character who is shown in one of the duels, that 
    character will be replaced by Luigi. Be Luigi, and everybody's where 
    they're supposed to be!
    Now, here are all the possible rankings, and how to get them.
    S Star Ranking
    On Battle Royal, you must win by at least two Stars to get this 
    ranking. On Duel, you must win by at least 3 Heart Pieces.
    A Star Ranking
    On Battle Royal, you must win by one Star to get this ranking. On Duel, 
    you must win by 2 Heart Pieces.
    B Star Ranking
    On Battle Royal, you must have the same number of stars as the second 
    place finisher, but, have more coins to get this ranking. On Duel, you 
    must win by 1 Heart Piece.
    C Star Ranking
    On Battle Royal, you must have the same amount of stars and coins as 
    the second-place finisher, and then get a higher number on the Dice 
    Block. On Duel, you must have the same amount of Heart Pieces as your 
    opponent, but, have more coins.
    For Stardust Battle, it just depends on how fast you beat the 
    Millennium Star. I believe 1 minute and 40 seconds or less gets you S, 
    1'40"01-2'00"00 gives you A, 2'00"01-2'30"00 gets you a B Star Ranking, 
    and anything above 2 1/2 minutes, you've got C.
    S is the best, C is the worst. Complete Hard mode to unlock Super Hard 
    mode! I warned you about the spoilers! There are five rankings as well. 
    These are rankings of your overall game, the entire Story Mode 
    Lackluster Star
    Great Star
    Ultra Star
    Miracle Star
    There are five, I just don't know what the fifth one is called. Update 
    hopefully coming soon!
    XI: Duel Maps
    If you want rules for Duels, go play the game, and, see Rules on the 
    Duel mode. I think that their rules are enough.
    Here are the six Duel maps.
    Gate Guy
    There are gate guys. If you want, you can pay to them, to get back to 
    your starting point faster. However, as I said, you have to pay, and 
    the payment is five coins.
    A map with many junctions. Choose wisely!
    A map with pipes for warping. There are four pipes. Each pipe will not 
    take you to the same pipe every time, it varies to which pipe they take 
    you to.
    A map that blows partners around. In the middle, there is a big fan 
    that reverses where your partner is. For example, if you had a partner 
    in front, and, you arrived at the fan, the fan would make your partner 
    be in the rear. No partners, the fan will blow, but, nothing will 
    Mr. Mover
    A map with a conveyer belt that goes a different direction every turn. 
    The first turn, it goes left, back to the blue corner. Second turn, 
    right, to the red corner. It alternates.
    A secret Duel Map that must be unlocked in Story mode. Certain spaces 
    will reverse the direction of movement.
    Now, some explanation of stuff on Duel Mode.
    If you hit an opponent's space, or one of your own...
    Turns 1-5
    3 coins paid or collected.
    Turns 6-10
    5 coins paid or collected.
    Turns 11-15
    8 coins paid or collected.
    Turns 16-Anything (If Infinite Turns)
    10 coins paid or collected.
    If you play a Bonus Mini-Game (with Belltop)...
    Turns 1-10
    20 Coins
    Turns 11-19
    30 Coins
    Turn 20-Anything (If Infinite Turns)
    40 Coins
    Here's how you set up Duel Mode. First, you pick your characters. Each 
    character has an initial partner, and you might want to pay attention 
    to this. Then, the Handicap option, I believe. You can cut down on the 
    number of Heart Pieces players start with. Then, the Duel Map Selection 
    thing. After this, you will proceed to the Duel Map you chose.
    XII: Duel Partners
    Koopa Troopa
    Attack: 1
    Strength: 2
    Salary: 1
    A good partner! Powered-up, he's really good! 2 Attack and 4 Strength 
    for only 2 coins! He doesn't have any special abilities. I've never 
    seen his attack miss. He is an excellent partner, and Mario's starting-
    with one.
    Attack: 2
    Strength: 1
    Salary: 2
    A pretty good partner! Powered-up, he's great! 4 Attack and 2 Strength, 
    oh, but, a 4-coin salary. Sometimes, his regular payment can get 
    annoying. I've seen his attack miss. No special abilities. Luigi's 
    initial partner.
    Attack: 1
    Strength: 1
    Salary: 1
    A very good partner. He's MIRACULOUS when powered up! 2 Attack, 2 
    Strength, for only 2 coins! Plus, Toad prevents coin theft. This means 
    that if you land on an opponent's space, instead of giving them coins, 
    Toad yells, and, you don't have to give anything. This is unlimited. 
    What a great special ability! Peach's starting-with partner.
    Attack: 2
    Strength: 2
    Salary: 5
    This guy is good if you don't have all that many coins, and, he's truly 
    miraculous if you have a lot of coins. Especially when powered up! 4 
    Strength and 4 Attack. The 10-coin salary, however, can suck even a 
    bulging wallet dry rather quickly. Daisy's initial partner, Snifit's 
    special ability is, every now and then, he'll give you coins before 
    your salary payment! 2 to 4 coins may be found.
