Review by SuperSonic612

Reviewed: 06/06/05

Partay! Mario Partay!!

Intro: Mario Party 3...ah... very good. Yes, very good. So far I have Mario Party 3, 4 and 5, and this is atleast my second favorite. From the zany characters, to some of the best mini-games known to man, this is a very solid game.

Story: 6/10 Bowser's trying to take over the world again, blah blah. Been done before. Also in story mode, it is very frustrating. I mean, in the other mode (Party Mode I think), it is pretty hard, but the Story Mode is just outrageous. I recommend kind of skipping the story and going into more things. There isn't that much you can unlock in Story mode that you can't unlock anyway else. As for the story itself, not to good. You came for fun, and this isn't where you are going to find it.

Graphics: 7/10 Pretty nice. It is regular 3d graphics for a N64 game. The hands are still blocky, but other than that, smooth. No glitchs or pauses here.

Audio: 8/10 Also nice. The sound is good, like when you hit a dice block, or enter a shop. Just little sounds like that perk up your day a little bit. As for the music, nothing memorible, but the songs do get stuck in your head for awhile. Overall, very well done, definitely deserves that 8.

Control: 10/10 Can you hit the A button? Then you already mastered the controls for this game! No, no, don't worry, there's more than that. Well, in the minigames anyway. The games consist of hitting the A+Z buttons together, to pressing A, then B, then Z. The controls are very well thought out and superb overall.

Gameplay: 7/10 I'm only giving it a 7 because it can get very hard sometimes, which lowers the fun value. However, it also doesn't deserve anything less than a 7. The game, outside of the minigames, is, let's face it. BORING! I mean, sure, you get items (sicking Bowser on Waluigi is my favorite), but that wouldn't be a game now, would it? The minigames however....the minigames ARE this game. Here's the over-view. You get to pick about eight characters, Mario, Yoshi, Peach, and others. Now the sad thing is, it doesn't even matter what character you pick. I mean, it would have been awesome if DK wasn't very good in the racing games, but when you had to fight somebody in a minigame, he would be, like, unbeatable. Like I said, there are a few things wrong with this game, but nothing worth crying over. Anyway, then when you select your characters (there has to be atleast four), you go to a "Turn-deciding screen." Basically, you hit a dice block, and whoever gets the highest gets to go first. Example: Mario got a ten, and Luigi got a nine. Mario would go first, then Luigi would go after him. Then you just go around a board, hitting dice blocks as you go, and you can also buy items (as stated above). Now the minigames are just awesome. I believe there are somewhere around 60 minigames in here, all very fun, new, and exciting. You play a minigame after everybody has taken a turn. Let's talk about another mode that is probably my favorite of every other mode. Duel Mode. Unfortunately, you don't whip out your Yugioh cards and say, "Let's duel!", but instead, we got something better here. OK, now, in this mode, you only pick two characters (1 human and 1 computer, or two players), and instead of hitting dice to decide who goes first, the Millennium Star (the main character, next to Mario of coarse) spins around and around. If he lands on "heads," then you go first (or the first player, if you are playing 2 player). If he lands "tails," then the other player goes first. You get a whole new set of levels, like Blowhard and Pipesqueke. But here is the most ingenious part of this: you get special helpers! Let me explain how these work. You each get a special character when you pick them (who you pick decides who you get). Like for example, I'm always Mario, so I always get Koopa. If you play as Daisy, you get a Snifit (no, that's its real name). Except, the best part is, they vary. Like Koopa has normal stats. He does one damage (more on that a little later), he has 2 HP, and costs a low one coin each turn (if you can't pay for a character, he leaves, and you'll be defenseless). However, the Pirana Plant costs more money, but does more damage, and it can also lets you roll again, on occasion. Now, I said that I was going to talk about damage. At the beginning, you get to either pick if your character will walk behind you, or in front of you. If you pick in front of you (a more offensive position), then you will be wide open to an attack from behind, but you will also be able to attack your opponent, if caught off guard. However, if you put him in the back, while more of a defensive move, won't be able to attack that often. You also get a heart. There are about 8 pieces to a heart. If you lose all them, it's game over! And I almost forgot, when you reach "home-base," then you get 10 coins and a new partner!

Replayability: 9/10 If you love to party, party hardy with this game. You won't go wrong. With Duel, Party, and Story modes, you'll be at this game for awhile. You probably will put this game on that old dusty closet shelf for awhile, but when you beat all the newer games that are out ten times, you'll come back. I promise.

Final Verdict: Buy I've reviewed alot of old games so far. All the better for you, because they're cheaper! Anyway, you won't go wrong with this game. If you don't like this kind of game (you cold blooded monster!), then you might want to try to avoid this. However, if you like to wait a little bit for other people to finish their turn (yes, I'm talking to you Advance Wars), then you are truly going to find a masterpiece in your gameshop's little shoebox.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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