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"Nothing ground breaking, but if you liked the previous Mario Party games, you WILL like/love this"

This is my first review, so don't send me any mail bombs if you don't like it or aggree with it! ^_^

If you haven't played any of the Mario Party games, you need to. The objective is simple enough to laugh the game aside, but if you give it a chance you'll be addicted after your first game.

Basically, Mario Party is a board game with tons of mini-games (70+) Each game consists of a set number of turns. During each turn, each player rolls s die to advance throughout the board, and at the end of the turn participates in a mini-game. The point of the game is to get as many stars as possible, by buying, finding(very rarely), or stealing them. Also included is the new duel mode. Of course, like any board game, there are many different kinds of spaces, each does a different thing (+or-3 coins, battle game, etc)

Gameplay: 9.5/10
The controls are simple, and most of the mini-games (the focus of the whole game) are awesome. There is a perfect balance of skill and luck, with a few rare exceptions. Unfortunately, just like in the last game, there are some battle mini games (special games where all players must put high amounts of money at stake) which are 100% luck. Luckily, they are fun to watch (unless you're in a bad mood). There is a huge variety of games to keep you busy and there are now 3 modes you can play in.

party mode: this is the basic game where 4 players (the computer will always control some characters for you if you don't have enough people) compete on the board for stars, with a mini-game every turn. (9.5/10)

duel mode: This is not quite what you would expect from a mario party game. this is for 2 players, in which you hire characters to join your party (up to 1 in front and 1 in back) and attack your opponent. However, it seems to require too much luck and not enough skill. Battles (the only time when you or opponent can get hurt) only occur when you and the other player cross paths, which can be great or horrible, depending on your current party. But there can be situations where (due to luck) one character can automatically die. This is of course very rare, and there are ways to prevent it, but overall, duels just don't cut it. (6/10)

''story'' mode: Well, there isn't much of a story here, but it does well. The story, if it can even be called one, is basically that there is a millienal star, and everyone is competing to get it. You need to win all 7 star stamps to win. It doesn't advance from there, and also, after the second stamp you will be able to predict almost everything that happens. There are, however a few parts that had me cracking up and were completely unpredictible. The gameplay here consists of both party and duel modes (but only 1 human can play) and is fun as usual, since the story isn't even necessary. Just don't play it for too long in one sitting. (8/10)

Graphics: (8/10)
Graphics really aren't important in this game, but they are still pretty god. Don't expect any detail though, Characters look similar to mario from Mario 64, but from a zoom-out perspective. No choppiness, no slow downs, but no brilliant effects either.

Sound: (8/10)
I almost gave this 2 separate ratings because of the voices. Voices are much improved over the first 2 Mario Parties, but when you first hear wario and waluigi, you'll be taken back for a few minutes, everyone else sounds fine, but you can tell there wasn't much effort put into this. Overall, it does sound good. The music is nothing special again, but it is very enjoyable, every track is one of those songs that you can humm in you head for hours and not get bored of it, but won't get stuck in your head like ''it's a small world after all''

Replayability: (7/10)
Again, I almost gave this 2 separate scores (for story and party/duel mode) Story mode is definately fun the first time through, but you might not want to play it more than a few times. This is mainly because when you are by yourself, playing against the computer, it just isn't as fun. For party/duel modes there is tons of replay value, mostly because even when you have just 1 friend it's tons of fun.

Depends. How often can your friends (only the ones that like video games) come over? If you are almost always alone, i suggest you rent it 2 times in a row, or until you finish story mode. If you have friends on occasion, you must rent it to test it out yourself, and probably should buy this. If you have easy access to friends you should definately but this.

In closing, with tons of variety and fun, this game is DEFINATELY worth your time.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/01/01, Updated 06/01/01

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