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Reviewed: 05/30/03 | Updated: 05/30/03

"The Party Begins... With Mario and Company!"

Mario Party 3- It is a Me A! Mario. Luckily this game is not all about Mario, but all of his friends. This is an extremely fun game to play at parties or with large groups of friends because there is equal play for all. Mario Party Three, though having to follow from the great Mario Party two, has exceeded the second game to become supreme game for the N64 mario party’s. Woo Hoo! Gather up all your buddies and hit the party, because the competition is about to get intense.

Gameplay (10/10): Well in this game, you go with traditional Nintendo characters around game boards, buying items, with traps and all. After each round there is a mini game where you can earn coins. With coins you can buy all the needed items. The objective is to get the most stars, which are 20 coins, but only the Millenium Star gives it to you, who is only on one spot on the board, and sometimes there is a decoy. The mini games are what make this game great. You can play on cliffs throwing snowballs, in planes shooting eachother with missiles and ‘bullet bills” from Mario Brothers, and you can even race in strange vehicles across waters and rivers. The main improvement to this game was the Air fight, with the planes, because you could use more strategy than ever before and it takes a great deal of skill to hit your opponent dead on and an even greater skill to dodge their shots.

Graphics (9/10) They did decent on these graphics. They could have been much better; but you do not need great graphics when you have a view always from the top of a board game. The levels they are able to portray through these graphics vary from the woods to the space station, to train stops and graveyards.

Controls (10/10) You do not really need to worry about controls except for the mini games. For the regular board game the controls are well set. For the mini games, they prepare you with the well configured controls. They normally only use three buttons at the most, and only the action orientated games really require the mastering of the controls.

Sound (10/10) Great Sound. Everyone has their own voice, happy and sad, hopeless and victorious. There is also good back round music, especially during games. The sound effects are great, hearing the twisting of the die and the players characters foot steps as he travels space to space. Also, great sound effects in the games for the planes and cars and boats. It really sounds like the engines and paddling are real. All you need to do is close your eyes…

Replay (10/10): This has one of the best replay values of any game ever. The total opposite of Star Fox Adventures. Because you can always improve board strategy and get better at the mini games and develop strategy for those too, you can continue to get better and play no. You can invite more and more friends over and have competitions, playing the hundreds of mini games separately or during a board game. You can always choose new characters and get more and more precise to impress your peers still trying to press the A button correctly.

Overall (10/10) Mario Party series finally gets a game with a real challenge that is truly fun, unlike the half is fun half is not preface Mario Party Two, and the all but fun beginning to the series, Mario Part One. Great Job, Nintendo. I hope the fourth and fifth Mario Parties for the new Gamecube will match up to this.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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