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"Nintendo should be ashamed of themselves"

This game was based on the movie BATMAN BEYOND; Return of the Joker

The graphics of the characters are mediocre and the background graphics are sparse and look cheap. They could be said to be stylized, but the reality is they are just basic and one step up from a blank screen. There is no striking colour, everything looks bland and faded. Obviously no expense was spent achieving this effect. At least more effort could have been put into the background to fill it out and give it some interest and depth.

The gameplay is repetitive, you can literally kick your way through the game. You can collect different suits but Batman doesn't even have a cape, he looks like a ballet dancing burglar running about. There are a few weapons to collect but as the weapons are not needed to complete any part of the game they are only of use to relieve the boredom.
The controls are okay and I suppose it could be said to be fun if you only want to rush around kicking everyone to death.
Of puzzles, there are none to solve, just a few keys to find. There are NO save points in the game, which is ludicrous even for such a short game. There is hardly any variety to the enemies, killing them is ridiculously easy and there isn't one boss to fight, even the battle with the Joker is over very quickly and easily.

Music/Sound Effects
The music is dull and repetitive and soon gets irritating. The sound effects are perfunctory.

The story (what there is of it) could be hung on a very small nail and concerns the return of an apparently unaged Joker about 40 years in the future. And to what purpose he is stealing various electronic devices. Batman is an old man and a younger version is on the case. The idea is fine but no effort was made to make a decent storyline out of it and give it some depth. Instead a few anaemic cut scenes drag the story along but it wouldn't make much difference if they weren't there.

I wouldn't buy this game unless it's cheap and you only have an hour of your time to fill
(I really mean it will only take an hour to finish).

This game looks as though it was rushed out in the dying days of the N64 simply to cash in on the Batman movie and as such is a very cynical move. It is certainly one of the poorest games on the N64. Goemon 2 is an excellent example of how to do a retro game on the N64, its a pity the developers, Kemco, didn't take a look at it.
The game has no replay value due to its simplicity and even having two levels of difficulty doesn't help as they are almost identical.

Rating 2/10

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 03/27/03, Updated 03/27/03

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