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Reviewed: 09/12/01 | Updated: 09/12/01

Music is NOT the most important thing in a game...

Ok many people say this game lacks in graphics,but as far as I'm concerned this game has VERY,VERY accurate and realistic graphics.But then again I have never tried this without an expansion pak.Overall with an expansion pack the graphics are much better than the first version of this game.

This game has much better sound than Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1.And if you liked the sound from first game,and you will definitely like this game's sound.The grinds sound better,the ollie still have that great pop as in real life,but they still have those stupid fake looking sparks as from the first game.But then again,it's not that bad.

What can I say,the original Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 soundtrack was stripped and reduced,but six songs ain't that bad,after all that was about the amount of songs on the first game.Another this is that the songs are now censored so some songs sound like:-----yeah-----.

Fun Factor:10/10
You might think I'm giving this game all good score's because I like it and haven't tried much games,but this game really deserves it.Anyways,this game was stripped of Chopper Drop,but then again who wants a boring half-pipe.Don't worry they added another level to make it up,and Skate Heaven was kept.Another great feature is the Park Editor,and Create a Skater,which is very cool,and you can make as much parks as you have memory on your memory pak for.The Park Editor gives lots of replay value,and the create a skater adds some more.However I think they didn't have enough body parts in the Create a skater,but then again you should be happy that you got a Create a skater feature.

Overall replay value:10/10
This game is great because it has lot's of it.Every time you 100% the game with a skater,you get a very cool thing unlocked,however I'm not going to say it,because I've given out enough spoilers already.And don't think this game is so easy to beat,because you 2 times as much objectives as the first game.Yep you now have 10 things to do instead of five.And as for the objectives,they're not easy too.On the first level you have to get at least 75,000 points for Sick Score.And on the last level you have to get either 250 or 350k.Sounds hard?It is because this game doesn't have as many great lines as the first game.

I think no matter what games you like,you'll love this game.However if you already have this game for a different system rent but don't get it,because it is the same thing as the PSX version,except for a secret level that wasn't featured in the 2 other versions.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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