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"It's Wonderful But Painful!"

This game an Party type of game, focused on collecting coins and stars. It has... Wait a second, this belongs in the Concept/GAMEPLAY Sections... OOPS. ^_^' Oh well...
First I will introduce this game and start the review. Heh- heh.

What is the sound like, Mr. Sword?
Its sound is mediocre, and can get too darn repetitive to hear the dice block over and over and stuff like that. It has the usual kiddy music of Mario party games and just goes in loops if the turn takes a long time.

What are the graphics like, Mr.Sword?
The graphics remain the same: 2-D Background, Strange Looking 3-D characters.

''What is the plot like, Mr. Sword?''
A Silver star called the MILLENNIUM STAR Lands in the courtyard of Peaches Castle, where Mario is lounging with his ''Friends''. According to a legend(or something like that)the person who has it will be Superstar of the UNIVERSE. Mario and ''Friends'' Start to argue over who gets to keep it. There is a Lakitu nearby who notices, brings a toy chest, and suggests they play ''Mario Party(3)to decide.
They tried to make a good plot, but failed. They couldn't stop that because it's so HARD to make a story in a party game. At least they tried(I think).

''What is the game genre, Mr. Sword?''
It is a party game. I have nothing else to say here.

''What is the game like, Mr. Sword?''
You walk around a board getting coins and stars. There are many items to use. The Nintendo people have chosen a wicked set of new mini-games. This is meant in two ways: Good and Bad. I will Organize Good And Bad.

Good:There are many good new ideas.

Bad:Too Many luck-based Games or tap A, B, or Z Really Fast Games.

NOTE TO NEWBIES: A mini game is a random game that can be organized in these ways:1-3, 2-2,4(Free-for-all)

''What are controls like, Mr. Sword''?
Who are you, what do you want, and call me Excalibur or go away.
Anyway back to the review-
''I'm Mr. Review Questioner, and I ''help'' you organize Mr. Excalibur''
RETURNING TO THE REVIEW!!! The Controls are easy to use, get used to and all that nice stuff. They can hurt your hand sometimes, though. Too many tap A, B, or Z really fast, as noted earlier.

''What is-''
The game is random, thus making it a high replay value game.

''But That-''
Oh Yes, and the multiplayer is Excellent. They call it party mode in this game.
''What about-''
Who is this Nutcase here anyway?!? And who let him in?!?
Back to the review, I also know there are several secrets. I won't spoil them however.

Plot|5-10|Ham:They tried.-Spam:It still stunk.
Gameplay|7-10|Ham:It's new enough.-Spam:The blisters.
Controls|10-10|Ham:Easy to learn.-Spam:Easy to screw up.
Replay|10-10|Ham:It's random.-Spam:None
Multi-play|10-10|Ham:Great Multiplayer!-Spam:None
Sound|6-10|Ham:it's good music.-Spam:It's repeat.

MP3 Ham and Spam
-Great Multi.
-Different kind of game.
-Great Replay
-repetitive music
-Pathetic Story
-too many button masher minis
-Com Always get's your best item with the plunder chest

Rent or Buy-


Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 09/17/01, Updated 09/17/01

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