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"The hawk returns on N64"

This game is very fun from the beginning, and not very hard and difficult. You will have some fun playing it and if you liked the first a lot, this one is even better!
Let's see why.

Graphics: 9/10: I found the graphics to be very colorful. The skateboards look pretty real and the skaters do too. Some point in the game you will see taxi cars and other stuff and they do look realistic. The graphics aren't that bad, but in some places they are.

Sound: 8/10: The sound and music is very good and all but, some of it sucks. Some people yell at you and their voices sound real. There are only a few different kinds of music and it gets a bit boring sometimes. The sound effects are good. When you grind a rail you actually hear that grinding sound.

Control: 16/20: The control isn't bad. You turn with left and right, go forward with up, and go backwards with down, I think. It is a bit hard to get used to jumping, doing tricks, timing things just right, etc. But you will get used to it soon.

Gameplay: 21/30: The gameplay doesn't get the best rating. You mainly do stuff and try to collect money to buy more boards and update your skater. You can compete in competitions for more money and try to keep on getting money to go on to the next stage. The good thing is that there are 10 different objectives for money you can do in each level.

Challenge: 13/15: Yes, this game is actually quite tricky. The first few courses just get you started but you need a LOT of money for the last few courses. Getting the money isn't exactly easy as you only have 2 minutes to pull of stuff. You don't have to complete every objective in one run so you don't need to be stressed. Sometimes it feels you want to give up but just keep going.

Replay: 7/15: Well, the reason I gave replay 7/15 is that you can't do much. You can try to get past the game with everyone, or try to complete every objective in every stage, or you can...actually that's it. Not much you can do and that makes the replay value pretty low.

So let's take a look,
Overall: 82/100. 82% out of 100%
Younger kids will not find this game fun. Teenagers and older will have a blast with it! At least I did!

Buy or Rent: I would buy the game! If you rent it you might not get to far and have to return it later. If you buy it you could try to get all the objectives done and just have fun!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/14/02, Updated 07/14/02

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