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    FAQ by Roguesquad6

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    By Roguesquad6
    Version 1.3
    First Added: 1/22/09
    Last Update: 1/26/09
    This game is Copyright 2001 Hudson and Nintendo.
    This guide is Copyright 2009 Roguesquad6.
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    Hudson: For creating Mario Party 3.
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    Story Mode information from his
    Table of Contents
    1. What's New
    2. Introduction/Characters
    3. FAQ
    4. Battle Royal Map Spaces
    5. Duel Map Spaces
    6. Items
    7. Controls
    8. Story Mode
    8.1. Story Script
    9. Duel Mode Helpers Guide
    10. 4-Player Mini-Games
    11. 1 vs. 3 Mini-Games
    12. 2 vs. 2 Mini-Games
    13. 1 vs. 1 Mini-Games
    14. Game Guy Mini-Games
    15. Item Mini-Games
    16. Battle Mini-Games
    17. Hidden Mini-Games 
    18. Secrets
    19. Unlockables
    20. Contact
    21. End of Document
    1. What's New
    1/22/09: Started Guide (version 1.0 complete)
    1/23/09: Reorganized Guide (version 1.1 complete)
    1/23/09: Added a plethora of information to the guide (version 1.2 complete)
    1/26/09: Updated Story Mode section and credited DBM11085 for allowing me to
    use the information from his guide (version 1.3 currently)
    Current Version: 1.3
    Please note that more updates will
    be coming soon. I will continue to
    improve upon this guide as much as
    2. Introduction/Characters 
    In the center of the vast universe, a remarkably bright star was born. 
    It was a star that is born only once in a thousand years, the 
    Millennium Star. According to legend, whoever possessed the mystical 
    star was destined to become the Superstar of the Universe. However, 
    since the Millennium Star was but a newborn, it fell from the sky.
    Around that Time, Mario and his friends were all happily relaxing when 
    suddenly the Millennium Star came crashing down. Mario and his friends 
    soon began arguing about who should keep the Millennium Star.
    Suddenly, The Millennium Star gave off a brilliantly bright flash of 
    light. And with that bright flash Mario and his friends were 
    transported inside a giant toy box!
    "Greetings. I am the Millennium Star. You must pass my test to prove 
    yourself worthy of possessing me. You must journey across many lands 
    and collect the Star Stamps. If you can collect all seven, I shall 
    accept you as the top Superstar in the universe."
    Mario- The ever-cheerful Mario scampers about using the Golden 
    Mushroom. His goal this time is to be the top Superstar in the 
    universe. Mario is an all around character, great for beginners, and 
    great in the hands of a pro. 
    Luigi- Luigi is as dependable as ever as he uses his wits to master 
    Mini-Games. He favors shortcuts using the Skeleton Key. Luigi is 
    somebody that I've never used. If anybody has something to add about 
    Luigi, please send me your review on him. 
    Peach- Peach masters Mini-Games with an easy grace. Her surprising 
    fondness for the Plunder Chest reveals her mischievous side. Peach is 
    very fast, but she lacks strength in games that require you to punch. 
    Donkey Kong- In tests of Strength, DK is the top banana. He loves to 
    use the Reverse Mushroom to send his opponents in the wrong direction. 
    This guy is very slow, but he makes up for it with his incredible 
    Yoshi- The unpredictable Yoshi bewilders his opponents. To turn the 
    tables, the Warp Block is his item of choice. Yoshi is my favorite 
    character, but he seems to be subject to the Warp Block. Almost anytime 
    an opponent uses it, he seems to be the one they switch with.
    Daisy- Making her first appearance in the Mario Party series is the 
    delightful tomboy Daisy. She can only be used in Party Mode. She is 
    very similar to Peach.
    Wario- In Duel Mini-Games, Wario is a matchless opponent. When he holds 
    the Dueling Glove, there's bound to be trouble. Wario is another Strong 
    but slow character. Not one of my favorites, but he's not too bad.
    Waluigi- The craftiest guy of all, it's Waluigi. He's also appearing 
    here for the first time and likewise can be used only in party mode. 
    Never used him either. Somebody Email me telling me if he is any good.
    Millennium Star- Only one is born every 1,000 years, a star among 
    stars. It is said that whoever possesses it will be the greatest 
    Superstar in the entire universe. He is the character that gives you 
    Stars in the Battle Royal Maps.
    Tumble- A magical die brought to life by the Millennium star, he's the 
    player's guide and helper. He sets up the Mini game settings, and 
    basically runs the boards.
    Toad- His Role is less important in this Mario Party, but he is still 
    very active. This time, he runs the Toad Store. You can buy items from 
    Baby Bowser- His role is the same as Toad's. He runs a different store 
    then Toad. Only Evil Items are available from him. Also, both Toad and 
    Baby Bowser may appear and ask you a question when you land on an Item 
    3. FAQ
    Send all questions to kevinstu93[at]yahoo[dot]com, I will 
    put your question with an answer on there in the next update.
