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Reviewed: 04/14/01 | Updated: 04/14/01

A stylish and colorful remake of the classic, Wonderful!!

Whassssapp, This is my Review for a remake of the classic NES Puzzle game, Dr. Mario 64. Please, bear with me this is my first review here hehee, now. let's get this started

Gameplay-10- The controls are very easy with this game, probly 5 minutes to master it, and it comes with the built-in tutorials for 2 player, 4 player, and basic games, which brings another thing, the Wonderful 4 player simultaneous action, a flawless,great part of the game.

This game can be as easy or difficult as you want it to be, everything has difficulty levels, or speed adjustments, it couldn't be better... and the game features a ''Story'' area too, where you can play as Dr. Mario, or Wario, I wont give it all away, but, an evil scientist steals Dr. Mario's Megavitamins, and you have to get them back. there's also basic advance mode, where you just take out all the viruses and gets increasingly faster, or you can play a ''flash'' game between the computer, where you each have tons of viruses but 3 flashing ones, first to get them all wins. Great modes, they are all different with their own high points.

Story-8- nothing to extravagant as I said above, I liked that you got to choose between Dr. Mario and wario, here's a basic plot ''Dr. mario travels around during flu season with his megavitamins, curing all the sick people, wario and a mad scientist plot to steal the megavitamins, and that's all ill say, heh'' nothing fancy, and you kinda have the paper mario style of character with the flat people, nintendo may be getting lazy to make them 3d, but it looks fine nonetheless heh.

Audio/Video-9.5- Very Colorful, very exciting music, straight and enhanced from the NES version, the regular puzzle screen looks just like the original, with the magnifying lens and the 3 colors guys dancin around, that go ''ahhhh!'' lol, when you destroy one. it's looks perfect, what do you want for a puzzle game?

Replayability-9-Like all puzzle games, you really can't beat it, and the multiplayer ability makes it allll worth-while, the story area may get old after a while but there's so many other things!!!!!

Buy or rent?- Well, it all depends, if your a big puzzle freak, the guy who passes up Diablo for Tetris, or Pipe Dreams for the Yoshi.... then you sure as heck gotta buy this, but wait until cheaper of course, I sure can't pay 60 bucks for a game heh, wait until cheaper or on sale or something, rent it once first if ya like, it's up ta you!! let's see now, did I get 400 words lemme count......... Hmmmm 447, i should go for 450, so as Homer Simpson would say, ''Screw Flanders'', hehehe... :)

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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