Review by Happybuddha311

"More Skateboarding fun"

When I first picked up this game I was looking at how different it was from the other version I had played the Dreamcast version, which was a bit better but this game still dishes out the fun.

Gameplay-9/10 It's like any other THPS game skate around, collect and unlock things. This Game is real fun even for people that have never skateboarded nor wish to ever try to. This is a game the whole family can play and since the lyrics have been edited even grandma can watch. This game is terrific fun with a create a park feature that could use some more piece but it is still pretty good.

Controls-10/10 Same Controls as the last one, only you can change your specials in this game to how you want them. The controls translate beautifully from system to system so if you've played this game on another system you should feel right at home with the controls.

Graphics-5/10 This is where the game clearly falls behind it's competitors, this game looks really bad graphically as compared to the Dreamcast version. Normally i'm not one to care about graphics but when you can't tell a wall from a ramp you've got a slight problem in the graphics department. The Graphics aren't that bad, but it still is lags behind from it's competitors.

Sound-6/10 It sounds al right, but they censored the bad lyrics, so it is more friendly to family play, but it takes away from the heart and soul of skateboarding, Rebellion. The Music is sounds al right, I could wish for a little more in the sound department, but sound does not make the game. However most of the songs are pretty good, they need more punk music in the game, because of course, Punk is the best kind of music there is.

Replay-10/10 THPS games always have high replay value this one is no exceptions. There is a multi-player which is pretty fun as well as a free skate option with tons of parks to free skate. The Create-a-Park just adds to the replay value because you can build a park and thrash it.

Overall-8/10 The sounds and the graphics of this game are pretty weak, but if you’ve never played the Dreamcast version you shouldn’t notice a difference. This game is a great game for anyone who still owns a N64 and should be a pretty good bargain if you don’t have it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/12/02, Updated 05/11/03

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