    Attack: 2
    Strength: 1
    Salary: 3
    This ghost is REALLY cool! Yoshi's starting-with partner's special 
    ability is to return attacks! Like, say a Piranha Plant attacked Boo, 
    killing Boo, and taking away 2 of your Heart Pieces, right? Well, 
    before his death, Boo would turn back at Piranha Plant! He would kill 
    Piranha Plant and hurt the opponent by two! He also has a normal 
    Attack: 1
    Strength: 1
    Salary: 3
    Possibly the worst partner. Bob-omb's special ability is being able to 
    jump over any partners for a direct attack at the person, but, when he 
    attacks, he self-destructs! Seeing as how his Attack is only 1, and, 
    he's gone once you use that Attack, and, he only has 1 Strength, he 
    stinks! Plus, the 3-coin salary! Too much! Too bad for Wario, he's got 
    Bob-omb as an initial partner.
    Attack: 0
    Strength: 4
    Salary: 3
    A good partner. He is horrible for attack, as he can't even do 
    anything, however, he is excellent in the rear, as 4 Strength is some 
    pretty darn good defense! And, powered up Whomp has EIGHT Strength. 
    Sweet! D.K.'s starting-with partner.
    Piranha Plant
    Attack: 3
    Strength: 1
    Salary: 5
    A good partner if you've got a lot of coins around. However, Piranha 
    Plant isn't all that good. His 3 Attack, yeah, that's sweet, and, his 
    special ability to find extra dice blocks, well, that can either be 
    cool, or it can STINK. Piranha Plant isn't all that good. Waluigi's 
    initial partner.
    Chain Chomp
    Attack: 1
    Strength: 2
    Salary: 6
    Ouch. Not too good of a partner. The 6-coin salary...argh. Plus, only 1 
    Attack, and, only 2 Strength! However, Chain Chomp's special ability is 
    to plow through everyone of the opposition in his way, hurting everyone 
    by one. However, Chain Chomp still isn't good.
    Mr. Blizzard
    Attack: 1
    Strength: 3
    Salary: 2
    Now, here you have some decency in your grasp. Mr. Blizzard's ability 
    to attack the farthest target away can be really cool sometimes. Such 
    as, the opponent has Piranha Plant in front. You're down to 3 Heart 
    Pieces, which means, Piranha Plant would kill you, because, you're 
    going to go past your opponent, and, you don't have anybody in the 
    back! Not to worry! Mr. Blizzard will toss a snowball all the way over 
    to Piranha Plant! BAM! Dead! Saving you! Sweet! Also, 3 Strength is 
    good for just those 2 coins! Mr. Blizzard is pretty darn good!
    Attack: Infinite for partners, 0 for person
    Strength: 2
    Salary: 4
    Thwomp is really cool if the opponent has someone in the rear. 
    Absolutely horrible if not. See, Thwomp instantly kills any partners, 
    however, does nothing to the person if the person is vulnerable to 
    attack. 2 Strength, also.
    Baby Bowser
    Attack: 1
    Strength: 1
    Salary: 3
    Sometimes, this guy will transform into Bowser, and do triple damage 
    then is listed! Plus, if Baby Bowser is powered up, then, he will 
    usually transform and do 6 Heart Pieces worth of damage all around! 
    This could be really cool, such as you having 1 Heart Piece and 0 coins 
    left after paying salary. You attack. The person has Goomba in the 
    rear. You kill Goomba and kill the person! SUH-WEET! Baby Bowser has a 
    2-in-5 chance of transforming with no power up, unsure about how much 
    XIII: Mini-Game Room
    This is the place where you can play any games previously played in 
    Battle Royal or Duel. Plus, in this place, you can look at Mini-Game 
    Records! This is the only place where you can play ??? Mini-Games. 
    Plus, this has the Random Battle Room, which is just mini-game after 
    mini-game. You pick a category, and if you have at least one of that 
    mini-game, you play until someone acquires three, five, or seven wins; 
    you choose. This is also the place where the Game Guy Room is (see 
    XIV: Game Guy Room
    To unlock this room, you must be a Miracle Star. I have heard many 
    sayings that you must have at least 8 S Ranks on Story mode to be 
    ranked as a Miracle Star. You also can't have any more then one C and 
    two B star rankings. In this room, you can play Game Guy mini-games 
    over and over. Get at least 1,000 coins in here to unlock Mario's 
    Puzzle Party Pro!
    XV: FAQ.
    XVI: Conclusion
    Well, looks like the guide is complete. 
    This is The Return of Raken, signing off. Goodbye for now. This guide 
    has 16,956 words.
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