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    Academy FAQ by GJ

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 04/01/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    by Greg Colombo (GJ) <cubbies984@yahoo.com>
    version 1.1
    I. Introduction
    II. Trainer Class Battles
    III. Gym Leader Class Battles
    IV. Elite Four Class Battles
    V. In Closing
    This is a guide to the trainer tests at the Academy in Pokemon Stadium 2. I'll
    list the opponent's strategy and the Pokemon and tactics you should use to
    counter that strategy.
    This document is copyright Greg Colombo, 2001. You may not use it outside of
    personal use without his permission.
    VERSION 1.1 INCLUDES: Slight fixes for typos and Battle 5 of the Gym Leader
    class. Thanks to daiderekwu@aol.com for the heads-up on Battle 5.
    Battle 1: Camper Cole
    His strategy: Use Grass-type Pokemon.
    Your counter-strategy: Use powerful attacks to exploit the weaknesses of
    Your Pokemon: Growlithe, Pidgeotto, and Beedrill.
    Notes: This is not a hard fight. Just pick one and blast away.
    Battle 2: Super Nerd Melvin
    His strategy: Use Fire-type Pokemon.
    Your counter-strategy: Use powerful attacks to exploit the weaknesses of
    Your Pokemon: Furret, Stantler, and Miltank.
    Notes: Have Stantler lead and blow the guy away with Surf.
    Battle 3: Schoolboy Carson
    His strategy: Use a mix of Pokemon that will force you to counter weaknesses.
    Your counter-strategy: Use switching to exploit the weaknesses of his Pokemon.
    Your Pokemon: Hitmonlee, Bellossom, and Magmar.
    Notes: His Pokemon are Dark/Steel/Ground-Rock types. Hitmonlee will work well
    against all of them; Magmar will counter the Steel-types; and Bellossom can
    handle the Ground-Rocks.
    Battle 4: Swimmer Clayton
    His strategy: Use Acid Armor and Barrier to pump up defense, making his Pokemon
    Your counter-strategy: Use Pokemon with set-damage moves.
    Your Pokemon: Dragonair, Pinsir, and Murkrow.
    Notes: All three of these Pokemon will work equally well. You may as well use
    Murkrow as he's the fastest.
    Battle 5: Youngster Johnathan
    His strategy: Use Solarbeam and Skull Bash to do heavy damage.
    Your counter-strategy: Dodge his attacks with Fly and Dig.
    Your Pokemon: Aerodactyl, Croconaw, and Delibird.
    Notes: All of these Pokemon are particularly fast; because of this, you'll have
    to use each one's alternate attack for the very first round, then use Fly/Dig
    thereafter. For example:
    YOU: Scary Face
    HIM: Charge Solarbeam
    YOU: Fly
    HIM: Fire Solarbeam -- MISS!
    YOU: Return from Fly
    HIM: Charge Solarbeam
    YOU: Fly
    HIM: Fire Solarbeam -- MISS!
    And so on down the line.
    Battle 6: Picnicker Cyndy
    Her strategy: Use Amnesia to pump up Special Defense.
    Your counter-strategy: Use physical attacks.
    Your Pokemon: Fearow, Lickitung, and Granbull.
    Notes: Just use your regular attacks and you should be able to beat up Cyndy's
    Pokemon before they get a chance to attack.
    Battle 7: Lass Nancy
    Her strategy: Use Double Team to dodge all your attacks and Sand Attack to
    lower your accuracy.
    Your counter-strategy: Use support moves that don't miss or moves that
    counteract the status changes.
    Your Pokemon: Golbat, Noctowl, and Eevee.
    Notes: Eevee has Swift, which never misses; Noctowl has Foresight, which will
    make all subsequent moves 100% accurate; Golbat has Haze, which will clear all
    unpleasant accuracy/evade changes.
    Battle 1: Pokemaniac Joseph
    His strategy: Try to win fair-and-square with a team of female Pokemon.
    Your counter-strategy: Combine confusion and attraction to overpower his
    Your Pokemon: Raichu, Lanturn, and Gastly.
