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Reviewed: 06/13/01 | Updated: 06/13/01

Another fun Mario Party game =)

The first 2 Mario Party games were great. I was happy when another one came out. It is a very fun game that can keep you up all night, and it is great for parties. If you loved the first 2, don't read this and go out and buy it. If you hated the first 2 than don't read this and don't buy the game.

Gameplay: Like the first two it is great. It has not changed much from the the first 2 games, so you can get into it right away if you have played the first 2. If not it will only take you minutes to to get used to. The game is not to hard, and is very fun. Playing the boards, mini games, and duel boards are very fun. Rating: 10

Story: The low point of the game, like the other 2. Once every 1000 years a millenum star is born. Your character is trying to get it, by beating all the levels in story mode. Rating:5

Graphics: Well, lets just put it this way. There worse than #1 and 2. A lot of the backrounds look like they are recycled from Paper Mario in the mini games. It looks weird to have 2d backrounds and 3d characters and objects. The boards look ok, but are not the best. Your characters look good. Rating: 7

Audio: There is not a lot of talking in this game, just sounds like ''I'm the best'', ''Oh no'', or the characters trademark noises. All the talking is done thru words at the bottom of the screen. But the boards and the mini games make a lot of noises, and have very good music. But sometimes you get so into playing you don't even think about the music. Rating: 8

Replayability: You could play this game over and over and it will still be fun. It is very fun to play the boards over and over again, every time something different happening. And also having over different friends over to play this game with you is also fun. And there are also duel boards for 2 people where you have a monster partner or 2(if you can afford them) and you attack the other player. Very fun. Rating: 10

Overall score: 8 out of 10

Rent or Buy: If you can rent this game, you will have a great time having friends over and playing this game. If you don't have friends over a lot the single player is ok, but I would rent it first.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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