    Q: How do you acquire a Koopa Card?
    A: There are 3 ways to acquire a Koopa Card:
    1. You can get it randomly from Mini Bowser or Toad when they ask you
    a question.
    2. You can find it in hidden blocks that appear on some blue spaces.
    3. You can acquire it from Item Bags that you can buy in shops.
    Q: what is the last rare mini-game?
    A: The last rare mini-game is the 1-player mode of Mario Puzzle Party.
    You can unlock it by getting 1,000 or more coins in Game Guy's Room.
    You can unlock Game Guy's Room by being a Miracle Star in Story mode.
    Q: Are there any unlockables characters in Mario Party 3?
    A: No, there are no unlockable characters in Mario Party 3, or any
    Nintendo 64 Mario Party game for that matter.
    Q: What is the highest rank you can get?
    A: The highest rank is S.
    Q: What is the lowest rank you can get?
    A: The lowest rank is C.
    Q: What is the highest rank you can get after beating Story mode?
    A: Miracle Star.
    Q: How do you beat the Millenium Star in a Stardust battle?
    A: Grab the shooting stars with B and throw the star when he's near
    the ground with B. He will change the field if you hit him a few times.
    The ice field is the last field.
    Q: How do you get through the red door in the Game Room?
    A: Successfully complete Story mode and get as many 'S' rankings as possible.
    If you get enough 'S' rankings you'll be known as the Miracle Star. Then you
    will be able to access the Game Room.
    Q: Does the difficulty level matter in Story mode?
    A: The difficulty level doesn't matter in Story mode. You can play on Easy and
    still become a Miracle Star.
    Q: How do you get an 'S' ranking?
    A: In order to get an 'S' ranking you'll have to clear Battle Royal with at
    least 2 more stars than the second placer. In duel mode, you must have at
    least 3 more heart pieces than your opponent.
    4. Battle Royal Map Spaces
    Blue Space 
    When you land on this space, you gain 3 coins.  If you are in the last 
    5 turns, you will gain 6 coins.
    Red Space 
    When you land on this space, you lose 3 coins.  If you are in the last 
    5 turns, you will lose 6 coins.
    Bowser Space 
    When you land here, you will play Bowser's Roulette.  You can win a 
    bowser phone or bowser suit, but you can also lose as much as 30 coins, 
    and other things too..
    Chance Time 
    When you land here, you will play chance time.  A slot type machine.  
    You will choose the prize, which can range from stars to coins, and who 
    gives it to who.
    Battle Space 
    When you land here, you will play a battle mini-game.  It can range 
    anywhere from 0 to 50 coins.  If it's 0, you wont play.
    Happening Space
    When you land here, different things will happen depending on the board 
    that you are playing on.
    Item Space 
    If you land here you will get to play an item mini-game.  Or if you're 
    lucky you will be asked a question and given the opportunity to get 
    rare items.
    Koopa Bank 
    If you land here, you will get all the coins that the bank has 
    collected so far in the game.
    Game Guy 
    If you land here, Game Guy takes all your coins.  You then have to play 
    a game to win then back double.  Some games will even have x4, x6, x8, 
    x10, x16, x32 and x64.  If you lose though, you don't get the coins 
    5. Duel Map Spaces 
    Basic Space 
    When you land on this, your face will pop up on it.  If you land on it 
    with your face there, you will gain coins, if your opponent lands on 
    yours, he will lose coins and they will go to you.  Vise-versa.
    Mini-Game Space 
    When you land here, you will play a 1 vs. 1 mini game against your 
    Power-Up Space 
    When you land here, your partner(s) will power up.  Their Attack, 
    Stamina, and Salary will all double.  Can be good, can be bad.
    Backwards Space 
    When you land here, you will roll another die and that's how many 
    spaces you will move backwards.
    Game Guy Space 
    If you land here, Game Guy takes all your coins.  You then have to play 
    a game to win then back double.  Some games will even have x4, x6, x8, 
    x10, x16, x32 and x64.  If you lose though, you don't get the coins 
    Happening Space 
    When you land here, an event on the board will occur.
    6. Items 
    Skeleton Key 
    Cost- 5 Coins 
    What it does- Sometimes, a gate may block the shortest route to a Star.  
    If you have a skeleton key handy, you may be able to waltz through a 
    Cost- 5 Coins 
    What it does- A step down from the Golden Mushroom, the regular variety 
    of mushroom will give you 2 rolls of the die.
    Poison Mushroom 
    Cost- 5 Coins 
    What it does- The Poison Mushroom restricts a player from moving more 
    than 3 spaces on the next turn.  Use it on any player that's closing in 
    a star or if the bank is right near you and you want to land on it.