    Notes: Have Lanturn lead and combine Confuse Ray with Attract.
    Battle 2: Kimono Girl Naomi
    Her strategy: Use Murkrow, then Ghost-type Pokemon.
    Your counter-strategy: Demonstrate that you know how to combine items with
    attacks to kick the @#$* out of her Pokemon.
    Your Pokemon: Primeape, Poliwhirl, and Politoed.
    Notes: Have Primeape lead and beat Murkrow, then sub in either Poliwhirl or
    Politoed. Then use Belly Drum, then Rest, then Mud-Slap her Pokemon out of the
    Battle 3: Lass Tammy
    Her strategy: Use dual-type Pokemon.
    Your counter-strategy: Exploit the fact that dual-types have dual weaknesses.
    Your Pokemon: Spinarak, Mareep, and Wooper.
    Notes: Sludge Bomb is the ticket against Bellossom, Sunflora, and Tangela.
    Mareep's Thunderbolt will topple Gyarados, and Wooper's surf will dominate
    Battle 4: Youngster Dustin
    His strategy: Use Fly and Dig to dodge attacks.
    Your counter-strategy: Use moves that work even while Pokemon are Flying or
    Your Pokemon: Aerodactyl, Seadra, and Magneton.
    Notes: Aerodactyl can hit Diggers with Earthquake, Seadra can hit Flyers with
    Twister, and Magneton can hit anybody it wants with Lock-On and Zap Cannon.
    Battle 5: Schoolboy Nolan
    His strategy: Use Light Screen to counter special attacks.
    Your counter-strategy: Use physical attacks, exploiting the defensive
    weaknesses of his Pokemon.
    Your Pokemon: Mr. Mime, Staryu, and Jynx.
    Notes: A similar battle was fought in Round 1. You know what to do.
    Battle 1: Cooltrainer Connor
    His strategy: Kick the @#$* out of you with Hyper Beam.
    Your counter-strategy: Use Hyper Beam's recharge time to switch in powerful
    Pokemon with good items.
    Your Pokemon: Shuckle, Pikachu, and Cubone.
    Notes: Lead with Pikachu to match his Gyarados. Then, when he subs in, put in
    Shuckle. Shuckle will absorb the Hyper Beam and you can switch in Cubone to
    beat the next Pokemon. Repeat, but sub in Pikachu the next time. This strategy
    clicks because Pikachu has a Light Ball and Cubone has a Thick Club.
    Battle 2: Cooltrainer Becky
    Her strategy: Use speedy Pokemon with Hyper Beam, taking advantage of the speed
    to use attack boosting moves.
    Your counter-strategy: Use an Endure-Reversal combo.
    Your Pokemon: Scyther, Raticate, and Raichu.
    Notes: Each of these has Agility. Use it first-round as she powers up her
    Attack. Then use Endure, then Reversal. Scyther should be able to win this
    battle single-handedly.
    Battle 3: Juggler Ferris
    His strategy: Overpower you with Dragonite and Tyranitar.
    Your counter-strategy: Combo the guy out of the arena.
    Your Pokemon: Poliwrath, Golem, and Steelix.
    Notes: Use Steelix' Creeper combo with Toxic and Rage, use Poliwrath's
    Mindreader and Dynamicpunch, and use Golem's Defense Curl and Rollout.
    Battle 4: Swimmer Julian
    Her strategy: Use Minimize and water Pokemon to dodge your attacks.
    Your counter-strategy: Control the weather to create favorable situations.
    Your Pokemon: Jumpluff, Houndoom, and Exeggutor.
    Notes: Sunny Day will negate Water attacks and make Solarbeam that much more
    I hope you enjoyed the FAQ.
    Submissions, questions, other notes about Stadium 2, and the like can go to
    If you want to use this FAQ for anything other than personal use, please
    contact me first!
    As always, good grammar and spelling are appreciated.
    This document copyright Greg Colombo, 2001. All rights reserved.

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