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"Busted Controller- 30$; Dent in wall- 45$ Gaining 6 stars on chance on the last turn,- Priceless"

Got Friends? Good. This game offers a huge slew of minigames, a hilarious dueling game, and the often unpredictable regular board game that keeps you on your toes. However, there are a few things to be aware of. This includes several caffeine boosts and aspirin. However, side effects aside, this cart. gives you a gaming fix like no other.

The game begins with a star with the name of Millennium. Evidently, it will grant power to whoever possesses it.
But, the dramatic storyline that always comes with Mario games still remains... The star crashes near Mario and the gang, and they decide that they should guessed it... Mario Party, to see who gets the Star.

Now to the part we've all been waiting for...

Graphics: 8/10- Nothing out of the ordinary here, the bright colors still remain true to its prequels, and it is easy on the eyes.

GamePlay: 9/10- It is about the same as the previous two: Pick a map, roll a dice, get coins and stars from the ever-present Toad, and play mini-games. The Millennium Star takes place of Koopa, shelling out coins to those who pass them. Also, Boo is still there to make your opponent's day a little better by relieving them of those hard-earned coins and stars. Of course, Bowser is still around, taking your coins and insulting you... But don't fret! Due to popular demand, one of the mini games involves tossing the King Koopa face first, without risk of getting fire up the nose. Which reminds me...

Minigames: Some of them are fun, some drive you crazy, and some plant the N64 controller into the nearest inanimate object... Fortunately, the latter are rare.

Basically, If all four players land on the same colored space, mainly blue, it is a free for all.

If one of the players land on a different space, usually red, it becomes a 1 on 3, with the loner with the advantage...usually.

Finally, if two people are the same, and the other two are different, it is Two On Two.

Minigames range from silly tasks like catching a hen, to battling it out in planes, to shooting Baby Bowser targets.
All of them have a unique objective, so there is no danger of being redundant.

The Duel maps are your character and their partner against another character and their partner. This often results in some pretty funny animations and matchups...But the luck factor can result in some major upsets. Overall, a nice addition

Sound: 9/10 The typical cartoon effects; bouncing, boinging, explosions, and the often hilarious audio of Mario laughing as he gets bonked on the head with a hammer, as well as soundbites for every single character in the game. The Music tracks are usually boppy and apply to the game: sometimes its frenzied, sly, creeping, etc. All in all, it suits the mood well.

Challenge 7/10- For the most part, the A.I. offers a good challenge...other times it is simply impossible. For instance, one of the minigames involves two people hitting the same's difficult for two humans, but if you have an AI, its nearly impossible to lose. Also, some games that require rapid tapping of the buttons (easier on the hands than rotating the control stick) The A.I. is just plain perfect. Kiss those ten coins goodbye! Besides that, no real problems for the regular gamer...offers a good challenge, but luck plays a bigger part, which gives it a good part of it's frustration and its replayibility...

Replay Factor 10/10 Mastering those games feels good, but it offers a good enough difficulty to keep you interested. Plus, you can never get tired of Having four player battles, as well as the shorter two player duels if you don't have the time. It reels you in and doesn't let you go, even after playing it thousands of times.

Buy or Rent: Buying it will give you prolonged fun, but expect to get a good workout. Renting it will give you short, spontaneous fun. Either way works well, but I say, buy. You won't be disappointed.

Graphics- 8
Gameplay- 9
Sound- 9
Challenge- 7
Replay- 10

Overall- 8

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/14/02, Updated 08/14/02

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