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"Its really worth a try, especially if you have friends!"

Nintendo 64 had 3 Mario Party games and this is the 3rd installment of the games. Its probably the best of them all becuase it has more features in it.
This review will tell you about the game.

Not the best I have seen on the Nintendo 64. They were a little dissapointing becuase the game came out late so I was expecting decent graphics. The characters look fairly bad but the backgrounds are pretty good. This is probably the worst feature of the game.

Great Music and Sound! Lets talk about the music first. Its great becuase music fits with game boards and minigames. For example, games that require luck make music to make you ''Concentrate''. The sound is good, too. It all sounds fairly real and well-rounded. The voices are only okay. This guy with a dice on his head sounds like a little baby helping this game be kiddy. On the other hand, the characters sound great when stuff happens to them.

Easy to learn. They tell you what to press when a minigame you never played was picked. Something a lot better: there is no ''rotate the control stick'' games. Now you would not have to break your control stick, get your hand hurt, and lose even though you tried so hard. There are still games where you have to tap a button like A repeatedly but that won't kill your controller.

I'll give it some credit here. Since its the same basic story as the previous games, it will not get the highest grade. Its about Mario and friends trying to become the star by getting the most stars. To bring the grade up, the story makes you get into the game more like the new Story Mode feature.

The minigames can be such a challenge on hard mode. All the minigames are beatable, but you really have to work hard and practice(Thank goodness for the practice feature!)

This is the main part of the game. You have about 70 minigames and they are fun to play on. Some are stupid but most are really cool. If you have at least one friend, the games become more fun and more comptetion takes place. They have great 3 vs. 1 games. The 2 vs. 2 games are really fun. 4-player games are the best! Item games are annoying when you dont get on a space. Others, like battle games and duel games are way cool! All the mingame genres are there to make this game good! The new Story mode is cool. Your on a way to get special star stamps to become the superstar on Mario Land(Not sure exaxtly what is called). On gameboards, you can collect items to help you or mess up others and watch out for Bowser. Some of his tricks are not a threat, but some are! Losing 30 coins is annoying. Never land on a chance game! The tables will turn on the last minute! But, thats another way this games the games challenging.

There are so many minigames to be found, boards to play on, and other neat things to find. If you have friends, you will certainly want to play this game.......again!

Rent or Buy?
Like I said before, its worth a try. Serious Mario Party fans will want to buy this game without a rent. Don't expect to do everything in this game in 5 days though!
I might buy it. You should rent it then buy it if your not a serious Mario Party fan.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/24/01, Updated 07/15/03

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