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"A few major flaws keep this game from being the greatest of all time on the N64."

THPS2 is one of the greatest games I have ever played. However, a few flaws that could have been fixed very easily were not taken care of, so this game does not get the 10/10 rating some of you may think it deserves. Now to the ratings:

Play Control: 10/10

THPS engine; need I say more? No, not really, but I like to hear myself talk.

One of the key adjustments was that ''you are no longer confined to the C buttons!'' Strangely, I found myself drawn back to the C buttons., mainly because of the lack of other buttons in convenient positioning. Controls are the same as THPS, except that A can be used as Ollie, and B is Flip Trick. Nollie has been moved to the L shoulder button. Both the Control Pad and Control Stick can be used to control your skater, but the Pad seems better for pulling off Specials.

Sound: 10/10
NOTICE that music is in it's own separate category, and you'll see why in a minute. The SFX in this game are great. Grinds sound very realistic, but not repetitive. (Grinding a Subway rail, for example, sounds nothing like grinding the corner of a wall.)
In competitions, the crowd reacts to tricks (and boos when you bail). My personal favorite is that different surfaces (wood, concrete, asphalt, etc.) sound different.

Music: 8/10
For THPS, this is a 10, no questions asked. The titles in THPS2 are quite good, the only problem I found to have been EXTREMELY OVERLOOKED is that there are only 6 songs, thus making the music horribly repetitive. Just adding a few songs to make the total 10, or even 8 songs would have pretty much assured this game a 10.

Trick Variety: 10/10
The tricks are varied, and now there's a menu option to see your skater's movelist, a MAJOR addition that could add 10000 points to a score simply by knowing your The 900 from your Sacktap.

Park Editor: 7/10
It was a great idea, but it wasn't developed as well as it could have been. It is complicated at first, but they show you all the controls you need. But a lack of editable-sized parks hurts the editor, and the 4 themes was a good idea, but does nothing but change the picture on the wall. Gaps can be added, but the lack of Adding Objectives to custom parks really took away from the experience for me.

Create Skater: 9/10
It's a great editor for create a skater, reminding me of a combo of Acclaim's WWF Attitude ''Edit Everything'' CAW, and THQ's ''Edit what we say you can edit, then earn some $$$ to buy stuff from us'' CAW. No tricks are available but the default, but by playing through Career Mode, you can quickly add to your bag of tricks (sorry for the really bad pun). The only problem I had was it took longer to type in a skater name and hometown than it did to pick out an attire.

Opening: Many people complained in the original THPS that PSX and DC users got a cool video at the end of their Careers, while N64 was given a ''Trick Tip''. Well, seeing as I haven't finished yet, I have no idea what is at the end. But the opening makes up for the lack of a real video by adding a video of in-game skating. Just wait after the THPS2 screen shows up for a few seconds and it will start. For N64, it's the best video I've ever seen on the platform.

Overall: 9/10
Pros: THPS engine, more tricks, Park Editor, Create Skater.
Cons: Much too limited soundtrack, game can get frustrating at times, Park Editor could be better.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/27/01, Updated 08/27/01

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