    Reverse Mushroom 
    Cost- 5 Coins 
    What it does- To make a player backtrack on the next move, use a 
    Reverse Mushroom.  If you're cursed, avoid a lengthy retreat by using 
    one on yourself.  A good tip that I have learned is by going by boo, 
    then using the reverse mushroom next turn on yourself to turn around 
    and go right back for him!  Same if a star appears behind you, use it 
    to go back!
    Cellular Shopper 
    Cost- 5 Coins 
    What it does- If you're far from a shop and need an item quickly, the 
    cellular shopper will put you in touch with Toad or Baby Bowser.  Give 
    either merchant a call to get your item right on the spot.
    Warp Block 
    Cost- 5 Coins 
    What it does- If your stuck in a booby-trapped part of the Game Board, 
    use the warp block to trade places with someone.  Be careful when using 
    it since you'll swap places with a random person.
    Plunder Chest 
    Cost- 10 Coins 
    What it does- With the chest, you can swipe an opponents item.  Target 
    Rivals who have the precious Magic Lamp or Boo Bell.  If you're 
    opponent has more than one item, you'll steal one at random.
    Bowser Phone 
    Cost- 10 Coins 
    What it does- When Bowser pops up, he'll make his victim choose one of 
    the handful of propositions.  Put your opponents in dire dilemma by 
    phoning up Koopa King and sending him their way.
    Dueling Glove 
    Cost- 10 Coins 
    What it does- If one of your rivals is sitting pretty with a mountain 
    of coins, the Dueling Glove will give you a chance to win them.  The 
    handy item allows you to challenge your opponents for all their money 
    (or less).
    Lucky Lamp 
    Cost- 10 Coins 
    What it does- Mushroom Genie will change the location of the star if 
    you use this.  Rub the lamp when someone's close to the star or when 
    the star is in a hazardous part of the game board.
    Golden Mushroom 
    Cost- 10 Coins 
    What it does- When booby traps lay a few steps away from you or you 
    need to go the extra distance, pluck out the Golden Mushroom.  You'll 
    get 3 dice rolls so you'll be able to travel up to 30 spaces in one 
    Boo Bell 
    Cost- 15 Coins 
    To steal a star or coins from an opponent, give the boo bell a jingle.  
    When you ring it, boo will offer to steal something from the rival of 
    your choice.  If you pay him 50 coins, he steals a Star.
    Boo Repellant 
    Cost- 10 Coins 
    What it does- Players can hire boo to steal coins or stars from you.  
    If the ghost is trying to scare up some of your booty, the Boo 
    Repellant will protect you.  Buy it if someone owns a Boo Bell or is 
    close to Boo.
    Bowser Suit 
    Cost- 10 Coins 
    What it does- When players are nearby, put the bowser suit on.  You can 
    don the outfit for one turn, and any players that you pass or pass you 
    will lose 20 coins and they will go to you.
    Magic Lamp 
    Cost- 20 Coins 
    What it does- The easiest way to reach a star is by summoning the magic 
    genie to carry you off to the star no matter how difficult it is to 
    reach.  You'll need 20 coins to buy his lamp and 20 more to buy the 
    Item Bag 
    Cost- 30 Coins 
    What it does- The best deal for your money, the item bag comes stuffed 
    with 3 random goodies.  The item's in Toad's Grab Bag differ from the 
    ones in Baby Bowser's, and either one is worth the bargain.
    Koopa Card 
    Cost- Rare: Not sold in stores 
    What it does- One of the 4 rare items you can score only by lucking out 
    on an item space.  The Koopa Card will allow you to withdraw all the 
    coins from the bank when you pass it.  Cha-ching! :P
    Barter Box 
    Cost- Rare: Not sold in stores 
    What it does- All players can carry up to 3 items at a time.  If the 
    Barter Box is in your inventory, you can use it to trade all of your 
    items for everything in your opponent's inventory.
    Lucky Charm 
    Cost- Rare: Not sold in stores 
    What it does- The Game Guy's Chance games are a gamble because you must 
    put all of your money on the line to play.  Use the Lucky Charm so 
    he'll challenge one of your rivals to come play the Game Guy for all or 
    Wacky Watch 
    Cost- Rare: Not sold in stores 
    What it does- By activating the Wacky Watch, you'll make it so that 
    only 5 turns remain.  Use it to finish things quickly when your in the 
    lead or to extend a game when its on it's last turn.
    7. Controls 
    This is the controls for the game board, and MOST mini games…
    A Button- Confirm Selection, Hit Dice Block, Jump.
    B Button- Cancel Selections, Return to previous menus, Use Items.
    Z Button- View Entire Map.
    L Button- Taunt
    R Button- View the Scroll Map
    Start- Pause
    C UP- View Item Explanations.
    C Left- View Mini Game Rules, and tips.
    8. Story Mode 
    Pre-Game Settings
    Before you start Story Mode for the first time, there are a few settings you 
    must adjust before you play, including the player you wish to use (Waluigi 
    and Daisy are NOT accessible in Story Mode), the difficulty setting of the 
    game, and if you want all mini-games or just the easy ones. Those settings 
    are kept until you complete Story Mode or if you start a new file. Also, you 
    play for 15 turns on each board in this mode.
