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    FAQ/Move List by LockeJV

    Version: 1.4 | Updated: 04/16/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Virtual Pro Wrestling 2  (N64 import)
    Version 1.4
    April 16, 2002
    By LockeJV
    FallenLocke@aol.com – feel free to email me with any questions!
    CHECK OUT MY NEW COMBO DEFENSE in part 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This FAQ is written for www.gamefaqs.com. If you're not viewing this 
    here, you do not have the most updated version.  Thanks to Icemaster 
    for providing information for wrestlers and unlocks I did not know.  
    Oh, and thanks to Jamie too, for finding info about the game and for 
    figuring out how to defend against combos.  Thanks to Black Tiger @
    wrestlezone.com for some unlock tips (marked with '*')
    You can buy this game at www.buyritegames.com or ebay.  Import carts
    don't fit in the US N64, so you can buy a converter at buyrite, or chop
    up your cart (or your N64) so it fits in the slot.
    For those wondering if you should purchase the game – hell yeah!  
    Especially if you are a fan of Japanese wrestling or shoot fighting.  
    It has a shootfighting point system.  It has 100 premade wrestlers, and 
    slots for 16 more on the cart.  You can also store them on your 
    removable memory card.  There is an edit mode that dwarfs 
    WrestleMania 2000's, with probably 100 or more new moves (at least).  
    And it contains ALL the old moves from Revenge and WM2K.  So you can 
    make ANYONE.  This is the best wrestling game ever.
    This faq will cover the following:
    1. Wrestler List
    2. Hidden and new moves
    3. Hidden wrestlers
    4. Hidden items
    5. Guide to shoot fighting 
    6. Edit mode hints and secrets
    7. Revision History
    You'll be hard pressed to get the most out of this game without a 
    translation guide.  There is a great translation guide available on 
    gamefaqs.com written by the Icemaster.  Also, http://icemaster.org is a 
    great site for information on this game, and other wrestling games.
    You will also have a hard time playing this game if you're not familiar 
    with AKI/THQ wrestling games for the N64.  See a faq for Wrestlemania2000 
    or WCW/NWO Revenge if you don't know how to play.
    1. Wrestler List
    AJPW 1                  AJPW 2                        AJPW 3
    Giant Baba              Toshiaki Kawada               Big Van Vader
    Mitsuharu Misawa        Akira Taue                    Stan Hansen
    Yoshinari Ogawa         Takao Ohmori                  Johnny Ace
    Masahito Kakihara       Yoshihiro Takayama            Mike Burton
    Kenta Kobashi           Hiroshi Hase                  Gary Albright
    Jun Akiyama             Jun Izumida                   Johnny Smith
    Kentaro Shiga           Maunakea Mossman              Giant Kimala
    IWGP 1                  IWGP 2                        IWGP Jr.
    Shinya Hashimoto        Masahiro Chono                Jushin Liger
    Tatsumi Fujinami        Keiji Mutoh                   El Samurai
    Kensuke Sasaki          Hiroyoshi Tenzan              Kendo Ka Shin
    Shiro Koshinaka         Satoshi Kojima                Dr. Wagner Jr.
