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Reviewed: 08/02/02 | Updated: 08/02/02

Warning: You may not be having enough fun. Prescription: Dr. Mario 64.

Dr. Mario 64 is a remake of the classic Dr. Mario for the NES. It can be very fun and addictive. In fact, my whole family became addicted to it. So this game may actually bring fun for the whole family.

Gameplay: Little megavitamins, which are shaped like pills, fall to the ground. Each megavitamin has two colors each. Each megavitamin is one of three colors: Red, blue, or yellow. You rotate them clockwise and counter-clockwise using the A and B buttons. Additionally, scattered around the playing field are little creatures called viruses, which are also either red, blue, or yellow. They don't move around, and can actually float on the air. The main goal is to match get rid of all the viruses. You do that by matching 4 or more of the same color megavitamin/virus. You can match either 4 pills or a mix of pills and viruses. A fun part is that when you stack a megavitamin sideways on a floating virus, one half of the megavitamin will actually fall toward the ground, providing many chances to form combos and chain reactions. Once you get rid of all the viruses, you win. If you fill up the screen, you lose. Multiplayer has some additional features as well. You can form chain reactions and such to have garbage megavitamins fall on the opponents. When you're with 3 other people, the game becomes really intense and exciting.

In addition to the classic mode, there is also a story mode, (you go against the computer using the multiplayer style) flash mode, (you must at least get rid of the flashing viruses to win) marathon mode, (basically an endless version of classic mode) and score attack. (a race against the clock) Finally, there is multiplayer, which is very fun when there are 4 player playing.

Rating: 8/10

Graphics: It's nice and colorful, but doesn't really show any real power of the N64. The characters are also flat, so it doesn't really show much there either. Overall, it is okay for a puzzle game, but the game doesn't really show potential graphics for an N64 game.

Rating: 6/10

Story: Wario steals the megavitamins and Dr. Mario has to get them back. Additionally, there is a mysterious mad scientist closely watching them. There isn't really much story here. Though, since you can play as either Mario or Wario, each provides a slightly different version of the story.

Rating: 4/10

Sound: The characters each make odd noises and/or voices whenever they match 4 megavitamins/viruses. Also, it makes a neat, little noise whenever you get rid of a virus. It sounds nice, actually.

Rating: 7/10

Music: The music is very catchy and mostly updated versions of their NES counterparts. Most of the music is typical puzzle-style upbeat music. My personal favorite song is Fever. It should really get the mood up.

Rating: 9/10

Replayability: This is one of the few games I continued playing on my N64 long after I got my Gamecube, and I still play it every so often. It's that addictive. Show this game to your friends and family, if they're anything like mine, they will become addicted as well. This game will last a lifetime.

Rating: 9/10

Rent or Buy? This game shouldn't be very expensive, being a puzzle game for the N64. I was able to get this for $30 on its first day. For this game, I really recommend buying it.

Final Rating: 8/10

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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