Review by jbadillo2

Reviewed: 12/25/07

Not so bad if you are a Batman fan

I must admit this review might be biased by my appreciation of the Batman Beyond animated series and the DCAU (DC Animated Universe ) in general. However, it can also be said that this review is intended for all those other fans out there looking for a DCAU video game. This game had the potential to be a great one but it came up short most likely due to the ridiculous dead lines forced by the production companies when trying to launch the game at the height of the popularity of the movie/tv show.

Despite all its flaws I have to say I had a good time playing it and remembering the good old times of the DCAU.

The story is great, if you haven’t seen the movie I won’t spoil it for you, but the credit goes to the creators of the show and not the producers of the video game. Bruce Wayne has long retired from crime-fighting and now a new Batman (Terry McGinnis) has emerged to protect Gotham City. Barbara Gordon who once fought crime along side Bruce is now Police Commissioner and Tim Drake, the second Robin (in DCAU continuity) is a Communications Engineer. The new Batman has his share of foes but he must face a new old threat, The Joker.

The graphics do resemble the feel and style of the show: simplistic and dark and add to the atmosphere. The still shots between stages could have been worked on a little bit more, the character of Terry McGinnis looks quite different from his animated counterpart.

The FX are nothing special but the music will sound definitely familiar to the fans. Being a Batman game some people might expect something more orchestral but the new score helps to set apart the old Batman from the new Batman of the future.

Too easy. You will finish this game very quickly and that’s always disappointing. Batman can use a few gadgets and different bat-suits to battle the jokerz but he can’t perform a lot of moves or any combos.

There are some cool features taken straight from the show: Sometimes when approaching an entrance Batman will use a sensitive touch microphone embedded in his fingers to hear the conversations in the next room and he also uses the radio link to keep in contact with Bruce in the Batcave.

None. Once you beat the game there’s not much you can still look for, and you will finish this game very quickly. With so much story in the movie it is amazing how short the game actually is. They should have included at least one more level in a flashback style and use it to explain what happened 40 years ago. They could have included a scene in the new Batmobile to add variety and they could have made more use of the gadgets in the new bat-suit such as the cloaking device, the retractable claws or the rocket boots.

OVERALL (6/10)
This is a game worth playing if you are a fan of the show. The music, the visual style and some of the nods to the original animated movie reminded me of the good old times. It is a shame that it doesn’t measure up to the original stuff.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Product Release: Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (US, 12/13/00)

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