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"My First Review! And this game is great for parties!"

When I first played this game, I was suprised about having 3 files to choose from... I will now give my review:


Okay, the first thing you'd notice is the graphics. It's just like the last one... But still, I think Daisy looks a lot like Peach, only with a pink crown, a yellow dress and brown hair. Waluigi, however, looks like Luigi, only strech the arms and legs, and change the face and turn the 'L' over... I give it 6/10

Music and sounds:

This is the good part. Most of the people's voices are good, but some voices are annoying... The music is good, (The Music for Waluigi's Island is great), Everyone's voices has changed, 'cept Yoshi and DK, for some reason... 8/10


Now this is the good part. I noticed that Story Mode is one player only, but Party Mode is up to four players, there is this new thing called Duel Mode, where you and another play on a small map trying to chip away at your opponent's heart meter... You have partners to do just that. Like if you play as Luigi, your partner is Goomba. The Goomba is an offense type, so place 'im in the front. And When you pass your starting point, you get ten coins and another partner, if you have already 2 partners, you have to replace one. And when you pass the opponent, you will do Battle if you have a partner, like in this example:

*Luigi passes by Wario, and enters battle*

*The Goomba runs toward Wario and kicks Wario.*

*Wario loses 2 heart points*

You see, Goomba has an attack power of 2. So it's best putting him in front. As for the Battle Royal Map, it's up to four players, There are types of spaces. One is the blue space, land on it, and gain 3 coins (or 6 if it's the last five turns). Then comes the red space, landing on this will make you lose 3 coins (or 6 if it's the last five turns). Then comes the Happening Space, landing here results in an action depending on the board you play on. Then there is the Item Space, land here and either play a mini-game, or answer a question that impresses Toad or Baby Bowser. Then comes the Chance Time space, if you land here, you will play Chance Time, which results in one person giving stars or coins to another one. Next is the Bowser Space, landing here will result in a Bowser Event. Then is the Game Guy space, land right here will result in playing a Game Guy game to win back your coins. The shops sell items on the board, so if you want an item, Toad or Baby Bowser will be selling stuff. There are also Stars, which you need to win to win the board. They cost 20 coins. There is also Big Boo, who can steal coins or stars from anyone. To steal coins, it's 5 coins, and for stars it's 50, so be wary on this service. Next is the Koopa Bank, you deposit 5 coins everytime you pass here, but if you land on the space, you get all of it's coins! Next comes the bonuses at the end of the game if you activated the BONUS setting at the beginning of the game. There are three bonuses, first is the Mini-Game star, which you win the most coins in mini-games. Then there's the Coin Star, where you hafta have the most coins owned at one time. Then there is the Happening Star, where you land on the most Happening Spaces. Then they announce the winner. For the Gameplay, I give it a 9/10.

Replay Value:

You will be playing this game a long time if you have 3 people on the block, if not, the score is lower... 10/10 for 2-4 people, 5/10 for one person.

Buy or Rent?

If you have a big family, or friends, buy it. If not, I suggest you rent it.

Final Score: 9/10

This game will always become a great game for parties, and for fun, now I must go now, but remember this review...

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/18/01, Updated 09/18/01

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