    Game Order
    Story Mode is a little different than the rest of the game because of the set 
    order you do things in. Here is the order in which you take on the regular 
    (also known as Battle Royal Maps), the Duel Maps, and which Star Stamp you 
    win and where:
    Battle Royal Map 1 - Chilly Waters
    Duel Map 1 - Gate Guy (Wit Star Stamp)
    Battle Royal Map 2 - Deep Bloober Sea
    Duel Map 2 - Arrowhead (Kindness Star Stamp)
    Battle Royal Map 3 - Spiny Desert
    Duel Map 3 - Pipesqueak (Strength Star Stamp)
    Battle Royal Map 4 - Woody Woods
    Duel Map 4 - Blowhard (Love Star Stamp)
    Battle Royal Map 5 - Creepy Cavern
    Duel Map 5 - Mr. Mover (Courage Star Stamp)
    Daisy Duel Map - Backtrack (Beauty Star Stamp)
    Waluigi Battle Royal Map - Waluigi's Island (Mischief Star Stamp)
    VS. Millennium Star (Stardust Battle)
    After you beat the first 5 regular/Duel boards, Daisy will appear and you'll 
    have to play her on the Backtrack Duel board. When you beat that, you will 
    then be challenged by Waluigi, and you'll play him on his regular game board, 
    known as Waluigi's Island. After you beat his board, the Millennium Star will 
    be floating in the air in the main area. Select it and you'll have to play 
    against it in a mini-game where you must defeat Millennium Star. Information 
    on this game will be at the end of the Mini-Games section of the guide. When 
    you beat that, you will have completed the entire Story Mode and the credits 
    will show.
    *Credit goes to Devin Morgan (DBM11085) for allowing me to use the Story Mode
    information in this guide.*
    8.1. Story Script
    In the center of the vast universe, a remarkably bright star was born. It was 
    a star that is born only once in a thousand years, the Millenium Star. 
    According to legend, whoever possessed this mystical star was destined to 
    become the Superstar of the universe. However, since the Millenium Star was 
    but a newborn, it fell from the starry sky.
    Around that time, Mario and his friends were all happily relaxing when 
    suddenly the Millenium Star came crashing down. Mario and his friends soon 
    began arguing about who should keep the Millenium Star.
    Suddenly, the Millenium Star gave off a brilliantly bright flash of light. 
    And with that bright flash, Mario and his friends were transported inside a 
    toy box!
    "Greetings. I am the Millenium Star. You must pass my test to prove yourself 
    worthy of possessing me. You must journey across many lands and collect the 
    Star Stamps. If you can collect all seven, I shall accept you as the top 
    Superstar in the universe."
    9. Duel Mode Helpers Guide
    Name- Koopa Troopa 
    Character That it comes with- Mario 
    Attack- 1 
    Stamina- 2 
    Salary- 1 Coin per turn 
    Advantages- Its advantage is it's semi high life, it can take a hit and 
    live from many of the Helpers.  Also a low salary 
    Disadvantages- Its disadvantage is it's low attack.  Many enemies can 
    escape it's wrath.
    Name- Goomba 
    Character That it comes with- Luigi 
    Attack- 2 
    Stamina- 1 
    Salary- 2 Coins per turn 
    Advantages- It has the advantage by delivering a good amount of damage 
    with low salary. 
    Disadvantages- The disadvantage of Goomba is obviously it's low life.
    Name- Toad 
    Character That it comes with- Peach 
    Attack- 1 
    Stamina- 1 
    Salary- 1 Coin per turn 
    Advantages- When you land on one of your opponent's spaces, you won't 
    have to pay any money.  Also the low salary is good and can keep him in 
    Disadvantages- Low attack and low Life
    Name- Bob-omb 
    Character That it comes with- Wario 
    Attack- 1 
    Stamina- 1 
    Salary- 2 Coins Per Turn 
    Advantages- There isn't too much of an advantage to this guy, except 
    semi-low pay, can also be called high though. 
    Disadvantages- Low life, low attack, and high pay.
    Name- Boo 
    Character That it comes with- Yoshi 
    Attack- 2 
    Stamina- 1 
    Salary- 3 Coins Per Turn 
    Advantages- When a character attacks boo, boo will turn around and do 
    the same amount of damage, also has a good attack power. 
    Disadvantages- The attack's from opponents may go right through boo 
    damaging your character
    Name- Whomp 
    Character That it comes with- Donley Kong 
    Attack- 0 
    Stamina- 4 
    Salary- 3 Coins Per Turn 
    Advantages- High Defense 
    Disadvantages- Can't attack opponent, and high pay.
    Name- Snifit 
    Character That it comes with- Daisy 
    Attack- 2 
    Stamina- 2 
    Salary- 5 Coins per turn 
    Advantages- This character will usually give you a few coins at the 
    start of each turn.  Also good attack power and good stamina. 
