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"SUPERB, newest Dr. Mario game ever!"

Well Mario has done it plenty of times, and he is doing it again. Taking out his medicine charts, super pills, mega vitamins, briefcase, white cape, and prepared to defeat the terrible viruses that spread disease, illnesses, and sicknesses... DR. MARIO!

Dr. Mario is the second most known occupation that Super Mario has had, his other occupations include Super Hero, Plumber, Reffere, and even a Racer! You never would truly think that Mario could be such a successful Doctor that he is... and it was a shock when he was first released on the original Nintendo system back in 1990.

In Dr. Mario ''64''... as always, you are given choices to play the Dr. Mario game as you have always played it, with having Mario throw pills down at viruses and clearing the bottle, and going through each level at lightning fast speeds, and at quizing times, each new level will bring four more viruses that are prepared to pester all over the place unless Dr. Mario stops them!

Dr. Mario 64 also features a new story mode on where Mario must find the Megavitamins that Wario has stolen, and another fun part is that you can be WARIO, and beat Dr. Mario at his own practice! A few other game styles such as Score Attack, Classic, and so on are available to you to play! Sounds like fun!

Graphics: 92%
Words: WOW, incredible upgrade from the old Dr. Mario from NES, honestly, GREAT, new graphics from the Nintendo 64 system.

Sound: 80%
Words: All your old Fever and Chill tunes with two brand new tunes! Cube and Que Que! All sound fun and make you want to just keep playing and playing!

Replay: 70%
Words: You will always want to play this game after a little break from big plays. Also the game has a multiplayer game where two to four people can play against each other in a battle to get all the viruses cleared, and dump their garage onto other opponent's bottles!

Gameplay: 100%
Words: One of the greatest puzzle gameplays I have ever played and seen. There is nothing you can say about the gameplay to criticise it, honestly. Without a doubt, true fun at puzzle games that will never get old! Throw those pills on those viruses!

Story: 84%
Words: I must be honest, the story was quite funny and it was a great type of story for this game that it earned a very high score %.

Characters: 85%
Words: All the characters such as Dr. Mario, Wario, and the multiplayer and story mode characters were VERY, VERY well made and planned. Another great PUZZLE game made and created by Nintendo!

Final Words: Buy this game if you like puzzles! I will say this, although Tetris is said to be the greatest puzzle game that Nintendo ever made, which it is, I give Dr. Mario the second slot as the greatest Puzzle game that Nintendo ever created! And now, Dr. Mario 64 being so updated and fun, no wonder it earns a 10!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/13/02, Updated 02/13/02

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