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"its all very obtuse"

It's awesome just go buy it. Done. There. Well if youre so hard headed and you need everything explained to you, I'll tell you that this is just a well made game and everything else you want to hear-fun, fun to drink with, uh fun to throw.....well on to the review.

1. Gameplay-It's fun what do you need to know?? Alright no more being difficult. Of course this game is just another shining example of Nintendo's spotless first party track record. Little else need be said about that. Mario Party games have always been good, and just about everything is better now-more characters, more mini games, more board interaction, more boards (sort of) a new mode, and duel which uses completely different rules for some variety from the regular game. Everything is great. The only thing some people may not like is, unlike Mario Party 2, there are no returning mini games such as hexagon heat returning from MP1 and others. This is the main reason I did not give this game a 10. Also the boards are somewhat larger and have many (and I mean many) more branching paths and alternate ways of getting to your intended destination. As for the multiple modes there is the duel mode like I mentioned earlier, the standard party mode which you all know of, the mini game room where you can practice as well as get a few bonuses, and a story mode, where you try to beat all the boards to get an ending. There's a lot to do, and just for a single player game too. Of course the real meat of the game is multiplayer where Mario Party earns its money of course. I really cant think of anything wrong with it. It's just awesome. Almost everything is improved, new characters Daisy from Mario game boy fame, and Waluigi from the recent Mario Tennis are added to the original cast from MP 1 and 2. In-game configuation is even better, it lets you speed up or slow down the message screens or even adjust the speed of your character on the game board. You can even completely skip watching mini games on the computer controlled characters' turns. There's so much new stuff its easy to forget it, there are at least twice as many items which changes the game completely. I don't think I need to tell you about the control, everyone knows theres nothing to complain about as the game uses the same engine as the previous games, so the control is just as good and feels exactly the same. There's other new stuff in it too but I dont want to ruin it as this is a really great game so on to part.....

2. Story-Not too much to say here, games like this don't exactly ride on the story but anyway, if you really want to know......the Millenium Star(ugh) crashes down by the the Mushroom Kingdom castle, and Mario and company argue over who gets to keep it. The thing tells them to play Mario Party i guess to see who gets it and become...are you still reading this?? Well, become the ''superstar of the universe''. Great stuff. Okay now for part....

3. Graphics and sound-Graphics are decent. Standard for Nintendo-better than Playstation not as good as Dreamcast is an accurate formula. However Paper Mario style cel shaded 2 dimensional stuff is a welcome addition. Also it seems less blurry than your average n64 game, but that could just be me. As for sound, nice Mario style songs and and sound effects are mostly the same as the previous Mario Party games. This is a good thing. Also good is getting to part.....

4. Replayability-You already know what I'm going to say. This is why these games are made and poorly imitated. In a word-limitless. Get your friends and some alcohol-uh, I mean um grape juice and go friggin nuts. Don't break anything. Now i cant think of a segueway for part.....

5.To buy or rent-Well this is of course a good rental as almost any great game is, but you'll get the most enjoyment from buying it. And here's where Nintendo really gets lemons and makes lemonade. We all know about their third party licensee problems, lack of rpgs, etc, but their first party games are always great. Well they recognized this, and the fact that the n64 is on its way out, and rewarded loyal fans with a 49.99 price. Needless to say, this was a very good move on their part. So just go buy it, if you have friends and a soul you'd be silly not to.

final score 9

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/25/01, Updated 05/25/01

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