Review by Megaman1981

Reviewed: 04/11/06

As fun as it ever was.

Back in 1990, Nintendo released Dr. Mario, a "different" version of Tetris. It went on to become one of the most successful games on the NES and Game Boy systems. Towards the end of the N64 lifespan, Nintendo released Dr. Mario 64, and with a budget price of only $30, it was a worthwhile purchase. Dr. Mario 64 was a terrific puzzle game, and a fitting end to the N64 in 2001.

The basic idea to Dr. Mario is to use your vitamins to kill the three different viruses. The viruses come in three colors; red, blue, and yellow. To kill a virus, you need to use the same color of vitamins on that same color of virus. The vitamins can be rotated like in Tetris, plus the vitamins can come in split colors, such as a red and blue together. All in all the game can be pretty challenging even on easy mode. With each level completed, the vitamins speed picks up and the more viruses you will have to kill. On the final level, almost the entire jar will be filled with viruses, filled right up to the top.

The music for the game uses several songs from the original games in this one, all but slightly remixed. The graphics however are blurry and not all that great. It's something that you could see on the SNES. The story mode is also pretty lackluster. You choose either Mario or Wario, and go on a journey to recover the mega-vitamins. The story mode tries to be like a story book, but is still quite dull. Sadly, you must play the story mode in order to unlock additional characters.

The best feature is when you and another person team up and play against each other. While it is fun to play against someone else, playing with all four players is awesome. The beauty of playing with other players is when you kill a virus, you will then dump garbage into other peoples jars, something that also is done in Tetris. With a budget price, Dr. Mario 64 is a worthwhile purchase, and is a blast to play.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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