    Manabu Nakanishi        Hiro Saito                    Shinjiro Ohtani	
    Yuji Nagata             Scott Norton                  Tatsuhito Takaiwa
    Kazuo Yamazaki                                        Koji Kanemoto
    Tadao Yasuda
    FMW, ECW, Garbage       Michinoku Pro                 RINGS
    Hayabusa                The Great Sasuke              Kiyoshi Tamura
    Masato Tanaka           Jinsei Shinzaki               Tsuyoshi Kousaka
    Hiromichi Fuyuki        TAKA Michinoku                Bitsadze Tariel
    Mr. Gannosuke           Gran Naniwa                   Volk Han
    Jado                    Super Delfin
    Gedo                    Magnum Tokyo
    Mike Awesome            Shima Nobunaga
    Genichiro Tenryu        Dragon Kid
    Pancrase                PRIDE                         Battlarts
    Masakatsu Funaki        Nobuhiko Takada               Yuki Ishikawa
    Yoshiki Takahashi       Kazushi Sakuraba              Alexander Otsuka
    Minoru Suzuki           Enson Inoue                   Daisuke Ikeda
    Kengo Watanabe          Rumina Sato                   Minoru Tanaka
    Semmy Schilt
    Legends 1		Legends 2                     Legends 3
    Jumbo Tsuruta           Andre the Giant               Antonio Inoki
    Mil Mascaras            Akira Maeda                   Tiger Mask
    Terry Funk              Aleksandr Karelin             Naoya Ogawa
    Dory Funk Jr.           Rickson Gracie                Riki Chosu
    Terry Gordy             Mark Kerr                     Don Frye
    Dr. Death               Bas Rutten                    Atsushi Onita
    Bruiser Brody           The Great Muta                Yoshiaki Fujiwara
    Abdullah the Butcher    Ultimo Dragon
    2. New moves, and hidden moves.
    After you have powered your game on approximately 20 times, you will 
    see a black silhouette of Goldberg doing the jackhammer.  This means 
    you have unlocked the moves from WCW/NWO Revenge, for use in Edit Mode.  
    Don't flip your power switch like a madman, because you paid way to 
    much for this cart to ruin it.  I waited until I was about 15 seconds 
    into the introduction before I turned it off, then back on again.
    After you have powered the game on for about the 40th time, you will 
    see Mankind doing his mandible claw.  This means you have unlocked 
    hidden moves from Wrestlemania2000, for use in edit mode.
    As you unlock hidden wrestlers, their moves will also be available in 
    edit mode.  If you look at the numbers, there are lots of moves missing
    from the edit mode.  They are just not there.
    I'm not sure if this happened or not, but in a Battle Royal it looked 
    like 2 computer opponents and I grabbed Vader at the same time, and we 
    executed a three man powerbomb.  FVGR!  This did not happen.
    Andre the Giant is classified as a superheaviweight.  This means you 
    can't give him many of the normal moves.  Meaning that in the 
    animations you will really struggle to give him a back suplex, and 
    you'll fall down after you bodyslam him.  Excellent animations here.
    There's a new move series added in VPW2.  When you run towards your 
    opponent, normally you would just hit B and do a striking move.  The 
    new move (and very cool) is this:  run towards your opponent and press 
    the A button to do a running grapple move (you pick the move in edit 
    mode).  You can do three moves (one from the front, one from behind, 
    one from the side).  The side move is ALWAYS a headscissor takedown.  
    Very sharp, especially Akiyama's suplex and Kobashi's half nelson 
    Mask Ripping:  I don't remember which move number this is, but when 
    your opponent is lying on it's back, there's a head submission hold 
    that looks like an eye gouge.  Do this enough times, and you will rip 
    part of your opponents mask off and bust him open.  Your opponent's 
    spirit will then go up all the way because he is pissed.  Thanks to 
    Gary Hedges for this tip.  It works in VPW1 and Revenge as well.
    Combo Defense:  I've been playing THQ games for years, and my buddy 
    just figured this out accidently during a match.  When your opponent is 
    giving you a combo, if you hold down R and push in the same direction 
    as your opponent (a 1 in 5 chance), you will block or reverse the 
    strike every time.  If your opponent tries a grapple out of the combo, 
    and you hold R and the same direction as your opponent, you will 
    reverse the move EVERY time.  If your opponent doesn't use his D-pad, 
    you have to hold down B and R to block the move or strike.  This also 
    works when a shoot fighter is striking you on the ground.
    Tag team shoulder moves:  If you grapple your opponent, go behind him, 
    and press the up yellow button, you'll lift him onto your shoulders.  
    Your partner can then use every arial move in the book on him in this 
    position.  Put him on your shoulders in the ring, and have your partner 
    do a springboard dropkick from outside the ropes.  Or put him on your 
    shoulders outside the ring, and your opponent can do his plancha from 
    in the ring and nail him with a great looking double team.
    3. Hidden Wrestlers (unless specified, wrestlers are unlocked in RRS 
    (career) mode)
    You can tell what month you are in by the number in the top left of the 
    information screen between matches.
