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Reviewed: 08/28/03

Mario And Friends Party On In This Super Sequel

Having heard alot about the Mario Party series, I really look forward to getting this game, Mario Party 3. I never had a N64 when the other came out, and this was the first time I could get one. I got it about 5 months after it came out, so I had heard alot of reviews and such. Some dogged the game down, some bragged it up. I will attempt to perform the latter. This game will not disappoint.

Story/One Person Story Mode
This could’ve of really been done alot better than it was. As I have previously stated, I have not played the first two games so I can’t compare it the other stories. All you know of story is thus: Everybody wants to become the Millennium star, but it won’t let you have it and become the “Superstar “of the universe until you earn 7 star stamps. Kinda boring. You pick a character and battle through ALL the boards. After every two boards, one Battle Royal map and a Duel Map, you get one star stamp. After you get them all, you win the game and can start over with another character. The story mood provides just enough awards and bonuses to keep you going with most if not all of the characters. The “Story Mode” is actually quite fun, and on the “Hard” and “???” difficulty levels, it becomes VERY challenging. Enough to keep you busy a long time.
Anyway, don’t get too excited about the story, the game is about the board play, which you will read below.

I know some people don’t like this part, but I find the music very catchy and original. Each different boards has it’s on unique theme, all of them appropriate with the theme of the board. It hardly ever gets annoying, which can be a problem for a lot of games these days. The minigame music is surprisingly varied. On fast paced action games,a “Hurry Up!!!” tune is played, eerie creepy music is often played on ‘scarier’ minigames.
Most of it is very nice and would probably make a nice sound track. Aside from sound tracks, the sound effects are even better. Most of them are faithful to past games, and will be appreciated by fans everywhere. The coin collecting sound is new, but very cool. Plus the music keeps the pace high and fun. It what saves the game from dragging down it slow parts. No real complaint or any reason to turn it down when you’re trying to beat the game with the last character on the hardest level, or something like that for instance. Then again, you probably wouldn’t buy a game for it’s sound alone, now would you? The character’s voices add alot to the game. All the “I won” voices are very pleasant to listen to, unlike some games. When you win a mini-game, neat fanfare music plays. It adds a lot to the happy go lucky mood of this game. It fully deserves the 10/10 score.

This game’s graphics are excellent, but probably could’ve of done a little bit better. Sometimes the graphics slow down, when load from one mini-game to the next. The slow-down is the reason it got 9/10 and a perfect score. I personally like the graphics alot. Most of them are very smooth and cartoon looking. All the graphics are very detailed, and most of them can be recognized from other, older games, but this time a little more itemized. The star graphic is very 3D, even considering what the N64 can do. A little con about the graphics: on the board maps the background of the Battle Royal maps are often very fuzzy and not clear. It would have also been nice to see some parts of the maps animated. That could’ve added alot to the game. The mini-game graphics, much like the sound are varied and original. Overall the graphics are something to praise with joy, even if they’re not the most wonderful that have ever been seen of the N64.

Obviously this is the part of the game that really matters. This part is rockin’ awesome. To start, they are three game files you can save your game to. In each game file is a Story Mode and and Party Mode data. That allows the data to not overlap. When you start story mode, you pick a character and and which mini-games you want to play. Then you pick the difficulty level. Being 4 difficulty levels,the game can get very challenging, even for an experienced player. One you have done the following, you start your quest to become the Superstar. Party-Mode is where this game shines. You can pick any map you want to play and with up to four friends you can battle your way to the top. The gameplay is just naturally VERY fun and original. After every person has went you play a mini-game. The mini-game is determined by what color spaces you land on. All of the mini-games are varied. No two are alike. Some mini-games appear only when certain conditions are met, so it takes awhile to unlock every single one of them. In Duel Maps, you start off with a default character and once you reach your base again, you get 10 coins and a chance to either get rid of a old one and get a new one in it’s place or just plain get a new one. Each character has different kinds of abilities, all of them adding their own layer of depth to the game. Reaching your base or winning a mini-game gets you coins, which you use to pay each partner’s salary. One partner goes in front and one goes in back. It good to keep high HP guess in back to protect your from attack and high Attack Power in front to pummel your opponent.
That kind of thing. If you can’t pay their salary, they disappear and you’re open to attack!!

Replay Value
This is really truly great. Any decent board game always score well in this category because playing again and again is what this game is designed for. There are 6 different Battle Royal Maps (4 player maps) and 6 Duel Maps. All of them require different strategies. The maps, or so I’ve heard, are smaller that previous games, but they’re fun nonetheless. Expect great value from this department.

Story/One Player Story Mode - 7/10
Sound - 10/10
Graphics - 9/10
GamePlay - 10
Replay Value - 10

Final Score - 9/10

Rent Or Buy?
You’ll probably want to rent this one first before buying, even if you loved the other two games. There may not be enough interest in entertain people for long, and there may be enough for some people too. Just rent this game and decide for yourself!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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