    Disadvantages- High Salary.
    Name- Piranha Plant 
    Character That it comes with- Waluigi 
    Attack- 3 
    Stamina- 1 
    Salary- 5 Coins Per Turn 
    Advantages- It sometimes makes an extra die appear.  High attack.  Also 
    something that I found is when I powered up Piranha Plant, he could do 
    6 damage killing my opponent who had full health in 1 turn 
    Disadvantages- High Pay, Low Stamina
    Name- Thwomp 
    Character That it comes with- N/A 
    Attack- 0 
    Stamina- 2 
    Salary- 4 Coins Per Turn 
    Advantages- It can crush your opponent's helper in 1 turn. 
    Disadvantages- Can't attack opponent, and high pay.
    Name- Chain Chomp 
    Character That it comes with- N/A 
    Attack- 1 
    Stamina- 2 
    Salary- 6 Coins Per Turn 
    Advantages- When it attacks, it will attack every member of the 
    opponent's force, dealing damage to all of them.  Also fairly good 
    Disadvantages- HIGH AS HELL PAY… hehe
    Name- Snowman 
    Character That it comes with- N/A 
    Attack- 1 
    Stamina- 3 
    Salary- 2 Coins Per Turn 
    Advantages- High stamina, and low pay for the good character he is. 
    Disadvantages- Definitely the low attack, but it's not so bad, this 
    character is very good.
    Name- Baby Bowser 
    Character that it comes with- N/A 
    Attack- 1 
    Stamina- 1 
    Salary- 3 Coins Per Turn 
    Advantages- It's attack will multiply by 3. 
    Disadvantages- High Pay, 60% chance of hitting.
    10. 4-Player Mini Games
    Mario's Puzzle Party 
    In this Tetris-style puzzler, you can be the hit of the block party by 
    eliminating multiple blocks at the same time.  Match colors and use 
    Thwomp to squish blocks.
    Water Whirled 
    The first to sail five laps around the waterway wins.  You'll drift a 
    lot while cornering on the choppy seas, so veer early to avoid making 
    wide turns
    Snowball Summit 
    Stand in place and press B rapidly to form a snowball, then push it 
    around the playfield to build it up.  The bigger the snowball, the more 
    punch it will pack.
    Parasol Plummet 
    Unlike the other four-player games, everyone has a chance to pocket 
    some coins.  Open and close your parasol to control your descent and 
    float into falling coins.
    Curtain Call 
    As a chorus line of Boos, Koopas, and Goombas dance across the stage, 
    memorize their order.  Road will quiz you on their positions, like who 
    was third from the left.
    Messy Memory 
    Reshelf the items in their proper places.  The Shy guy won't take down 
    all of the items, so carefully watch them so you memorize only what is 
    Toadstool Titan 
    The player who smashes the block that contains the Mushroom will become 
    a giant who must attack the other players.  Avoid getting stomped by 
    running walls.
    In Mario Party 3, Toad is the host with the most trivia questions.  He 
    loves to quiz characters on mini game records, so pay attention to 
    scores to pass his test.
    Aces High 
    In the wild, blue yonder, dogfight with your 3 rivals and be the last 
    one who isn't grounded. Use the radar in the center of the screen and 
    change altitude if you are targeted.
    Chip Shot Challenge 
    Chip the ball as close to the hole as you can.  Monitor how the terrain 
    and your rivals' power and aim affect their shots, then adjust your 
    golf swing accordingly.
    Rockin' Raceway 
    Tap A and B alternately, rocking out a rhythm that leaves your power 
    meter with at least 2 carrots.  Time your taps so you teeter over the 
    power-up when it isn't blue.
    The Beat Goes On 
    While keeping time with the beat, mimic the button sequence.  Each 
    drummer will build upon the rhythm by adding a personal button tap.  
    It's safe to keep your added beat simple if your playing against 
    computers, but if you're drumming with friends, break the pattern to 
    make things tricky for them.
    Treadmill Grill 
    Try to stay on the shrinking treadmill while avoiding the fire, and try 
    to scorch the competition by attacking your rivals so they're helpless.  
    If you attack using the ground pound, make sure no flames are nearby 
    because it takes a second to recover from the move.
    Awful Tower 
    Jump from block to block to climb the tower. The fastest climber, wins.  
    The Hammer Bros. will throw hammers at you to block your way. Use good 
    timing to pass by them.
    Bounce 'n' Trounce 
    Get on a bouncing ball, then knock your rivals off the playing field.  
    As time passes, the playing field drops away one block at a time. Be 
    careful not to drop away, too. 
    Cheep Cheep Chase 
    Swim like mad to avoid the hungry Cheep Cheep. Dive to avoid the bombs 
    in the water.  '!' will appear over your head just before the Cheep 
    Cheep is going to catch you. Repeatedly press A to swim away.
