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Reviewed: 10/21/05 | Updated: 10/27/05

A Classic Remade - With a Vengence!

Ah, I can remember when Dr. Mario was the biggest thing in my house. I'd just sit back and watch while my dad got to level 23 on the original on High speed. I then tried at low and never made it past level 10. Ah, good times... You see, my dad started us off on Dr. Mario at an early age. My oldest sister can DECIMATE anyone except those in this family, and my second sister (It's hell being the only son...) can be a pain in the butt to do battle with. The middle of the five kids hasn't played in a while, but can still REALLY cause pain. Me? I'm the worst of the bunch, but I can hold my own, usually. My youngest sister has become the star, and she can take on our dad and win at level 20.
...Heck, let's just get to the review.

Graphics: 7/10

Jeez, this is bad... The graphics look like they've been torn from a piece of paper. Ugh, they really flopped. The backgrounds aren't real good, either. Overall, they're average, at best.

Story: 1/10

I never caught on here. The story looks like it came out of a bad version of the original... ...Ah, well. The gameplay is what matters, but the story just really bites the big one...

Gameplay: 10/10

CLASSIC! They keep the original gameplay. The shadow drop drives my sister nuts. She'll ask me how the heck I can deal with the shadow, and I'll just tell her that I ignore it. It isn't useful, but I just keep it on so it's there if I need it. It's just the original Dr. Mario with a vs. Computer and 4-way mode. Story was fun, but it just didn't stick. My dad has beaten Super Hard, and he can vouch when I say it's a doozy.

Sound: 8/10

The original tunes are here, with a jazzy update, and two new tunes which just really don't work, but the part I love is the voices. I enjoy having my dad ask "What the heck is that?" ...Though heck is usually replaced with a more vulgar term. Anyway, the classic sounds are here, all they need is just more time building a better story.

Replayability: 9/10

The problem with it is that sometimes, you just find something you enjoy more. That's the ONLY reason I deducted a point. Overall, you're constantly fighting your personal best, the computer... ...Your siblings. You know, the usual. It's addictive after a long exposure, though.


Well, I don't know of a store that'll rent you a copy, but you can try a friend's and if you like it, buy it.

Overall: 9/10

The game I enjoyed while growing up is back, and it still has the spirit. The part that crumbles is the story. High score is because why? The average is something like 6 or 7, right? Well, consider that they kept the spirit of the original game for once. ...Well, I suppose Rosco P. Coltrain's catch phrase will suffice the ending here, though I have NO idea what the heck he mutters before this... "I love it, I love it!"

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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