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"Not bad, not bad"

Intro: Welcome to one of the many, many, many, many, many spin-offs of the great Mario. In this one, he's a doctor in a puzzle game, and it's surprisingly very good.

Story: N/A Umm....story? He has to go out and beat viruses....? Maybe? There is a story mode, but according to the story in it, I think it's better of as an N/A.

Graphics: 9/10 Very good. I congratulate everyone that worked on the graphics in this game. Very well done.

Sound/Music: 10/10 Even better. My personal favorite is the Fever song (you get to pick which song you want in the beginning from about six songs). I like it when you beat a virus it makes a funny sound. Lol.

Gamplay: 10/10 Perfect, if you like this kind of stuff, in which I happen to. You've played Tetris, right? Of coarse you have. Everybody has. Well, this is sort of like that. OK, now, you've played Columns, right? What? NO?! After what I...grr...well, anyway, basically, Columns is like this, but different.....and more confusing. So if you put Columns and Tetris together, you get this game. What you got to do is defeat every virus in a little cup (it's actually a jar-but I like cup better). Now to do this, your little character on the top of the screen, like Dr. Mario, will throw pills down into the cup. Then, you get the chance to spin them around, move them, and stuff along those lines. Then, once you got them in the order you want them in, put them in the right slot and watch it fall to the ground and hit a virus/another pill. you need a total of four of a kind. Example: Two red viruses next to each other, and if you put two red pills that are next to each other next to the viruses, they will disappear, along with the pills. While you think that might get tedious and boring, it actually doesn't. It's very innovative; this game is actually better than both Columns and Tetris. That's my opinion anyway. There is also a mode called Flash, or something like that. What you got to do is, you got to only destroy the blinking viruses. However, there is a bunch of stuff to get in your way, so you got to make your way down to the bottom where most of the blinkers are. This game also supports up to four players.

Replayability: 7/10 It's fun for awhile. Then you set it down in that shoe box with the rest of your N64 games for awhile, then pick it up, remember all the good times you had with it in the past, plop it in the N64, and enjoy some more good times. If you can-pick the game up. It can't be that expensive; it came out like 6 years ago or something. Nintendo did a fine job on this game, and it shows too.

Final Verdict: Buy Trust me, if you could even find a place to rent it, you could probably go buy it at that old video game shop just down the street at the same price. And even if it is more expensive, it's worth it. Ignore your Mom when she keeps saying that video games are a waste of time and money; she's wrong.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/03/05

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