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"Can you spell F U N?¿?¿ This game can...for a while..."


Activision and Neversoft has done it again with another great skateboarding game. It is like THPS 1 times 3. Although the Dreamcast version is the best IMO this game is still great and will give you hours of fun. Hope you like the review and helps your choice to rent or buy. (this is only my third time writing a review)


The graphics on this game are pretty good and crisp. Although sometimes the body of your skater can go though the wall which is very stupid. The graphics on the bottom of your skaters board look al right but it could have been much better. But if the bottom of the boards looked better and your skaters body didn't go through the wall a little bit I would have gave it a ten out of ten easily. (I also hate how sparks fly when you grind)


It's about all the skaters looking for the magical skateboard which helps you skate better and you guessed it, I'm lying.


This is the worst part of the game with less songs then Dreamcast and PSone version (more then half were cut) and they aren't even the full version of the song! You have to hear the same part of the song all though the 2:00 minutes. The songs on the game suck and to top it off, the quality of the sound sucks very, very, very, very BAD. But on the good side of the sound. It sounds so good when you are riding the board and so does the crowd. The sound is the worst part of the game.


The control on THPS 2 is a little slow at times but it is still good. Although I do hate how you have to have a separate button for nollie!


It easy to learn how to play and runs very smooth. The game you keep you for a while wanting to play the game but once you get everything in the game it get pretty boring and has no re-playability.

Graphics:********* 9
Sound:******* 7
Control:********* 9
Gameplay:********* 9
Rent or Buy?:Buy if you have a Dreamcast get that version. If have a PSone and a N64 pick the N64 version.


The game isn't as good as the Dreamcast version but better then the PSone version.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/08/02, Updated 03/08/02

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