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"The party is back!"

At last,Mario Party 3 is released in the English version.It is worth such a long wait.With 70 plus new mini-games,over 10 different boards,this will be the biggest party yet!Hop on to the review to help you decide to buy this game or not.

Story line:A star created once in in 1,000 years.
=In every 1,000 years,a star is created.A rare star called Millennium Star.So,this star was created and since it was just a new born,it fell from the sky.....down to Peach's castle.Meanwhile,Mario and his friends were resting at the garden,when the Millennium Star crashed into their party.Now,everyone wants to keep the star,as those who keeps it will become the SuperStar of the universe,but who will?Play Mario Party in a toy-box to find out!

Graphics:Nice,no other words
=Pictures that looks nice makes it another point to buy the game.If you think it doesn't look nice at all,face the fact that it is in a toy-box,due to Millennium Star's spell.

Gameplay:Watch out!Here comes this one!
=Tons of mini-games to unlock,makes you play for months!The gameplay will get better if you have some friends who come and play with you.Remember,this is a party game.How about some memory testing or skill games?Or maybe you want to have some 'luck' games.Get this game and find out what mini-games is in store for you!(Also has a Story-mode which includes Duel maps and Battle Royal maps)

=Once you start out,you may have a bit problem controlling,but you will get used to it.

Difficulty:Some is easy,some is hard.
=It is a very nice fact that you can control the computer's difficulty whether you wanna play easy,or a challenging 'hard'.No matter what,there are still some parts in the game with hard and easy parts.
Score:5/10(easy) 5/10(hard)

Music:New music to go with the games
=Nice soothing music,or danger music.Each game has a different one that suits the game very well.You really can listen to the music for minutes in the music option room.

Sound:The biggest disapointment...or is it?
=What happened to the old Mario sound?Or Luigi,Wario and Peach?Somehow,the voice has changed for them,making it horrible to hear.However,some people still like it.

Replayability:Sure!All party games have good replayability.
=You will keep playing and playing and playing and playing all over again especially if friends come to play with you too.

Buy.... or.... rent
=Buy buy buy!You will regret it if you don't.This game is worth a buy buy buy!
Score:9/10 buy,1/10 rent.

So that's the review for Mario Party 3.I think that should helps you deciding to buy this game or not.At least I hope so.See ya.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/16/01, Updated 05/16/01

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