    Unlock            Use, How
    Abdullah          Anyone, any mode, when someone bleeds
    Great Muta        Keiji Mutoh, play 10 exhibition mode matches
    Ultimo Dragon     Tokyo, Shiima, Dragon Kid, Play 15 exhibition matches
    Jumbo Tsuruta     Anyone, Win RRS mode
    Terry Funk        Anyone, Win tag tourney, special match
    Dory Funk         Anyone, Win tag tourney, special match
    Terry Gordy       Anyone, Win Real World Tag, special match
    Andre the Giant   Anyone, Win battle Royal
    Mil Mascaras      Any Junior (cruiser), Beat July
    Bruiser Brody     Stan Hansen, Beat May
    Akira Maeda       RINGS, Win RRS mode
    Aleksandr Karelin Akira Maeda,Beat January
    Rickson Gracie    RINGS or PRIDE, Beat August
    Mark Kerr         PRIDE, Beat October
    Bas Rutten        Pancrase, Beat May
    Antonio Inoki     NJPW, Win RRS mode
    Tiger Mask        NJPW Jr. or Michinoku Pro, Beat January
    Naoya Ogawa       Shinya Hashimoto, Beat July
    Ricki Chosu       NJPW 1 or 2, or Onita, Beat January
    Don Frye          Chono, Inoki, Ogawa, Beat May
    Atsushi Onita     Chono, Sasaki, Muta, or FMW, Beat August
    Yoshiaki Fujiwara Inoki, Pancrase, BattlArts,Beat October
    4.	Edit mode unlocks:
    A14 Three Star Trunks         Use Jumbo and Andre to clear June.
    A15 White Trunks              Use Mr. Gannosuke to clear September.
    A16 Ippon Trunks              Beat Inoki by KO in 2 player exhibition.
    A17 Spotted Trunks            Successfully defend the triple crown.
    B11 Falcon Tights             Do a tag match with Hyabusa and Shinzaki
                                  in Rally mode.
    C3  Tiger Mask II Tights      Use Misawa to clear January.
    C6  Footloose Tights          Win triple crown with Kawada.
    C16 Jushin Lyger HW Tights    Do Lyger vs Hashimoto in Rally mode.
    C18 Tiger Mask I Tights       Use Tiger Mask to clear September.
    C19 Tiger Mask III Tights     Unlocks itself after several matches.
    C30 Patriot Tights            Use Kobashi to clear July.
    C31 Kikuchi Tights            Do Baba vs Baba in Rally mode.
    C32 Power Warrior Tights      Use Sasaki in Rally mode.
    C33 Terry Funk's Tights       Do 10 exhibition matches with T. Funk.
    C34 Football Tights           Unlocks itself after several matches.
    D16 Great Muta Tights         Do 3 exhibition matches with Muta.
    D17 Bolo Jeans                Unlocks itself after several matches.
    F10 Great Nita pants          Do Onita vs Muta in Rally mode.
    B2  Burning T                  Do 10 exhibition matches w/ Kobashi, 
                                   Akiyama or Shiga.
    B7  Bolo T                     Unlocks itself after several matches.
    B14 Generic Shirt              Unlocks itself after several matches.
    B15 Tiger King Shirt           Use Tiger Mask to clear September.
    B16 Tiger King Shirt 2         Unlocks itself after several matches.
    B23 Untouchable T              Use Kakihara to clear June.
    C10 Ultimo Dragon Gear         Do 3 exhibition matches w/ Ultimo.
    Entrance Gear
    A2  Untouchable Jacket         Clear October using Misawa and Ogawa.
    A6  GET Jacket                 Win Tag Belts using Kobashi and Ace.
                                   (*not All Asian belts, but Unified)
    C3  Untouchable T              Use Kakihara to clear June.
    C4  Burning T                  Do 10 exhibition matches w/ Kobashi,
                                   Akiyama or Shiga.
    D6  Muta Headgear              Use Muta to clear October.
    D7  Shinzaki Gear              Complete RRS mode with Shinzaki.
