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"Oh no! My megavitamins are gone! Help me find them!"

GAMEPLAY - This game is easy, normal or hard, depending what mode you choose. The game is real fun! You have to get rid of the viruses by putting the proper vitamin on the color virus. The gameplay get's a 9.

STORY - The story of the game is simple. You have to get the mega vitamins back. Wario wants the mega vitamins, and so does someone else. So that other person goes into Dr. Mario's house, and steals them. He leaves quickly after. Dr. Mario goes back in his house, realizes they are gone, and leaves the house. Dr. Mario sees Wario outside. Dr. Mario thinks Wario stole them. So Dr. Mario has a battle with Wario, and realizes Wario doesn't have them. So they both continue to chase whoever stole them, and they encounter a lot of enemies to have a battle with. Oh, and did I mention you can either play as Wario or Dr. Mario? And the story get's a nice 10!

SOUNDS - Well, the only sounds here are when you destroy a virus, and this is where the down-fall is. The sounds get's a 4.

MUSIC - The music is this game is great. From battle music, when Dr Mario's mega vitamins get stolen, and when you're in the Castle. It's all great. When you start the game up, it has terrific music! When you want to choose your mode, nice music. It's all good! It get's a 10 because it's great!

GRAPHICS - The graphics in this game is awesome. It has all sorts of graphics, as the enemies you battle, the mega vitamins and the viruses! There is all sorts of good graphics in the game to view. The only bad graphics are a few of the last enemies in the story mode. They look terrible! I wish I could of avoided them. Because of that, graphics gets a 7.

VIDEO - The video in this game is awesome. You mainly see video's in Story mode, when you're about to battle enemies and when Dr Mario's mega vitamins are gone. You see Dr Mario curing people. It all rocks! It get's a beautiful 10!

RE PLAYABILITY - You should replay this game as much as you feel. You'll never EVER get bored. You can play modes such as classic, flash, story, etc. It's all good! I'd replay this game over 50 times, and I already have! This game is one of the greatest Nintendo 64 games ever made!

TO RENT OR BUY - Buy the game. With all of it's good things, and just one downfall, you should buy this game. It gives you quite a long time of challenges and fun for however you play. It's all just cool! You should get it!

With all those scores, the game get's an 8.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/01/02, Updated 04/18/03

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