    Frigid Bridges 
    Use blocks to fix the broken path. The first player to carry 3 blocks 
    and fix the path, wins.  The path is frozen, so it's slippery. Don't 
    panic. Exercise caution and control. 
    Ice Rink Risk 
    Try to avoid being hit by the spiked Koopa shell that slides around the 
    frozen playing field.  The more the Koopa shell moves, the faster it 
    bounces, so watch out. The last player remaining wins the coins.
    Picture Imperfect 
    There will be a picture shown to you, and then it will dissolve, with 
    good timing, you must recreate this picture.  There will be slot 
    machine type parts moving around fairly quick, you must press the 
    button on the right one.
    Pipe Cleaners 
    Hit the Baby Bowsers with the hammer as they pop out of the pipes on 
    either side of you.  The Baby Bowsers will try to fool you. The player 
    who scores the most, gets coins.
    11. 1 vs. 3 Mini Games
    Thwomp Pull 
    Press the button that appears on-screen to power your sled.  Tap the 
    button quickly, but hesitate if a snowball is falling in your path.  If 
    you don't wait for it to land, you'll crash into it.
    Boulder Ball 
    If you're the solo player who's rolling the boulder's down the slope, 
    ricochet them off the walls.  If you're a member of the three-person 
    team, zigzag up the hill to reach the top.
    Ridiculous Relay 
    The Hang Glider and the Robot spider are the most difficult vehicles to 
    handle in the relay.  Glider pilots must focus on dodging obstacles, 
    while spider pilots must focus on a rhythm.
    Tidal Toss 
    While one player makes waves, the other three must hop over them.  Stay 
    afloat by standing close to the boat and jumping immediately after the 
    solo player hops.
    Hide and Sneak 
    One player has three chances to guess the hiding spots of the other 
    three players.  Success in Hide and Sneak is based purely on luck, so 
    it's more fair than the other 1 vs. 3 games.
    Coconut Conk 
    3 players are atop a tree and one is below in a barrel.  The player 
    below tries to roll around trying not to get hit by the 3 atop when 
    they ground pound trees and coconuts fall.  Very Simple Game.
    Crazy Cogs 
    Three players: Try to avoid all of the incoming Bullet Bills. Single 
    player: Spin the cog the other players are standing on.  If one player 
    remains till the end, the 3-player team wins. So, even if you are all 
    alone, keep trying and don't give up.
    Hand, Line, and Sinker 
    Reel in the 3 who have become fish. If all get caught, the single 
    player wins.  You can move the Magic Hand a little after you cast.
    River Raiders 
    Ride on Koopa shells and try to collect coins as they flow down the 
    river.  If you hit a floating log, you won't be able to collect coins 
    for a short time.
    Spotlight Swim 
    1 player tries to swim around the pool without getting caught by the 3 
    trying to all get their spotlight on him.  It's best for the one player 
    to dive right when all 3 spotlights are right there.  It's best for the 
    3 players to keep as close together as possible.
    12. 2 vs. 2 Mini Games
    Baby Bowser Broadside 
    In this game, you will pair up with your partner to shoot the Baby 
    Bowser moving around in the middle.  You try to shoot as rapid as you 
    can, and move slightly at turning points.
    Cosmic Coster 
    Ride the roller coaster and move side to side dodging obstacles hanging 
    over the track.  Look into the distance to anticipate upcoming hazards.
    Eatsa Pizza 
    The duo that gobbles up the most pizza in 30 seconds wins.  Rapidly tap 
    A to eat and sweep back and forth while moving forwards to chow down on 
    big chunks of the pizza.
    Etch 'n' Catch 
    Work together to etch circles around the toad stamp.  The game is quite 
    hard because it takes both of you to complete a circle unless you're 
    really good. :)
    Hyper Hydrants 
    In this game, their will be a field with flames in it.  You must work 
    with your partner to destroy the flames.  This is my worst game..Sadly 
    I have never destroyed a flame :P.  I guess I'm not the fireman type, 
    Log Jam 
    Place logs on the chopping block or hack them into firewood by pressing 
    the button that appears on your screen.  If you hit the wrong button, 
    you won't be able to move for a second.
    Picking Panic 
    Pick and toss cherries into the basket to harvest them for victory.  
    When timing and tossing your cherries, keep in mind that bigger bunches 
    of cherries won't fly as far as smaller ones.
    Pump, Pump, and Away 
    Press A and B with good timing to pump up your rocket. The team whose 
    rocket flies higher, wins.  Push the pump down when it flashes to send 
    the most air to the rocket.
    Slot Synch 
    Pair up to hit character blocks. Try to hit the same character as your 
    partner did.  Be sure not to get Baby Bowser, as he will make you lose 
    1 point.
    13. 1 vs. 1 Mini Games
    Vine with Me 
    Jump from vine to vine in a race through the piranha plant forest.  The 
    main thing you must concentrate on is timing.  Try to nail the button 
    right when 2 vines are crossing each other.
