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Reviewed: 04/11/05 | Updated: 08/29/05

Why are you not playing this game?

The second Tony Hawk game in the series is very well made. Though the one downfall is that is does not have a story. It is like the first Tony Hawk game, expect better!

Game play 10/10
The game play is well thought out. What you do is go around doing varies things to get money. For example, you have to collect S K A T E, do a type of grind on a type of rail, find the five crates. This is what the game is about. It is so much fun though. There are also compete against others like you did in the first game. A new thing added is the manual, which enhances the game play a lot. The game play is probably the best thing to this game.

Graphics 8/10
The graphics are good for the 64. The environment is thought out and looks very good. The background could of use so work, but that does not spoil the game. The graphics are well above average.

Music 9/10
The music has a lot of songs to choose from. The music is very good, but some of the songs are not that great to listen to. The music is great, but there could of been some better songs.

Multi player 5/10
The multi player for the game is not good, but not bad. You have to have at least four people to have fun with multi player. It is better than the first, but not much better than an average game.

Replay value 10/10
The replay value is very high for this game. You can beat the game for one person, but you have so many other people to play as. As you beat the person with a one hundred percent, you unlock something. This is a game you can not get bored with.

Rent or Buy
Buy! This game cannot be beat with a rent. This is the game you will be playing for months. This is a must have.

To conclude, if you have a Nintendo 64, then this is a game you must have!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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