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"Ok... so Mario's a plumber, a doctor, and a superhero. What will he be next? A gynecologist? That game might be interesting...."

Story 2/10: Were you really expecting a good story line out of this one? You've got a puzzle game which usually don't have all the best of stories. And it's also a Mario game... and, well, we all know those storylines aren't quite Stephen King novels. So... sucky story + sucky story... well, I'll skip the math and just assume it adds up to something sucky. Anyway, it's flu season and Dr. Dumbass-er... Mario... yeah, that's what I meant. Dr. Mario is curing all the sick freaks with his super duper megavitamins. In some castle some evil dude named Dr. Scienstein gets orders from his master to take the super duper vitamins because he's a mean jackass. Wario, the greedy bastard, decides he would like them too so he can sell them and make money for prosti- er... ''candy''. Yeah, that's it. Candy. So the evil doctor takes the vitamins and Wario comes by and chases him and Mario comes by and chases both of them and after a long day they give back the vitamins to Mario and apologize and they all end up frolicking through big happy fields drinking hot cocoa. Well, ok, they actually don't give them back so you, Mario, basically chase them through the game. The writers must have been stoned when they wrote this. Seriously.

Graphics 5/10: I supposed graphics don't matter too much in a puzzle game... but still, they really could have taken a little more time to make it look, um, good! Apparently they decided to stick with those little cardboard cut-out figures featured in Paper Mario. Some of the backgrounds and levels are a bit colorful and flashy but they won't blow you away. In fact, the graphics really make the game look like it could be a Super Nintendo game. But, hey, I don't have a whole lot against the graphics in Super Nintendo. That's good enough for me. But if you are looking for stellar graphics definitely look elsewhere.

Controls 9/10: Alrighty, this definitely is NOT rocket science. You use the controller pad to move the capsules and down to make them fall very quickly. Pressing the A button will rotate the capsules clockwise and B will rotate them counterclockwise. That is pretty much it, though there are, I believe, just a few different controls in some of the special modes. I don't really know why I gave this category a 9. I guess I'm just picky. Maybe the controller actually has to talk to me for me to give the controls a perfect rating. But of course if the control was mean than I would have to give it a 1. Maybe I should take my medication now.

Sound 4/10: Let's just say the music is kind of strange, spooky, and annoying sounding. Some of the original melodies are back and they sound alright. I really don't feel like going into detail here. The medication made me drowsy.

Gameplay 9/10: The high-point of the game. Well, I guess that is usually the case in most puzzle games. The object of the game is to get rid of those stinky viruses by getting four blocks of the same color in a row along with the viruses of the same color. Really pretty simple. There is a difference in this version however. In Dr. mario 64 you can do combos that will piss your opponent off by sending a ''garbage pill'' thingy on their side making it harder for them to make matches. You get combos by making a certain row of viruses and pills disappear and then have pills/viruses that were on top of them fall down and make a match. There are TONS of cool modes including: story, classic, versus, multiplayer, marathon, flash, and score attack. Yeeeee-haw! Hrmm... that was strange. Hey, wait. Uh-oh. Oh no. OH NO!!! Instead of taking my ''special'' medication it seems that I've accidentally taken the cowboy medication. NOOOOOOO!!! Yeeeee-haw! Make *Yee-haw!* it *Yee-haw!* STOP!!! *Yee-haw!*

Challenge 9/10: This game is great for all player types! Novice game-players will probably find themselves challenged enough by the 'Hard' setting. However, the experts will have the S-Hard setting that will be sure to keep them challenged and frustrated as hell! Oh, did you notice I stopped 'yee-hawing'? Yeah, I took my ''Cowboy Away'' medication. Yep, it's a good thing I have all these- WOOF! Whoa? What the- WOOF! Oh WOOF no! I accidentally took the WOOF bark WOOF like WOOF a dog WOOF medication. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! WOOF!

Replay Value 9/10: When you get a puzzle game this is usually something you expect from it. Dr. Mario has an awesome amount of replay value... just not enough for me to give it a perfect score. If you're an absolute puzzle-crazy maniac though I guess you could bump that 9 up to a 10. There are TONS of cool modes and difficulty settings... but if you're human you'll probably get tired of it after a while.

To rent or to buy? Hey, that's 2 questions!: I think this game is perfect for rental. Even if you're only sort of into puzzle games I VERY highly recommend a 5 day rental for this game. If you're a puzzle fanatic it wouldn't be a bad idea to buy either as it's selling for about $30 a pop right now. That's almost half the price as some of the other new releases. Buy one for every member of the family! Or then again don't. What have they ever done for you? I don't care if you're brother saved you're ass in Vietnam, you can let him buy his own damn game.

All in all this is a really good game. Not quite excellent... but really good. Remember, it's a bargain at only $30.00 so if you've got some spare cash and you're very much into puzzles go ahead and buy it. Otherwise at least try it out for a 5 day rental. This has been quite a strange review... but I got that all cleared up. I took my special ''Don't turn into anything or start barking or act like a cowboy and just be normal'' medication. Oh no... NO!!! I think I accidentally took my ''Turn into a crazy psycho'' medication. Hrmm. That's strange. I feel just like I usually do. Heheheh. Well, if you sat through and read this whole review I'm very proud of you. If you just scrolled down to the bottom I must say I'm ashamed. Oh well. I can't blame you. This is *Addictedtogames* saying ''Just say no to Cheez Whiz'' and, um... ''Goodbye!''

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/20/01, Updated 04/20/01

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