    Popgun Pick-off 
    Shoot the Baby Bowser Targets as they appear in the windows.  Don't hit 
    Toad!  You will have to be very rapid and accurate.  If 3 Baby Bowser's 
    are lined up, move the control stick across them while shooting rapidly 
    to score big.
    End of the Line 
    Climb aboard the Steamer, then choose the correct tunnel.  A good 
    strategy is to follow which way your opponent goes first, try to 
    memorize which ones are wrong and which are right.
    Baby Bowser Bonkers 
    Baby Bowsers are poppin' up everywhere, so stomp on em'!  A good 
    strategy is to hit one baby Bowser then try to cause a jumping type 
    chain reaction by going from one to the next.
    Silly Screws 
    Spin the nuts to line them up.  A good strategy is to hold right at all 
    times, as it will cut precious seconds off your time.  Spin Rapid to 
    get there, then slow down when you are nearing the end.
    Crowd Cover 
    As the characters disperse, choose the matching picture.  Its pretty 
    easy to tell who it is, so just watch carefully and be very quick to 
    Tick Tock Hop 
    Jump to dodge the minute hand as it comes spinning toward you.  Be 
    careful, because the Clock can speed  up the hour hand or the minute 
    hand at either time.  Time your jumps carefully.
    Bowser Toss 
    Spin Bowser Round and Round, then see how far you can toss him.  Spin 
    Rapidly while trying to keep at a 45 degree angle (/).  If set right, 
    you will send your Baby Bowser soaring.
    Motor Rooter 
    Race Koopa Shells through pipes where Amps are hiding.  Be sure to get 
    all the turbo's you can.  And look ahead to see where you need to be to 
    pass the amp, it will help.
    Fowl Play 
    Catch the runaway chicken before your opponent does.  Try to get the 
    chicken cornered where it has no moves, then make sure your opponent is 
    away, then snatch the chicken.
    14. Game Guy Mini Games
    These games don't have names, but oh well, I can make up some :P
    Lucky 7's 
    In this game, you will try to match or get higher than Game Guy's roll.  
    You will have 2 rolls, and you cannot exceed 7.  If you match or beat 
    him, you will get x2, if you get 7 in 2 rolls, you get x10
    Little Chomp vs. Big Chomp
    In this you will bet on which chomp will eat the cake the fastest.  
    Coin Multipliers can range anywhere from x2 to x64.  A huge tip is to 
    read what each character is saying before they eat, such as "I'm 
    hungry!" or "Too sweet to eat…"
    You will bet on which character the roulette will land on, a very 
    simple and practical game. :)
    Toad or Baby Bowser 
    In this game toad and baby bowser will be in one of the 2 boxes, you 
    must pick which box has the toad on it.  First Time- x2, If you risk it 
    and go again, it will be x4, and if you try yet again, you can win x8 
    of what you started with.
    15. Item Mini Games
    Dorrie Dip
    If you pound on Dorrie's back, she'll grab an item for you.  Keep in 
    mind that it takes a little while for Dorrie to pick up an item after 
    you have ground pounded.
    Winner's Wheel 
    This is a roulette type game.  How I usually win the item of my choice 
    is stop the wheel on the item before the one I want.  It will usually 
    spin around once then land on the next item.
    Bobbing Bow-loons 
    Unlike other minigames, Item Games are one-player activities that offer 
    items instead of coins.  In the archery game, wait for a clear shot to 
    nail an item.
    Swing 'n' Swipe 
    Keep an eye on Baby Bowser who's carrying the prize you're after, then 
    whack him with your hammer.  As long as you hit a baby bowser, you'll 
    win a prize.
    Hey, Batter, Batter! 
    No strikes or balls are allowed in Baby Bowser's baseball game.  You 
    have one chance to hit baby bowser's pitch.  Use the control stick to 
    aim for the prize you want, and avoid hitting the ball down the center 
    since Baby Bowser will usually catch it.
    Swinging with Sharks 
    Before the 10-second time limit expires, you must leap from your swing 
    in the hopes of landing on an item.  Timing is important- to reach the 
    farthest item, you must hit A when you are at the beginning of your 
    16. Battle Mini Games
    All Fired Up 
    Avoid the different Podoboos that will fan out in different patterns.  
    When the flames line up and spin around the arena, run from the fire 
    hazard rather than jumping over it.
    Eye Sore 
    Run clockwise around the eye until it disappears.  Podoboo's will 
    ignite in your path, so dodge them or wait for them to flicker out 
    while making laps around the peeper.
    This is a game based 100% on luck.  You will choose a color, and then 
    Chain Chomp will spin the thing, if it lands on your color, you're out.
    Slap Down 
    In this game, you must be the first to slap the plant that matches the 
    one shown to you in the center of the screen.  It can be very tempting 
    when the computer messes up, it might make you hit the button if you 
    are too ready, hehe :)
    Stacked Deck 
    Use a Ground Pound to flip the card and find a Toad. If you flip over a 
    Baby Bowser, you lose!  If you flip over a Boo, the order of turns will 
    change, so watch out!
