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Reviewed: 05/27/02 | Updated: 05/27/02

Some change has happened in the Mario Party games.

Some change has happened in the Mario Party games, and some is good, and some is perhaps not correct.

Mario Party 3 is obviously still a slightly new game, it was only released a little over a year ago, and you would think it would have had even better graphics than the 1st and 2nd... and it did on images on the main menu bar, and when you see your characters before you pick them... but after that, and as usual, the boards have changed which is another good thing, the colors and characters look completely the same... that must be why Nintendo had to update to the Gamecube... the graphics were ... what you would say, 1990ish... now there are 2000ish graphics.

However that does not mean this game has gotten worse, or it has become the best game on the N64... the fun of this game has improved, the replay value however has decreased.

There are a few new modes you can play, such as the usual Mario Party board mode, where you can play against your friends or against the computer controlled characters... which many people say is not ''fun'' enough for gaming... which is not true, but anyway, then there is Single Story Mode, where you can instantly play against three computerized characters against you, and most people believe that is actually ends in a way unlike the other Mario Party games have.

Another change I should add is the music by the way is the best out of all the series, and the sound effects blew me away, perhaps the music in this game was the best out of any game on the N64.

The ''main'' change most people could say... is that there has been a newly added character to the original six... and his name is ''Waluigi''.

Waluigi is a very tall, purple clothed, semi Luigi clone, only he seems to be a villain, like Mario's clone, Wario. However Waluigi does not show the incredible power and strength like Wario, Waluigi shows his brains by figuring out clues and with his tall height, he looks down at his opponents and laughs.

Graphics: 80%
Words: You would wonder how can the graphics keep getting better on a sequel with a N64 game? Well you are correct, basically the graphics got better from Mario Party 2, but that is it. Sort of like Mario Party the first's graphics.

Sound: 100%
Words: Perhaps the best N64 Mario music ever on a Mario game... possibly the best EVER on any Mario game EVER created or played.

Replay: 81%
Words: Replay value has gone down since Mario Party 2. The options that you had once in Mario Party 2 have diminished, but the brand new Minigames, begin there so many and all newly created, a lot of fun to play with and enjoy.

Gameplay: 94%
Words: Gameplay is VERY, GREAT. Like Mario Party 1, the gameplay is just plain... correct.

Story: 65%
Words: The single story mode adds on to this catergory. What a great add on to the end of this N64 series... on the N64!

Characters: 95%
Words: Waluigi is odd... but it is always great ot have another character added to the Nintendo family.

Final Words: TRULY, a great end to a great series for the N64 system... a lot of fun you will have with this game, along with the two other games... this is a game you should clearly add on to your N64 collection.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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