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    Walkthrough by Paul C Lev

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                       BATMAN of the FUTURE; Return of the Joker
         Walkthrough by; Paul C Lev
         May 22nd 2003
         Platform ; N64
         Publisher; Ubi Soft(Shame on them)
         Developer; Kemco 
         Released ; January 2001
    This walkthrough is for the UK version of the game, though l'm sure the other 
    versions are just as poor. 
    The game is a side scrolling adventure. 
    There are two difficulty levels, NORMAL and HARD, the only difference is HARD
    has a few more bad guys.
    There are no save points, this is probably because it will only take about
    2 hours to complete. 
    Kicking enemies will suffice to win most battles, though you can use the
    weapons for variety.
    The Nimble suit is useful as it lets you jump over enemies and get 
    behind them.
    If all your lives are used, you will be returned to the start of the stage.
    If you switch the console off you will be returned to the start of the game.
    Smash all boxes you find.
    Use Offensive suit to break grey coloured boxes.
    Press B to skip dialogue.
    The layout of the controls are in the OPTIONS menu. 
    STAGE 1; Gotham Air&Space
    Watch the opening sequence or press B to skip.
    Break the box and kill the bad guys. An enemy in a floating platform will
    appear, kill him for the door key.
    Before opening the locked door go through the door in the middle of the room.
    Smash either the middle or right hand box for a suit, the other box contains
    another floating platform guy, when you break a box the other two will
    In the next room dodge the spinning/falling blocks
    (walk around the edge of the room)
    Kill the guy at the control panel in the corner.
    Jump down the hole in the middle of the room.
    Put on the offensive suit, jump to the floor and kill the bad guy, exit room.
    Jump over pipes,(If you jump down the hole in the middle of the room
    you'll die).
    Enter room on the left, smash any box for suit, exit.
    Continue to the elevator and go up to the next floor.
    Kill all the enemies for the door key, exit room.
    Kill bad guys.
    Watch cut scene.
    STAGE 2; Wayne Enterprise Building
    Bruce Wayne is kidnapped
    Kill baddies, put on offensive suit, smash both boxes and enter room
    behind them.
    Smash the front right hand box for a suit(the other two contain enemies).
    Enter elevator. 
    Kill enemies for key, break boxes, enter elevator.
    Kill bad guys, go up either elevator, kill various enemies and keep going up
    until you get to the Joker. Kill enemies.
    Bruce is rescued, watch cutscene.
    STAGE 3; Arkham Asylum
    Kill enemies, go through archway on right.
    Enter room immediately on left, break box(one contains an enemy)exit.
    Jump on ledge above you, enter room, break box, exit.
    Go through doorway on left at far end of the room, jump on ledge 
    for item, exit. 
    Jump on blocks halfway along room, go through doorway.
    Jump up the blocks, exit.
    Kill enemies and keep going until you reach the Joker.
    He'll set the Ghoul on to you, use the defensive suit and block his attacks 
    until you are close enough to hit him.
    He'll disappear and reappear and in between, flames shoot from the heads
    on the wall, use the blocking defence to protect youself from these flames. 
    About 3 or 4 hits will see him off.
    STAGE 4; Tim Drakes Laboratory
    Use the Standard suit, equip the Magnetic Nun Chaku.
    Run past the falling/moving blocks, stand to the left of the laser, against
    the wall, so it won't fire at you.
    Use the Magnetic Nun Chaku against the blue panel(the key is on top).
    Keep hitting the panel until it explodes, collect the key, exit the room.
    FINAL STAGE; Jolly Jack Candy Factory
    Use the defensive suit.
    The key is either in the striped box or one of the enemies has it.
    Get key and exit room.
    Kill the bad guys and punch the noses on the 3 clowns faces.
    Go inside each one, use the defensive shields to kill Chucko and get the key.
    Exit room.
    Use nimble suit to jump over barriers and smash boxes for the key.
    Kill enemies for the key, exit.
    Smash the machine in the middle of the room to get the key and the 
    somersaulting girls will disappear. Exit.
    Meet the Joker
    Find out how he is still youthful.
    Fight the Joker
    Use your defensive shields to keep hitting him and he'll soon die. 
    Blue beams from the ceiling can harm you but if you have plenty 
    of life ignore them.
    Cut scene and that's it.

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