    Storm Chasers 
    Chase the roving rain cloud so your pottery gets soaked.  Stay ahead of 
    the crowd so you can hog the rain for yourself and dodge the moles that 
    try to trip you.
    Three Door Monty 
    Boo, Goomba, and Koopa will all enter a door, then the doors will lose.  
    It will then flash a picture of one of the characters, and you must be 
    the first to tap the button of the door that the character went into.
    Locked Out 
    Players always out-number doors and keys by one.  Race to the key that 
    matches the emblem on the door and press the B button to fend off 
    grabby rivals.
    17. Hidden Mini Games
    Mario's Puzzle Party Pro 
    Score as many points as you can in the Mario's Puzzle Party 1-Player 
    Game.  You will have 3 minutes to score all that you can.  Be warned 
    that garbage blocks fall at every 100 points.  If you get out before 
    the 3 minutes, you're score won't count.
    Stardust Battle 
    Gather up the falling stars that land in the playing field, then throw 
    them at the Millennium Star.  If you try to pick up a falling star 
    while it's still glowing, you'll be out, so be careful. A good strategy 
    is to run around the outside of the playing field and then snatch one 
    as you are running by.
    Dizzy Dinghies 
    In this game, you will be in a Jet Ski type craft and you will race 
    around a course trying to get the best time.  There are 3 courses, and 
    this is a very simple game :P
    18. Secrets
    Bonus game boards 
    Successfully complete story mode to unlock the Backtracks and Waluigi's 
    Island game boards in party mode.
    Classic saved game names 
    Create a new saved game file, but do not enter a name. The game will 
    automatically name the file after a classic Nintendo character.
    Easy coins 
    Roll doubles on the dice after using a mushroom for ten coins.
    While playing a game, press L to hear your character's taunt. You can 
    only do this while on game board, but not in mini-games.
    40 Free Coins
    If you have 0 coins (you can still have a star or stars) and happen to
    land on Bowser's space, Bowser will sympathize with you and give you 40
    free coins.
    Koopa's Bank Free Coins
    If you land on a bank space Koopa will automatically give you however many
    coins are currently in the bank. You receive the amount of coins deposited.
    High Dice Rolls
    You can actually control what number you get on a dice roll, it's not random.
    If you watch the dice carefully when it is your turn, you will see that it
    bobs up and down. If you hit the dice when it is at its peak, then you will
    get a high number, and vice-versa. Be careful though because if you hit it a
    little too late(when it starts to go down)even if it is still near the top,
    it will be a low number. Practice a lot and you will be able to land on every
    good space on the board.
    If your playing a long 50 turns battle Royal Map or infinite turns on Duel Map
    then press start while people are moving around. Then go on save game after
    every turn then you can come back to it another time.
    Action Replay Codes
    Any Number
    No Music Glitch
    Choose the mini-game M.P.I.Q. in mini-game mode and make sure to view the
    rules. Choose practice. Pause during the game when you don't hear any sound.
    Unpause and press the 'R' button quickly to quit the mini-game. The game will
    have no sound at all until it is reset.
    19. Unlockables
    Unlock 3 Mini-Games
    Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding mini-game.
    Unlock Stardust Battle (1st):
    Beat the game on Story mode.
    Unlock Dizzy Dinghies (2nd):
    Play every non-secret mini-game.
    Unlock 1-player Mario's Puzzle Party (3rd):
    Collect 1,000 or more coins in Game Guy's Room.
    NOTE: You need Game Guy's Room unlocked for this.
    Unlock Gold Mt. Mariomore
    Beat Hard mode with ALL characters and with ALL 'S' ranks.
    Unlock Game Guy's Room
    Be a Miracle Star in Story mode.
    Unlock Hidden Maps
    To unlock Battle Royal Map Waluigi's Island and the Duel Map
    Backtrack for use in Party mode, beat the levels with those
    maps in Story mode.
    Unlock Miracle Star
    Get about 8 'S' rankings on the Battle Royal and Duel maps.
    Unlock Super Hard difficulty
    Beat Story mode with nay character you choose, on Hard difficulty.
    Now Super Hard difficulty is available in both Story mode and Party
    Mt. Mariomore
    To get your character's face on the mountain, beat story mode with
    that character. Becoming the Miracle Star isn't required.
    20. Contact
    You can e-mail me at kevinstu93[at]yahoo[dot]com for praise, questions,
    comments, or inquiries about this guide. Please only use the subject
    "Mario Party 3 Guide" in your e-mail message or I will delete it. Also,
    my GameFAQs username and contributor name is Roguesquad6. I can also
    be found on AIM. E-mail me if you want to add my AIM screenname. You can
    also e-mail me submissions or additional information on Mario Party 3.
    If you do this, I will add it and you will be credited for your submission.
    21. End of Document
    End of Guide.

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