    10  Mil Mascaras               Use a Junior to beat July.
    11  Tiger Mask                 Win Triple Crown w/ Junior from IWGP or 
                                   Michinoku Pro.
    12  Jushin Lyger HW Mask       Do Lyger vs Hashimoto in Rally mode.
    13  Dark Hyabusa               Win first blood match vs TAKA in
                                   exhibition.  Must bust opponent open
                                   twice to win. (*Or use Taka to win a
                                   first blood match)
    14  Hyabusa Mask               Do tag match with Hyabusa and Shinzaki
                                   in Rally mode.
    15  Patriot Mask               Clear July with Kobashi
    16  Destroyer Mask             Beat Giant Baba by submission in
    17  Tiger Mask II              Clear RRS mode with Shinzaki.  (*Or clear
                                   February with Great Sasuke using Taka as
                                   your tag partner)
    Face Paint
    1-6  Power Warrior Paint       Use Sasaki in Rally mode.
    1-13 Gold Muta Paint           Do 3 exhibition matches with Muta.
    1-14 Red Muta Paint            Do 3 exhibition matches with Muta.
    1-15 Great Nita Paint          Do Onita vs Muta in Rally.
    1-27 Power Warrior Bandana     Use Sasaki in Rally mode.
    2-6  Power Warrior Bandana     Use Sasaki in Rally mode.
    Wrist Gear
    6    Lyger wristbands          Do Liger vs Hashimoto in Rally mode.
    8    Hyabusa wristbands        Use Hyabusa and Shinzaki in tag match
                                   in Rally mode.
    5. Guide to shoot fighting
    Use the translation guide on gamefaq's site to set up the match, and go 
    from there.
    Shoot fighters can't throw or be thrown into the ropes.  They can't do 
    specific moves from a strong grapple, and they can't jump off the 
    ropes.  They can't pin their opponent either.  In edit mode, you can 
    create a shoot fighter that can hammer throw and pin.
    Short grapple + A:  this is the same as normal wrestlers.  You usually 
    have a belly to belly suplex, a knee strike to the body, repeating knee 
    strikes, and a choke take down.
    Short grapple + B:  this will do a combo.  Push your D-pad in different 
    directions and press B to do different striking moves.  Pressing the A 
    Button during the combo will cause you to do a short grapple move.
    Long grapple:  If you are successful with your grapple, you will 
    automatically take down your opponent, and mount him for punches to the 
    face.  Press your B button to strike your opponent.  Your D-pad can be 
    used to control where you hit your opponent (face, ribs, side of head).  
    If you punch your opponent long enough, he will turn over, and you can 
    begin punching him in the back of the head.  If you press your A button 
    while mounted, you will start fighting to get an arm lock.
    Short grapple, then R button: Hitting the R button shortly after a 
    successful grapple will cause you to automatically go behind your 
    opponent and take him down with a rear naked choke.
    Long grapple to opponents back:  You will take your opponent down from 
    behind, and mount him while he's face down.  Press B button and use the 
    d-pad to begin punching him in the back of the head.
    To do your special: when your spirit is up, do a short grapple then hit 
    the toggle stick.
    When your opponent is on the ground: press the L button to mount him 
    and begin punching.
    See Combo Defense in part 2 to see how to defend against combos.
    6.	Edit mode hints and secrets
    To give anyone a mask in edit mode, simply push your D-pad to the right 
    when you are in the appearance menu on the first slot.
    7.	Revision History
    1.0	– Initial Post (2.18.00)
    1.1 – Fixed spacing and spelling problems, added moves to Andre and 
    three man powerbomb, the running A move, and revision history. 
    1.2 – Made some minor updates and additions throughout the faq. 
    1.3 – Added item unlock section.  Added notes about combo defense, mask 
    ripping, and shoulder moves.  Changed a goof on wrestler names in 
    1.4 - Added some unlock info from Black Tiger @ wrestlezone.  
    Mail me at FallenLocke@aol.com with any comments or questions.
    Thanks again to icemaster for info – his site ROCKS!!  (icemaster.org) 
    If anyone knows how to get in touch with this guy, let me know.

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