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Reviewed: 08/04/02 | Updated: 08/04/02

Great, updated game, even with a poor story


Dr. Mario can be remembered in times of nostalgia for puzzlers. Updated, it provides hours of countless fun and the new modes are excellent icing on a very sweet cake.
Graphics (5.5):

Graphics in the cutscenes aren't that great, they look like blocky Paper Mario rip-offs. The characters move by bouncing along and rotation 180* to reveal a new picture when their expression changes. The Pills in the game, however, look better than the SNES game pills and the Dr. Mario in the upper-right corner looks like a 3-D replica of the Dr. Mario in the old NES classic. It does shrink to microscopic sizes in multiplayer mode though due to the difficulty of cramming four different bottles into a TV screen, and there is significantly less sprites for each pill there.

Sound and Music(7.8):

I'm not exactly a sucker for sound, but it's everything I remember from the NES game remastered for the N64s capacity. The traditional flips of the pills and the ::crash::: upon hearing the last pill overflow the bottle. What really shines here, however, is the music. Fever and Chill, from the old NES game, have been given a spicy new twist, while two new ones, Cube and Que Que join the mix. Why you'd want to do the new ones is beyond me, As Cube is slow and Que Que is inferior to Chill in terms of upbeat spunkiness. That, and they get old fast as it's the only game music allowed in Story, save that of (SPOILER). But there's the option. Options...good...

Story (1)

A monkey with a head cramp could have come up with a better story than this, and besides the somewhat poor graphics compared with other title's graphics, this is probably what caused a 9 as opposed to a 10. In the story, it's flu season during and Dr. Mario must flit from house to house using his, ''Megavitamins'' to cure the flu. But then they get almost get stolen by the envious Wario, and While Dr. Mario is attempting to apprehend Mario, Mad Scienstien makes off with the Megavitamins. So begins the tale of the Cold Caper, as told by the game. The Story mode would have been better if the story held it together more.

Gameplay (10)

BOO YAA! Everything here is gold! Naturally there is the old gameplay of the early 90's move the pill Dr. Mario throws aim with the D-pad and rotate it with the A and B buttons. In addition to the olden days of nostalgia, there are several new additions. There is Flash, where you must dig through most of the bottle to get at the flashing virus', and will test your ability to prioritize. Marathon, where every 10, 15 seconds or so two new layers of virus' will materialize at the bottom, forcing you to quickly skim layers rather than doing half from the top, then the other from the bottom up and is quite difficult, even on Easy. Vs. Computer, which pits you against a computer opponent that ranges from puzzler brain fart to the point where luck plays as much a part as skill, and Score attack, which tests your combo breaking and speedster ablities In addition to all this, there's even 4 player, with free-for-all, flash, and 2-on-2 variations of one- and two-player modes.

Replayability (10)

Another fine point of the game. You are always trying to beat your score, as well as how well you thrashed the computer. If you're the kind of person who does not enjoy beating scores or playing for pleasure, or just trying to complete the story (or in this case, lack thereof), you will find my score misleading, but between the multiplayer and the 6 single-player variations will keep you playing for hours on end.

Overall: Despite some flaws, like SNES graphics and a story that looks like maybe twenty seconds went into it, the games past nostalgia make it worth trying out. And when you check all the nifty little new modes, it will definitely keep you occupied for hours on end.

Buy/Rent: Buy

My score: 8.7, rounded up for a 9

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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