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    FAQ by satsunohadouryu

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    International Super Star Soccer '98 (N64) FAQ
    By Satsunohadouryu
    22-09-2012: V1.0 of this guide, doubt it will get many updates.
    Nowadays it's very hard to get the manual of this game(if the meaning of the
    stats are there, as I never even seen the manual of this game), even if you 
    buy it used at the most you only get the cart and sadly in-game there is no 
    explanation of what the stats of the players actually are, same with every 
    player "skills", the predecessor of the modern PES games Stars/Cards/etc, and 
    no way of how to do the various tricks of the players.
    So I made this FAQ for everyone that still plays this game, yet can't find
    the meaning of the player stats and skills, or how to do the tricks.
    Scoring: This is the ISS98 version of the Attack value of nowadays PES games,
    the more scoring you have, the more likely for your player to be in a good 
    attack position and make good moves without the ball when attacking.
    Shooting: This stat controls both the strenght and accuracy of the shoots
    made with the B button.
    Curve: This stats controls how much curve you can put into your shoots.
    Speed: The walking top speed of the player.
    Dash: The running top speed of the player.
    Stamina: Controls how quick your player gets tired, low numbers means your
    player gets tired very quickly, very high numbers means your player is almost
    Jump: How high can you jump in attack or defensive positions.
    Retain: This stat controls how much can you keep the ball from being stolen,
    and how close it stays to your feet when moving.
    Defense: The higher this stat, the more likely for your player to be in good
    defensive positions, and the easier is to steal the ball or tackle the
    Pass: This stat controls the speed and accuracy of your short (A button) and
    long passes(C-left button).
    Dribble: Turn faster when having the ball, also makes tricks easier.
    Feint: Very fast dashing acceleration.
    Middle: Easier to make goals from middle distance.
    Long: Easier to get goals from a long distance.
    Through: Pass through is more accurate and faster.
    Heading: Your heading is more accurate and powerful.
    Dive: Makes dive headings more accurate and powerful.
    Volley: Makes volley shots more accurate and better.
    Over: Makes overhead shots more accurate and better.
    Post: Makes post shots more accurate and better.
    Looping: Makes lobs shots over the keeper easier.
    Marking: Easier to steal the ball using the A button.
    Sliding: Easier to steal the ball using a sliding tackle.
    There are at least four tricks with the ball that I know of in this game.
    Roulette: A 360 turn with the ball when dashing, to do it rotate the stick.
    "Bicicleta": The usual Ronaldo trick, press dash repeteadly while moving.
    Standing "Bicicleta": Same as the normal bicicleta just press dash repeteadly
    while not moving, this has the advantage that your player can fake the
    direction of his dash when he finally moves.
    Fake shot: Press dash just once while not moving, your player will move his
    leg like he is going to shoot, but will stop and fake the shot.
    It seems there is a way to "dive" just when a sliding tackle get close,
    however I have never been able to do it.
    This guide is copyright of Felipe Araya (Satsunohadouryu).
    Any corrections about stats/skills send a mail to magus_6666(at)hotmail.com.
    Many Thanks to everyone that find this guide useful!.

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